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Full Version: Can Janice Dickinson Get It All?
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Anyone heard about Janice Dickinson's new modeling agency? She's been picking people off the street to go to her open calls and they are covering it all in a series on Oxygen - I saw the pilot yesterday at work. I think this one has meat folks - there's some clips of her at the oxygen website if you want tasties (there's one of her in action with one of the wanna-be models - quality!!)

That said, do you guys think she can realisticly add this to her plate? She may have always wanted to run a business like this, but she's still doing runway shows and raising kids as a single mom - AND she seems to be actively involved in all of it... Sure it's possible I guess, just seems like a LOT... What do you think?
Sheabuttah, welcome to Bust. I see you have already introduced yourself in the Newbies thread, good start. However, we are a self-moderated thread and would prefer that new threads be proposed in The BUST Community Forum to prevent the boards becoming slow and cluttered. I am sure this subject can be discussed in one of the pre-existing threads.
Shea, I appreciate you admitting in the newbies thread that you do, indeed, work for the Oxygen network. But there are a couple of things you need to learn about this little community.

1. We don't appreciate it when people create new threads without asking if there's interest. This is because we're working on some really old software. It is impossible for us to delete posts or threads. And excess, unnecessary threads create clutter & make the software misbehave (run slowly, create triple posts, delete users, etc.).

2. If you're working on a project & you'd like to promote it, you may do so in the shameless self-promotion thread in Absolutely Fabulous.

3. We don't appreciate SPAM around here. This thread reeks of it. If you want to be accepted in this community, you now have a steep hill to climb.

Good luck.
D'oh. Being over in the UK I didn't know Oxygen was a network and that this was blatant (self) promotion of her workplace. Hiss.
I actually make a point of ignoring and avoiding things that use viral marketting aka spam. If that's what this is, then I for one won't be watching this program or talking about it to others.
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