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Full Version: kicked in the balls
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hi, I have a few questions to ask?
do women enjoy kicking men in the balls?
please tell any stories about your ballbusting experience.
I like to cut men's balls off and string them from my rearview mirror.

Once the balls are dried out, I pulverize them, mix the powder with face cream, and sell it as my own patented anti-aging formula for women.

I'm going to need a lot of men's balls for my anti-aging formula, because I'm developing this big fundraising plan to earn money for rape crisis organizations, so any other women who want to join me in an organized hunting and castrating group, please let me know.
Sign me up.
oh I am SO in.
holy s*** that is awesome.
AAAAHHHHHH!!!! stop freaking posting in these tr*ll threads already!!! harumph *huffing off to BUSTing Trolls*
its intresting to see the reaction on a guys face when you hit him there... ha ha ha i think its becasue us women really want to know what it feals like, and we observe the facial expresions, and observe the pain reactions... we find it very educational...

-frequent ball hitter ha ha ha
Oh for fuck's sake.

Let the thread die, people.

PLEASE stop posting in this waste of Lounge space!

There is another thread on the topic, if anyone is remotely interested in this pathetic subject.
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