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Christine Nectarine
V_W, my first vote (aw, i remember it well) was a so called "strategic" vote and i have regretted it, cause i feel like i wussed out. i decided shortly after that i would not vote out of fear, only on my true choice. i guess i do see the benefit of strategic voting at times, but it did not sit well with me.
as a consistent supporter of the underdog, i need to do whatever i can. i find that i always check the results for number of's encouraging to see that your party got a good share of the votes as opposed to only a couple, because that may encourage others to vote for them next time, it makes them seem more viable...

doodle, i'm sure you will be an asset to our dear NDP!
Hahah, poor doodle. That made me laugh out loud. Good for you though.
I worked both jobs today - temping in the accountants' office by day and working in a clothing store by night. The accountants' office is weird - the political discussion is all hushed and there are partners in the firm backing candidates and parties - there is municipal as well as federal, of course, so it's big-L Liberals federally and small-c conservatives municipally, from what I'm gathering (from trying not to listen at closed doors!). I only talk with one of the administrative staff, another woman, about the elections. She feels resigned to voting based on who can form government, although she hasn't named a candidate choice (I'm assuming Liberal but really wanting NDP, based on her general vibe). The rest of the admin staff (all women) say they don't follow it. The store is much more open - well, so far. It's only my first night working there since the election was called - no management yet. Heh.

There is a young woman at the store...she will be voting for the first time! And we were talking about politics tonight. She is thinking of voting Conservative! But only because she's "really a Liberal, but the Liberals we have now are not true Liberals," and she's also concerned about the economy and thinks the NDP doesn't have it together in this area.

It was an interesting conversation....most young political women I've worked with were through the women's centre, and have leaned far to the left. This young women has just decided to switch her major from business to journalism. It was an interesting discussion - and of course, I'm hoping to convert her to Michael Crawford! I don't think I could convert her to the party, but I think it's possible to convert her to vote for the person. Also, I sent her to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives website, and I'm really urging her to seek out and talk to Michael, who is an assistant prof at the university she attends. I think HE could change her mind!

Actually, I was thinking tonight it might be fun to take her with me to an all-candidate's forum.

Since I'm apparently volunteering for the party and all.


*gives head a shake*

It's funny - I'm not even thinking about the federal level at all. I'm thinking about the community when I think about the best candidate for the job. People around me are talking about voting based on who can form government, but I KNOW the NDP can't form government. I just want the best representation in Ottawa for my community. The man has the brains and the cojones to tear a strip out of Parliament Hill for the riding. I just hope enough other voters feel the same way!

Another young woman I was working with tonight doesn't think she'll be voting at all! She's 21 and has never voted. I have to change her mind on that! Time to break out the suffragette stories.....
A great article in this week's NOW about how to vote strategically.

I'm lucky that I can vote my heart in my riding and they will win, but you can see how strategic voting doesn't necessarily mean voting liberal.....
Interesting take that. I actually moved into an NDP-strong riding, so it will be easy for me to cast my vote for them here. For what it's worth (not much) I actually like Dion more than I do Layton, on the "personal" level. I would avoid Layton at a party, the same way I would avoid our mayor here in Toronto, who I couldn't bring myself to vote for (voted for Barbara Hall).
i haven't lived in TO for a long time, last mayor i remember was mel. what a spectacular catastrophe that was. a fiasco of epic proportions. i'll never get over that africa "don't eat me" crack of his, gah.

i don't mind jack, i like olivia more though. dion is interesting in that bumbling cretien way.
Christine Nectarine
i too am a huge Olivia Chow fan!

Check it out --> Both the Liberals and NDP have made commitments now on women's issues and restored funding for Status of Women Canada.
In my riding it's Liberal or Conservative.

The conservative MP is a douche bag.
I have to find out more about my riding. I just moved here and I know I don't want to vote conservative, but that's about it.
mmmm I'm so happy my boyfriend George Strombolopolous is back on my TV with a new season!
I heard on CBC Radio this morning that Rick Mercer will be on The National tonight, skewering the federal election....
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(geekchickknits @ Sep 15 2008, 11:11 PM) *
mmmm I'm so happy my boyfriend George Strombolopolous is back on my TV with a new season!

I went to a couple tapings of 'the Hour', which was so much fun! (tix are free, but you don't know who the guests are going to be). well, can that boy TALK. George is really nice, and stays after the show to chat with the audience, but he talks FOREVER! i was there with a friend who was so stoked to meet him, but after about 30 minutes (post- show taping) she was whispering to me that she was ready to go! it was a relief when someone started clapping, and he finally wrapped things up. we did get some good pictures with George tho.
Christine, I'm jealous. I've only been to Toronto once and was really excited to go to a taping, but the one week I was there happened to be the week they were doing the show in different cities across Canada. Next time I'm there though I hope to go.
hey girls, the local mamas online group here are talking politics and most of them are voting conservative, Yikes! it the religious in them, they go for the anti-choice, anti-gay platform and they love the $100 universal child credit because they all homeschool (and teach their kids that the world is only 6000 years old and dinos walked the earth with man, but that's besides the point).

one of the mamas posted some questions and i know that many of you are way more elegant than i am with these kinds of things. if there is ANY chance of getting some of the undecideds to vote Anything other than cons i want to take advantage of it. so please, please help me out if you can. thank you so very much.
here's a copy of the post:

So break it down for me in simple terms. politics 101

conservatives say what?
the conservatives are not for the workers, when i hear the commercials all of the others say that the conservatives are not for blue collar workers.
so who is??.
what do the conservatives believe in and how will they help us and how will they screw up the country if they are in power?

liberals say??? what do they stand for?
when i go to websites there is too much to weed through.
what do the liberals believe in and how will they benefit us? how will they screw up the country if they are in power?

and what about the NDP. what do they believe. have they ever been a majority vote.
is there a chance that they would get in?? and if so- what would the potential end result be???
i know a bit about the liberals and the conservatives.
like mulroney (sp)was conservative, cretchin (sp)was liberal
if NDP is a majority what will they do to us?

oh, are there any other majority parties?? and whats the scoop.
Christine Nectarine
pepper, i might direct her to The Toronto Star Issues page. They have pretty clearly laid out each parties position on a number of major issues. The National Post has a similar issues page, although it's not quite as clearly laid out. Also, being a more Conservative paper, it's not my preference!

About the NDP/other parties question, I would say something like:
the Liberals or Conservatives are most likely to win the election, but the NDP stands a good chance of winning many seats, and possibly the Green Party will win seats as well. Remember, whomever is elected as your MP will be the person representing your community, and that representation is especially important in a minority government.

as an aside, i love the spelling of "cretchin", it makes it seem like "cretin"!
I'm loving the Canadian debate/round table discussion.

Stephan Dion is stepping up. I'm glad. Go go Jack Layton!
Christine Nectarine
geekchic, i really liked the round table set up, much better than your standard row of podiums.  ok, major parties debate, here i go...

1. Stephan Dion definately did step it up, although i thought he was a little try hard at times.  as in, all those mentions of "fun" while discussing arts funding, came across awkward.  that said, i'm okay with his usual stiff demeanor that seems to turn other people off.  i'm not usually a liberal, but i admit, the green shift really appeals to me.  i'm not sure their other platform items are clear or strong enough.

2. go Jack Layton!  he's still my man.  he seemed to get a bit tired partway through, and was somewhat muddled at that point, which was disappointing.  also, sometimes a little TOO caricatured, a la frequent references to Tommy Douglas and kitchen tables.  I think he did the best job of selling his party (as opposed to just attacking) and deserves kudos for bringing forward aboriginal issues.

3. Elizabeth May RULED this debate.  i have never really heard her speak before, and nothing has ever caught my attention about the Green party before, but i was blown away.  she was on point: well spoken, and knew her stuff.  while she did seem to defer to Stephan Dion a little too much, she also raised some excellent issues that every one else skimmed over, and was bold in presenting them ie. low literacy rates etc leading to youth crime, and no evidence that longer/harsher sentences work as a deterrent.  bravo.

4. Stephen Harper creeps me out.  nuff said.  well actually, he seemed to rely on an "everything is fine, don't worry kids" type of attitude and largely avoided presenting any platform on issues.  i couldn't look at the screen when he got that weird smile while being attacked by the whole table.  the Conservative platform to pay for your kids piano lessons is a weak attempt to make up for cutting arts funding.  overall, i feel that he was roundly slammed during the debate, and yet i still fear he will win a majority. 

5. it's funny to watch Gilles Duceppe in an english language debate.  and as much as i hate to admit it, it was hilarious when he said "well, i know i will never be Prime Minister, and some of you know you will not too, but you won't admit it".  HA! 

6. I think Steve Paikin looks like Guy Smiley. 



/edit: don't ask me why these pics arent' showing up, boo!
I don't think Harper will win a majority, although when I was reading pundits analysis of the debate and they were all giving Stephen Harper a clear win, all I could think was....were we watching the same debate? *shudder* that guy CREEPS ME OUT.

Kudos to Jack for the best line of the night "Where are you hiding your platform? In your sweater?" OH SNAP!
i voted, i voted, i voted today! and i got my mom, bro, friend and local coffee shop girl to go with! the last two are both first time voters too. i set them up on my computer with info about all the parties and then we had a discussion. i even called around to find out where our local candidates were in the polls and the NDP were behind the cons only 6 points and ahead of the libs by two, can you believe it! yay, i am absolutely thrilled! and my mom and my friend both decided to go NDP too! yay! i feel GR8!
Damn, there's an all candidates meeting in my riding tomorrow but it's at 10AM. What's up with that? I guess there are a lot of elderly people in my riding but...what about those of us who are interested voters who have jobs during the day?
A friend sent me this link where you can look up current poll stats for your riding. Really neat.
Christine Nectarine
yay pepper for getting out the vote! and thanks for the link starpiste, i had heard about that on cbc, but hadn't checked it out yet. i've been feeling really ripped off by the environment seemingly becoming a non-issue this election. all year eco issues have finally been getting some mainstream attention, and here comes an election, and oops! economic meltdown time! obviously the economy is a major issue for people and the country, but it seems to have sideswiped a lot of other important issues. not to mention, we should not be denying these days that the economy and the environment are intricately linked, and we need to make plans that account for both.

i've been trying to find out if there is an all candidates meeting in my area, but i haven't found any...
so, i plan to drive to michigan in early november and i thought, "well, toronto is not that far. i've never been there. i might as well drive there."

any busties in the area wanting to meet up with me and see the sites?
Christine Nectarine
stargazer, i don't know if i'll be avaliable to meet up (since i seem to work pretty much EVERYDAY) but let me know when your coming! at the very least, perhaps i can suggest some spots to hit...
Likewise stargazer! I'm in the Tdot but I work long hours during the week. I can definitely give you some tips of restaurants to go to, stores and sreas to check out, along with a couple good clubs. Let me know what kind of stuff you like and any dietary restrictions you may have and I'll give you a run down!
oooh, I could be up for that! I've always wanted to have a Bustie meetup.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Oct 7 2008, 12:28 PM) *
so, i plan to drive to michigan in early november and i thought, "well, toronto is not that far. i've never been there. i might as well drive there."
any busties in the area wanting to meet up with me and see the sites?

i live close to the windsor/detroit border, are you planning to drive from there? it's about 5 hours from windsor to toronto just so you know, not really all that close. if you do decide to make the trip i'm interested in a ride share, i am always up for a visit with old friends there and i can show you around kensington market (my absolute favourite area of the entire city!). let me know!

we'll be there this weekend for a day or so, maybe i'll see some of you there wink.gif
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(pepper @ Oct 7 2008, 02:51 PM) *
i live close to the windsor/detroit border, are you planning to drive from there? it's about 5 hours from windsor to toronto just so you know, not really all that close. if you do decide to make the trip i'm interested in a ride share, i am always up for a visit with old friends there and i can show you around kensington market (my absolute favourite area of the entire city!). let me know!

we'll be there this weekend for a day or so, maybe i'll see some of you there wink.gif

mmm, empanadas in kensington market...
QUOTE(pepper @ Oct 7 2008, 06:51 PM) *
we'll be there this weekend for a day or so, maybe i'll see some of you there wink.gif

lol, pepper, that figures, this weekend I'm going back down to the Windsor area for Thanksgiving.
of COURSE! we're only going to be there for a bit anyhow, i AM going to the market though, i love it there so much!
just when i was losing hope in my Canada busties, ya'll come through gangbusters! biggrin.gif

so awesome!

i'm just thinking of going to Toronto for a day. I was thinking Sunday, November 9th.

Pepper, I'm actually going to Detroit for a day. I may get to meetup with Knorl. So, if you want, sure I would love company.

If people want, maybe we can do a late lunch/early dinner that day? unsure.gif Just a suggestion.

Oh and any tips on where to go, I would appreciate greatly!

you know, i may just stay in canada depending how this election goes... dry.gif
seriously, only for the day? it's a long drive sister, are you sure? there are some alright hostels if you need to park it overnight. wish i still had more contacts there so i could rumage up a place for you to stay. see what happens when you move away? darn it.

don't decide to stay in canada forever until you see how Our election goes! oct14 we'll know if our prime minister is a monster or not. i'm hoping Not! fingers crossed good and tight.

i always vote for rice bar in kensington, it's my fave, but it depends on what kind of food you like... there is good ethiopian, thai, italian, hungarian, etc etc etc. so. much. food! that's what i miss the most.

what do you want to see? there is a ton of shopping, art galleries and museums, lots of little flavourful spots. what interests you the most?
Hey stargazer- how was Montreal, anyway?
star, I only have one tip. If you like cheese, go to Kensington Market and check out the cheese shop! I can never remember the name of it, but it's impossible to miss. It's full of stinky cheese but it's fun to see all the variety.

If you like Thai food, I would suggest the inexplicably named Salad King at Yonge and Gould. It's good Thai food at a pretty cheap price.

I guess mainly if I were visiting I would check out Queen street West and Kensington Market mainly. There's also the gay village but that's further east and north around Church and Wellesley.

Also, did anyone happen to see Stephane Dion on Muchmusic? I was just flipping through channels and was like, whaaaa?
Christine Nectarine
i second Salad King & the cheese shop. and Queen W. so many of my teenage days spent wandering that strip...
sounds like i should rework my schedule, there might be a party happening in TO!

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade re: the Kensington cheese shop but I *think* that it may have been closed down! About a month ago there was a story on the local news stating that the shop was under investigation for some health regulation violations. If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me because I have been there as well and would love to believe that it is not true smile.gif

Salad King...yum!
thanks for all the tips about toronto!

pepper, well, i was thinking of spending like a day and a half. nothing big. knorl is contemplating joining me. i like to play things by ear.

who can ever make it to Toronto would be cool.

edie, cocl and i had a great time in montreal. i enjoyed the vibe in montreal. it was nice and laidback while we were there. we were pretty casual in our sightseeing. thanks for your tips!
there's more than one cheeseshop in the market so never fear!
i'm off this weekend, going to stay at a girlfriend's place while she's out of town and have a little get together with friends at future bakery on bloor st on sunday, i can't wait! i just found out a good girlfriend had another baby in august, what a surprise! time flies man, i haven't seen or talked to her in all this time, i just can't believe it. now i have to run, gotta make a baby gift post haste.

i'd love to meet up in TO in nov, let's make it happen! a day and a half is just right, you'll get to see a few things and eat some stuff and be on your way with the desire to visit again sometime.
i miss dim sum on sundays so freaking much, i nearly wish i still lived there.
My two cents:

Yes, definitely hit Kensington Market and be sure to get some doubles at Patty King

Best Hot and Sour Soup: King's Noodle @ Spadina and Dundas
Best Vietnamese (and my fav resto): Hanoi 3 seasons @ Broadview and Gerrard

Are you crafty? SOOO many yarn stores to hit - The Naked Sheep, The Purple Purl, Romni, Lettuce Knit, Knit Cafe......and more if you can believe it!

There are also tons of good bars and clubs, live sure to pick up a NOW and an EYE magazine, and they'll tell you what's going down.

Please keep me posted....I'd love to come to a bustie gathering!
There's also a cool feminist sex toy store down queen street, Come As You Are. I think they have pretty reasonable prices and when I went there the staff was really friendly and helpful.
Christine Nectarine
there's also "Good for Her" on Harbord St, right near the Toronto Women's bookstore! there are a couple other bookstores i love on that street, it's a great place to wander.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I forgot about the Toronto Women's Bookstore. Definitely hit that up.
so, you are giving me tips to find great tourist spots to visit and great places for sex shops. awesome.

happy thanksgiving to the canadian busties!
WOOOOO, It's Election Day!!!!

I'm really really excited about this.
Happy Election everyone!

(I voted in advance by special ballot cuz I thought I was gonna be out of town, but I'm not - can't wait to watch it all roll in)
I hope everyone has gotten out to vote by the time they read this! I am just on my way now....
Voted! I ended up going with the liberal candidate in my riding. I really really really liked the NDP candidate but I don't think she had a chance in hell this time around. There's a small small chance that the conservatives could get booted by the liberals so I went strategically this time around. I'm not quite sure what to expect for tonight.
I'm going to be going a an hour or so, after lunch. The NDP candidate had reps around our neighbourhood this morning reminding people to vote, making sure they knew where the station is, and even offering rides.
QUOTE(starpiste @ Oct 14 2008, 12:57 PM) *
I'm going to be going a an hour or so, after lunch. The NDP candidate had reps around our neighbourhood this morning reminding people to vote, making sure they knew where the station is, and even offering rides.

I love how they do that. I always think it would be so much fun, if only I could find a party I support enough to join. Though our NDP incumbant is wonderful, he's done a lot for our riding, which is in rural northern BC, so we're easily ignored. It's western alienation to the extreme, except he's been giving us a voice, so maybe next election I'll see if I can just offer the rides...

should be interesting. it seems when reading your posts and talking to friends that it would end up decidedly not conservative with ndp doing far better than ever before. yet the polls dont reflect it. who are those other people?

fingers crossed
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