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*hoot* oilers!
Toronto busties interested in burlesque, i have an extra advance ticket to the yard dogs road show tonight at the Opera House. Thought I was getting it for another bustie, but she can't go after all :-( If you want to grab it, PM me ASAP.

Abortion access continues to be an issue out east:-(xposted to PPC) html
is anyone else bothered by the fact that in press conferences Harpers' people choose which press are allowed to ask questions? Thus blocking from the press gallery any opposition or furthar investigation into motives and actions by the Prime Minister and his government. I was listening to CBC today and was shocked at Harper and how he claimed the "problems" came from the liberal supporting press. Seems a little too dictative to me.
yeah, citrussss, it kinda freaks me out. what's next, he gets to write the questions people are asking?
he is turning things into how question time is at the white house. What I find amusing was on the cover of the globe and mail, he said that the media and press don't like him. I wonder why.
Don't get me started...he is so into undemocratizing our country, it isn't funny.
grrr grrr grrr. i'm lucky he's not my next door neighbour or i would be arrested by now.
I dunno, I'm just getting eaten up by it...more so because this government has been in power for what, 6 months!? Urrrggg, I'm trying to hold it back, I don't want to turn the conversation into a Harper Rag, but really he's such an easy target.
In time the government will fall. Stephen Harper is stepping on far too many toes, even Albertans.
i dunno what happened to the vancouverites thread so i'll have to post here, but i just found out about a cool craft fair on today till 5pm! hope it's not too late for anyone who's interested!

it's called the "i heart crafts bazaar" and it's at 2205 commercial (i think it's the legion building)
hey! i went to that craftfair and got the cutest painting! *high five*
I would have thought it was a no brainer, but it seems his ratings are rising? At least, I saw a headline that said so, but I couldn't bring myself to read it.
Toronto anti-terrorism arrests
Thanks for posting that statement, dusty! I'm going to forward it.
Thanks Doodle! I can't believe they put a publication ban on the whole thing...
16 billion in military spending? 16 BILLION?!? wtf, who voted for this utter asshole?
can't afford childcare, education or medical care but we can throw 16 billion at the fucking army. omg stephen harper, bend us over for george w a little further eh? he isn't fucking us up the ass quite hard enough. seesh.
Not to defend Stupid Steve but we really could use some helicopters that don't crash. And having some planes, boats, and trucks that work would be kinda cool. Our forces' equipment is in pretty bad condition - it has been for a while (my dad was in the reserves for a long time and I remember helicopters always being fixed when I went to visit the base with him). And as much as we don't realy use it for "war" type missions (Afganistan is a BAD idea... lets stick to peacekeeping... we are pretty good at it and the world needs it) it would be nice if they had stuff that worked when they do need it. At least this was on practical equipment and not fighter jets and more troops.

I'm more pissed about the taxes... so what are you going to do with your extra cent on the dollar this weekend when the GST goes down... oh wait... you won't see it in most places. There are so many things that are priced to come out even with tax... they'll just readjust to make more money... parking meters, parking lots... And the income tax is gong back up... hmmmm nope sorry... have to take that penny back.
A friend hipped me to this link:

Canada should join the E.U.!,,1808159,00.html

(couldn't do a fancy link b/c of the commas)

Btw, the author points out that our military spending is very low even compared to the European average. I'm not defending excessive military budgets by any means - I just think we still have a long way to go before becoming our neighbours to the south. Yeah, there's that slippery slope, but I thought it was more interesting that according to that article, our international aid efforts are also below the European average.
I would love to Canada to join the EU, in principle. I would like the EU to let in Turkey too.

I nearly had a heart-attack reading the Globe and Mail this morning. When did the Globe become such a cheap propaganda tool? Since when are the supposedly private ramblings of teenagers to be used as blanket statement on every Muslim who wears a veil in this supposedly free country?

What really angers me is that our own fucking Prime Minister has at one time stated that he hates this country. Most young people don't vote because they believe it is an inherently flawed system. Attribute these ideas to young Muslim women and all of a sudden is a huge explosive issue.

Yes, some of what was allegedly posted by these women is very very upsetting and horrifying. But some of the comments on the article were just as upsetting and horrifying.

I love this country; and it breaks my heart to see all the racism come to light.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. The publication ban right after the convenient government leaks to the media? our own officials declaring these people guilty before the trial began? this coinciding with prolonging Canada's involvement in the Middle East, and the 16 billion $ increase in military spending? Those charged and their wives are portrayed as perfect caricatures of what the West fears about Muslims. It is all too perfect, and too well timed.

Oh, and just to voice my opinion on the military spending: I don't mind it in principle, but I am just as worried about the tax issues as runningwestward, and given that I am by definition a student living below the poverty line, I stand to suffer from it dramatically.
i can't get through on your link, dusty, but i don't know if that's just my computer being a tyger-hater and pissing me off.

so, i'm going to be in vancouver the last week of july (23-29), and it turns out my one friend (who i'm staying with) will have to work for most of that. which means i'm going to be left to my own devices a bunch. so i'm looking for a) suggestions of cool places to go/shop that wouldn't be scary for a 19-year-old girl to explore on her own and b)any busties who maybe would like to meet for coffee or something? is venusindisguise still around? i remember her from when i joined, and i think she was in vancouver. venus! are you here? want to have coffee with me when i'm in vancouver?

and that is all. i really hope i get to meet cool vancouver busties when i'm down there. also, feh on you, doodle, for not going there when i'm there! feh i say! i really want to meet my supercool older bustiesister
Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. This shit has my stomach twisted in knots:

R.E.A.L. Women is calling for an end to our federal women's programs, because they say those programs are discriminatory for supporting feminist groups.

I love their little "summary" at the end. I just want to crawl in a fucking hole and die.
i can't read it right now doodle. maybe later when it won't make me want to scratch my eyes. out. blah, so depressing. i can't even Think about the daycare subsidy thing right now, i'll just cry.
I was linking to Tyger.
Tyger, I'm in Vancouver. Good places to shop: Commercial Drive (also has great restaurants/coffee shops), and Main Street (lots of thrift stores). Zulu Records on 4th is the coolest record store ever (even if it is in Kits, i.e. yuppieville). Our Women's bookstore is closed :-( but for feminist etc. books there's the queer bookstore Little Sisters on Davie, or the People's Co-op Bookstore on Commercial or Sparatacus Books, which is the radical volunteer-run bookstore downtown on Hastings (it's very cool, they have a lot of stuff you don't see elsewhere).

Oooh, I hope we have a bustie meet-up when you come! I would love to meet you and see some of the other vancity busties!
Extremist feminist organizations? Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black.
ha ha! i was on cbc daybreak this morning bitchin' 'bout that 16bil.
I want Heather Malick to adopt me:

Thanks for posting that, ocean...I passed it on to all the women's centres...a little spirit boost will go a long way right now.

Don't you all know that I am an extreme feminist. Apparently. Because working towards an end to violence and poverty is, y'know, extreme.
hey, i just discovered Broken Social Scene is playing when i'm in town, so...any vancouver busties want to go with me? it's on july 25 at deer lake park at 4:00pm.

I spent a very nice day at Grand Beach and now I'm out to Osborne Village. (Just thought I'd name drop locations for the other Manitobans. )

ooh, we (me, little, my mom and her hubby visiting from ontario) went to the park for a big ole celebration including maple leaf tattoos (fake) and a magician (ReAL!!), came home for a gorgeous dinner with nice wine and my mom did the dishes afterwards so the kitchen is actually spotless tonight! then we went down to the waterfront to listen to the enormous marimba band (seriously, at least 15 musicians, maybe 20 even, i couldn't see, it was dark). then watched the fireworks, it was my boy's first time ever, he sat on my lap and oohed and ahhhed over each explosion. we made a quick get away just as the rain that had been threatening all day broke over us and now we're home, it's pouring avec natural fireworks (thunder and lightening) and i have a ton of great photos from the day to download into this computer.
what an awesome day. ah.
yah Canada!
i participated in my first ever roman candle fight, we shot off little rockets, and when we did fireworks only one fell over and shot at the carport. there weren't any permits issued in my town this year, but one of my friends lives half an hour out of town, so we can ignore silly bylaws like those :P. and we played cards and suburbia and just hung around. other than having to work, it was a good day
Hello Canuckistanians! Sorry I am belatedly driving by to say Happy Canada Day!

(How Canadian can you get, starting one's Canada Day wishes with an apology? I was going to fix it before posting, but then I thought, "Nah. It's Canadian!")
So, I saw someone wearing a Bust t-shirt and carrying a (my favourite store) Curry's bag at the outdoor art show in Toronto on Friday. Would that be anyone here?
Did anyone else get to the Winnipeg Folk Festival? I had a fabulous (HOT) weekend living like a dirty hippie. I'm so incredibly tanned now.
So to beat my new favorite I-hate-the-conservative-government-and-here's-why horse one more time.... Stupid Steve and the GST. Oh my lunch cost me the same as always... 5 bucks. But the GST??? It went down??? why is my lunch...oooooo right.... My sandwich went up 3 cents. My treat went up a cent. And my drink another cent. So that 5 cents I should have saved... that nickle I should have put in the rainy day fund - because reducing the GST is all about putting more money back in Canadians' pockets - went to the lunch place. So really all you've done S.S. is put more money in the hands of the business owners and really there's no change for the rest of us. (Though my coffee shop hasn't gotten around to it... my tea was 99 cents... I left the penny behind... they'll be changing their prices soon enough, might as well get used to it)
And to make matters worse....grrr...

Harper priorities
just skimming that article made my blood pressure go up. I cannot even think of that gov't without my blood pressure going up.
They are so vile and i get so worked up over them and their idiotic 'priorities' and 'policies' that I can barely form rebuttals.

This gst crap is a joke. Their day care 'plan' is pathetic. I cannot wait to see what they screw up next. I hope the rest of Canada (esp. my fellow Quebeckers) wise up soon.
It's not just the mom and pop shops either. Starbuck adjusted their prices after the GST came down so things that came to 5.99 (I'm a sucker for the grilled veggie sandwich) still come to 5.99!!! I even asked about it and the guy (sorry barister... barista-er... whatever they call themselves) said yes they did! I think I'm going to start IDing things like this and write something to someone about this whole thing. It's horse crap! Gaaaa that 5 cents is pissing me off... say you only spend 5 bucks a day like this... Steve would say you've saved 18 bucks a year... but nope... the shops just made 18 bucks off you! I hope people see this and vote him out. Must calm down about GST. Can't calm down... too hopping mad about it. I think I need to get that Marg costume and go attack Parliment... where's Mary Walsh when you need her. Ooooo maybe I should get Rick to do something about it on his report... too bad it's re runs in the summer. Ah ha! that's why SS did it in the summer... there are no satirical news shows that can attack him for it.

Grumble grumble... back to work... stupid steve... grumble... 5 cents...
Yeh, I've noticed some places doing this. mad.gif I expected it, but there are a surprising number of places that haven't done it, most of them--not all--being the ones that didn't include the GST in their prices. My chiropractor and acupuncturist are costing me less now which made me happy since those are big expenses for me. The dollar store I get all of my writing supplies from is cheaper because of the lower GST and so are some convenience stores.

I kind of make a mental note of places that haven't moved their prices down and try to find another business to replace them. Anyone interested in starting a list of national chains that kept the "savings" for themselves so that we can write them and tell them how pissed off we are? dry.gif
How anyone could have fallen for the GST bullshit is beyond me. It was a "cut" calculated to help huge business and wealthy people making large transactions. Small businesses and ordinary people "saving" 1% tax (and getting 1% less back in GST returns) are not going to benefit in any way--services which are necessary and which once were wholly dependent on tax revenue for funding are all going to shut down.

I charge GST on my consultations and I pay GST on my utilities and on the remedies I sell, which I buy in advance. I've paid 7%, but I'll only be able to charge 6% when I sell them. That's a loss for me, as it would be for anyone with a small business of their own. If I raise my rates to cover that loss, I look like a big bad meanie (like the reactions below would suggest).

Any big business, such as Starbucks, would love to have that phoney reduction--ultimately, it means they can raise their prices to cover any anticipated loss (as they've done), and after that's covered, the extra price increase just becomes pure profit. A nice bump in pure profit, at that.

The best thing to do about places who will obviously benefit tremendously from that fake tax "cut" is to just stop buying from them. That extra $18 a year you're paying to Starbucks since they upped their prices to cover the GST drop? Save yourself the whole $2100 a year and make/bring your own sandwiches for lunch.

Use the money to support a candidate who can get Harper pushed out of office as soon as possible.
If prices were calculated so that, with tax, they came out to nice, friendly numbers (like food places that had their prices come out to even dollars with taxes) i can see them re-adjusting their prices so that the numbers stay nice and easy. But for the most part it wouldn't really make any sense.

Sooooooo, on to happier things: Vancouver Bustie Meetup!!!! I get to town on the 23rd and leave on the morning of the 29th, and i'm busy sunday, tuesday, and thursday evenings. I'm not sure exactly where it is i'm staying, but i *think* it's in yaletown? and i'm guessing it isn't too far from langara college, either, but that's just a guess based on where my friend goes to school. I'm going to be out of town/probably without internet access from wednesday until saturday, so if we could have a general guess of when-ish we'd be doing a meetup by then my neurotic self would appreciate it tongue.gif. But once I'm back here/in Vancouver, i should have internet access to stuff can get all finaliferized then.
Tyger, I think the Wednesday evening would be good for me, although the monday evening could work too. Are you on livejournal? Would you like me to post in the bustalicious community there (I know a few Vancouver busties who are active there)? I won't do it unless you want me to, so let me know.
I also noticed the GST thing. I buy two newspapers in Winnipeg, and before the GST, the cost was $1.70, after the GST cut? $1.81. Hmmm, I thought things were supposed to be cheaper? Oh wait thje big business thing, and who does government bend over for? Oh yah, big business.
I don't mean to sound evil here, but does anyone else think that there are a whole lot of whiny evacuees out there? Coordinating the safe passage of tens of thousands of people on the other side of the world seems like it might be, I don't know, difficult. And might take a couple days. And being evacuated as part of a large-scale military operation? is not a cruise. It's probably going to be really uncomfortable and low on the customer-service end...

Okay, okay. There were probably only a couple unreasonable people amongst the thousands, and I really should be blaming the media for seeking them out and devoting so much time to them

And I am so not a Harper-supporter in all of this. Bombing the shit of Lebanon is not a justified and measured response...
I caN see evacuating people on vacation there, but Canadians that have chosen to live there? I think there's a little personal responsability in choosing to set up home there and I don't see why we necessarily have to bail them out for free (most countries and Canada, usually charge the evacuees--not full cost recovery, but some--but for some reason we have chosen not to this time). I'm not saying things weren't miserable, but if you choose to live there and then whine to a country you don't even live in anymore to come and get you--for free--and then whine when it isn't done to your liking? Zip it.
Vacationing or residents - these people are Canadians, and we need to do the best to get them out of there. And the logic can be applied to snowbirds vacationing in Florida (hurricane country), or working on kibbutzes (sp?) in Israel. Don't forget that the numbers you are hearing are upper bound estimates of Canadians in Lebanon, and not all of them will be evacuated by the government because a lot of the people that live there have refused to leave their homes.

As an immigrant to this country myself, I am having a hard time dealing with so many notions out there that these people are all Canadians by convenience, and that they are somehow mooching off the government. A lot of Lebanese Canadians came to Canada as refugees from the civial war, but went back after that. Canada is not a perfect place, and a lot of immigrants (including my own parents) came here with very high degrees for which there is demand only to work as cab drivers and cleaning women. This is extremely frustrating.

And let's face it - Lebanon has been very very calm and peaceful for at least 10 years now. This was completely unexpected. Pretty much like the tsunami.

There has been a lot of racist bullshit in the press lately about Lebanese Canadians who have left and why they left. Do we go around asking the same question about the 100 thousand + Canadians living in the states, and those who hold dual citizen ship with either the USA or the UK? Nope. But it seems that bashing the Arabs is very in vogue now. If you don't believe me, read the letters to the editor in either the CBC, Globe and Mail or the National Compost.

I am not denying that it is brutally difficult trying to get all of those people out of Lebanon, but I do feel that the government's position has not been particularly useful. And I find it incredibly hard to swallow that Steven Harper only cared about Canadians trapped there AFTER that family was killed. Other nations seemed to have had their act together earlier. I feel those Canadians living in Lebanon didn't matter until they became politically embarrassing to Stephen and his cronies.

I am also not going to deny that the media has portrayed the evacuees as ungrateful, but I wonder how I would react to terror or living under surprise war conditions, and not being able to leave. I would lash out too.

I am venting, and am in no way reacting to anything that was said on Bust. I feel the media in general has been extremely racist in how it's portraying this situation.
I just thought of something else: The death of ~ 30 (?) Canadians in the World Trade Center in 2001 has often been used as a reminder and excuse for Canada being in Afghanistan. If we were willing to enter a war for the lives of Canadian people, then we can afford to spend some money getting people out of harm's way. Because no Canadian life should be more valuable than the another's, regardless of anything. And certainly, no human life should be more valuable than the others. I can only imagine the horror that Lebanese, Palestinian and Israelis are facing right now. Especially those not lucky enough to have other, supposedly non-partisan nations caring for their safety.
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