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Doodle, you do have an amazing candidate there. He truly has the experience and can back up what he says.

The Doer government here really is conservative or liberal depending on the day. Pick something and stick with it! They wanted to appeal the fact that a MB court said that the province should be paying for abortion and these funds should not be coming out of pocket, as it is a medical procedure. That turned me right off. In terms of post secondary education, they have done nothing more than hold a tuition freeze. Previously, students recieved an extra $200.00 a month of "income" (which exhisted only on paper) for every month they were in school. It helped students financially come income tax time. This was eliminated by the current NDP government. And then there is the issue of the department I work for.

I'm also frustrated on a whole that no one is standing up to Stephen Harper's bullying.
That's disgusting about the abortion fees.

I was watching a pro-life video from 20 years ago just after they repealed the abortion law and it showed Jack on the spot in front of the Morgentaler clinic with a group of activists who were there to stop the pro-life people from blocking access to the clinic. Mind you, I gotta say, it was an old friend of mine from university, not Jack, who farkin' handed off her glasses and literally climbed over the pro-lifers. He's walked the walk. I admire Olivia, who has really stood up for the War Resisters recently.

I saw Libby Davies here in TO at the launch of a campaign to decriminalize sex work. I give full marks to any politician who will walk into a sex club.

I also admire Peggy Nash.

There are some provincial MPPs I have seen in action lately that I really admire.

My local candidate. I am just so excited to have a candidate who is gay and muslim, I think it is so cool.

Bonus: If the liberal candidate shows up at my door, I get to say, "No, *I'm* still NDP."
See, there's another good candidate!

And here's the NDP candidate in my riding...

Gary Does played very dirty politics here. He took up residence in East Winnipeg, but he didn't actually live there. .

The MP for my riding is a conservatice douche bag back bencher who doesn't know shit about politics, and who sends out updates about his family, I don't care if you're wife had a baby girl.

Hee hee! CH, I think it's hilarious that your candidate put captain of the frisbee team on his CV!! tongue.gif

dusty, that's cool your candidate is openly queer. People can say what they like about Svend Robinson, but he sure opened a lot of doors, and the NDP has been terrific from the get-go.

Libby has had a hard time with the sex worker issue with one of the women's groups in Vancouver - NOT a group I support...actually, I despise them. They (Vancouver Rape Relief) are anti-trans and total prostitution abolitionists, but they refuse to work with sex workers or other street-involved women. I wish they'd grow the fuck up and join the 21st's really hard for any of us to work on the sex trade issue when one old school group is out there claiming to speak for all feminists.
What I find really fucked up about my riding, is that federally they are conservative, but provincially they are Liberal. Seriously.

How can you be a rape organization and by anti trans? Maybe they're funded by REAL women.
Nope...this is the org. that fired a volunteer when they realized she was trans, and then got taken to the Human Rights Commission. They truly believe that transwomen were once men (rather than accepting they were always women, just born with the wrong physical characteristics), and say that because she grew up "male," she didn't have the "life experience" for the position. They piss me off, because they say they are the kind of feminists trying to upset the applecart of "binary gender," but they are totally supporting it in refusing to accept trans people or current trans theory. THEN they try to say that their clients would never accept a trans counsellor, but you know, there are trans people walking around all over the place, and 90% of the time, you have no idea they are trans. It's soooo fucking stupid, and it REALLY pisses me off. Actually, I think 99% of women's groups in Canada don't support VRR on this case, and I have yet to meet a women's rights activist who hasn't had a bad experience with the organization.

Here's a backgrounder on the case.

ETA: we have "Liberal" MLAs, but the BC Liberals are not Liberals at all - even the federal Liberals dissassociate from them. They are basically the old Social Credit party in new sheep's clothing. And we have the most dimwitted federal Conservative MP....I've heard many a rumour that she's been at meetings with liquor on her breath, and she does NOTHING for the riding. She was even the Status of Women critic for awhile, and never once set foot in the doors of the only Status of Women-funded organization in town (the women's centre). She also tried to claim credit during an election for getting $10,000 in emergency federal funding for the women's centre....when in fact, *I* got that, along with 2 other women, for all women's centres in BC, by going to Ottawa on our own dime and lobbying the hell out of the place. Never saw our MP there once. It's funny, b/c this was an all-NDP riding when I moved here.
*jaw hits floor*

People who are trans face more difficulties and more prejudice than anyone else. Many have experience rape and violence, and at disgustingly higher levels than the non trans population.

that is just wrong on so many levels.
I remember that story, I was wondering if that's who you meant. In Vancouver, too. Sheesh. Who do they work with? The ladies' auxiliary?

I looked at their website. I was wondering how they are funded. They call on us to join the women's liberation movement. Women still seriously say that?

I liked the part about the frisbee too.

My riding is Liberal provincially, and, well, Bob Rae is running federally for the liberals. It was liberal before Bill Graham stepped down.
Ugh, I'm taking advanced feminist theory right now and our concentration is trans issues. The shit we have to read is disgusting and the kind of stuff that the rape crisis centre seems to believe. Has anyone read Janice Raymond? Scccccaaaaaaaary.

"Raymond is also known for The Transsexual Empire: the making of the she-male,[2] a 1979 book on transsexuality, a manifesto which contends that male-to-female transsexuals are part of a plot by men to infiltrate the women's movement. Raymond maintains that transsexualism is based on the "patriarchal myths" of "male mothering," and "making of woman according to man's image." She claims this is done in order "to colonize feminist identification, culture, politics and sexuality," adding:
“ All transsexuals rape women's bodies by reducing the real female form to an artifact, appropriating this body for themselves .... Transsexuals merely cut off the most obvious means of invading women, so that they seem non-invasive."
Heh. That'll do for me. I just got off the phone with Mr. Dusty and we were talking about how radical feminism might look at transexuals, and I said, if the attitude is that m to f trans is infiltration, well, that's enough cover to persuade me. I don't think either of us has actually read any of the theory.

Does anyone actually colonize by adopting another culture?

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 5 2008, 11:47 AM) *
What I find really fucked up about my riding, is that federally they are conservative, but provincially they are Liberal. Seriously.

Heh, my old riding (before the federal conservative government) was NDP provincially and conservative federally. The only thing I could figure out is that everyone was following my technique of voting for the opposition.
Oooh and the provincal government is NDP and federally the province is Conservative. Wacky!

erinjane, that is...I don't even know what to say. People like Janice Rayomond give feminists a bad name.This is what people see about feminisim and why some people don't take it seriously. It's like grouping all muslims together as fundamentalists because of the small group who are extremists. I can't take radical feminism like that seriously. I truly believe that trans issues are feminist issues.

Janice Raymond's writing makes me think she forgot her tinfoil hat at home.
Janice Raymond is exactly who Vancouver Rape Relief seems to hold up as a brilliant icon of trans theory. And seriously, I've fucking hated Janice Raymond for a long, long time, but my hate for VRR goes even deeper. And their "leader" is the biggest problem of all. I don't want to sit here and name names online, but honestly, every working feminist activist I've ever met has a story about her, and it usually involves how abusive and or power-mongering she is. One time I was at a meeting for NAC's BC Regional Steering Committee, and she got all upset and seriously freaky that a decision about something was made at a meeting outside of the Lower Mainland (Vancouver). She wanted it re-visited b/c apparently important decisions should only happen in the big metropolis, where the so-called majority of women's groups are (which is bullshit - there are women's centres, women's shelters, and rape crisis centres all over the province, not to mention union groups, which were NAC's biggest financial backers). I called her urbancentric and made her kind of back down, but only a little. And then I was at a national NAC AGM in Ottawa, where one of the national members came out as trans, and she just FLIPPED HER LID. And seriously? This was a woman-born person who had not transitioned, never intended to transition, but just identified as more than one gender, and wanted it known that some feminists had their trans theory wrong, and that transpeople were feminist activists too. The VRR leader and her henchwomen just made the entire thing awful, and that's actually when I left NAC.

(ETA: um, yeah, sorry for flouting the acronyms! NAC = National Action Committee on the Status of Women.)
Ahhhh Stephen Harper is at it again!

I'm so horrified by this trans stuff. As if those are trans don't already face enough discrimination, people like Janice Raymond also discriminate agains them. Disgusting on so many levels. Funny, I thought feminists were for equality for everyone. by discriminating against those who are trans, she is no better than those who believe in "traditional" roles for women. She's biased against someone based on what is between their legs. The very same thing that she's fighting against.
I hate the Conservatives. I hate what this country is becoming.

I don't understand why trans never get to catch a break with these people. Ok, I understand, but logically, shouldn't you be allowed to be a feminist one way or another if you're a trans? I guess its just equal opportunity discrimination.

Libby Davies will be in my neighbourhood this weekend to help out with my NDP candidate's campaign.
Dusty, I agree. The Conservatives are an embarASSment. With this intolernat anti-queer, pro-war, censorship, tight-lipped, talk only to the media when I say so PM.

Yes mein Fuhrer.

Where Canadian's used to hold their head high, many are now looking down in shame.
Hee. I like this:

4. CRAFTIVISM: willowdale candidates stitch n bitch!
Hi Streetknit folk, sympathisers, and the curious,

There is a bi-election going on in Willowdale. We at streetknit may well be inviting the candidates out to learn to knit and do something candidates of all four parties don't do very often while all in the same room together: directly address their positions regarding Toronto's homelessness and the need for social housing.

It's the first ever political all-candidates stch n' btch that we know of, and it will be open to the public, needle-clacking and non-clacking alike. The forum will be open and respectful, and will, as much as can be imagined, focus on the shared non-ideological concern folks have about improving the condition of Toronto's most vulnerable.

The catch is: We need a space, and we need to meet some Willowdale knitters. If anyone is in Willowdale and knows something of the lay of the land, espescially as regards: knitting, please, give me a shout. As well, if you are interested in the event, sitting down, meeting your candidates, and knitting something for Toronto's somewhat sizeable population of neighbours, those without official residence, also, I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks so much.

Ryan K


Anti-war protesters heckle Dion
I just wanted to mention that my NDP candidate (I believe I have the same on as you, Dusty) actually came right to my door right now to tell me about his campaign. Now that is impressive. So far every other party has just sent me crap in the mail. Also, I got a good vibe from him.
Have any of you ladies heard about this Bill C484? I just got an email about it today and it seems like one of those sneaky bills that is going to start another attempt at attacking abortion rights.
Ahhh yes, the unborn victims of crime bill. Following suit of the states I see.
Yeah, they keep saying that it has nothing to do with abortion but I think it would just open the door to criminalizing abortion.
Yes, I think you can pretty well assume its about abortion. Apparently in the US its women who get charged under that bill, not men.
With an evangelical PM and a public safety minister who believes that humans and dinosaurs were on the earth at the same time, this comes as little surprise.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Mar 26 2008, 07:54 PM) *
Have any of you ladies heard about this Bill C484? I just got an email about it today and it seems like one of those sneaky bills that is going to start another attempt at attacking abortion rights.

Definitely a backdoor to criminalizing abortion, though the MP who introduced the bill says it's not. Even if it isn't though, it definitely has the ability to criminalize pregnant women who are viewed as harming their child, which is such a slippery slope and so affects our rights as women. For anyone who's interested in the reasons why it's not a good idea, here's a link to a petition against it:

Bill C-484

And if you're a letter writer it's always a good idea to write your MP, or just rejoice in having one who voted against the bill (go Nathan Cullen!). To find out how your MP voted on the 2nd reading check out this link:

Bill C-484 2nd Reading Voting Breakdown You'll have to click on "Second Reading".

So. The MP who introduced the bill, Ken Epp, is tied in with the anti-choice movement.

Although the bill professes to exclude abortion, in reality, its purpose is the open the door to changing the criminal code to give the unborn legal status.

Although the bill professes to try to bring stronger punishment for violent crimes against pregnant women, the reality is that charging the person with two crimes, ie. one against the mother, one against the fetus, would result in two sentences, and multiple sentences are normally served concurrently in Canada.

A higher penalty for violence against pregnant women would result in a stiffer sentence. If that were the object of the exercise.
I also love how every single party and MP voted the changse in tax law that would allow the Heritage Minister to deem something "offensive".

Bombshell one.

And the RCMP entered Conservative Party headquarters and seized documents at the request of Elections Canada.
It's really too bad our opposition leader has even less character than, well, I actually can't think of what, no wonder the Liberals are so unready to go to the polls. So much for an election anytime soon....
Yay for Quebec doctors speaking out against Bill 484 and calling it what it is!
Reclaim Earth Day Rally, Parade, Street Festival - Toronto, Sunday April 20 @ noon.
scary, scary business.
the canadian government is trying to make dandelion and blueberries illegal substances.
no joke, check it out.
well well well.

and yet another dubious honour for the Harper Government.
hey girlies, i am thinking about taking some online classes but i don't even know where to start looking. i wanted to start with a business english course first, does anyone have an idea of where to look? i'm in ontario but since it's online i suppose it can be from any province. i can only handle one course at a time while this baby is tiny so i want to find somewhere that will let me take them individually. i have a few credits towards an associative arts degree already, whatever i take can just get stuck in that bundle and eventually i'll finish it off. in between mommying, work and life that is. ha ha ha.
are there any montreal busties out there? blink.gif

i'm thinking of taking a drive up north soon.
George Stroumboulopoulos has got Joan Jett on The Hour tonight.......
It's like a magical dream come true! I love Strombo.
I haven't been on here in a while... hi everyone! I just found out that my boyfriend got into med school at Western, so we're moving to London!!! I hear it's very nice there, does anyone know much about the place???

Ps -- i like Strombo a lot more before he was on CBC. I saw his John Cusack interview about a week ago and it was teeeeerrrrrible. In general he's good though.
Happy Canada Day!!!!

whatcha all up to?
Happy Canada Day, everyone!!!

Even though our world rankings are slipping, and even though our federal Conservative government are a bunch of wankers....I STILL feel lucky to be a Canadian citizen.
Happy Canada Day too!!

I am lying on my couch watching tv, enjoying the extra day off of work.

Anybody going to see fireworks?
My punk ass has to work tomorrow, so I'll be staying close to home. Not to mention that it's fucking roasting here. It's 36 with the humidity. too hot for me.
I also have to work tomorrow. Plus I'm too tired to go see the fireworks.. I went last summer when i was in a different city, and it was rather underwhelming... I was just thinking "that's it?"
I'm doing nothing but lounging around reading today. It's MFing hot. And I also must work tomorrow, but actually, I can usually see the fireworks from my balcony, since they do it right out on the river....

Unlike CH, I thought the heat was fantastic. tongue.gif I went biking all day and then went for a cupcake at this new place called The Cupcakery. They run like an ice cream store and so far it seems to be really taking off. I know I love it! After that I went for sushi and then went to the park to watch fireworks with my niece. Good day. smile.gif
Henry Morgentaler has been given the Order of Canada....and the Campaign Life Coalition is urging other recipients to return their medals in protest. *rolls eyes*
yes, the *men* CBC was interviewing from Coalition for Life were truly outraged.
Did you just hear Up To Speed, CH? It was crazy how many men called. I tried calling in but it took too long to get through and the show ended.
erin, I didn't. It doesn't surprise me. Yes, just try to opress me more.

I want to know what's more reprehensible. A man making an 11 year old rape victim give birth or aborting. grrrrr. I refuse to get into this, i'm far too chilled out right now, and I don't want to get angry.

Please distribute widely

Dear pro-choice supporters,

The Governor General is getting a flood of mail and calls from anti-choice forces. Please tell her how much you appreciate the courageous decision by her and the Advisory Council of the Order of Canada to award Dr. Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada. Here is the contact information:

Phone: 613-993-8200
Toll-free: 1-800-465-6890
Fax: 613-998-8760

Mail: Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A1

Thank you very much!

Joyce Arthur
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
Vancouver, BC
OMFG. I have been thinking about what happened in Manitoba all day. How bizarre and sad and sickening.
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