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Full Version: Pardon me (I'm Canadian)
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I woke up with a ton of snow on the ground today. It wasn't so much a 'storm' though, just consistent snowing which is still going on outside. It's very pretty.
It seems like it has been snowing non stop since last night. The sound of the wind has died down but the news was saying that there were winds of up to 70 km/h.

Pepper, are you from the Essex county area by any chance?

The worst part about this storm is that eventually I might have to brave the weather so that I can go out and get some milk. Either that or just try to live without milk. Which is nearly impossible for me.
that's where we are now, yup. my mom was going on about "all the snow" this morning so i had to remind her of when we lived way up north. there's really a lot of it here right now but it's nothing compared to lake st peter!
we just had a walk dwntwn for stickers, it was good to throw little into a few drifts and have a little cardio. heh. time for some tea!
Well. I just hope you're happy now, Ms. Candycane! Hee. I think we brushed a coupla feet of snow off Mr. Dusty's car this morning, so that he could take it home and put it in his garage.
dusty, I'm not gonna lie, it looks so beautiful and pretty out there! Which makes me happy. Plus it has finally stopped snowing so now I can go out and get some milk.
How'd all the Ontario, Quebec busties fair?

It's been a lovely weekend here, not too cold. Le Sigh, so how is everyone?
it's fekking cold in here now! i had to turn the heat up, darn leaking doors and windows. now i'm wishing i'd gotten on that blow-dry window plastic stuff before now, durrrrr.
i left a bunch of junk on the porch that i had to drag in and shake the snow off of. sorry to say, the bikes and the push mower are still out there. covered by tarps but, uh, i better bring those in.

ccg, where are you?
pepper, I'm in Toronto.

I went out this evening once it stopped snowing so that I could get some milk and I loved how still and quiet the whole city seemed. I haven't heard it this quiet since I moved here and it was like the storm made everything come to a stand still.
oh wait, did i know that already? you'll have to pardon me, i have the mommy brain in. heh.
we'll be there in the new year for a bit. i don't really miss much of the city though the market still feels like home.
we're going to go to the cn tower with the kids as a treat (well, we're going to try). you know, in all the years i lived there i never once went up the tower. or to the science center. and only once to the zoo.
too busy working my three jobs to make the rent. no, i don't miss it.

were you there for the blackout? my gf and i got hauled nakkie out of the scadding court pool by no less than a dozen police men. seriously, musta been the must-go-to call of the evening.
ok, i miss some stuff happy.gif .
Sadly, I think I am the only person who actually missed the blackout. I was in England at the time. My brother, on the other hand, was stranded at Pearson airport! Just before he was supposed to fly to England and join the rest of the family (we were there for a wedding) the power went out. Luckily he just made it for the day of the wedding!

I've only just been living here since August but I used to visit all the time and I really love it here.
I miss Canada! *stomps feet* It's another grey, wet winter day in coastal Sweden.

And I never thought I'd say this but I reeeaaaally miss snow and I'm jealous of everyone back home (in the Montreal and Ottawa areas). I love big storms, having an excuse to stay inside, or wading through pretty sparkley snow when I do venture out. (I'm just realizing now that I love these things!) I'm really gonna miss it at Christmas, too.

My boyfriend brought maple syrup, so we sit across from each other in the mornings passing the can back and forth, putting it on our cereal and in our tea. And he always seems to be wearing this red plaid jacket. I'm sure we seem very Canadian to everyone here, and that makes me happy.
Well, Toronto had an Ottawa/Montreal storm this weekend, 26 cm.

I was here for the blackout, it was creepy being in an apartment building and having to go down 11 flights of stairs in the dark to get outside and people leaving lit candles in the stairwell. Plus, we didn't have any water.
It's been warmer lately! Even though I live in a snow belt, and there's absolutely no way all of our snow could melt before Christmas, my one brother is all "NOOOOOO STOP THE MELLLTIIIING!" because he wants to have a white christmas. It's really funny.

I have to drive into Toronto today to take my boyfriend to the train station, definitely not looking forward to being downtown two days before Christmas... at least not while driving... on foot would be a-okay, its the driving that scares me.
F@%K F@%K F@%K! i should be maude damned Illegal to build houses with shitty insulation and unsealed windows! there is a breeze blowing right through this place. shoot, the heat is up to 70 and my feet are still like blocks of ice. GGGRRRR!!!
I understand about the shitty insulation. At my apartment at school air leaks through the windows, and there's this one place on my floor by my desk chair where cold air seeps in, it's awful. But why would landlords care about silly old students? Nonsense!

Now I'm home for Christmas, and its so nice to be able to have the heat on and not worry about paying utilities, haha.
So I'm going to be in Vancouver in February and I want to stay in a hostel. I just don't know what area of the city I want to stay in though. It's been years since I've been there so I'm not really sure where the hippest area's are. Any help?
On Saturday night, we went to see the Sadies in Newmarket Ontario, which is about 40 minutes north of Toronto. It was so great to see them in a theatre venue that seats 500 for $15 each. What could be better?

The weird thing is, that the theatre was only 75% full, there were three (local) opening acts, and a good half the people in the audience were there to see the opening acts. During the second act, fifteen 12 year old girls rushed the stage because the performer was their vocal/guitar teacher, and then during the Sadies, a lot of people left, presumably because they had seen what they had come to see, and they hadn't actually diapered any of the Good brothers.

It was so weird. The Sadies *rocked*.
I want to bitch about the cold. I am sick of it. This weather is really starting to get to me. This coming from someone from Winnipeg.


Sooooo, how is everyone?
Cold. Heh.

I think today was about the first time evah I regretted not putting a coat on to cross the street to buy a coffee.
You know it's cold when you think -20 is a balmy day. Brrrrrrrr. I've been starting my car every 3 hours, even though it's plugged in.
There was almost no one in my class today, it was ridiculous. No one wants to leave the freakin' house.

Hey culture, you should keep your eye on CTV through february. They shot a 60-second spot for the self defense program that i run and i ended up pretending to be a student so they could interview me. tongue.gif
I understand not going to class in this weather. Where I am there's a layer of ice hidden under the thin layer of snow, so you never know when you're stepping on ground that actually has traction. This morning everyone was just doing the half slide arms up move where they attempt not to fall. It's pretty funny.. or scary for me, since I have no balance and fell the other day when the weather was not nearly as bad. Not gonna lie - I wouldn't be going to my class at 1130 if I didn't have to present.
It was already a whiteout at 8 am this morning, and it is supposed to snow all day. All the colleges have a snow day but the university isn't closed. So all the STAFF have to shlepp in from the burbs, but not the students or faculty because there aren't that many classes on a Friday. Bah.

Oh. NOW they're closing the university. Dude, I'm already outta my pyjamas.
Lordy, Friday was so crazy. I got up and was watching the all of the various news stations trying to figure out if I should go to school or not. I decided to go because 1. it was my favourite class and 2. I was supposed to go to a group therapy thing at school later on anyway. My class was from 9-11. And then at noon they decide to close the school! I was so pissed. On the walk home it felt like I was getting hit in the face by miniature ice pellets.
I also got hit in the face with miniature ice pellets on my way to school on Friday, it was awful. But now its warmed up a bit so Kingston's doing that stupid half slush half snow thing where basically its hard to walk. Then it will get cold one day and turn into an ice rink. Currently my favourite thing is walking down the street and getting sprayed with slush from passing cars. Wonderful. I can't wait for summer.
ha ha! i don't have to leave the house at all right now 'cept to go a block to and from little's school.
on the other hand, i'm stuck in the house all day holding a teething baby. is that as bad as frozen ice pellets in the face?
can't wait for summer.
This weather is driving me crazy. It would be one thing if it was just snowy and it stayed that way. But it's so annoying how it goes from crazy snowstorm, up to 8 degrees and then back down to freezing with another snowfall the next day! I keep getting headaches with these drastic weather changes!
Please spread the word; I'm in search of another roommate. The apartment is in Little Italy (Toronto) and the rent is cheap! If you know a conscientious, non-smoking woman who's looking please pass it on.

For the record, I LOVE the weather today. All I've done is eat bon bons, write and look at the snow. Think I'll bake some cookies now and then read a book.
Brrrr...I'm getting tired of the cold finally. Thankfully, I'm leaving for Vancouver on Friday and I just checked the forecast. Hello spring jacket, goodbye parka!
Candycane: the weather changes are causing me to have headaches as well, its terrible.

erinjane: SO JEALOUS! I really wish I could go somewhere warm. Have fun!

I'm going to Toronto tomorrow, I'm just hoping that my train won't be delayed, although it is VIA so that is pretty much a given...
Erin, I agree, this cold is a big load of crap. It's rediculous.
Today wasn't too cold.. but I was driving home up to north of Toronto and we ran out of wiper fluid right after getting off a rest stop where we got gas on the 400, that was frightening. Very frightening. But we survived! Oh Canadian Winter, how I loathe thee.
Well, after 4 hours of sleep and a way-too-early flight I'm in Vancouver hanging out in my hotel room. I'm staying on Hastings near Burrard. Does anyone know of any good places for food in this area?
What a spectacular, craptacular, boring budget which accomplishes shit fuck all.
*Sigh* I can't be bothered to read why its so important to Dion to not defeat the government.

When did I become this person who is swapping emails with two different guys about hockey?

Anyhoo, I'm already in the midst of an election. My candidate is Muslim and gay. How cool is that?
It's time fore Stephan Dion to get a spine.
So, anyone hear this morning Stephen Harper is threatening to sue the Libs over the whole Chuck Cadman thing?

Also, CH alerted us in another thread that Jeff Healey died this weekend. I feel so sad. I was such a big fan in my early 20s, when I was a blues he was only 2 years older than me. sad.gif

Are there any Edmonton busties? It seems like I am going to be there in August for the Tom Petty concert....
Well, at least it looks like the Liberals aren't going to roll over and beg on this one.

I saw Jeff Healey in concert last summer. He was great.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Mar 3 2008, 01:08 PM) *
So, anyone hear this morning Stephen Harper is threatening to sue the Libs over the whole Chuck Cadman thing?

Seems Dion has forgotten where Parliamentary privilege protects him and where it doesn't.

Are there any Edmonton busties? It seems like I am going to be there in August for the Tom Petty concert....

Yup, though I'm not online much.
Holding the Bully's Coat

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Featuring author Linda McQuaig

Tuesday, March 4 at 7:00pm
Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street
(east of Spadina, south of College)

Linda McQuaig has developed a reputation for taking on the establishment. Author of seven Canadian bestsellers and winner of a National Newspaper Award, she has been a national reporter for the Globe and Mail, a senior writer for Maclean's magazine and, most recently, a political columnist for the Toronto Star. Her most recent book, Holding the Bully's Coat, exposes Canada's role in Afghanistan and in the US empire.

Following the program, Linda will be available for a book-signing of her new book, for sale throughout the evening.

Others speakers include representatives from the Afghan community in Toronto and the Canadian Peace Alliance.

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Stephen Harper has go to be stopped, now there is this censorship bit. He keeps on daring the government to topple him, but for some reason everyone seems to tremble in fear with this guy.

Shall we list of the major screw ups of the Conservative Government?

The firing of Linda Keen the night before she was to answer to the House of Commons about Chalk River

The removal of women and equality from government literature

He's way too pro-war...

The fact that no one in his cabinet can speak to the media.

The Cadman fiasco.

The censorship in film.

I could go on.

When is someone going to STAND THE FUCK UP?
Climate change.

Refusing to ask for clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty in other countries.

The budget.
Guantanamo Bay.
Leaving my riding without an MP from the end of June 2007 to March 17 2008. That wouldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that there isn't a snowball's chance in hell we'll elect a tory?
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 4 2008, 07:05 AM) *

When is someone going to STAND THE FUCK UP?

I assume this is a rhetorical question, but what the heck:


The Liberals are only interested in forming the next government; they have no interest in anything that doesn't help them do that.

The NDP have no clout.

And the Bloc are only interested in what affects Quebec.
Here's what burns my ass. in my opinion; the NDP will NEVER form a government here. The NDP on a provincial and federal level are not true socialists. They are pseudo-socialists and can be conservative or liberal depending on which way the winds blow. Taxes are not high enough for things to be socialist. It would be magnificent if things wre socialist.

The NDP complain about whichever government is in power, then they form an alliance with the official opposition, help bring the government down then complain about the governement (whom, they formed an alliance with) when it's in power. Well sorry, but you can't have your cake and eat it to.

The Liberals have become a bunch of spineless whiny bastards and Stephan Dion needs to become less of an invertebrate.

I went on a rant to the Conservative MP's office yesterday. I am NOT a Convservative Party supporter, and the MP keeps on sending out these requests and other assorted garbage to ALL of his constituants. What a waste of fucking trees. So I called the office and said that I did not want any more conservative party garbage sent to me. The woman on the other end of the phone got really offended. I don't want any more propoganda.

I know this is going off topic - but Queen's University has a snow day today - a SNOW DAY! Very exciting, and also I feel like I am in high school again.
How come WE don't have a snow day? *pout* It snowed all night.

Ah well, I'm still backing the NDP, but I have so much respect for the socialists.
I think I'm somewhat jaded because as much as I like Jack Layton, he bitches and complains about whichever government is in power. Well I hate to break it to him, but he helped the previous government fall!

Most politicians are morons anyways.

Don't get me started on Gary Doer here. Not true socialism.
I got to meet a lot of different politicians during my time with the women's centre, and I think the problem I found with about 80% of them is that no matter what good intentions they enter politics with, they wind up succumbing to the culture when they get into office. It stops becoming about the greater good and becomes about the next election, and it doesn't seem to matter what party they are with.

But yeah, I'm still backing the NDP too. I'm even a party member, although I have to say, our local candidate is the reason I'm a member; before he threw his hat in the ring, I refused to join any party. I have worked with him many times on a local level, and I have a lot of respect for him - having spent time in Ottawa, I can say that among everyone who's ever even considered running locally, for any party, he's the only one I've met who I really truly believed could do the job, and do it well - I think he can move within the Ottawa culture and still maintain his integrity, AND will do everything he can for the riding. And my analytical brain, which observes the local feeling pretty closely, believes he's going to win next election, too. I also have a LOT of respect for Libby Davies, who really went to bat for us (women's centres and women's centres' reps) in Ottawa. I found Jack Layton kind of sleazy, though. But I have to give the NDP credit, they do earnestly fight for the underdog, especially on social issues, and I've witnessed them in action - they do what they can with the limited power they have.

It's true the NDP will never form government. However, the NDP knows it too, and I have always believed the best case scenario is a Liberal government with an NDP opposition. Previously, that combination has brought in some very powerful change, and I believe it's the best hope for Canadians.

I think Ottawa is a complicated place, and a lot of the work that gets done there, we don't see. Some of the best work actually happens in committees and in the hallways, with politicians from all parties actually working together to produce some important outcomes. That being said, I haven't been there since the Liberals lost power, so I don't really know what it's like now, but when I was there, the machinery in action impressed even cynical old me. wink.gif
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