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Full Version: Pardon me (I'm Canadian)
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I'm a-leaving Toronto tomorrow and I had some great times.

The friend I came with has a bad anxiety disorder and freaked out the day we got here so she left Tuesday night and I was alone in a private room at the hostel. It ended up great though, I just sat in the lounge and talked to new people every night and was out at the pub every night too.

Now I'm at the Metropolitan near Dundas and it's amazing. 24th floor, big bath robes, four course meal last night provided by the CDA. And I dont have to pay for any of it. tongue.gif

I didn't find the weather too bad because it's been so cold in Winnipeg. But i didn't leave the hotel today.
glad you had a good time, there is such a ton of stuff to do here it's just amazing. and see, i told ya the metro was nice! i worked at the annual vegatarian congress there 6 and a bit years ago. i remember how long it was 'cause i got pregnant the 2nd last day of the event, ha ha. memories.
Ah, Canadian celebrities.

On Queen street on Thursday I saw David Suzuki surrounded by a throng of academic aged university groupies.

And today at the airport I was sitting beside Dakota House (of North of 60 fame) and I really regret not asking him for an autograph or being a nerd and just even saying, "Are you Dakota House?", although I knew for certain it was him as soon as he stood up because he was short. I'm a big fan of his and the work he does in the community. Plus I think he's kinda cute.
Oh erinjane, it's finally so balmy here, not the, what, -50 with the windchill that we had to put up for, uhhh, 3 weeks or so? This cold snap was bullshit!
I know! I put my long undies on when I went to class today and realized I didn't really have a need for them. It's supposed to be a high of -2 on Friday. I'll believe it when i see it.
You just missed the tropical weather we're having now - a high of 4 degrees Celsius today, I think. Crazy.

See, I'd still wear my long johns in -2 weather (I spend a fair bit of time walking outdoors, though). 4 degrees? Yeah, I was practically breaking out a sweat by the time I reached the subway this morning.
I must say that traffic was terrible this morning. Pembina Highway was a bloody nightmare. I left late for work today thinking that, gee, it won't be that bad. Fuck was I wrong.
Son on a different note, Stephen Harper was souted down in The Commons yesterday! I love it biggrin.gif
So........what does everyone think about Justin Trudeau throwing his hat in the ring to run as a federal Liberal?

I knew it would come eventually, but I honestly thought he would wait till a bit later in life....he is obviously intelligent and thoughtful, but he also seems terribly unaccomplished, compared to his father at the same age, and no doubt that will be held against him....
(I put this in both "this just in" and "i'm canadian" because there were recent discussions pertaining to this in both)

I came across this website today and thought it was a really neat and a good way to bring attention to these missing women.
Hello my Canadian friends

ok, the begining was lame, but the thing is that I've applied to take a semester in Queen's University in Kingston, ONT as a part of my BA in Women's studies. Now I've started to wonder if I should accept the place, since I don't really know anything about the place. I'd be ever so gratefull for any info on if it's worth spending four months there, what kind of a place is it to live, is the education any good? Anything basically, since all i know now is that the universitys web site is not pretty and where Kingston is on the map.

Thanks in advanse
Queen's is one of the most respected universities in Canada.

Its in a smallish city, on Lake Ontario. Its very pretty and very historic. It is about three hours from Toronto, which is one of the biggest cities in Canada. I think Kingston would be a nice place to live.

I don't think its known as a hippie university, there are a lot of engineering students and when I was an undergrad, oh, a while ago now, it was known to be a bit snobbish.'s_University
Canadian feminist Doris Anderson passed away on March 2.

For those who don't remember her, she was the "radical" editor of Chatelaine for 20 years (back when Chatelaine was good, which I only vaguely remember from childhood, but MY mom always read it!). She was appointed chair of the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women (from which she later resigned in protest of the government - amazing story there), and after that, became the president of the NGO National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC). I read her autobiography years ago; it's called Rebel Daughter - really an enjoyable book, and I don't usually like reading biography.

One of my favourite stories in her book is about how she was refused for the editorship of Macleans, solely because she was a woman (she was far more qualified than the man they chose) she took over the editorship of Chatelaine - and steered it towards quickly (and dramatically) surpassing the Macleans circulation count!

I am shocked and kind of angry that her passing didn't get more press coverage, or attention from women's groups for that matter, especially as International Women's Day was March 8. Any man who had accomplished as much as Doris Anderson (especially as an accomplished and respected former member of the media), would have gotten tons of press coverage.

ETA: here also is a brief bio at Library and Archives Canada.
Doodle, it made front page of the globe and mail, but that was all I heard about it.
I think Doris Anderson should have gotten a huge two-page spread with quotes by famous people who knew her or admired her. *le sigh*

ETA: here are a few more pieces on Doris Anderson that I just learned of:

Judy Rebick at

Penny Kome at Straight Goods

Equal Voice news release

Rosemary Speirs at Equal Voice

I love this, from Judy Rebick:

"One time when I was having lunch with Doris, she told me the advantage of being an older woman was that you became invisible so you could really take a good look at some handsome young man's ass and he would not even notice."
agreed. They did a nice big write up on her in the review obituary section.
lux: I haven't actually lived in Kingston, but I dated a boy in university there. It does have a good general academic reputation, although I have no idea how its womens studies dept is. It's a nice city to be a student because you can walk everywhere. Great restaurants, nice downtown - I'd totally spend four months there. Better spring or fall than winter tho!
I have to know what is with the fucking cold weather here now? LIke two days ago it was warm, and now it's -23 with the windchill. Not cool.
Snooowing. The weekend doesn't look too bad.

So I'm going to Ottawa next Friday. I'll be in conferences for most of my time there but I'll have Friday from 2 on to do whatever I want. Does anyone know of any good places to check out?

ETA: I'll be staying at 100 Kent Street near Wellington. I don't even know what part of the city that's in though.
That's right downtown, which is good. If you have never been, the parliament buildings, the market, the national gallery and the photography museum are all nearby and worth a look. There's a cool bead store in the market if you are that way inclined. If you like cats, def check out the cat hotel behind the parliament buildings where an older man looks after stray cats. If you're looking at the parliament buildings from Wellington Street, its up behind the one on the left. PM me if you have any particular interests and I'll let you know if I know of anything.

I find conferences tend to leave so little time. The last time we were in Ottawa, I had to skip an event to get to the bead store, and the time before that, all we saw was the cat hotel. I should be going to another conference in April.
Hey all...I just received a e-mail with a job posting for a temp position as SFU Women's Centre coordinator. It's 28 hours a week, 26.32/hour plus benefits, and a CUPE position. Deadline for application is March 26; the job goes to August 13.

PM me with your e-mail address if you want a copy of the job posting - it's kind of too long to post.
Hi everyone, I'm planning a trip to Montreal in April, and I wanted to see if anyone has suggestions for fun things to see and do. I will also be at a conference a lot of the time, but I have some free time, and two friends are coming with me and won't be at the conference. We are driving from Virginia. Any thoughts? Thanks!
I had no idea Rachel Marsden was on the loose in the U.S.A. (You may have to watch a brief ad to get to the article.)
Hey dayglow, I've lived in Montreal for 6 years. Can't write much now but I wanted to respond before I forgot. I know quite a bit about this city- I can tell you where to shop and where to go out depending on your tastes, and the must-see neighborhoods and oddities. You can pm me and we can take it from there.

I never noticed this thread before! Culture, I saw your temperature remark and knew right away that you were in Wpg; I'm there too.

Anyways, just thought I'd say hi to all the Cdn busties!
Yay! More Canadians! Welcome!
Hey juls, that makes three of us in winnipeg. Hopefully warmer weather will be coming our way this week.
Hey Juls! That's sweet that there is another Winnipeg BUSTie!

It was chilly this morning, the sun was shininh, but it was -21! Ick! I want it to get above zero, for a little while!
I know! Why did we have to get such a big tease a couple of weeks back! From +18 to -18, fark!
Yeah, it's nuts. I took my back out two weeks ago because it was so nice, but it's been too cold for me to brave it again.
It is really nice outside today!
Toronto/Peterborough born and raised!!!!
Living in Atlanta now, and returning to Toronto in June.
NOOOO!!! They've started putting up barricades on Portage again!!!! At least it's a sign that summer's here...

Ah well. I'm so happy with the weather. I've been on my bike everyday since Tuesday. I can't wait to get a garden going, and for the farmers markets to start up.

Have either of you 'peggers been to FUDE? I'm going there tomorrow night. I've heard good things about their chocolate chicken.
I've never been, but I've heard it's fabulous. Let us now!

I've been taking the dog to King's Park everyday, it's so low key there, and all us dog owners know each other. I love it.

I lived in Peterborough for ten years, and now I have been in Toronto for eighteen. Its crazy to see the first year students at work and think that they were *born* the year I moved to Toronto...
Mmmm...Fude was really good. Really expensive. My aunt and uncle took me for a late birthday dinner (my birthday is october 1st) and my aunt made me get a $31 entree of pork tenderloin with chutney, chocolate chicken skewers, and bison ribs. I've never tried bison, and i wasn't too crazy about it, but the other two were delicious. I had a strawberry rubarb sangria too, it was sooo good. And to finish this amazing chocolate cake.

All the cute boys are coming out of the wood work with the nice weather. Maybe i'll be able to nab one in the next few weeks. tongue.gif
Erin, cute boys are everywhere. I'm in hottie heaven...summer bar season is picking up, too.
Doing personal taxes, and just learned that cosmetic surgery is on CRA's list of deductible medical expenses.

Now, if it were for reconstructive surgery, it would make more sense, but it just says 'cosmetic surgery'... it just seems wrong...

Just wanted to introduce myself in the Canadian part of this site!

I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as well as all over Prince Edward Island (being moved back and forth between divorced parents), so I'm definitely a Maritimer and I pretty much love it.

The only other province I've ever visited was Manitoba; Winnipeg to be more specific, in the middle of February. Such culture shock! It was soooooooooo cold! (CH you're probably laughing at me right now, I think you like in Winnipeg, no?) I did like the city though.

I really need to travel in my own country more! Mr. Arc is an American and he's seen more of Canada than I have!
Arcadia there are a few of us from Winnipeg in here, and I'll agree it gets a little chilly here sometimes! Best time to come is in summer, the city is beautiful in summer. I promise!

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Apr 26 2007, 10:19 AM) *
Arcadia there are a few of us from Winnipeg in here, and I'll agree it gets a little chilly here sometimes! Best time to come is in summer, the city is beautiful in summer. I promise!

Yeah, I definitely heard that from the other citizens of Winnipeg. Gorgeous in the summer, mental in the winter. Mr. Arc grew up in Saskatoon and he totally agrees . . . . there were times he wasn't allowed to even go outside in the winter because it was too cold and his lungs would freeze or somesuch.

I like the concept of the prairies, but the cold is just very NO THANKS! laugh.gif
I actually don't mind the winters, probably because I grew up with them. As long as you're bundled up properly it's not too bad. The summers are amazing though. The weather is already so beautiful, so much sun in the last few weeks. The best time to come to Winnipeg is really in July with Folk Fest and the Fringe Fest, among other things, going on. I'm trying to get a Danish guy I met in a hostel in Toronto to come visit in July. tongue.gif
Oh I agree. I used to work in the Exchange District and it is so wonderful in summer.

Sometimes the winters get to be a little much. But, it is survivable.
I've lived in both places (I'm from the East Coast), and I can definitely say that the last winter in Winnipeg was very comparable to the winters in the East Coast (cold-wise, not snow-wise).
Hello all,

I've been a Torontonian/Mississauga-ian all my life until a recent move to a small town outside Ottawa.

I went to visit my parents in Toronto and took my dog to the High Park off leash area - it was a nuthouse, about 50 dogs running crazy. My mom said, "Toronto dog's aren't nice like Ottawa dogs." hee

I'm not knocking Toronto, I really love it, it was just a funny comment!
Winnipeg doggies are very friendly!

Since I've seen this topic brought up in here before, I have to ask:

WTF is Lynn Johnston doing? blink.gif
I have to admit, I haven't been in here very much but I'm at work with nothing to do so I just thought I would venture in.

polly, I'm just curious, what exactly are you referring to about Lynn Johnston?

Anyhoo, does anyone have any special plans for Canada Day? I never really end up doing anything.
Ha, my sis lives right near all parlament hill where the big Canada Day activities are - so she is coming to my small town for some peace and quiet for the weekend!
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