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'dessa I work for both UVic and UBC so for a while I will be spending some time on the island (like 3-4 days during the week). Eventually I'll be back in Vancouver full time as UVic doesn't have to facilities that UBC has (it's biomed/orthopaedic/engineering research). I stay at my parents place while I'm here (help! it's bloody hard to spend this much time with my mom after 6 years of living on my own). I worked from home today too. Tomorrow it's back to the salt mines of the basement of the engineering office building.

As a side note, I LOVE the bunnies on campus - so much better than the psycho squirrels and sea gulls the size of medium dogs at UBC. UVic is the cutest place on earth - the only thing they need is the horses and sheep from Guelph and they'd be set! (I escaped from Ontario a few years back).

My friend in at U of Calgary (also a Victorian) says it's been minus 40 today!!! poor thing... had to get out in the frickin' cold and go bobsledding.
Well, the reality is that Quebec considers itself its own nation: they have national assemblies, national archives, national museums. I am told again and again as an activist that if we want Quebec participation in any particular group, we can't be calling it the 'Canadian' this or that because they don't consider themselves Canadian. So...I think it is just a case of calling a spade a spade and refusing to ignore the elephant in the room.

In other news...John and Elly are badmouthing Paul and praising drippy Anthony. Do I smell *racism*?
I don't understand a lot about the Quebec nationhood issue. When I got involved in NAC (the now defunct National Action Committee on the Status of Women), there was a big policy about recognizing Canada as a country of "three nations" - Aboriginal people, Quebec, and the rest of Canada. But I didn't really understand it, and I am ashamed to say I have not educated myself on the Quebec issue very well.

I think I tend to agree with dusty about recognizing the "elephant in the room." Whenever it comes to important issues, marginalized groups are often told, "not now, not now," in the assumption that there are more important things on the agenda, and that we can deal with those marginalized issues "later." Governments have done this to women and minorities for decades, and the feds do it to Quebec, as well.

That being said, I haven't really got an opinion one way or the other yet, because I am too ignorant of the issues, and any opinion I did form now would probably be a knee jerk reaction to something or other.

God, I wish the Pattersons would lay off the Anthony trip. Racism, yes! I'll buy anything at this point! I am more than a little disturbed at the regressions Lizardbreath has made lately. She desperately wanted to explore the world and march to her own drummer, but then she came back home, started swooning over a ready-made family in the form of Blandthony and little whatzits, and now she's even living back with her parents!!! It's like at the end of Wizard of Oz, in the movie, where Dorothy wanted nothing more than to be home, and never leave again....except in the Oz BOOKS, Dorothy DIDN'T go home, she didn't WANT to go home, and she had TONS more adventures! I am disturbed that Lynn Johnston wants to send out the message to girls that "there's no place like home."

I think about this way too much.
Watching the liberal leadership convention on tv...

Ok, 'fess up, Doodle, was that you who emailed the CBC to ask if it was too late for Rex Murphy to run as a leadership candidate?
Ha ha! Yes, dusty, that was me. *rolls eyes*

Just b/c I saw him on a plane doesn't mean I'm in love with him. biggrin.gif

I've been predicting* an Ignatieff leadership ever since he announced he was running as an MP....I should have taken bets, I could have be rich by the end of the weekend!

*ETA: not necessarily supporting, but predicting....I haven't made up my mind which one would be "best" my heart, I can't be bothered to choose, since it's just yet another battle between aging, privileged, white men, *sigh*
Ha. Saw him on a plane indeed. wink.gif

Don't count your winnings the NDP Convention, Jack said that Dion was a man of principle and conviction and therefore unlikely to win the leadership. He may be wrong about that.
so i watched that convention obsessively, like it was my crack, I don't know why i get so sucked into that stuff.
I really liked Gerard Kennedy, I hope in the future he plays a big role in the party. I think it's time to have younger people playing a bigger role, while they may not have all of the experience necessary, most have the charisma and intellect and that can go a long way.

That said... i still wish Belinda had run (although her and john manley were great to watch on the cbc- manley so should have came back and ran, I think he'd have won) and I wonder how long till Justin Trudeau runs in the MTL area as an MP?

My father is pissed that they tend to always pick someone from Quebec, even though I kept telling him, the Quebecers HATE Dion and liked Iggie. But it is interesting that they keep picking someone from here. I mean, no one, other than Dion ran from here cause it was pretty much said no one would win from here again this time around.

I guess we'll see what happens, I just can't bear the thought of crazy eyed harper winning again and worse, getting a majority, the shit he'd pass through commons would crush the ideologies and culture of this country.
Wow, that was a bit of a surprise!

I haven't had a chance to read any of the analysis yet, though...but I've always had my suspicion that Liberals prefer to choose Quebec leaders in hopes of building a bridge? Then again, I don't know a lot about Dion's popularity (or lack of) in Quebec.

I wonder if Michael Ignatieff will slink back to Harvard to sulk...I don't think he was ever interested in anything else but the leadership...

I am a die-hard NDPer, but I really do hope for a multi-party alliance and a Liberal win next election (mainly b/c we know the NDP can't form government on its own...not at this time, anyway). I've been afraid of the rise of the religious right in Canada for awhile, and Harper has only confirmed those fears. Did anybody read the article in The Walrus about "Stephen Harper and the Theo-Cons?" I think it was in September's issue. I just can't bring myself to believe that the majority of Canadians want that. It's not who we are. If Canadians voted Conservative for any reason other than to punish the Liberals, then I really don't know what kind of country I live in anymore...

ETA: Just discovered that the article is posted online now, if anyone's interested....Stephen Harper and the Theo-Cons: the rising clout of Canada’s religious right.
I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Gerrard Kennedy. since he won the election for Dion by bringing his delegates over before he was actually dropped from the ballot.

Quebeckers tended to support Iggy, because Dion was the architect of the Clarity Act, which basically tries to dictate to Quebeckers the terms on which they can conduct a referendum. Which a) is like telling someone you can only divorce me on *my* terms, you can't just leave and cool.gif is pretty rich considering the feds have consistently broken Quebec election laws while campaigning in past referenda. Stop me if I'm telling my grandmother how to suck eggs.

Much as I was rooting for Kennedy and Dion, and against Bob and Iggy, I felt bad for Iggy those long, long fifteen minutes when clearly they knew Dion had won, Aline and Jean had had their little moment of truth over the blackberry, and the cameras were trained on Iggy and Dion waiting, waiting, and Dion was fighting a little smile and Iggy looked like he was going to cry.

I felt guilty rooting for 'good' candidates when part of me thinks that I should root for bad candidates to increase the chances of the NDP forming the government.
QUOTE(dusty @ Dec 2 2006, 06:27 PM) *

Was that you who emailed the CBC to ask if it was too late for Rex Murphy to run as a leadership candidate? I am so scared of Rex Murphy, I can't even tell you.

Ya, I was surprised too, but hey, it made sense. The National Compost had a very good editorial on the whole thing today (yep, you read that correctly.....the NC and good in the same sentence. Once in a lifetime event here). Basically it said that Dion is the most likely person to compete with Liberal baggage, same strong convictions.....they're both almost blank slates. Except that Harper of course has that Evil thing going for him.

For once in my life I hope that the NC is right about something. And yes Doodle, I really think an NDP/Liberal alliance is the way to go. Sadly I don't think either party would even consider it beyond a parlimentary agreement (like the last Liberal budget).
I'm a hardcore NDPer too, but yeah, same sentiments as you, doodle.

(yes, I'm LINKING to the national post now)

I already respect him a lot because of this. On Friday I'll be going to a Funeral for Women's Rights at our Legislative Building.
Don't know if anyone heard, but Stephan Dion made a point of challenging Stephen Harper in the House on Monday, re: the Status of Women cuts. Harper called Status of Women a form of 'bureaucracy' which he argued takes dollars away from the direct provision of services to women (which makes no sense, since the feds don't fund direct services). Dion accused Harper directly of closing Status of Women offices in order to silence the critics of the Conservative party's agenda.

I gotta admit, I really appreciate that this was pretty much Dion's first action in the House, as Liberal leader...

ETA: here is the article...
(psst...that's the article i posted about just below you, doodle.) tongue.gif
Heh. Oops. What colour is my red face?

That's what I get for posting in a hurry!


We sent this press release out today; I'm the last quote:

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006


The BC Coalition of Women’s Centres is joining the voices of other groups to sound the alarm bells on Steven Harper’s speedy erosion of women’s equality in this country, and to call for the immediate resignation of Status of Women Canada Minister, Bev Oda.

The Federal Conservative Government recently announced a $5 million funding cut to SWC, the federal government agency that works to promote gender equality. In addition to eliminating funding for independent research studies and removing “equality” and “advocacy” from their group project funding criteria, Minister Oda revealed on November 30th that SWC would now be closing 12 out of 16 regional offices, including the BC/Yukon provincial office, thereby cutting 61 positions and removing direct access to the agency for millions of women.

Minister Oda proclaims that these cuts are intended to “eliminate waste”, create “efficiency” and even “modernize” SWC. “The dismal irony is that the cuts and guideline changes will actually have the opposite effect,” says Michelle Dodds, of the North Shore Women’s Centre. “Instead of moving SWC forward, what the Harper Government is doing is taking women’s equality backwards to even before SWC’s creation in 1976.”

A November fact sheet from the Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Women illustrates that equality has never been achieved for all women in Canada and is still very much a far-away dream. The fact sheet shows that in 2003 women with high school degrees earned 71% of what male graduates earned and women with post-secondary degrees earned only 68.9% of their male counterparts. Federal incarceration rates for Aboriginal women increased 74.2% between 1996 and 2004 while the overall federal inmate population went down by 12.5%. Also notable is the fact that women make up 50.4% of the population in Canada, but have only 20.8% of seats in the House of Commons.

“This government doesn’t even begin to understand the realities of women’s struggles in this province,” says Benita Bunjun of Vancouver Status of Women. In BC, women’s groups relied on funding from SWC to take on projects such as investigating the sexual exploitation of girls in rural communities, finding out about barriers for women in Canada’s immigration policy, and coordinating action on the feminization and racialization of poverty. “With the changed guidelines that eliminate equality, research, lobbying, and advocacy, these important projects are in jeopardy,” says Bunjun.

Micki Smith of the Kelowna Women's Resource Centre explains, “with the regional office closing, we won’t even be able to communicate with someone who knows what the specific situation is like for women in BC and can assist in our project development. In addition, the closure will increase the lack of communication, accountability and transparency to women in BC by the government. By closing down the regional office, the federal government sends a clear message that ‘we don’t want women’s equality to have a presence in this province’, pushing women in the margins and back 30 years. Women in BC and across Canada are in trouble.”

On this National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, the BC Coalition of Women’s Centres is demanding accountability from the federal government by calling for:

* the immediate resignation of Minister Oda,

* the reversal of the $5 million cut to the SWC budget,

* the reinstatement of “equality and advocacy” in the funding guidelines,

* the allocation of funding for independent research studies, and

* the cancellation of regional office closures in BC and across the country.

“Minister Oda is simply not acting in the best interests of women, and is certainly not promoting women’s equality,” says Dodie Goldney of the Kamloops Women’s Centre Society. "She should be ashamed that on this National Day to take action on violence against women, she is actually creating the circumstances for women’s experiences of violence to deeply worsen.”

The Coalition is encouraging women across BC to communicate their disapproval of SWC’s direction to Minister Oda, Prime Minster Harper, and their local MP.

The BC Coalition of Women’s Centres is a provincial network of rural and urban Women’s Centres seeking an end to the violence, poverty and other human rights abuses experienced by women in British Columbia.
Hey gals!

My friend and I just decided to visit Toronto over New Years (12/29 - 1/1), and this'll be our first time. Anyone in here living in Toronto? We're hoping to get the scoop on:

-dyke bars/clubs
-something fun to do on New Year's Eve
-book stores
-good restaurants (especially sushi!)
-anything else that's must-do!

Anyone have any suggestions?

thanks! thanks! thanks!
anyone from or familiar with peterborough? can you tell me stuff? i've been there but long ago and i forget what it's like. Thanks!
I lived in Peterborough for ten years, but I left in 1989, so I don't know how much help I would be.

Toronto: Pages on Queen Street is probably the best bookstore. The gay village is at Church and Wellesley, but I'm sorry, I don't know specifics.
Sorry Pepper, I've never even been to Peterborough.

SuperScience: You'll want to visit This Aint The Rosedale Library bookstore (in the gay village on Church), and The Toronto Women's Bookstore at 96 Harbord. Tangos is a fun club in the village too, they tend to have theme and party nights.
The Eye new year's guide is coming out this thursday (The Eye is one of Toronto's alternative newspapers) so there'll be more of an idea of stuff to do then. You might want to look up the events listings in the alt newspapers online. Now Magazine and Eye Magazine are like Toronto's answer to New York City's Village Voice.
superscience, i wouldn't miss kensington market or chinatown in toronto on any visit. not exactly what you're looking for but if you've got some time to kick around definately worth a look-see.
Thanks! Great suggestions, everyone. Keep 'em coming, if you have any more. I can't wait for my visit!
I would lean more to Now as it is independent, while Eye is owned by Toronto's second largest newspaper.
So the Bloc want to topple the conservative government! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, wouldn't that be a holiday wish come true. biggrin.gif
Apparently the Conservatives have selected a panel to review stem cell research and stacked it with Neocon "experts" with no real scientists at all:

Why won't this nightmare end already? I can't believe they would do something so obviously Neocon, but of course, just before xmass so that no one notices. BASTARDS.

Anyway - Happy Holidays my lovely Canukstanis! I hope that 2007 will bring about some changes for the better.
I am starting to feel sorry for Elizabeth. But she better not go back to Anthony!!!
Ha! Yep, I think Johnston is looking kind of racist. Maybe she'll end up with Warren?
The trial of Robert Pikton is starting today, and I was watching on CBC this morning, that The New York Times was the first in line at the court house. At 4:30 this morning.
I mentioned this a while ago but I'm going to Toronto with a friend on February 12th. We dont' have a hotel booked but we're planning to stay downtown. Neither of us have ever been. Any suggestions of places and things to check out?

I've been looking over the Bust travel section but it's pretty expansive.
hey, i'll be there then too! i know where i'm going, all my old haunts and OUT FOR ETHIOPIAN FOOD!!!
ha ha, ej have some fun! there's a ton to do.
Mmmm...Ethiopian food. Downtown winnipeg has a large immigrant community and there's this fantastic hole in the wall place that I love. I can go with two friends and pay $11 for a great meal.

Tomorrow I'm going out to try Nigerian.
Let me think on it.

Are you still looking for somewhere to stay? What kind of things do you like to do?

Are you interested in a Bustie get-together? Not sure how many active Toronto Busties we are.

I seen Iggy in Canadian Tire yesterday, buying an ironing board.
Erinjane, one of my friends goes for Indian at a place on Inkster, I believe it is called the clay oven. She says the food there is fantastic and inexpensive!

I've never been there...
I've heard great things about the Clay Oven but I haven't had a chance to go there yet. Everyone I talk to says it's one of the best in the city.

Dusty, we're still looking for a hotel. I'll be staying at the Metropolitan on Chestnut for two nights but that's for a conference and we don't want to stay there the whole time.

I really like pubs, i wouldn't mind seeing a show and my music taste is across the board. I'm hoping we can check out lots of funky shops and restaurants and things like that, but nothing to 'yuppy'. It's hard to say since i've never been before.

I would totally be down with a busty get together if there's enough of us who want to.
clay oven you say? it's on my list!
the metro is a nice hotel in an interesting area. hotels are hotels though eh? would you consider a hostel? might be fun. i stayed at some great ones in sandiego and sanfran.
there is great music on queen west, the horseshoe, the rivoli. grossmans is an old blues joint on spadina, sneaky dee's has bands nearly every night, lee's palace on bloor street. etc, etc. there is just so much music in that city!
funky shops too, bloor street, queen street, spadina, kensington market, college street, etc etc. you can't do it all but no matter what you do it'll be interesting!
i'll be there on the 30th until the 7th or so and then again on the 13th or so for a few more days. but it's my own schedule and is very flexible so if peeps are meeting somewhere i'll come too! i'm on the road (and in the sky) right now but i'll keep checking in.
Clay oven is actually in Winnipeg (where I am).

The metropolitan doesn't have very good reviews online, and I'm hoping we can find a place for a little cheaper. I don't think we'd go the hostel route just because of inexperience with them.

My dad thinks he found a decent hotel for $78 a night, but I'm not sure where it's located.
I don't know hotels really. The two I know of seem to be over $100/night, Town Inn Suites on Church, where a lot of airline crew stay, and Comfort Hotel on Charles, where I notice some people who were here for a genealogy workshop (ie. possibly fixed income, definitely paying there own way) were staying.

I think Queen Street would be a great place to wander shopping, but be sure to go west of Bathurst, east of Bathurst is getting a little commercial. Mind you, John Fluevog, the CityTv building, Pages (not to be missed) Bookstore, and Active Surplus (in case you have an urgent need for dolls legs, assorted glass lenses and bottles, cd cases and other weird stuff) are all east of Bathurst.

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. (CP) - Police believed someone was hunting women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and "taking them out" even before they discovered body parts on a pig farm in Port Coquitlam, B.C.

No shit. Them and everyone else in Canada. Next they'll be telling us there is a serial killer in operation on a highway in BC.
I must say that is impressive of the police to discover that. Oooh, a bunch of Sherlock's running around.
God, the whole Pickton this is ridiculous. As if they didn't know for years that these women were disappearing.

As for hotels, I think we actually ARE going to stay at a hostel run hotel (so not quite a hostel) that's only $74 a night split between two people. The room is big with a kitchen which I like. It's called the Grange and is (Obviously) on Grange. Originally I was looking for something with a continental breakfast included, but we'll be saving enough money to just go out and try multiple restaurants every morning.
Well, we decided to go the whole hostel route in fact, but a private room at this place.

It's supposed to be really good, so i hope it lives up to its reputation.

here's a good site for hostels.
Attention Ontario Busties!

Please take the time to tell Dalton McGuinty (you remember, the guy who just voted himself a 40% raise) you want minimum wage raised to $10/hr. Follow this link and click on take action.
dusty: That link didn't work. Try this one:
Just checked out the Toronto forecasts, and woo! I am looking forward to the balmy -7ish weather as opposed to -35 to -40 weather here in Winnipeg. I feel like I have a brain freeze everytime I go outside.
Erinjane, you know it's been cold when you think gee, this -20 isn't so bad, it's actually kind of nice out here! Yup, the cold is really starting to get to me mentally. And it's been so busy at work!
a friend of mine actually remarked "it's pretty warm outside" this afternoon. you know it's bad when -10 is considered warm!
Things are finally warming up here. smile.gif Thank goodness, because this cold is really starting to get to me.
I didn't leave the house today, but yesterday seemed alright even though I was only outside for about 5 minutes.

I want to go skating at the forks or tobogganing but it's been tooooo cold.
holy crap, i left bc too early. i swear my face nearly fell off today and my little one just can't understand why it hurts his skin so much to be outside. Now i remember why i left ontario. right.
Where in Ontario? I'm in T.O. and I went for a half hour walk (errands) on my lunch break (I was wearing long johns, mind you). Dude, this weather is practically balmy compared to just a few days ago! biggrin.gif
we're in TO right now too and this morning wasn't too bad compared to lately but this aft, well, there were tears and burrowing into my coat. this was about the coldest it ever got in the mountains. way more snow there this year especially but dang, no where near this cold! we were in peterborough a few days ago and youch! a block and a half outside was almost the end of us one day, we had to take refuge in a store and call a friend to pick us up.
we're off to niagara-ish soon and then near windsor and detroit after that. i expect the weather to be better there, it's always a bit warmer in that area.

we've been eating.
this week we're going to have to stop by Aunties and Uncles on lipincott, i wondered if they were still around and they are! i love the food there, YUM!
i'm gaining wieght by the minute, i swear.
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