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Full Version: Pardon me (I'm Canadian)
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i'm laughing my ASS off over here. some brilliant mo-fo decided to start stealing bilboards and selling the scrap metal, ha ha! with the price of metal these days, not to mention the amount of eye pollution all over the goddamn place, it's a worthwhile pursuit. i want to say "ooh, stealing, so bad!" but all i can think is "Right ON!!"
fuking funny man. jam that culture good.
Dusty, I promise the government will fall, if it doesn't then I'll buy you an ice cream.
Cool. Can your adorable pooch join us?
Of course! Isabel's only request is bum scratches. Next time your by Winnipeg, just drop a line, mmmm, there are tons of great places to get yummy ice cream. I'll buy you an ice cream regardless.
Why, thank you. If you're ever in Toronto, I'll take you for some Greg's.
any of my Canadian sisters following what is happening at the Six Nations reserve in Ontario?
Here's a link to the latest news, and also a little bit of a background on the protest. 472d0f08bbf&k=18129

Nice comment by the mayor, eh? Where did they get this woman?

Ya, I heard that interview when it first came on the radio and I was quite shocked, although I didn't really get where she was going with the regular paycheques. But ya, go natives! I thought it was pretty cool when they blockaded the railway line.

It did sound to me like she had been around for a while. The interviewer asked her a question that I thought was kinda dumb, something about how did it feel to be a small town in the national news and she said, "well we already had a tire fire and a chemical spill". I could check, but the Hagersville tire fire must have been fifteen-twenty years ago.
A lot of non-native people belive (at least around here anyways) that native people get a monthly "Indian Cheque", just for being native. (Completely not true)
She could have been referring to that, or the good old native stereotype: Welfare! Cash for life, as I like to call it! Because, as you know, all native people are on welfare! (Again, completely NOT true!)
The fact that is woman is a leader is rediculous, but it eye opening. Some people don't think that racism still exists, but it does. And it is alive in people who teach our children, police our neighbourhoods, and in the leaders of communities.
Canada is a nice place to live, but it sure isn't without it's problems.
Just the fact that the government just sits on these disputes for so long is rediculous to me. They need to take care of it so that these things don't happen.
I didn't say that I don't understand, its that it wasn't clear to me when I heard the interview, although I was aware that I was missing something that was being implied. I think she probably meant welfare.
I'm just so frustrated over the whole thing.

Here's something from the OCAP website. aa00566634a70b5

Rally against Minister of Indian Affairs Jim Prentice in solidarity with Six Nations

Friday April 28th
6:30 at Kings College Circle
north of college (in the field)
west of university ave.

As solidarity actions are taking place in Tyendinaga, Vancouver, and Montreal, including the blockading of the railway in Tyendinaga, its our responsability to bring as much public pressure as possible to bear on Jim Prentice, the Indian Affairs minister, as he comes to Toronto to speak on "First Nations self-governance". This is the colonial master who had the ability to end the threats by the OPP yet refuses to end this matter in a just and responsible way, and has chosen to use paramilitary force instead. So join people on Friday to bring this message to the minister. We need as many people as possible to help build this protest.

For 55 days now, the community of the Six Nations Haudensaunee Confederacy has held a blockade to defend land that is rightfully theirs from further encroachment by real estate developers and the Canadian government. Early Thursday morning, the OPP tried to break the blockade in a pre-dawn raid by sending cops with guns drawn to pepper spray, beat and arrest community members. The government hoped to remove resistance to the development of Six Nations land by Henco Industries Ltd. The Six Nations community mobilized in response and drove the OPP out, restoring the blockade.

The community has asked or outside support, as they know that the OPP/Military could seize upon any sign of weakness to move against the blockade again--night times are particularly vulnerable.

Every night for some time, Six Nations community members have been on alert against the possibility of police attack. Forecasts suggest it might be raining, and people from Toronto are going to provide support through the night to those who have been defending this blockade for several weeks.

For more information,
call 416-997-1562 or
email ocap @

I agree, this whole thing is bullshit. Was there also not a whole thing with another reserve where an oil company actually illegally transported two of their little henchmen lackies on to the reserve to set up shop? Nice to see that people don't listen to treaties and such.
Hmmmm. I support the Six Nations, but I'd prefer not to associate with OCAP.
How come?
Cindy Sheehan is speaking in Toronto at Convocation Hall tonight:
The Queen's Park rally a few years back left a bad taste in my mouth.
no budget talk?
It's census time! And guess what...the stats-can software for the 2006 census was developed, and will be processed by, none other than US weapons maker Lockheed Martin!

The website below lists more information about this - as well as the Canadian government's compliance with the makers of weapons of mass
destruction, and great practical suggestions for how to spoil your census information.
Thanks, Sukouyant!
Stephen Harper is a fucking asshole. I benefit from shit fuck all from this budget, in fact my income tax is going up! Well Mr. Harper, thanks for nothing!
I agree completely, culture.
My brother might not get his daycare subsidy now because of the stupid childcare thing, it looks like his income is going up. In reality he and his wife are barely scraping by with what they have and they really need that subsidy.

All his budget is doing is screwing the lower income people. Fuck.
that isn't exactly what's happening though, is it? the daycare subsidy will stay the same for now plus we'll all get (a taxable) $1200/year towards child care. it doesn't make sense to me though, i don't actually need another $1200/year, after full subsidy (which i get 'cause i'm poor) i pay out less than $500/year in parent portion towards the daycare. and a wealthy family or a family with a stay at home parent doesn't exactly need it either , do they? i don't get it? can someone explain that to me? surely harper isn't scrapping all daycare subsidy programs and replacing them with $1200/year? every parent i know will have to quit their job and go on welfare, there is NO way any of us can afford $600plus/month for daycare.

sukouyant thanks for the link, it's been forwarded to everyone i know. hope the rest here will do the same, that business is just disgusting. just foul.

sign the petition....
I'm trying to understand whether Provincial daycare subsidy will be scrapped if this $1200/yr comes into effect OR whether the $1200 is in lieu of the sorely needed National Childcare program that the Liberals proposed.
Does anyone know the answer to this one?
oceandessa 60502/20060502?hub=Canada

I want to find the person who did this and have their children.
...a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, described the hacker's actions as "inappropriate and disrespectful."...
uh, yeah, unlike harper's actions which have been in no way inappropriate or disrespectful. ~snort~
Pepper, the reason my brother is at risk for not getting the subsidy is because when they calculate his yearly income it looks like he's making an extra $1200, which isn't a huge jump, but for people on the edge of the bracket, it can mean the difference between getting the subsidy or not.

Manitoba had a proposed deal in place last July for a five year plan for childcare with the liberals. That's been scrapped. Here's an example of how little effect this money will have on poorer income families:
A duel earner family making $36000 a year, with 2 children under 6, will get about $350 total for the year. Not anywhere close to the $2400 it looks like.

Here is what the agreement WAS:
I praise the person who did that on the subway.

Ahhhhh pepper, so true, sure trying to make Stephen look like a saint. Hmmmm, saint fuck-up! The protector of the right wing nuts.
my understanding is that the provinces who signed on to the national child care program will get their money this year, and the parents will get their $1200yr as well.
Starting next year only the $1200 will be given out. The provinces will be fucked, no new spaces will open up. I think most parties would back up the $1200 IF there were also plans to help create new centres and spaces. I am not saying it's a good plan, just saying what I understand.

I just finished doing research re> professional development for early childhood educators. The community is very very upset over all of this and I hope they make some more noise.

What I don't get, and never will, is who voted for the Cons? And who is saying they like them? Their popularity is growing and I am so confused over it.
Totally O/T to brag that I just flew on the same Victoria to Vancouver flight with Rex Murphy.

Probably not a big deal if you're not a CBC freak like me.

No, I didn't get to talk to him, sadly. He boarded after me, disembarked before me, and the flight is only, like, fourteen minutes in the air.
I can understand your alacrity at his proximity!
doodle, heh, I am a HUGE CBC freak, but I absolutly hate Rex Murphy. :P His show really annoys me.
ej, some parents are sending back the money in protest. your brother could do that, no? if it really makes his situation worse why not send it back to the cons with a letter telling them to stuff it and why?
doodle, is this an option? any idears lady?

seriously, how can they scrap all daycare subsidy next year? i WILL have to quit my job. no kidding. he'll be in kindergarten until sept 2007 whiwc runs from 8:30-11:00 every day. what am i supposed to do with him? drop him off in the school yard at 7:30 and hope he makes it? leave him in the park for six and a half hours after school? wtf, come ON! i have to work That much to afford what we have NOW, how the fuck am i going to do this? aaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm with erinjane on this one, dood, sorry. if it was stuart mclean, on the other hand...swooon
omigod, didja see this on teevee?
i freaking cried.
the Minister in charge of this child care 'plan' (she's the one always wearing sunglasses in the house, why is that?) had her secretary say that this money is so that kids can stay home with their moms!
Are you freakin' kidding me? Or it's to be used for school books, or sports etc or a babysitter every so often.
At the end they threw in "or for kids who are in daycare"

Nice eh?
I meant to reply to your earlier post, bluejupiter, but yes, the provinces that are already in agreement with get their money this year. But 1 year out of a preliminary 5 year plan is a pretty shitty deal if you ask me.

pepper, I would be all for sending the money back, but my brother is under the LICO and even the deal is a shitty one, sending back the money is not really realistic for him and others in his position.

I work in a women's centre right now so I get a lot of the info coming across my desk and it pisses me off so much. Grrrr. I just feel so helpless with this government in place.

Heh, i feel like I keep coming in here just to vent. :P
Heh heh. That GO train story almost makes me wish I lived in the burbs...
pepper, write to the PM. Do it. Tell him exactly what the child care change means to you. And write the same letter to the leaders of each party. The opposition parties NEED personal stories to read out in the House. Send it as soon as you can! I'm sure we can all help you, if you need help writing it.

erinjane, I didn't know you work in a women's centre! Me too!!
Woo, Doodle!

Unfortunatly I'm only on contract, and it ends June 30. I'm hoping to hear back about a position with the UofW's women's centre.
doodle, i have signed a bunch of online petitions and forwarded them along but i still don't exactly understand what is happening. no one has really said what the plan is, will ALL daycare subsidy except for this taxable $100/month be scrapped? that Would mean that i'd have to quit my job. i just can't manage the $600-plus/month that daycare costs. surely that can't be the plan?!
and wouldn't i just LOVE to stay home with my kid and be martha-arts-and-crafty mom but let's get real. i don't get dime one from his dad, i'd like to know how i'm supposed to pull this off.
does ANYONE know with any degree of certainty what the actual plan is? please tell me.
pepper, it will depend on what your province does in the aftermath of the childcare transfer cancellation. What I know right now is that it's estimated 33,000 currently funded child care spaces will be lost by the feds not following through on the promise of child care.

In BC, the province had promised to release a provincial Childcare Action Plan on January 31. Now we're told not to expect a plan anytime soon. The BC Budget doesn't include any provincial funding to cover the loss of federal childcare dollars, and without the federal money, it's expected that childcare fees will go up and subsidies will be cut...and families on wait lists will not be able to get a new childcare space.

Probably the best idea is to get in touch with your province's child care advocacy group and find out what it means in your province.

Once you know - even though you've signed and forwarded petitions - please consider writing a personal letter, outlining your own story and how you will be affected. Giving the opposition parties personal stories of how individual families are directly impacted by government policy is VERY important, because it gives them an opportunity to talk beyond the numbers and put a human face on the issue.

erinjane, I work in a community women's centre, rather than a campus one, but I know some of the work is the same. Three of my board are heavily involved in trying to get a campus women's centre at Thompson Rivers University (formerly University College of the Cariboo), though. It's actually looking promising at this point! :-)
oooh, i like TRU (and UCC, too, when it was that). they gave me money, books, pens, and shirts for being whiz-bang good at chem in highschool. not that that thought has anything to do with the current conversation, but i'm all about random interjections
Thought you might like to know how progressive the new tax regs could be: proposed legislation will allow one to claim, as a medical tax deduction: medical marijuana purchased from Health Canada, or from someone who possesses an official licence under the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (except that they spell it marihuana).
*sigh* Doodle, Doodle, how could you? Rex Murphy shit all over the Christian Peacemakers in the Grope and Fail after they got rescued.
Um....*hangs head with shame*...I didn't say I always agreed with him! Sometimes I stand in the middle of my living room, arguing with the radio. Actually, what I love best is when they mimick him as "Max Pointy" on Air Farce or 22 Minutes (can't remember which).
it's happening..... and my blood is boiling

anti-choice protesters

love that the article calls them 'activists'

What's next on the agenda, votes for women?
And did you all know R.E.A.L. Women (yep, they're still around) are calling for a review of Status of Women Canada's funding program?
let's go oilers, let's go!!
All the way.
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