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Full Version: You make me feel like a natural-ly health woman! (Alternative medicine thread)
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Yeah there are supposed to be a ton of vendors/booths and then me and 2 friends signed up for these lectures. I'm really excited to go and see what is available in Michigan. I'm sure not much is going to be local since I don't really live around farms but hoping to find out some more info!
Hey, does anyone have any suggestions on finding a good naturopath or homeopath in my area? I'm in Minneapolis.

This is a good place to start to find a qualified homeopath, in your vicinity.
My suggestion is to find the ones closest to you in the directory and give them each a call, ask them about their hours, location, rates, and methods of practice. Ask about anything that comes up--the idea is to get a feel for the practitioner, see if you would like to work with them (because this is what you're really going to do, work with the practitioner). Take note of whether or not the practitioner herself/himself speaks to you directly (or has a receptionist do it); trust your impressions of the practitioner. Go with the ones you find approachable and empathetic.

Naturopaths aren't the same thing as homeopaths, though some Naturopaths do become registered members of NASH and they do undergo the CCH examination process if they've specialized their medical training in homeopathy primarily. If you google a state organization of Naturopaths you'll be able to find a similar listing in your area--the same thing applies, though, about choosing one from the many. Give them a quick "interview" and choose the one you think you'll work with best.

Good luck!
Thanks, chacha!
So I have to say the health fair I ended up going to was a lot of fun! I ended up at 3 different lectures about different topics, it was so informative.

The first one was on nutrition based on the Weston A. Price way, they really talked about Sally Fallon and her book Nourishing Traditions. I actually finally purchased the book today and it is being shipped via Amazon! Yeah!

The second lecture was on detoxification by a Dr. Richard Ng. What an amazing speaker. He had some really great information on nutrition as well and people really packed it in to listen to this guy speak.

The third was on vaccines by Mary Tocco. Oh my lord... that is some horrible information to listen to!!! She was literally trying to cram in hours worth of information into about a 2 hour session. My friend bought her dvd but I haven't heard reviews on it yet.

The vendor booths that were there were really cool. I ended up meeting a farmer that has grass fed animals and he actually does meat deliveries once a month into an area around me. I heard so much about coconut oil it was crazy! Luckily I've never been one to really use vegetable oils and I'm glad I don't! I'm really looking forward to seeing the food/recipes Sally Fallon talks about and luckily I've had some great reviews from some of you wonderful ladies on here.

Cha cha I do have a question for you. I use walnut oil at times for my cooking and I'm wondering, is that just as bad as using vegetable oils? A recipe I have calls for is and I've actually enjoyed using it when I'm roasting some vegetables but now I'm wondering if it's considered a vegetable oil? I got so many pamplets and literature to read I haven't had a chance to go through it all!!!!!
OMG 'oil pulling'? are you serious?? how can you keep that in your mouth for 15-20 minutes? it would be coming out of my nose after 5, ew!

There's only one thing I eat/drink that can be considered some sort of alternative medicine thing. It is this "cereal" I get at the korean supermarket. It's called Mother Nature. What they do is, after you choose what type of cereal you'd like them to make for you (you can choose between diet cereal, family cereal, sports cereal, etc, etc) they go and grab the seeds they need to do this cereal (they have like 50 different kinds of them). Put them all together in a bowl that goes into a machine and this machine pulverizes it. veeeery fine powder. Then you take that home, mix a couple of spoons of it with some milk and cactus honey (you can do it with sugar too but cactus honey is healthier), a little water and presto! it's great for your body. (at least it regulates me going to the bathroom).
Hi all,
Sorry I never post anymore (newish baby+ research= no time). I wonder if anyone can help me. I am living abroad for the next few months and believe i have contracted giardia or some other belly buggy. I have good days and bad days and terrible gas. I've lost some weight and am pretty sure I had the same thing last summer. Anyway, I can go to a doctor here but would hesitate to take anything that might interfere with the breast feeding. I eat yogurt and such--any other suggestions. Lacto-fermented foods? I could get some kind of parasite cleanse from the US if someone thinks it's safe with the bf. Help!
I think the problem with vegetable oils is that they are so overprocessed with bleaches and deodorizors and hexane, which is really poisonous, in order to "stabilize" them. Canola oil is all genetically modified, so absolutely no Canola oil is good, no matter what's done to it (though the vast majority of it is processed with hexane, too). Finally, much vegetable oil is then hydrogenated to be made into margarines and shortenings. All of it is rancid, nutrient free, and dangerous to the human body.

Much of the coconut and palm oils on the market used to be processed this way too. Now you have options as much more of it is being produced from organic or wildcrafted coconut and expeller cold pressed. This is the best stuff.

The key to choosing good fats is choosing 100% expeller pressed fat that has not been processed further than that. It has to be fresh. This kind of Walnut oil can be found--pure, cold pressed/expeller pressed, preferably wildcrafted or organically/biodynamically produced. All of this kind of vegetable oil is great: now you just have to match the oil to your intended use. Oils with high smoking points (like coconut oil) are great for high temperature cooking, such as frying. Those with low smoking points are best for using raw.

And yeah, vaccinations are really damaging. I'll say all of them are, to almost everyone who gets them. They certainly play a huge role in the vast spread of autism we're seeing, and certainly the kind like the "one less" (what an eerily accurate description for the drug, since I think the potential for deadly side effects on the long term with Gardasil is phenomenally high). Whenever I hear they're "working on a vaccine" for some disease we really need to find a way to treat effectively, I cringe. Vaccines have a way of turning all acute, self-resolving diseases into extremely long term, insidious diseases in a latent form. Real, serious chronic disease on a mass scale.

All I know is it's a hell of a lot easier to restore your health when you've never had vaccines, no matter how deadly your disease, than it is to even help a person suffering from a chronic disease of any kind when they've had any number of vaccines. It's especially hard if the chronic disease is a direct result of the vaccination, to add insult to injury.
What's cool is I got this little pamphlet at the fair with a list of companies or websites that sell products that they consider "best" or "good." I think it is published by the Foundation.

I get my walnut oil from Whole Foods but I haven't looked at how it is processed. Sometimes it seems they don't always put how it is processed in big bold lettering which I'm sure has a reason for it. hmmmmm.....

Mary Tocco was talking about that Gardisal, some states are looking to make it a mandatory vaccine for girls!! Could you imagine having to get that vaccine just because. They are using HPV as such an excuse to give this vaccine and you really wonder how much truth is involved? I'll tell you, after that fair I came out even more skeptical of the medical world. It was horrifying to see her statistics and watching/listening to her presentation. It made me sick.

I actually got scared for myself. We don't have kids, yet but are planning them in the future and to think that some a*hole doctor could force my kid to get that vaccine ticks me off and they are going to try to start giving it to little boys as well!!! I'm truly lucky to know that my state does not require kids to have vaccines before attending school.

Thanks also for the info on the oils chacha. I am hoping that Sally Fallon's book will help enlighten me some more! I sometimes feel like am I the only one in the world that doesn't get it? I guess I really need to read the labels even more than what I do now. Mainly I'm an ingredient person and now I need to also pay attention to the processing as well. The lady at the nutrition lecture kept talking about polyunsaturated and seriously, I have no idea what that is? Unfortunately because some lady kept asking questions during the whole lecture and really cut into the time of the lecture, it was annoying.
The world's foremost expert on lipids is Mary Enig. She's done over 5 decades worth of research on fats and their role in the body, and none of her research has been funded by food corporations or pharmaceutical companies. Much of it has been based on the kind of long term observational study done by Drs. Price and Pottenger; a lot of it has been done on actual analysis of "modern" fats and what changes in the body's ability to function after these lipids have been used in the body over long terms. I personally value independent, long term observational study in science over any other kind of research, especially when we're talking about nutrition: there is so much absolute bullshit about fats and carbohydrates and healthy and unhealthy foods out there it can be totally disorienting to people because so much of that information is pure marketing and it's never presented honestly, with studies you can look up yourself and analyse yourself.

Yet it does affect our health negatively: most doctors out there are still touting the "no fat/high sugar/no red meat/no shellfish nonsense for their heart patients, pushing foods which aren't really food but collections of chemical compounds synthesized in labs to replicate real food. This is all based on Ancel Keys' laughably faulty research on "the mediterranean diet", which he conducted over 50 years ago in places like Italy--without asking actual Italians, without frequenting their markets or taking note of what they ate on a daily basis (which included--and still includes, in many places--servings of red meat at every meal, if possible; tons of organ meats; tons of fresh vegetables, rich creams, heavy cheeses, all kinds of sea food, all kinds of rich fats like lard, pure oils, and real, unpasteurized, full fat butter). Ancel Keys himself has admitted himself that his research was acceptable because that kind of racist bias "about other cultures" was acceptable then--you don't need to speak their language, you don't need to ask them what keeps them healthy, you can just get a menu at a cafe where only the tourists eat! Just the other day I heard a woman gloating about how the restaurants where she lives insist on selling Fois Gras even though it's been "banned" (an asinine idea if one ever existed) by selling a loaf of bread for a nominal price and throwing in the fois gras for free. She lectured on how her mother, a nurse, absolutely forbade organ meats and butter and cream in their lives--when these are some of the healthiest, most nutrient rich foods available. We still have doctors who believe "cholesterol" levels in the blood can be influenced by what people eat--they absolutely are not; also, low cholesterol does not protect these patients from heart disease and heart ailments of any kind, including hardened arteries and heart attacks. But the market for coronary bypasses and heart medication in general has ballooned over that last 50 year period, so for the intents and purposes of pharmaceutical giants, the mission has been accomplished. It pays to foster ignorance on a large scale, where nutritional "science" and medicine are concerned. But if you want to stay healthy, it pays to question all that research unless it hold up to intense scrutiny of long term observation, and unless no one stands to gain financially from its undertaking.

As for any vaccine: the bottom line is you can't be forced to undergo vaccination against your will, every state in the union has an "escape" clause, be it religious or otherwise. There are companies and schools which will try to coerce you but you don't have to agree to attend those schools or work in those fields of occupation; also people should realize they do have a right to organize to oppose such conditions in their work. What's really hard to deal with are the ad campaigns being used to coerce people to submit to the shots. The ones used in Ontario right now to coerce young girls into taking Gardasil take the schoolyard bully approach and call the girls "chicken" if they have any concerns; the ones used to push flu vaccines on the aged and asinine vaccines like the ones for Chicken Pox and Measles on children monger fear.

The healthiest ingredients in any diet: a critical mind, access to resources which allow you to question these conclusions, and knowledge with which you can be armed.
instead of making sure that all the people who have their hands on produce make sure that they wash them first (hello poop), the government would like to douse it all with radiation.


Vegetables you should never eat

Here's another FDA fiasco in the making. You might be familiar with the recent contamination of some vegetables. Health authorities scrambled to find the source. It wasn't easy. And, rather than compelling factory farmed-food producers to clean up their act, the FDA wants to make it easier to distribute contaminated food.

Here's how the FDA is doing this. The government organization recently announced that it will allow the irradiation of vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce, to destroy disease-causing bacteria.

Please think about this decision. Most people eat vegetables because they are full of life and nutrients. Now, if someone treats them with something that kills life (bacteria), doesn't it make sense that it will also kill the nutrients of the vegetable as well? Radiation will generate free radicals and toxic molecules that we don't see in nature. This will be extremely dangerous to your immune system.

Now supermarkets may be required to label the veggies as irradiated. But restaurants, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes won't have this requirement. You could go for an evening out and come home with a belly full of nuked food. Something stinks here.

There is a short window of time to take action. Please click on this link: [].

It will take you to a web page that will allow you to send a comment to the FDA. If we don't take action now, we will eventually find that anything not marked "organic" will be suspect for GMO and/or irradiation. I am not 100% organic. It's hard to be, and I prefer eating locally grown food to organic produce grown hundreds of miles away. We shouldn't have to worry about GMO and irradiation on top of pesticides. But thanks to an industry driven government, that's exactly what's happening. Please speak up.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,
Robert Jay Rowen, MD
Ok I have to ask this... has anyone seen the commerical promoting high fructose corn syrup?????? Holy f*ng crap!! I was watching TV the other day and this commercial comes on where a woman is about to give her kid(s) a juice drink. Her friend is like oh my god you aren't going to give that to your kids are you??? Don't you know it has high fructose corn syrup in it??? She says yes and what's wrong with that? The lady stands there dumbfounded, not knowing what is wrong with high fructose corn syrup but that obviously she is an idiot. So the lady goes on pouring the drink and here pops up a website... Yes that is right. This website is completely promoting hfcs to people. Saying that because it is made from corn it is natural and good for you with a little hint of... in moderation thrown in there as well.

Yesterday I see they made another commercial of a woman eating a popsicle and her idiot boyfriend questioning her about the hfcs in it? Of course he's a moron because he can say it's bad but he doesn't really know why.
saw it, laughed my pants off!
Just goes to show you how threatened those corn farmers (and Monsanto, and Cargil, and ADM) are feeling!
Some almonds are to be treated with propylene oxide.

According to Dr. Mercola, and also this article (below), it's race car fuel, and it's been banned in a number of countries as very likely carcinogenic:
Racing Fuel on Your Almonds?
Thursday 11 October, 2007 Written by Amy Galland
Shop Smart. Shop Safe.
More proof that you can’t trust a product label to tell you the truth.

As of September 2007, most “Raw” almonds will actually be “Dead,” either sprayed with a potentially carcinogenic gas, or boiled to the point of being un-sproutable.

Last spring, the Almond Board of California mandated that all almonds grown for North American markets must be pasteurized. Oddly, the FDA has allowed these pasteurized almonds to be marketed as “Raw,” even though there are significant nutritional differences between raw and pasteurized almonds.

When you consider the benefits of truly raw nuts and the toxic chemicals used in the pasteurization process, this mislabeling is more than deceptive – it’s downright toxic!

Organic almonds will be pasteurized using steam treatments, but for “conventional” almonds, the FDA has approved oil roasting, blanching, steam processing and – most disturbing – fumigating them with propylene oxide (PPO)

Of all of the pasteurization treatments that kill the enzymes and chemically alter the nutritive value of the almonds, PPO raises the most cause for alarm. PPO is recognized as a possible carcinogen and is banned in many countries including the EU, Canada, and Mexico. PPO was used as racing fuel until it was banned to protect drivers and fuelers…but according to the Almond Board PPO residue is safe for human consumption.

And as the manufacturers are not required to label the almonds “pasteurized”, neither are they mandated to tell you by which process the pasteurization occurred. Thus, unless you purchase “raw” organic almonds, you very well could be consuming a carcinogenic chemical!

So why all this effort to cook 80% of the world’s almonds?

In 2001 an incident of salmonella poisoning was attributed to eating raw almonds. After a second case in 2004, the Almond Board decided to pre-empt any potential lawsuits by pasteurizing every almond they grew.

This is all a bit strange, as both cases were traced back to large processing plants – bringing into question not the safety of raw almonds, but the dangers that abound in unsustainable industrial farming practices.

Consumers aren’t the only ones affected by this decision. In order to stay in business, almond farmers will be forced to purchase expensive systems for pasteurizing nuts ($500,000 minimum).

Growers had requested an extension of the mandate from the Almond Board and the USDA in order to find the best processes for pasteurization and in the hopes of ameliorating the ruling – but their request was denied and as of 1 September 2007 any “raw” California almond that you don’t purchase directly from a farmer, will be cooked.
ok, so i came down with this severe sore throat on monday afternoon..tuesday i woke up and thought i might be able to handle it so i came to work. left after an hour, *doh* went home and was miserable all morning, had a 102 degree fever. i took acetominiphin and got the fever down. today my throat is still sore, and there are white patches, not spots, on my tonsils. ive been doing research all morning and some things point to strep, but also to mono. both of these are viral, so there is really no point in my going to the doctor. ive been drinking water with airborne immune supp tablets, taking zinc, drinking herbal tea, gargling with salt water. last night my fever was down to 99.6. i havnt taken my temp today yet. is there anything else i should do to speed this process along? the only thing that freaks me out are these white patches of ick in my throat. i just want to be able to stick my toothbrush back there and scrape them off without hurling! i have also been very tired lately and had just about zero appetite, which also points to mono. ack.
Super, my brother had mono a few years ago and his symptoms were almost identical to what you're describing. The doctors thought he had strep at first but his throat was so swollen and white that after a few days they realized it was mono. I would get to a doctor if you can to confirm a diagnosis and make sure it's nothing more serious. It's good that you're feeling a little better but keep a close eye on yourself.
thanks, erinjane. i am feeling much better today, but not 100%. ive been able to go to work and then take it pretty easy in the evenings, and it seems to have helped. still drinking water and avoiding caffeine, good for the body! if it is mono, i guess it will just take time to get out of my system.

That is brainwashing at its finest. This is how the media likes to take advantage of the idiocy of the public at large. And by the way, hfcs not only makes you smarter, it has a little-known side effect of penis enlargement as well. This is what those health food companies don't want you to know about.
You know what's amazing about that whole thing is it will brainwash people! You know that people watched that and thought, my god it is made out of corn so how can it be bad for me?!?!?! Drink up that soda!!!

Is the effects of becoming smarter or penis enlargement on that website????

Oh yeah I have to mention this.... my dad is a huge aspartame addict! He drank about 1 diet soda a day but would put Splenda on his cereal and he's got quite a few health problems as well. I've been bothered by this for some time and am always sending him articles on aspartame letting him know the problems. He always said, no I don't use that much of it. Well this last time he started telling me about another health problem he had, so I found an article that links aspartame to this health problem. I think that finally got him! He called me and said "I'm off the aspartame, you've convinced me." You know how excited I was!?!?!?! It's hard watching someone you love basically kill themselves! I love my dad too much so I kept hoping some article was finally going to grab his attention and this one did. Now he's trying to find something he can drink during lunch, he just doesn't like water so he found this mushroom tea that is supposed to have some healing properties in it and when he's making it you add sugar to it. He picked up some stevia and agave to try something new and healthier. It's a start!!!! Now I just need to convince him to get off the vegetable oils!!!
people are easy to brain wash, look at that insane hpv vaccine that people are giving to young girls en mass right now. it's totally crazy what people make themselves believe.

mushroom tea with sugar = kombucha? it probably won't help but i won't hurt either.

green tea is good for you, so is white tea and a variety of herbals. many herbal teas are naturally sweet too (bengal spice by celestial seasonings is my current fave).
good luck to your pops.
I love Kombucha too--good for digestion and it helps you absorb even more nutrients from your food. It tastes like soda, too--but infinitely better for you. I'm a big fan of Bengal Spice tea, too--the very best Chai tea on the market, bar none.
Celestial Seasonings makes some excellent fruit teas as well, they're easy to brew up and sweeten with Stevia (or nothing, it's good that way too) and just keep cold as an alternative to fruit juice (too sugary, and often hfcs loaded) or other sugary cold drinks.
i have a veggie friend whose new babe is putting on weight slow and they want her to supplement with formula, anyone got any suggestions about what she can eat to produce more and fattier milk? crossposting in the mama thread...
That's it! Kombucha!!! Well he just got it in the other day and while we were chatting on the phone he was making up a pot of it for himself so it can start brewing properly. Well I figure this is the first step for my dad so I won't overload him with this other stuff yet. Mainly he's a diet soda drinker, I've never seen him drinking the fruit juices or anything so that's good. Yeah he's going to give the tea a try to at least see if it will help, but I think as long as he can find a healthier alternative while he is kicking the diet soda habit this will be a good transition drink. I told him if anything drink water and put a little bit of sugar in it, if that is all he wants is a sugary type drink. He sounded a little grossed out but it would still have the sugar properties he wants just none of the bad side effects.

I've heard they are going to start pushing that HPV vaccine on boys as well? What a load of crap that is!
Pepper, is she a vegan or does she eat dairy and eggs? Is the baby "failing to thrive" on the mother's milk?
i don't think she's vegan and it's not failure to trive, just not putting on as much weight as they'd like as fast as they'd like. i have limited details right now, hopefully i'll hear something more soon.
Has anyone ever heard of a "natural" progesterone cream? My friend is on some progesterone cream and she told me that it was natural. I asked her what about the cream makes it natural since progesterone is a hormone? I've been telling her to get off of it for some time but she refuses to and thinks it is helping out her periods. So far since she's been on it she's had a period every other week and doesn't believe the cream is affecting that. This past week she landed in the hospital because of a cramp that lasted an hour and knocked her on her ass, she almost passed out in a store from the pain.

Ok she just emailed me the ingredients... take a look

Natural Spring Water, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Aloe Vera, USP Progesterone, Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, D & E and Grapefruit Seed Extract

What the f* is USP progesterone????
USP Progesterone is (United States Pharmacopia) progesterone, considered to be a "bio-identical" progesterone hormone form.

This "passes" for natural because of people like Suzanne Sommers, who's been touting it as a miracle drug that helps you skip menopause all together. A bad idea, as our bodies need menopause, and hormones increase or diminish in our bodies because of this need.

In short, it's a hormone replacement therapy cream, pure and simple. Whether the hormones are "bio-identical" or other animal derived really doesn't make much of a difference. A horse is a horse of course of course.

Sometimes people use a cream made from the Wild Yam or Dioscura (the original source of the synthesized hormone used in the birth control pill--but now that estrogen is just procured from mare's urine) to accomplish the same thing. This really should only ever be used under the strict observation of a qualified herbalist, but you know people don't usually bother with that important and vital step in actually restoring their health.
It's funny how even what you just wrote keeps screaming "menopause" at me. She is not even pre-menopause! She is taking progesterone because of issues with her period. I keep telling her to check into a thyroid issue but she won't. I'd let this all go but all I hear about is her having another period or just recently how she landed in the hospital doubled over in pain and bleeding. The doctors couldn't give her any information (big shock) but said she may have passed a cyst.

Thanks Chacha for the info!

Can I ask what do you mean by bio-identical? So it's like a synthetic hormone? I would think that the problems my friend is having is the cause of the cream.
Bio-identical hormone means that it's synthesized chemically in a molecular form that is identical to one made by our bodies.
(I have issues with the use of the word "identical" there for reasons I won't get into, and bio refers to the source of the chemicals in the synthesized molecule). To me they are all similar in action any way, using them can help but they can also cause quite a bit of harm as any other hormone replacement therapy can.
Wow thank you for the info, unfortunately my friend just will not listen and thinks the cream is helping her more than hurting her.

So I was recently reading this article about iodine supplements for thyroid issues. I take an iodine supplement right now that is derived from potassium iodine which I read is what comes from kelp but also that it is not water soluble. The article said that ammonium iodide is water soluble and your body doesn't have to work as hard to break it down. Has anyone heard anything about this????

I was recommended to a Dr. Brownstein's books by my chiropractor.
Rubberdolz, can you get Dulse where you are? Or Celtic/Brittany sea salt? Both of these are natural sources of trace minerals and absorbable iodine.

I know your friend won't listen--and that's her prerogative. It's hard to hear this, but she has to be respected in her decisions. Being cajoled into doing anything else simply can't work because she's fundamentally not committed to any other alternative at this point. Perhaps the time will come later, but she isn't there now, she's committed to doing what she's doing. If you respect her decision on that and she changes her mind in the future, you will be the one she remembers as respectful. At that point, she may decide to ask for help. Then you can help with suggestions and offers of resources which may help her choose the next step.

chacha, any word on how c51 is affecting you? my girlfriend couldn't order castor oil, clove and cinnamon mouthwashes, or prickly ash based toothpaste from virginia for her store and was told by the canadian distributor that it's because of c51.
i talked to my chiro the other day and he said their association fought to be exempt from the bill and they are but he wasn't sure if homeo's and naturopaths fall under that catagory or not.

when i sent the petition i got a form letter in return "reassuring" me that the bill was only about regulating and standardizing products and clarifying labelling. what a crock of absolute shit that is. clove mouthwash? give me an effing break. *not impressed*.
I thought the bill had been presented and then voted down. I know that, as it was presented, it was simply not passed.

I also know that homeopaths and naturopaths would have all been affected. In a legal strategy, homeopaths wanted to ensure that a distinction be created between foods and natural health products--again, a nice gesture, but one that makes me think homeopaths really ought to get busy and find good legal support for our profession--we'd have lost a lot of time being distracted on that issue (just for the record, we might have "won" at getting that distinction, but since we would be subject to international laws which do not have to pass through our legislative courts and we would have no recourse against those laws, our entire professions would be wiped out with a snap of a multinational board of directors' collective finger).

As far as I know, it hasn't been re-introduced in any changed state yet. It was presented and voted down in May/June, and since then, not much has happened since the election. Harper's just picked his cabinet.

Politically, c51 is not about alternative health. It's about a whole lot more, but it's packaged as a control for alternative health because that could get a ton of buy-in from "medical science", and huge pharmaceutical industries who stand to benefit internationally to some extent. It could also be "sold" easily by a media that's got a long history of whipping up public fear out of a prevailing public ignorance about alternative health of all kinds.

Now that it's failed the same type of bill will be "packaged" around another issue. It really is about eliminating parliament and the entire legislative process from Canadian government, as it would impose corporation created international regulations on Canadians which would overrule any rights we had to representation in government.

When a bill such as this is passed (and it can be, will be about any issue at all), the first one which passes will set precedence and change everything. So we really, as a community, need to be aware of what's really being proposed and stop being distracted with the stated issue, which is just dangerous "window dressing".

So...your girlfriend needs to find a much better distributor. For me, nothing has changed except I can't get a microcrystalline hydroxyapatite formulation calcium for some of my patients called "Bone Up" because it comes from the US and the distributor doesn't want the hassle of selling it to Canadians when the demand up here is so small, relatively speaking. No worries: we have a manufacturer in Canada which makes the same formulation under a different trade name. And sells for the same price.
I do remember just reading something in the globe and mail about how Tony Clement wants to reintroduce the bill.
I think Clement has been given a new portfolio, he's no longer minister of health. I'm probably wrong on this (but I do recall that he'd be reassigned in the new shuffle) but I'm not surprised.

This bill will likely be re-introduced because changing the wording so that we can separate food items from drug items is not the point of the bill, nor will it change the restrictions imposed on practitioners and the public. It's that clause about foreign laws created by corporations to benefit corporations becoming effective here despite our own laws and our own legal process (which those laws circumvent) that won't change. If it doesn't get pushed in via this bill, the Tories will try to introduce other bills with that intent until one gets in--then bills like this won't be necessary.

So it's vital that two things happen: people become organized and put pressure on the rest of the government (remember: this is still a MINORITY government) including the Senate, which is the only branch of government being active against such bills, to make sure it does not pass (and to make sure all bills with the same intent do not pass). It would be good to put pressure on Tories who've been elected as well--even though they're smugly hoping the bill will pass and your feelings and vote on anything won't matter a damn in the end anyway.

The other thing: I sure wish homeopaths and naturopaths would wake up and figure out how to put some real, pro-active laws about what they do on the books so that the public is educated about what we do to the same extent as they are about conventional medicine; and that what we do is protected in law, perhaps like it is in the UK. Because until we do that, we'll waste a ton of resources scrambling around arguing with each other about how many angels are dancing on the head of the pins in the sewing box, while we end up legislated out of business for good.

chacha, don't you have an association that deals with things like that? wtf. this is a seriously shitty business.

where do i write to? what should i say? my MP, the prime minister, minister of health, who else?
i need a form letter, i has teh dumb and cannot think these days. i'm thoroughly overwhelmed by my life at the moment, no joke.
I do, it's the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. You can follow up on what they've done and what they're doing about the whole sham process of regulating homeopathy at They have a form letter on site, but I am pretty sure it hasn't been updated since the bill was voted on and dismissed.

Writing letters will only get you form letters in response. The thing to do is go and see your MP in your riding. They all have offices and office hours. Take notes, bring a written statement with you about your concerns and what you want to see take place so that you can leave it with him or her. Hell, bring a tape recorder and record the conversation with your MP, why not? Just go face to face and be heard, find out what your MP is committed to doing in response (or not prepared to do--this will be relevant). Talking in person is really the best way; a phone call is also good, but most of these weasels don't bother taking them anymore. And now that Sarah Palin fell for a prank pulled by two Quebecois jokers pretending to be Sarkozy, it's very possible that none of them will ever take phone calls again.

After that, writing letters to the editor in your paper is also good, and if you haven't received any commitment on the issue from your MP you can write about how that doesn't feel right to you. That might put a whole lot more pressure on your elected public servant, which could finally bring about some desired effort.

Tony Clement was last appointed Minister of Industry by Harper; his role as federal Minister of Health was only 2 years long, and he was only on the provincial level before that. His successor in the (holy shit, only seven bastards in that cabinet! Talk about a dictatorial government) cabinet as the new health minister is Leona Aglukkak, and she's from Nunavut.
Clement's record as health minister is appalling, and as was evidenced in the whole raw milk debacle that continues even today--he gives himself full access to any and all natural foods and medications for his own use, but wants to restrict others from having access to those things for their own health care. He's beyond being "two tier"--he's an "all for me, none for you" kind of health minister. I'm sure as Minister of Industry we'll see all industry in
Canada sold off and replaced by call centre operations in which he'll have huge shares. After all, he seems to care little for conflicts of interest, as his being a stockholder in a major pharmaceutical company while holding a national health care portfolio would demonstrate.

So you really can't get much worse than him, where health care is concerned.

i need a car.
Cha cha.. I have never heard of Dulse but the celtic/sea salt is definitely the next one on my list. I bought this huge container of sea salt a while back and I'm almost finished with it and planned on buying a good kind of sea salt. So for my thyroid problem a good celtic sea salt with give me the iodine I'm lacking????

Oh yeah I alway wanted to say that I recently leased my first cow!!! I got my first gallon of raw milk and raw butter this afternoon. It was so yummy. I found this farm that actually does deliveries in my area once a week so I can pop on over there on my lunch break. Ugh... I don't think I will ever go back to store bought milk again. Now I'm just trying to get my husband to make the switch too.
WHOA blink.gif how did you find that? do you have a website or something that you used?
The Weston A Price Foundation has a link on their website to help consumers locate sources of farmshare and cowshare operations for raw milk--if raw milk is not "legally" available in your area. The list includes all of North America and last time I looked some other parts of the world.

Many of these farmers use biodynamic farming methods as well as organic. There is a farmer in Richmond Hill Ontario who keeps being "arrested" for distributing raw milk from his cow-share biodynamic farm--technically, he's within the strictest letter of the law in his business, so they can never actually pronounce him guilty of anything--but he's such a massive threat to the Canadian Milk Marketing Board and he keeps bringing up the disturbing question of why it is Canada is the only G-8 nation in which the choice for this food product is denied to its citizens. They seem intent on fining him huge amounts of money for contempt, because in court he is allowed to make this statement about Canadians' freedom of choice over their food products. The Ontario and Canadian government's intention is to destroy his farm financially. But they underestimate the number of investors already committed to the continuation of his farm.

Anyway, my point is, if you do source from a cow-share or farm-share dairy farmer, be sure to find out what farming methods are used to get the highest quality of raw milk. It does make a difference in taste, and it is good to know that if you're investing in an animal as a source for your food, it will be treated with safe healthy medicine when needed, fed properly, and allowed to live a life that is as natural as possible.

(Did you know that even fois gras can be produced humanely, using biodynamic farming methods and just by paying attention to the way geese actually live and eat in the wild? Gavage is not necessary to produce this delicious and extremely healthy food. It's always so good to know that even when the healthiest foods have this unethical aspect attached which keeps us from their nutrients, we always have options open to us which take us away from the agribusiness/mass production food model. Often those methods which are the most ethical, and the most ecologically sound, produce the highest quality food, not just in terms of nutrients but also in terms of taste).
Yup. The website is how I find my farmer.
So here's an interesting question that I've been wondering about...

I have quite a few piercings and I'm wondering if there may be a link to some digestive problems and the piercings?? I've been reading some things that say a piercing can cause problems with your health but I'm not sure about this. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

I don't want to post in the tattoos and piercings thread since this is more of a medicinal question but then it's also based on my piercings.

I don't know anything about chakras or acupunture pressure points and stuff but I have heard and read that even earrings can pose problems.
Are you experiencing any health problems in particular, which seem to have started when you received the piercings?

Well I had the belly piercings for 14 years and I've had stomach problems for who knows how long? I know a few years back I found out I had a problem with yeast but found out that birth control can play a huge factor in yeast growing inside. I had been on medication for years before that due to indigestion problems.

I haven't had severe problems since quitting the birth control but it always seems like there is something minor going on with my stomach, but can I honestly say it could be associated with the piercings. No. It's been a long time with those piercings and last night I decided to just take them out and see if anything makes a difference.
I've heard of belly piercings vaguely affecting one's health. I imagine it has something to do with magnetic currents being altered by the metal, kind of putting a kink in the energy field. I doubt it would be the sole cause of digestive issues, but could probably contribute in some way if there is another imbalance.
Oh oh so excited to see there is an alternative health thread on here! bump bumpity bump!
Hey there ladies, long time no see!
I have been doing some research (trying to anyhow) on naturally occuring transfats with little luck. Does anyone have info specific to the health impact of transfats in meat and dairy? I have run across vague statements that it's not the same as manufactured transfats but no research referenced to back it up. Help! Granted I'm not the best at internet searches but I've been at it for a while and am still fairly empty handed. Anyone? Thanks!
Pepper, from what I understand there's no such thing as a naturally occurring transfat. It's technically not naturally occurring, but during the hydrogenation process, the atoms in margarines and shortenings change positions on the chain causing "trans formation" instead of naturally occuring "cis formation". Even though they're toxic, our bodies don't recognize that and we absorb the trans fat causing cells to become partially hydrogenated essentially. Partially hydrogenated fats made from veggie oils block the use of essential fatty acids and is associated with a lot of diseases. Unbelievably, people still think things like margarine are healthier than butter. I've always been told by doctors that no amount of trans fat is really safe.

But unless the fats you're using have been hydrogenated, then transfats won't occur. The fats in meat and dairy are usually saturated fat, found in animal fat. These are fats that we need and are healthy to us. I wouldn't worry about meat and dairy.
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