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Full Version: You make me feel like a natural-ly health woman! (Alternative medicine thread)
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I just got some refrigerated probiotics, to keep the occasional yeasty beasties at bay. Some probiotics say to only take them with water on an empty stomach, but these don't specify at all-just take one or two a day. Are there any rules about taking them with or without food? Thanks!
It depends on how they were manufactured. If you're not sure, it's best to take them with meals, usually right after or at bedtime.

I have this guy bookmarked and he talks about it in this article:

That's a really great resource, vixen-thanks!
unfortunately, it just doesn't say at all on the bottle when the pills should be taken. I think that's a bit odd, but they seem like good probiotics-I went to the company's website, and there was a link to an article from Prevention magazine, listing this particular formula as one of the top medical breakthroughs of 2007. It's a blend specifically for woman, apparently. I emailed the company about my question and haven't gotten a response yet.
What's the brand, Humanist? Maybe it's another good option for women in the midst of a yeast infection they need help recovering from.

The general rule for vitamin supplements, digestive enzymes, and probiotics is to take them a little while before eating. Usually an hour or so before a meal.

There are supplements now made in a fermented, live-culture base, like the brand name New Chapter. You can take those anytime you wish, as they're actually more like food than they are supplement pills.

The formula is called Fem-Dophilus, and the brand is Jarrow, at
I haven't gotten a response yet from the company-and I really want to start taking these daily, because I have a bit of a yeast infection right now. The only reason I won't say 'screw it' and just take them according to general probiotic rules, is that they are fairly expensive and I'd rather not risk wasting them. I think I'll email the company again-it might have just been overlooked~
Jarrow makes very good probiotics (J-dophilus is one of the most convenient products for people to use--I'm assuming this product has more living organisms in it specifically for the yeast problem women encounter). They're expensive because they really do work, and often Jarrow makes their probiotics easy to use--you don't have to keep them refrigerated, so you can carry them with you even if you're travelling. Generally you take one of their pills a day, before eating (more if you're in the middle of a yeast infection--you should have more than 12 billion organisms per dose if you're trying to help yourself get through yeast. They will list the type of microflora species in the probiotic as well as the estimated number of organisms).

Practitioner-driven brands sometimes don't print "how to" instructions--many of them assume you're using the product under the care of a nutritional counsellor or health care practitioner. Until just recently Jarrow was a product that was sold through practitioners first, though I am seeing more of their "favourites" on the health food store shelf. When they do print a "dosage" size, it's meant to be a general guideline--your practitioner can determine what you'll need based on what they've understood about your individual need.
did all the canadians here see this?
it's a bill that would make up to 60% of health products illegal. no joke.
QUOTE(pepper @ May 9 2008, 09:22 AM) *
did all the canadians here see this?
it's a bill that would make up to 60% of health products illegal. no joke.

That's obscene. However it takes a helluva lot more than rallys to stop a bill. They/we would have to get a representative to speak to the bill and ask the speaker the important problem questions during one of the readings.
thanks so much for all of the info, chacha!! I really appreciate it : )

that is INSANE with the Canadian bill. That seems like something the US would be doing-not Canada! The most infuriating part is that it is all in the interests of big pharmaceutical corporations. This act is directly against the people-not for them. Is there a single Canadian citizen who supports this? I doubt it. I hope the uprise will be enough to knock it down.
This bill is all about bringing control back to large corporations, and wresting it from individual consumers.
The language in this bill actually brings Canadian law in line with the European Codex Alimentarus laws (which previously didn't include us directly) and Big Food, as well as Big Pharma and Big Medicine. This is supposed to take the wind out of the sails wherever people decide on buying organic, non-genetically modified foods, small farmer produced foods and heirloom variety fruit, vegetables, and livestock and their produce; it's about controlling what plants are grown and how they're used medicinally; it's about controlling who is allowed to treat whom, using what. For homeopaths, this means it will be out of our hands to treat our patients using homeopathic medicines--patients will only be able to get them from "licensed medical doctors". Who, naturally, will not be required to learn how to administer them properly, or how to make them, or how to monitor their effects on their patients. In other words--they'll be taken out of our hands, we won't be able to treat our patients, and Homeopathy as a treatment option will be forced out of the market. The herbalists and botanical medicine practitioners will be forced out by the Codex; same with those who treat using supplements. As for those who practice nutritional medical care--access to real food will be restricted in favour of crops that are created and sold by the big food people (ADM, Cargil, Monsanto, etc). It's very big, yes: in direct proportion to the perceived threat all these large corporations with coinciding interests feel, because alternative medical treatments are so successful and attractive to consumers.

The best thing to do is confront your MP about it--in writing is usually what they suggest, but I think getting a form letter back as your reply is dispiriting. A phone call followed up by a letter is better. A letter to the editor of your paper is good too--pick a national one, like The Globe and Mail. They're not publishing any stories about it at all, but I think if a large number of people targeting their editors to ask why they're being so shy about this important news would probably be very effective. Even following the suggestions put forth on the website linked below will help a great deal. This bill is being pushed through as silently and as quickly as possible and to some extent the attempts to do this have been stalled a while.
Belabouring the point (hey, it's what I do!)
Here's what I received from the Society of Homeopaths about C51--the specific points below won't just limit homeopaths but all alternative medical health practitioners and their patients.

There's some great advice about who to contact below, as well as a brief summary about what exactly needs to be pointed out as threatening: Thanks for indulging me on this, and please help by alerting your elected representatives to your concerns.


Most of you will know by now that the federal government tabled amendments to the Food and Drugs Act (Bill C-51), which introduces new definitions including a new product category called “therapeutic products”, that encompasses drugs, natural health products, medical devices, and cells, tissues, and organs. It also establishes new enforcement powers that include increased penalties, access to personal information, and the ability to enter business establishments without a warrant.

Bill C-51 was introduced on April 8, 2008, with the apparent expectation that it would quickly pass through second reading on April 28. However within two weeks, the Freedom of Choice movement and natural health products industry rallied such public opposition that the progress of this legislation has been delayed.

To better understand the issues and concerns behind this public opposition, click here to read Bill C-51 and click to read more:

· Health Action Network Society (HANS)

· Natural Health Products Protection Association

The Board of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths agrees that this legislation contains troubling aspects that could seriously affect the entire natural health products industry, including homeopathic products.

Specifically, we draw to your attention two issues that have the potential of negatively impacting our long-term access to homeopathic medicines:

1. If this Bill is approved, homeopathic products will be reclassified as therapeutic products and the Minister of Health will be granted the power to “designate a therapeutic product – either individually or by class – as a prescription therapeutic product” [15.1(4)], which can only be dispensed by “an individual who is authorized under the law of a province to prescribe or dispense prescription therapeutic products” [Definition of “Practitioner”].

Thus, the Minister of Health can create and add to a list of remedies available only by prescription, which would be unavailable to students of homeopathy, non-licenced professional homeopaths, and licenced homeopaths whose scope of practice does not include prescriptions for “therapeutic products”.

2. This Bill also proposes to expand the definition of “government” to include “a government of a foreign state or of a subdivision of a foreign state, or . . . an international organization of states” and to permit modifications to regulations by reference documents provided by “a government” [30.7].

We are concerned that regulations arising from a foreign source (such as the CODEX treaty) could become law in Canada through the regulatory process, circumventing the disclosure and scrutiny involved in the legislative process.

Our concerns about this legislation could have been avoided if the government of the day had carried out the recommendations of the 1998 Standing Committee on Health to establish a new category of Natural Health Products, separate from both Food and Drugs. Instead, the government created a new sub-section under Drugs for natural health products. At the time, supporters of a third category (including members of West Coast Homeopathic Society) were told that creating a new category for natural health products would require an amendment to the Food and Drugs Act. According to the government’s own website:

While creating another category distinct from both food and drugs was considered, an amendment at the level of the Act would have been necessary. Due to the timelines and legislative process required for a change of this magnitude, it was decided that natural health products would be considered drugs under the Act, but with a set of regulations specific to NHPs.

We suggest that the current amendments to the Food And Drugs Act provide an excellent opportunity for the government to enact previous commitments to create a third category of Natural Health Products.

Although C-51 does not appear to contain any immediate threat to homeopathic practice, the CSH Board encourages everyone within the homeopathic community to learn more about C-51 and to express your concerns in writing to each of the following:

· your federal MP

· the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

(But you'll probably have to draw pictures, like a comic book, because I do not believe this person can read. I wish this were not true, but alas).

· the Minister of Health, Tony Clement

(Yes, the Health Minister who secures things like alternative health care and raw milk for his own children and family, but somehow feels just fine about restricting access to these things for other people. Even the ones who have children who are ill, just as his were, once, before they had access to that raw milk).

· the NDP health critic, Judy Wasylycia-Leis

Address your letters to:

The Honourable (Name of person)

House of Commons

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Remember, letters addressed to Parliament go postal free!

Original letters are always the best way to influence political leaders. However, for those who haven’t time to compose something from scratch, we are passing along several sample letters from various sources (see attached). You may wish to copy one of these versions or take language from several versions to create your own letter. A letter written in long-hand and mailed carries the most impact; however typed letters and e-mails are effective as well. If you are going to send an e-mail, it is important that you re-type your own letter -- DO NOT cut and paste!

If you want to contact MPs by phone or their constituency offices, click here to find contact information for your Member of Parliament.

And finally, we encourage you to forward this e-mail to everyone you know with an interest in natural health and to request that they do the same.

Thanking you for your support,

Board of Directors
Canadian Society of Homeopaths

PS: Another way to make your voice heard is to join Protest rallies, several of which are scheduled in major centres across Canada on Saturday, May 10th. For times and locations, google your city and stop c51 rally.
thanks chacha, i'm passing it all along to friends and family. united we stand, divided we eat scorpion tomatoes forever. blech.
surprise surprise, HPV vaccine linked to infertility.
xp to pregnancy thread.

chacha, i need help. please? anything you have to add would be helpful.

ok, i'm asking for help here. anybody know anything to naturally induce labor? i'm 40 weeks, 50% effaced, and only 1-2 cm dilated.

i am going absolutely up the wall crazy. my mental health is in jeopardy here. i'm serious about that. nobody seems to take me seriously when i tell them my mental state. it scares me. i need to have my baby already. not only do i suffer from quite severe depression, i have other mental health issues that are going to kick my ass if i don't have this baby soon. i'm scared!

any physically, i'm dead beat. i have fibromyalgia and am in pain 24/7 with very little way to treat it whilst pregnant. that, on top of all the pregnancy symptoms has me in tears several times a day. i'm complaining, i know. i get to. i'm extremely swollen, to the point of my skin breaking down on my feet. the swelling in my hands has given me nerve damage and carpel tunnel syndrome so bad that i can no longer play the fiddle. i've been having contractions that are quite painful for weeks now. either my pain tolerance has fallen through the floor or nobody is hearing me. i'm so frustrated.

so, how can i get this dear little baby moving on out so i'll still be at least a tiny bit sane to parent him? any ideas or tips would be appreciated. thanks in advance.


p.s. on top of all that, the doc we have is a total and complete ass. he clearly does not care and makes comments that are snide. for example, i said today that my coochie feels like it's broken. as he's examining my cervix, with his hand inside me, he says, "you think it hurts now, wait until you push a 9 pound kid through it." i think i hate him.
still fiddler

First: Let's do something to ease the anxiety. Something general and light but effective.

Bach's Rescue Remedy. Do you have some? It will calm things a bit for you in terms of the irritation and the real hatred you're feeling for this doctor who isn't taking you seriously. It will also help to tame some of the depression and fear (though I would want to know a little bit more about these feelings before we go any further--what exactly is your mental state? What exactly is the mental state you're afraid will come about?) Use the Bach's whenever it is needed. I strongly recommend this to all women about to have babies as it's so effective and safe to use, and you can use it as you feel you need it.

I don't remember, but did you hire a midwife and doula to help you with this birth?

If you're having the aches and pains with fibromyalgia you can always take some tissue salts to help smoothe them down. The Magnesium Phosphoricum tissue salts help so many people with fibromyalgia symptoms (magnesium, it turns out, is in deficiency in so many of these patients, and it's so necessary in the body). If you can get your hands on a 6x or 12x potency take four pills under the tongue four times a day, and take them again whenever you feel pains from the fibro.

A big remedy we use a lot in pregnancy and labour is Pulsatilla, in 200c potency. It's brilliant in so many cases for turning a breech presentation right way round, and also for insufficient and delayed labour. Its mental state is tearful, depressed, whiny! and clingy! and irritable--and the pains and symptoms associated with this remedy can be of any kind, but the salient point about them is that they wander throughout the body, they don't stay constant (maybe like your fibro). These mental descriptions may sound negative but I see a lot of this in your post. You might want to give it a try but do make sure your ducks are lined up for the birth to take place, if it works, it will work subtly but effectively.

I would really like for you to have someone who's been trained to use homeopathics during the birthing process (and your doctor is not that person) but you can give this remedy a try and see what happens. I will state, however, that you must take the one dose and no more as it may no longer be indicated afterwards. That's why a good homeopath/midwife or practitioner who's standing by for you would be a great idea--they could give whatever remedy ends up being necessary because they're there to observe, and they have remedies handy.

Good luck, lady. I remember when conception was so difficult for you, and I'm thrilled the baby is almost here.
chacha, thank you so much! thank you for hearing me and thank you for caring. i will try rescue remedy. the mental state of pulsatilla describes me to a 'T'. i even have some of that and i'll take it as soon as some time has passed from the orange juice i just drank.

i'll be making a series of phone calls this morning as soon as people take their phones back from the answering services. i sorta came undone and let a coupla friends see it. they're great in encouraging me to take my power back. hopefully, by the end of the day, i'll have something better lined up for myself in the way of care during delivery.

we did not hire a midwife or doula for birth. we tried to get on with a midwife for prenatal care but all of the midwives in the area declined to take me because i was deemed high risk. we'll see what the phone calls bring.

thank you so much, chacha. i'll keep you posted.


I wanted to introduce myself into this thread. I see it's been going on for a long time and I'm sorry I've missed so much of it. I've never really posted on here but found this thread interesting. I haven't read the whole thing but am finding the stuff I read interesting.

To start I stopped using most household cleaners at my house. Instead I found that vinegar is a fantastic substitute for bleach. If I need a good scrub for say my bathtub, I add a little baking soda, pour some vinegar on it and it works wonders! It's really great too because I have cats that love to hang out in the bathtub and the vinegar is so much safer for them.

I take olive leaf for my stomach problems. I used to have horrible digestive issues for years, one day I decided to get a colonic from a homeopath and found out that the root of my problem was yeast in the intestines and the yeast was caused from my birth control that I had been on. Amazingly enough doctors don't tell you about those kinds of side effects. Actually about a month ago I decided after 11 years of being on birth control that it was time to go off. My husband freaked out and didn't know what I was thinking but I felt that for the safety of my health it was necessary. I'm reading 2 books on Fertility Awareness (no this is not the "rhythm method" either). I'm managing to learn a ton about my cycle and so far so good. It's weird not waking up to take a pill I took for 11 years straight!

My stomach problems are slowly subsiding but I still keep on the olive leaf since it can help with viruses.

I do read get the newsletter from and love them. I think that they are very informative and at least offer a different point of view then what most of us are used to. To a lot of people going "natural" is not natural or normal but who's really to say? I did find out about a great website called I would recommend that website to anyone who is interested in learning about what might be in their cosmetics that you don't know is a danger to you. Seems that sodium laureth is everywhere and in every kind of product and they are finding it can cause cancer... scary thought when shampoos, soaps, facial cleansers, moisturizers... oh the list goes on.

Has anyone heard about the problems with soy? It seems odd that these companies are pushing these products and yet a lot of us just don't realize how bad they are.

My life has become too aware of the things that could harm me and all you can do is try. Making little changes here and there will sooner or later turn into bigger changes that make a huge difference. Hell my dog and cats eat organic, except for my little one eyed kitty who decided to rebel against all things natural... reminds me of my husband. I think he talked her into it.

Well I hope to start getting in on more topics and discussing.
hi chacha,

i wanted to thank you again. i took a dose of pulsatilla today. it helped with my emotional state. i was able to think clearly and i worked with a friend to find myself a new doctor! i got to meet her today and have an appt with her tomorrow. she cares! blows me away. i also bought some rescue remedy (couldn't find mine). i feel much more calm and at peace. i'm still physically miserable but right now, i can do it. thank you for your help!

I'm glad to hear things have tamed a bit for you Fiddler. And thanks for sending along the private message as well, it gives me a better idea of what's happening all around and though the Pulsatilla may not address everything it does fit the state you're in at the moment.

I'm glad you were able to find some help from friends and from professionals. It's important to remember that you've got people to help you, particularly if you've been working with people all the way through the pregnancy. When things get closer to the birth it's a little easier to discern who will be really helpful and who will get in the way. Sometimes finding ways to just deal with those who will really help is the real answer.

Good luck Fiddler. I know it's just a matter of time now! I truly hope you've been made to feel more comfortable and much more secure about your friends and supporters.

Hi Rubberdolz! Welcome.
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Jul 18 2008, 07:01 AM) *
I'm glad to hear things have tamed a bit for you Fiddler. And thanks for sending along the private message as well, it gives me a better idea of what's happening all around and though the Pulsatilla may not address everything it does fit the state you're in at the moment.

I'm glad you were able to find some help from friends and from professionals. It's important to remember that you've got people to help you, particularly if you've been working with people all the way through the pregnancy. When things get closer to the birth it's a little easier to discern who will be really helpful and who will get in the way. Sometimes finding ways to just deal with those who will really help is the real answer.

Good luck Fiddler. I know it's just a matter of time now! I truly hope you've been made to feel more comfortable and much more secure about your friends and supporters.

Hi Rubberdolz! Welcome.

Hey chachaheels! Thanks!!!

Has anyone seen that movie Ricki Lake did about midwives and hospitals? It was a documentary? My friend loaned it to me (from Netflix) and I have really been turned onto looking into a midwife when my husband and I decide to start having kids. The documentary was really interesting and I would recommend it to any woman!
Hello All,

I got my wisdom teeth removed Friday, and my face is soooo swollen. I know this is normal, but I need to get back to work as soon as possible ($)!
I am out of my perscribed swelling medication, and I was wondering if anyone knew of anything that could help speed the process! I can barely open my mouth or close it all the way! Thank you!
Homeopathic Arnica 1M. It speeds recovery from surgery and lessens pain dramatically; helps the tissue heal far more quickly, brings the swelling and bruising down significantly.

Yours is the perfect case for Arnica. So you should be able to source this at a homeopathic lab or health food store that sells homeopathic single remedies near you. I like using the 1M potency because it's a good match for severely swollen, bruised, and painful tissue after an operation; you may not be able to find that potency in a store that easily. If you can't find the 1M, look for a 200c or 30c potency.

Dosing: If you can find a 200c or a 30c, I would advise you to take a dose two times a day with the 200c (go by your symptoms--when you feel more painful, take another dose) or as needed with the 30c. Or, mix 3 of the pills from your vial with a clean fresh bottle of water and allow them to dissolve in there. Shake the mixture up, then take a teaspoon full of the mixture every hour or so. You should see the swelling come down quickly. If you do find the 1M, three of those pills with water in the same way and take a teaspoon sized doze every hour or so as well. It's a much stronger potency--closer to where you're at in terms of need--so it should act more dramatically. In any case, continue taking the water dose for a day or so, and keep taking it if you gain improvement from every dose. At some point, you'll take a dose and you'll feel some of the original pain and tenderness come back--when that happens, that's your body telling you you don't need anymore of the remedy. Once you stop taking it, you'll find you feel much better very quickly.

Keep the arnica on hand for any kind of blunt trauma, sprains, strains, bruises, and broken bones that happen; it's also a terrific and life saving remedy to have on hand for blunt trauma head injuries--wonderful for concussions. It's a remedy I carry with me as a first aid treatment everywhere I go (I drive alot, and it's the remedy I'd want with me if I ever had a car accident). It's also a good first aid remedy to help the brain recover immediately after a stroke.
chacha was so nice as to hep me to the arnica after my car accident, i was having back and hip pain and it worked like a charm. 's good advise.
rubberdollz, you may like it's a raw foodist website but the people there are really up on other health issues. it's a great forum, check it out!
QUOTE(pepper @ Jul 23 2008, 02:29 PM) *
rubberdollz, you may like it's a raw foodist website but the people there are really up on other health issues. it's a great forum, check it out!

Awesome! Thanks Pepper! I will definitely give the website a look around. I love checking out new materials to read.
does anyone know or have much experience w/ Reiki Therapy?
I am starting to seriously look into & consider it, to work in tandem with my therapy sessions for the severe anxiety that has kicked in the last month.
to my suprize, my therapist not only thinks it could help, but has also tried it herself and is all for me trying it too.
I have found 1 or 2 practiconer's of it here, and have a friend across country who is a Reiki Master, but would like any first hand expereince or advice from any of you here too please?
People think Reiki is a whole lot of wacko, because it's an energy medicine just like acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy. But I met a whole bunch of very smart and very capable nurses who worked hard to learn Reiki and used it all the time on their patients, specifically for easing physical pain, but also for helping patients emotionally (hell, you can't do one without the other).

So, yes, do try it, it's very effective when it's done well but you must find someone you "resonate" with well. If the treatment's been suggested, ask for a referral from the health professional who's suggested it--he or she may know of someone who was very effective for someone they've treated in the past.
thank you chacha, and yes I get that people don't get it yet, but as I've been asking around to friends and medical personel, I've been suprised by those who have heard of it and are excited about it, and even a friend who has used it a # of times growing up in Germany, but the other's who Hadn't were intrigued and wanted to know more. - that's so cool to me.

I think I'm looking at this to go w/ the 'total body' treatment for my anxiety.. I'm taking a prescription for it too (had tried homeopathy, w/ calms forte but got to be too much for it as it escalated so quickly & dramatically) and then the weekly therapy, but the bottom line is, I literally cannot relax (even w/ yoga w/ guided meditation at the end). I can't shut my mind off like- ever. and I'm one of those (weird, but not) people super sensitive to the energy given off/out by others.. it can be completley overwhelming if I sense something really dark & scary from someone, but that's exactly why I think reiki might be ideal for me.
it balances your energy as I understand it and that's right where I'm at- out of whack literally.

my therapist cannot do the referral for me (not covered by my insurance as far as I know) but has given me some places to look into that's she's gone herself and liked, but so far, cannot get them to answer their phone (in session no doubt) and their web site is screwy too but I will perserver. one of the offices is all women run & offers yoga & pilates & chiropracty (sp?) & massage therapy in addition to having a reiki woman too, and it looks really promising.

thanks for the endorsement chacha, you're always a fountain of good, positive information and so willing to share it with us- hugs to you~
I'm glad you have the Reiki option--I hate that Calms Forte stuff, and I would never use that on my patients. I say Homeopathy's the thing first of all, every time, but if you can't get a classical homeopath to help you and do it the way it really should be done, there are always lots of other energy medicines that work beautifully too. All I can say is, for you, it's less likely to be a "bumpy" ride with Reiki. I know you'll feel very well again soon.

All the best, Freckle, it would be great to know you're happy and healthy and energetic again.
hi chacha,

i have a question for you. i think i remember about a year ago, you said something about coconut oil helping with yeast infections on the skin. anyway . . .

i'm breastfeeding my son and i think i have yeast on my nipples. they're still pretty sore (over two weeks postpartum) and they're always pink, even when i'm not nursing. i really don't want to have to take another medication if i can help it. am i all wet in thinking that coconut oil can help with yeast?

Nope, you're not all wet in that belief. It can and does help.

You can use it on the skin directly, to soothe the skin and help get rid of the eruptions and sensitivity (there will be some of that if you're breastfeeding anyway--babies and moms pass yeast back and forth all the time).

You should also be eating the coconut oil to help with your overall immune system strength as well.

As an extra slice of my own nitpickyness, I wonder if you're experiencing any other breast pain--and indurations in the breast of any kind? Any redness other than on the nipple itself? Many new moms suffer from mastitis while breastfeeding so I always like to rule that out.
cool. i'm glad i remembered correctly.

mostly, my nipples are inflamed and itchy. my breasts aren't really sore. no other redness. oh, i guess my arealola are kinda red and itchy as well. but not the rest of my boobs. it hurts when he sucks. i really don't think it's his latch. that's nice and open wide. i don't let him suck if he's just going to take the tip or just my nipple into his mouth and play with it. anyway . . . as far as i can tell, he doesn't have thrush in his mouth - no white spots yet anyway. he does have red sore looking bumps on his bum though. we're switching to cloth diapers in case he's allergic to the disposable ones (did you know that some of the disposable diaps have scent added to them? yuck!). right now, since we don't have diaper covers, we're using cloth liners inside disposable diaps to try to keep them from touching his tender skin.

ok, now i'm just rambling.

But it's nice rambling.

They're irritated from use, that's all. But there is a possibility that if it keeps going on, then the skin will become susceptible to infection. So I do hope using the coconut oil helps.

A lot of women find breastfeeding very painful. It's not the 100% natural, pain-free, perfect thing they make it out to be, it may take time to have it become less painful. Is there a LaLeche league near you that you can contact? They are so helpful to new moms about all of this information--health care, pain problems, etc. etc. We do have to learn how to breast feed--so you might as well learn from experts.

The red spots on his bum--well, let me tell you a big fat secret that should not be a secret: because babies must develop their ability to interact with the world around them, and because the lungs and skin tissue are among the last organs to develop their full functional capacity once they're out of the womb, babies will often get TONS of skin rashes, skin ailments, peeling skin, red skin, eczemas, etc within their first two or three years of life. This is perfectly normal and actually part of the body's development, part of the process in which the skin becomes an efficient part of the body's defense system. If it's not allowed to develop properly--you'll get lots of other problems.

People often start giving their children anti-biotics for yeast, or steroids for rashes during this time, which is a massive mistake because suppressing the skin's development leaves the skin vulnerable for life; The ailment which used to be expressed on the skin then has to be expressed at a deeper level. The skin's corollary in the body is the lung tissue--so this is why babies and small children will often suffer asthma as a result.

So please try and avoid that happening! The little red diaper rashes are really just another form of yeast, and they can be eliminated by keeping the area dry, and exposed to light and air (and limiting the exposure to nonsense like scented paper diapers). Yeast can't thrive under those conditions.
inneresting chacha, i wonder about the strangeness that happens to baby skin sometimes. i think every strange thing that happens to babies is totally normal, they are strange at first! but people freak out over cradle cap and baby pimples even though they are both just fine to leave alone and do nothing about.
what do you think about that corn starch baby powder for keeping the small people dry? my gf is using aveeno diaper cream for her girl but i thought an unscented powder applied just on the bum cheeks (avoiding the kootchie area) might be a good thing for her.
my sweet girl had a double eye infection a bit ago, i ended up having to use prescription drops as it got pretty bad, poor thing! she has a habit of rubbing her meals all over her face and into her eyes though, they get irritated quite a bit. this was a big ole red infection though. anything i can do to prevent it from happening again do you think? i mean aside from keeping the avocado out of her peepers that is, ha ha.

I think as she gets stronger she'll be less susceptible to infections in general, even if she insists on applying food facially. The old precaution of keeping hands and face clean after playing is a simple and effective one. Did the infections go away with the prescription drugs? Other options to try for keeping the infections in the eyes to a minimum are eyebright drops--but there is always the problem of her not wanting to put drops in her eyes.

I haven't heard of people having the same problems with corn starch based powders as opposed to talk--so I think it's safe to use and it will keep her skin dry and comfortable. Talc's difficulty comes from it being a bit too gritty and fine a stone for us to take into our bodies safely--it can cause some nasty and enduring illnesses. It really shouldn't be used cosmetically anymore.
it did go away but it was very persistant, i had to do an extra day of the treatment and appy it 4x's/day instead of 3 (with pharmacists advice of course, i didn't just go upping it on my ownsky!). i will pick up some eyebright drops next time i am near a health foody place, she is forever sticking her lunch in her eyes, silly thing. she was ok with me putting the drops in after the first couple of times, she is such an accomodating little thing. she's my angel baby, i'm telling you!
I was wondering if anyone has tried the "oil pulling" method or if anyone has found valid scientific research about it? I have been reading about the virtues of oil pulling, and it has been described as a panacea for everything from gingivitis to cancer to acne, but I'm very skeptical of medical "cure-alls." It's basicaly swishing oil, like sesame oil, in your mouth for about 20 minutes then spitting it out, and from what I read "the oil pulls all mucous, bacteria and toxins from your body through your saliva, inclusing parasites." Does anyone know anything more about this?
it's a load of bunk as far as i'm concerned. i mean, try it and see if it makes you feel any different but all the real proof i've read is against it.
Oil pulling! Yikes! What is that?

My dentist told me many eons ago that your mouth will always always always have bacteria in it. It must have that bacteria in it, it is vital to our health and our digestion, vital to the health of the teeth too. If you limit your intake of sugary foods, keep your mouth clean by stimulating the gums, brushing, and flossing, and try not to leave foods to decompose in between the teeth for too long, your teeth should stay strong and healthy and cavity free all your life--bacteria and germs and all. Your mouth will also stay infection free as long as you do these small things repeatedly.

I've heard of people putting a drop of oregano oil on dental floss so that it acts as an antiseptic on the gums and in between teeth. Some have said it's helpful in treating gum inflammations.

But what the heck is oil pulling?
that oil or oregano-on-the-floss trick is excellent! i'm going to try that.

ok, oil pulling. please chacha, try not to hurt yourself laughing happy.gif .
Oil pulling is not for me.

Maybe I'm just fearless about those toxic "first stage microbes" living in my mouth. Maybe I'm just more afraid of "refined" oils.
Maybe the idea of swishing refined, hexane laced, bleached, deodorized, and scented supermarket brand cooking oils in my mouth for fifteen minutes or so before breakfast is enough to make me want to spew. I don't know.

hey, what do you think of this? MMS
i don't know what to make of it... it was recommended by a poster on the raw foods website. i just have a hard time believing in any product that has the word "Miracle" in it's name, you know?

some things are interesting (neti pot, castor packs), some things are bizzare (urine therapy), and some things are just ridiculous (breatharianism). you know, it can be so hard to peg stuff sometimes!
I kept reading and reading about this "oil pulling" and found people swearing by it, but could not for the life of me find scientific evidence or think of how swishing with oil, even 20 minutes, can rid someone of "toxins and parasites" just through saliva - most parasites are in the intestines and blood silly! But it picqued my curiosity - I try to take all therapies, Western and alternative medicine alike, with a grain of salt....or a big salt shaker! Sometimes i think people are desperate for cure-alls and put all their hope into one thing. the only thing I imagine oil pulling could do for you is maybe clean your teeth and cause a placebo effect? One of the downsides of the internet is that people can post whatever claims they want, and people believe them with no science (or common sense) to back it up. i read some of Wiley Brooks' breatharianism website and laughed so hard i snorted! He thinks Diet Coke and MacDonalds is healthier for you than water and fruit juice...."In order to understand why I have chosen these foods you must first know how the human bodies descended into the 3rd dimensional world in first place. This is not our natural home." whoo---eee---oo....

I looked up this castor pack thing and read claims that castor oil can be absorbed up to 3 inches in the body, so it is sometimes used to reduce uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. I don't see how castor oil can reach your internal organs through the skin. Even if it did, can castor oil have any positive affect on the ovaries or uterus anyway? So if I put castor oil on my forehead, does that mean brain absorbs it? Oh, yeah I forgot, my skull covers my brain, duh!

BTW, Chacha, you would be so proud: I've eating lots of avocados and nuts and eggs, whole grains and fruits for breakfast, veggies, good cheese, and lean protein. Sadly, I am unable to give up my morning cup of joe, but I stopped putting sugar in it - now only a bit of milk. i just bought coconut cream and milk, and it looks delish. I feel really good and I think my butt looks smaller! My mom even said I look great, and my ice-cream and sugar cravings are gone. I have my pelvis ultrasound Wednesday to check for cysts and fibroids, and I made an appt. with a top endocrinologist so I can get off this synthetic thyroid shit and get on Armour. Still planning on seeing a naturopath, I just need more time to get money together. Thanks for your help and I'll keep updating and bugging you with questions as I make progress!
Olivarria--that's wonderful news. I'm so glad to hear you're doing well with the dietary changes, and I want to encourage you to keep it up, keep exploring too. As for the coffee thing--I remember when I first started studying homeopathy I started to work on occasion with a Naturopathic doctor, just doing odd things around her office and observing the way she looked after patients and such. She treated me for free, consultation wise, because that was one of the benefits she offered. One of the things she focused on in my diet was the fact that I drink coffee.

Suddenly, it was like she discovered the devil in all my details. The coffee was the target of her wrath. She declared that I was suffering from adrenal insufficiency, I was hormonally impaired by the coffee, I was suffering particularly because of that drink. I told her I had been drinking coffee since my early childhood, and I really liked it, I didn't want to stop drinking it entirely. She smarmed back that if I'd been drinking it since I was a small child, I'd had enough for one lifetime. So I gave it up for a while. That was one miserable while, if I may say so. I decided to have some after giving it up for 2 months or so, loved it again, and stopped listening to the Naturopath's advice about it. While she gushed about how improved I'd become on her regime, and wagged her finger at me about how right she was about coffee being the evil of all sin, I just nodded and smiled. I learned two things from her: her beliefs on that drink were pretty faulty; and I would hate to have me as a patient.

You know what? Coffee is a substance that enhances lively and creative thought. It's a substance around which the entire concept of conviviality and social exchange has been built and maintained, for centuries (ever had Ethiopian coffee service? They invented coffee, they've been growing it for almost a thousand years, and the coffee ritual is something you must experience to understand the drink). It is, yes, produced abusively but less so these days than it used to be, mostly because of its growing popularity and our growing awareness of the people who produce it and their conditions, their struggle to make that more fair everywhere. Sharing coffee with others--it was never meant to be taken all alone, you know--is a means by which we create joy, a means by which we're stimulated to encourage each other to be more creative, more socially engaged, more lively, more harmonious.

In homeopathic provings, coffee produces a kind of creative, sparkling thought--people become mentally active with good ideas, spontaneously. The ideas can be carefully planned out, too; and since the coffee is taken in company, and conversation also bubbles up from the ritual, people work together on those creative thoughts, enhancing or critiquing and refining them. There is an oxygen bar in St. Catharines which actually makes drinks from unroasted or green coffee, and one day a group of friends and I were out exploring the new eateries in the area and we decided to stop in on that place, where the owner gave us samples of the green coffee drinks. We loved the samples, drank them, and then continued on in our visit like we normally do--but the difference that day was that we all started to talk about really imaginative ways to sell teaching modules we would create, on all kinds of topics (all of us were students at the time, working on an education degree). The ideas were breathtaking, they made so much sense and they were so creative! When this was going on I remembered the coffee provings I studied when I was learning to become a homeopath, and I realized that my friends and I were actually experiencing proving symptoms of the green coffee, first hand. It was a kind of joyous, brilliant exchange we don't usually have with other people, where you're suddenly brainstorming and working together passionately. I'm not saying we were manic--I'm saying the quality of the ideas in terms of being well considered, generously offered, implementable, creative was unusual, and working on them together was really joyous.

So unless you're not picky about the coffee you have, or you're just drinking it mindlessly as a vehicle for milk and sugar, or you're drinking so much of it it's making you sleepy and jittery at the same time, what the hell is so bad about it?

Get the best you can afford (get even better to serve your guests, when you entertain), drink in moderation, and stop feeling guilty about it.
MMS--is almost 1/3 salt water.

Salt is a mineral, it's true...

Anyway, if you are really mineral crazy biochemical tissue salts work better and faster than any undiluted and unsuccussed form of mineral ever made. And they generally cost a lot less, too.

Anything else you can get from your food, if you eat well.
figures. everything that seems like bunk is.

as for coffee... you addict you. happy.gif
Chacha, i think you might be right (as usual). I have a history of depression, and at times I can get a really "numb" or "empty" feeling that I will do anything to get rid of. A lot of times coffee really helps to make me less empty and dead inside if I'm feeling that way. Starting my new eating program, I was drinking green and black tea in the morning, because it seemed like everything I read advised to drink tea for the health benefits, but even after drinking 2 cups of black tea in the morning, I still don't have that same jolt. It's very hard to give up, and in the morning I can be so grumpy i just want to give the whole world the finger if i haven't had my coffee! but after the coffee, I am very agreeable and sweet to everyone. smile.gif

I have one cup in the morning, sometimes two if I have a major test in school. I put sweetener in it my whole life, and only recently begin putting only a little milk or half and half, no sweetener, and it's a lovely cafe con leche color. The result is that I can actually taste the flavor of the coffee since it's not covered up with sweetener! I try a different flavor everytime I go shopping. Right now I am drinking Snickerdoodle Cookie flavor, but there is no sugar in it. I like Pecan flavor too. My family is Cajun-French, and thickened chicory coffee is a tradition in our family. My most creative times are during my coffee, right as I'm drifting off to sleep, and also during rainstorms. My synapses are going off in my head like fireworks! Nice for studying and writing stories.
So I found out from a friend that there is going to be a Growing Connections Conference and Organic Harvest Festival here in Michigan!!! They say the Healthy Traditions is the Metro Detroit Chapter for the Weston A. Price foundation which is great!!! There are going to be lectures, vendors and children activities.

Ooohhhh.... I'm excited!!! If anyone is from the Michigan area is planning on going please let me know!
Sounds very interesting--probably a great way to find out where to get what's really good, locally.

i feel like i haven't been in this thread in forever.

i think i need to do a cleanse. in the past month, my eating has been out of whack. lots of emotional eating in the past month and no yoga makes for an upset digestive system.

chacha, do you have any recommendations for a cleanse at home? drinking kombucha (sp?) while in boston seemed to work for my digestive system and feel regular. i know that what i eat definitely has an impact on my energy level and mood. i just want to feel like i did a couple of years ago when i was seeing a naturopath.
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