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Full Version: You make me feel like a natural-ly health woman! (Alternative medicine thread)
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Guitarfiend, I hunted out the Fertility Awareness thread from the archives--it's called "Not your Grandmother's Birth control"---and bumped it up for you. There are many women who've posted on there and they've got great advice and tips and resources. Go and have a look!
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Feb 28 2007, 09:17 AM) *

That's my opinion, given because you asked! .

I totally appreciate your opinion!! Thanks! the information on the veggies and vitamins was especially useful for me. I will try to see an herbalist. Tricky thing is, I am leaving the country soon and am not sure how much of these things I will be able to find--maybe I can order herbs from far, far away. Hormones really scare me and (a self-proclaimed paranoic) I think that bcps actually cause PCOS in people who are predisposed to it. It doesn't make sense to me to keep taking something forever that affects your body so immensely. At the same time, figuring out how to create an bodily environment that fosters producing the right balance is hard work--and requires more expertise than I have. So, I'll update you on the progress. Also, maybe spearmint will help...
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Feb 28 2007, 01:30 PM) *

Guitarfiend, I hunted out the Fertility Awareness thread from the archives--it's called "Not your Grandmother's Birth control"---and bumped it up for you. There are many women who've posted on there and they've got great advice and tips and resources. Go and have a look!

Thanks chachaheels. I'll go and have a good read of it. smile.gif
*paging chacha to the thread*

Chacha, I've got the barest, annoying little edge of a UTI going on here, as well as my period...I'm taking uva ursi, oil of oregano, acidophilus, cranberry and drinking raspberry leaf any other suggestions to add to the pile to get rid of this thing? Its just at the niggling annoyance phase at the moment, no real pain in urination, just feel like I have to go ALL the time. I only get these about once a year, and pretty much always in the transition from winter to springtime, but I do prefer to avoid the dreaded antibiotics, as the consequences of that are not too pretty. Any additional suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks!
hey chacha-riffic, thanks for your help with the persistant illness. even though all the other stuff is pretty much gone i am still coughing. much, much better but can't shake the sniffles, sneezes or coughing. i wonder if i'm allergic to something all of a sudden? perhaps it's all just a symptom of pregnancy though. weird.
Turbo, I'd recommend some Ferrum Phosphorica tissue salts in a 6X or 12X potency, whatever your local health food store's got on hand. I'd take one dose of 4 tablets under the tongue, 4 times a day until the UTI resolves.

If there is a bit of a pain after urination's done, you may want to try Natrum Muriaticum tissue salts as a follow up--but only if you're getting the pains. The Ferrum Phos' symptoms are more like a constant urge to urinate, and no pain's described in the rubric. Just a need to go all the time.

Ferrum Phos is a mineral remedy that encourages the distribution of oxygen to the red blood cells, ameliorating all circulatory function in the body (and good circulation is key, ultimately, in fighting infections). It's a great remedy to have on hand and use at the first sign of any kind of illness, like the onset of a flu. Especially where kids are concerned--wonderful remedy for them when they start to come down with things like colds and fevers.

Pepper: sneezing, coughing, and sniffling, huh? What colour is the mucus of the sniffles? Are the sneezes something new? It sounds like you might benefit from Natrum Muriaticum tissue salts, which are wonderful for helping people stop a cold in its tracks if it starts with a lot of sneezing--but also great as a remedy to help with allergies which cause sneezing and watery noses. Let me know of the colour of the sputum and snot, please! Hee hee.
Thank you, thank you, chacha!!! I need to run into the homeopathic store tomorrow anyway, as I'm out of my multivitamin, and I will definitely pick those things up...I think its improving a bit now though, thankfully. I managed the 40min train ride home tonight, without really panicking or thinking only about how annoying this all is...but I'll pick those things up just to really take care of business. As always, thanks for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom with us!!!
You're welcome, Turbo! I hope this helps quite a bit. 40 minute train rides sound a little challenging. Hopefully you and Pepper will feel better soon.
go away damn bot!!
thanks for all the help, chacha! By yesterday morning, waking up and getting moving was a revelation when I realized - no pain! And I wasn't constantly getting up in the middle of the night to pee! Hooray!! I'm still going to take everything for a few more days, just to be sure, but thanks again for your help - you saved me from antibiotics!
Oh, I'm so glad you're better. It's nice to know you're 100% with no anti-biotics.

Yeah, you'd pretty much have to cart me off to the ER in writhing pain for me to submit to anti-biotics, at this point. I'm all growed-up and I'd sure rather take a little discomfort than anti-biotics, which will wreak havoc on my body for weeks on end after taking them. I've worked hard to grow all those good flora - I want to keep 'em!
They do a lot more harm personally and universally than just that, turbo. They're just so overused that all kinds of microorganisms we could be stopping with them are now infinitely immune to them. Toronto's just closed access in at least 3 hospitals because of infections with clostridium difficile..., which the media likes to present as a sign of the apocalypse. It wouldn't be half as "difficile" if antibiotics hadn't been used for everything you couldn't justify prescribing steroids for. But that's how it works.

Not only do they damage the body and our disease resistance as animals, when they do work "effectively", they create far more harm than they eliminate. It's so not unusual to see a whopping kidney infection (I'm talking including emergency admission to a hospital and a rather long and uncomfortable stay) result from the use of anti-biotics given to "treat" a strep infection. All they hope to do with antibiotic treatment is just push the symptoms of the strep infection "under the rug", so it seems like it's gone.

Till that kidney infection--which is the strep now forced into a much more vulnerable organ, deep in the body--comes up to let you know it's still raging, made even stronger by the antibiotic's actions. Now the illness is much, much harder to treat in the individual patient--and impossible to treat in any other patient infected with that same organism, even as a simple strep infection. Wish I had a dime for every single time I've seen exactly this process take place. I could have retired extremely wealthy about 3 years ago.

Oh well, live and never learn.

ewww, grody! but ok. it's pretty much clear but sometimes i spit up or blow out a yellowy greenish bunch. sorry, so gross. the sneezes aren't really all that new but their frequency is bumped up. we're in a dusty old place with a wood stove a lot of the time right now though so go figure. i feel ok but i'll list that tissue salt for next time i feel something coming on. how long can i keep that stuff in the cupboard anyhow, does it have a best before time line?
Any substance prepared through serial dilution and succussion does not have an expiry date. Homeopaths are still using some of the original mother tinctures, diluted potencies and triturated medicines (a process of "diluting" insoluble substances by mixing them with increasing amounts of milk sugar in a series of mixtures) made by Hahnemann over 200 years ago, and they work as well as they did when they were first made. However, the FDA and the homeopathic pharmacoepia in the US forces labs to print an "expiry" date on every label. Ignore it.

Ignore, as well, any thing that looks like "directions on dosage". They also have to be printed by law, but they are never to be used in homeopathy--dosage is always determined by your body's need, and by your homeopath. What works for one person will not always work for another, no matter how much the two cases seem the same.

When you deal with homeopathic medicines you have to forget what you assume to be
typical ways of taking medicine: they just don't apply for homeopathic remedies. Ever.
OK, I wasn't sure where to post this since there's not an alternative birth control thread (that I know of). I just wondered if anyone has had experience with this birth control pill from India. It's supposed to be non-hormonal. So, I am throwing this out there as something I am considering while asking for any anecdotal information or medical expertise. Clearly, I am not promoting it--I know nothing about it, so am just collecting opinions/putting it on the map. Any thoughts?
wow chachaheels. i never knew how harmful antibiotics are. makes sense why my ND wants to keep detoxing my system because he still sees me as having toxins in my body. especially after all of the years of antibiotics i was on. scary. my liver and kidneys have alot of healing to do. freaks me out actually.

lapis, sorry, i haven't heard of this form of bc before.
apologies, wrong thread.
does anyone know of a natural way of dealing with caffiene headaches. i'm trying to cut down on my coffee intake but i have a hard time with headaches. i dont take asprin or any medications so i was wondering if anyone has any ideas for some herbal teas or something that will help caffine headaches, i know peppermint works for some, but it doesnt help me for when im lacking caffiene.
A low potency dose of Nux Vomica (6C or 12C) should do it; and you can keep it around as a cure for hangovers (or any ailment that results from overindulgences, such as heartburn and the like).

Otherwise, drink plenty of fluids, especially water with a little lemon juice in it, to help you get over the dependency. They should stop after a day or two if you hold your ground and avoid coffee.

The caffeine in black teas actually affects the body differently from the caffeine in coffee--you may want to brew up a cup of orange pekoe to help ease yourself off caffeine a little more gradually.
I am 22 years old and have been diagnosed with MS and PCOS all in a matter of 2 years. I've never had a regular period and haven't had one since Jan 2007.

Due to my MS, my husband and I really want to start a family and get that out of the way while we are still young and before I have an attack that limits me indefinately.

We have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now...

We've already seen fertility specialists and tried an IUI. The bottom line is that my body does not ovulate on it's own.


Isn't there an herb or a vitamin or a drink I can take to help me move this along?
I think you would do very well if you went to find a qualified classical homeopathic doctore. Not a naturopathic doctor, a homeopathic doctor. Classical homeopathy can make a huge difference for you here--especially with the MS. As with any alternative therapy you should decide to undertake treatment before making tissue changes or functional changes in your case (that is, undergoing surgeries or heavily suppressive treatment drugs)--the less damage done this way means less damage that has to be undone by your homeopath--and therefore, a much greater chance for progress towards cure.

If you would like to know more about homeopathy, the kind of medical system it is, how it is done and what you should expect from treatment, plus who is qualified in your area, let me know. I'll gladly give you some resources you can use so you can get started. If you choose to work with a homeopath, you won't need to use supplements or herbs or any of the other alternative medical treatments--classical homeopaths work with one homeopathic remedy at a time (sometimes they only use just the one, ever) and this allows for the absolute best case management possible.

If you're looking for herbal treatment for your conditions you should seek out the help of a fully qualified herbalist who is board certified in your area.

What you have requires case management by people who are qualifed and experienced in their particular medical systems, and it can't be treated with over the counter preparations.
Thank you so much for your quick reply. My heart jumped as soon as I saw that you had written back.

I would LOVE to try anything that you could suggest for my MS and the PCOS.

I haven't had MS treatment for about a year now because the medication makes me too sick not to mention the fact that we've been trying to get pregnant and I can't be on the meds if we're trying to conceive.

I am very excited to hear what you have in mind. What do you think all of this would entail?

I live in New York near Newburgh. If you know anyone in the area that you could put me in contact with that would be wonderful.

Thanks again.
Where is Newburgh NY? I can send you a list of homeopaths in your area who are registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths, you may find someone close to home that you like.

Here's some basic information about homeopathy that you will need to know before seeking out or undergoing treatment. Homeopathic medicine is not the same as any other kind of alternative medicine, it has its own kinds of medicines and they are used in a very specific way; and treatment is highly individualized (that means it is recognized that your case is unlike any other person's case anywhere else, even if they have the same illnesses as you do).

If you would like more information and referals, contact me by PM and I'll connect you to the NASH website referal list, and see if I can't find some other practitioners in your area.
As I wrote a couple weeks ago, inositol has been really helpful for my PCOS, restoring my ovulation (though I already menstruated regularly and now I am confirmed as fertile). I recommended it to another PCOS friend and her periods became regular immediately and she has all the signs of ovulation. I buy mine at GNC and also take it in the form of a buckwheat hot cereal for breakfast with soy lethicin in it--and carob powder in warm milk at night sometimes. And I took Chinese herbs from an acupuncturist for hormone balancing which also seemed to help. I can't praise the inositol enough...Good luck!!
Thank you so much for the suggestion!


What is inositol? An herb? I can't wait to research it! You bet I'll be at GNC checking things out..

I am really new to all of this and truly have no idea what I am doing.

Thanks for the patience, guys!
QUOTE(Jitterbug @ Mar 23 2007, 10:28 AM) *
Thank you so much for the suggestion!


What is inositol? An herb? I can't wait to research it!
Thanks for the patience, guys!

Jitterbug, I am not a chemist, so I will give you my best lay explanation. Ideally you would take d-chiro-inositol, which is a white powder naturally occurring in plants, and the FDA is currently calling a drug because they want to market it to treat PCOS. Currently, it's expensive and hard to find so most of us take the inositol and I've heard GNC seems to be preferred, but there's no evidence for why. From what I've gathered inositol addresses what seems to be a deficiency in women with PCOS, helping their blood sugar. Buckwheat cereal, buckwheat farinetta (supposedly has super-high inositol content), and carob are natural sources you might pair with the inositol pills--and I really reccommend incorporating them into your diet. Many people add this supplement to a low carb high protein or insulin resistance diet almost as if they had diabetes to fix the underlying blood sugar issues. Here's a post of some peoples' experiences with inositol and a good resource for PCOS.
Also, I don't know what your body type is but if you are overweight (which is so common with PCOS) weight loss is supposed to help ovulation occur. You can do it!
Inositol is a B vitamin, what's called a "lipotropic factor" type B vitamin. The initial research on this vitamin was done by Dr. Charles Best, way back in the 30's and 40's, after he won the Nobel Prize for discovering insulin. It was another one of his many "discoveries".

Don't take this personally (Please!! just a consumer alert!), but, I don't believe GNC is "the best" source, lapis: It's a typical mass manufactured retail brand vitamin product, and I'm sure it's okay, but there are brands on the market that are practitioner-driven and are often manufactured without fillers or stearate bases which never dissolve at our body temperature (and are therefore not very useful). There give vastly superior results much more quickly though they may cost a little more; but your body will actually be able to gain more of the nutrient in the better formulations. And, yes, since it is lipotropic, it is B vitamin which helps with the metabolism of fats in the system. Since you have 2 developed pathologies in your case--both the MS and the PCOS--you will need address the issue of fat deficiency, nutritionally, as both pathologies are actually symptoms of fat deficiency. So the inositol is a great idea for a supplement, but it will work a lot better if you add the right fats, and the right amount of fats, to your diet.

QUOTE(chachaheels @ Mar 23 2007, 05:09 PM) *
Don't take this personally (Please!! just a consumer alert!), but, I don't believe GNC is "the best" source, lapis: It's a typical mass manufactured retail brand vitamin product, and I'm sure it's okay, but there are brands on the market that are practitioner-driven and are often manufactured without fillers or stearate bases which never dissolve at our body temperature (and are therefore not very useful).

Chacha, nothing taken personally--thanks for the heads up. I read the PCOS boards and people seemed to like the GNC but it could totally be a branding thing. I took some others in capsule form and they didn't seem to do the job--part of what's frustrating is the vitamins don't mention what the source of inositol is. Do you have any suggestions for brands--or just to look for ones without stearates? Any suggestions for other food sources, or specifics, like carob powder versus syrup? Your perspective as a healer is super-valuable. Thanks!
my ND has me doing a spring cleanse because he thinks there is still some toxins in my body.

no sugar or alcohol for 3 weeks. well, if i can get through the holidays, then i can get through these 3 weeks.
hey all, i was looking for an efa blend for little today and there is just WAY too much out there to choose from. any hints on some key elements to look for? what to avoid and what to not do without... for kids and for me too. thank you!!
mad.gif blahdy slow computer
sad.gif double post
For you, you'd need an EFA blend that contains (best case scenario) a fish oil (I like tuna oil, salmon oil, krill oil, even the oil from mediterranean sardines--it's got the best balance of EPA to DHA; and you'd want to have an evening primrose oil in the mix as well. I like Efalex for most women because it's super easy, they use really pure oils, and they're accessible (easy to find in most stores and relatively affordable). Plus, the combination format is super easy to deal with--take the number of capsules required per day, and there's no fuss.

Efalex also has a specially balanced EFA formula for expectant women, called EfaNatal. I think they are the only company making such a product for women who are pregnant and nursing. It's balanced to encourage brain development in the baby as well as to keep mom happy and healthy hormonally during pregnancy and afterwards.

For kids, there are all kinds of formulations out there made just for them, which come in super small capsule sizes (Nordic Naturals is one brand that features several "flavours" of capsule--strawberry, peach, lemon). There's also Carlson Brand--another really good oil blend for kids; and Nutra Sea (which usually comes only in the liquid oil form--but you can get a concentrated version so you only need to give 1 tsp as opposed to 1 tbsp per day. Then, Kirkman labs makes several formulations which are "disguised", such as: Orange flavoured "puddings" with EFAs, or chewy drops.

The only thing to be aware of is the quality of the oils--they really should be purified (distilled usually) if they're from fish sources (and these really are the best sources), preferably deep water, cold water fish; the oils have to be processed without chemicals and unfortunately they do have to be purified just because of heavy metal content in animals worldwide. You want a good balance of EPA to DHA so that brain function is supported.

Things to avoid in the oils for kids are the supplements made by companies which don't specify their sources or processing/purification methods.

Sorry, pepper, I thought you were looking for oils for everybody, so I "over" answered above. Please forgive.

Any of these available where you are, Pepper?
awesome answer, i got some that look ok, little is chewing his up though, ugh!
i picked him up some chewable probiotics as well, is that just an outright waste of money?
doesn't it have to be enterically coated to make it into the lower G and all that? ugh.
i had to feed him a short round of antibiotics 'cause he had a UTI, poor little bugger, and i want to
make sure his belly is ok.
what can i do about this pee pee problem? i don't want him to go through that again, it was mighty uncomfortable.
i need to get our provincial health care sorted out so i can take him to a doc if need be...

must fly, library internet time rations....
Do you mean he is prone to urinary tract infections when he takes antibiotics?
he got a uti and had to take a short round of anti-biotics. crappy. i just got our health card stuff sorted out and will take him to a doctor soon. he has a particularly large member and it's often uncomfortable and irritating for him but he's never gotten an infection before. short of looser pants and more frequent bathing i'm not sure what to do to prevent this kind of thing but i don't want it to happen again. poor little bugger sad.gif
Well, first thing to consider is: when did the UTI come on, what was going on at the time for him? Next, consider the symptoms, especially the sensation (as it felt TO HIM). If he can describe any pain, type of pain, location, what made the pains feel better (just for eg.: pain would feel like it was stinging and burning, and would go away only when peeing started--or pain didn't start until peeing was finished, it stung/burned/felt like a sticking pain, stabbing pain, etc.).

Tissue salts are a good way to treat these--first one I'd reach for, especially for kids, is the Ferrum Phos; but Natrum Muriaticum is a great remedy for urinary tract infections too. You can also use Natrum Phosphoricum to "alkalinize" the body so that the tissue in the urinary tract won't support the microbes associated with the infection (change the acidity/alkalinity of the tissues and the microbes are no longer necessary there--so no infection). 6X potencies for either one or all three, and, as usual, give 4 doses of four tablets per day of each salt.

And, of course, cranberry juice that hasn't been sweetened helps as well.
thanks doll, i have ferrum phos with us so i'll start dosing him with that.
it started over a couple of days or so, he was a bit irritated but that happens often so i didn't think much of it. then he woke up one morning and kept running to the bathroom to pee over and over again, interrupting cartoons too so i Knew it was serious. it lasted another day before he started a round of antibiotic and was still minorly irritating after he finished the 'scrip. he seems to be fine now but every now and then he feels like he has to pee again, and then again, and again and he gets frustrated and antsy about it. he says it's like a scratchy tickle and that's the best he can describe it. nothing unusual was going on at the time.
we'll try the ferrum phos for now and hit the health food store again in a few days if he keeps getting bugged. we're at grandma's house right now with access to a tub so we're making good use of it. we have a teeny baby tub at the cottage and he can't really soak in it. we do go swimming now and then (in a salt water pool!!) but i like him to have a soak every other day or so so he can clean his stuff properly. he's uncircumcised but he knows how to keep it clean.

thanks again!

I've been meaning to tell you, the homeopath you gave me advice on choosing has got me on Elaps 1m (?? as far as I can tell from her writing) and it's stopped the athlete's foot from trying to spread. Hooray! I can even eat a piece of fruit now and then, and it doesn't inspire the fungus to throw a party and drive me insane with itching. I don't expect to get rid of the fungus soon but I"ve got a real basis for hope now that I won't have to live with it for the rest of my life, like my doctor was trying to tell me (grrrrr). Thanks for all your help.

Got another question for you: you warned against products that mix remedies. I guess that goes for Similasan eye drops? I tried the Dry Eye Relief drops that have Belladonna 6X, Euphrasia 6X, and Mercurius sublimatus 6X. They seemed to work great at first, then I felt like they didn't work so well, and then I remembered what you said about mixed remedies, so I haven't used it for a while, but I still have an unopened bottle that I've been wondering if I should use or just throw out.

Hope you're well.
Hi Anarch!

I am so glad to hear you're doing so well. I think it's a major thing when any kind of fungal overgrowth is halted, as all of them are systemic illnesses. And I think the remedy you were given--Elaps corralina--is a fascinating one.

About the Similisan, though, is there any way you could be refunded the purchase price, since it's unopened? Or does the store you bought it from categorically say no about those kinds of products? If they do, the only thing to do is get rid of it.

Just one of those remedies alone would have worked better than the combination, and that's the euphrasia 6X, which is sold on its own for use as an eyedrop. Euphrasia is an herb whose common name is "Eyebright", it's incredibly useful for eye dryness, pink eye, irritations of all kinds, itchiness from allergies, photophobia, etc. The other two remedies, in such low potencies--I can see what they're trying to do by putting them in there, but it really does defy logic. Belladonna was traditionally used to force the pupils of the eye open (that makes women look much more aroused--hence the name of the medicine, which means "beautiful lady"--it was used as a aphrodisiac cosmetic) and it has also been used traditionally as a heart medication! So at that potency, that's what I'd consider using it to treat. As for Mercurius, well, in such a low potency it's traditional use would have been to disinfect the eyes of newborns so that congenital syphilis would not be spread through contact with the (presumably) infected birth canal. The manufacturer probably figured that might "help" a percentage of dry-eye sufferers in the world. A homeopath would probably wait to use that low potency remedy to treat a specific kind of patient with syphilitic lesions...and even as I write this, I'm thinking "WTF?" and "whose job is it to make these kinds mixtures, and what must they be thinking?" but I am really just rambling on instead of saying return it if you can or just throw it out.

If you would like the Euphrasia drops they can be found in an individual dose preparation called Euphrasia Stillidoses (they are made by UNDA) there are about 20 in a box, and each dose comes in its own dispenser; or you can buy a bottle of an herbal tincture of Euphrasia, and an eye-bath cup, and just mix up a dilution of the tincture and clean water in a 50/50 solution, and use that to refresh the eyes whenever you need it.
hi chacha,

I've thrown out the Simalisan. I bought a couple of them months ago, when there was a sale. Oh well. Very interesting to read what you have to say about its ingredients. Thank you for "rambling"!

I'll look for the Euphrasia Stilldoses.

What about Sensua Organics lube - ok to use homeopathic ingredients like this? Sepia 6c HPUS, thuja 6c HPUS.

I would definitely avoid that lube product. There are lots of lubes on the market which work well and none need to include such powerful medicies to be effective.

I "get" (kind of, except the "logic" behind it is just so wrongheaded) that they may be including those remedies in the mix to "treat" problems with vaginal dryness, cysts, and warts...but those problems are not local problems they are systemic...and there are at least 1000 other remedies which might me much more suitable for you if that were your problem and if they were actually used "homeopathically" (as in, suitable for your entire symptom picture). In fact, Elaps is a pretty good one for any problems which have to do with sex organs, reproduction, and endocrine health, especially in women.

Also--and probably most importantly--adding these two remedies in to your case now will make it very hard for your homeopath to judge the action and reaction of the remedy she prescribed for you when you follow up with her. There is no way of knowing what medicine is effecting what changes or effects. The best reason for keeping it simple is case management--if something changes, you know exactly what caused that change, no guesswork involved.

Eliminating the guesswork is the entire point of homeopathy.
Hey Chacha,

I actually bought three bottles of the stuff a year or so ago, when they had a sale, before I'd read what you had to say about classical vs. the new combination approaches. Not for any particular reason except looking for something that tasted better than KY (and yeah I was predisposed to think well of anything that said it was "homeopathic"). So we've been using it (the Sensua Organics stuff) since then, and it took a while for my brain to catch up and connect the dots between "combination" and what was in this lube's ingredient list. Sorry for being slow and making you reiterate! I'll tell Mr Anarch he can start using it for masturbating (I'd told him before to use the cheaper drugstore brands for that and save this more expensive, edible stuff for us).

I've got a followup with the homeopath this week. I'll bring a bottle to her to fill her in so she can factor it into her analysis.

Thanks again. You do give generously of your time here!
You're welcome, but, Dang, Anarch!! I completely understand the need to use a lube that doesn't offend, as well as the desire to use it, and the rarity of that kind of product. I so wish it were possible to find exactly that product, just a drug free version.

See, the trouble is, even though you're not actually ingesting the substance, all it needs to have any effect on your body is contact. So even if your beau is using it to masturbate, he's getting dosed with Sepia and Thuja (which is not so good!!). It doesn't have to have much contact with any mucous membrane, it can be administered on the skin or via olfaction (people who are really sensitive or risk choking on pills take the remedy by sniffing an open bottle).

Bringing the bottle to your homeopath for the follow up is a good idea. At least this combination only had 2 remedies! It's still really hard to tell what is doing what, as any remedy could be used to address any health issue if it is homeopathic to the case. I'm sure she'll be able to figure out what to do next (she should know, for example, how long you've been using that lube. If, for example, you've been using the lube for over a year, but you've only just begun to feel free of the yeast symptoms which have been recurrent...she can at least rule out that the Sepia or thuja would have cleared that up, and not the Elaps. The only thing she might have to think about was whether or not your yeast symptoms could have been a "proving" of either of the 2 remedies in the lube--which happens after repeated dosings of the same remedy in the same potency. And that could be easy to figure out too).

Hey ladies, got a question for you all. Moxette has started the inevitable head-body bonking that goes with being a toddler. I know there is a salve that helps with bruising, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it. Any guesses?

I wonder if anyone has had any experience with acupuncture and TMJD. I've been using a nightguard for 7 months now and I really don't feel any difference in regards to my jaw pain. One of the things I recently noticed is that sometimes when my shoulder is being rubbed I can feel the pain in my jaw and neck. I've seen a few mentions of acupuncture being used as a treatment but I'm somewhat skeptical. I'm hoping to make an appointment in the next few week for a consultation at least.
Moxie girl, Arnica cream or gel is great for bruises--especially mild ones like most little kids get. It should never be applied to open skin, though--so if there are cuts as well as bruises wait for them to heal up (or use a calendula cream to heal them and keep them infection free) till they close up and then apply the arnica cream to clear up the bruising and pain.

For serious head bonks, I'd keep a vial of Arnica in a 30c potency on hand if she really bumps her head, like I suppose we all did as children (jumping up and down on beds, what we refer to in our family as "the tobogan incident", sliding down banisters and not stopping when the banister ends, or even when your bum hits the ground, but just coasting on that momentum...till...bonk!). It is a wonderful first aid for concussions, blunt trauma of any kind but great for those bumps and "goose eggs" that kids get all the time (takes the pain away and heals the bruising up very quickly).

Disregard the "directions" on the vial itself--always use homeopathics according to what your body dictates. If the child feels pain, give a dose: the pain should stop. ONLY IF IT RETURNS should you give another dose. One dose is usually 3 of the tiny pills given under the tongue, just allow them to dissolve there (kids love them--they taste pleasantly sweet). If you're treating some bad bruising, give one dose every day for two or three days and you'll find the bruise clears up very quickly.

The arnica pills are also really great to have on hand for fractures and sprains. Excellent first aid for broken bones. Anyone in the family will benefit from it in any kind of blunt trauma.

ErinJane, Acupuncture works extremely well. But Cranial Sacral massage may be an even better treatment for your specific complaint. Both treatments work on a vitalist medical paradigm in that they correct the flow of your body's autonomous energy, wherever it is blocked, so that it can successfully heal itself. Acupuncture uses needles and meridian points to do this; cranial sacral uses very gentle manipulations. Which ever you choose, either will address not just your TMJ but also every thing else, including the emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of your health state. I just think the cranial sacral therapy might bring more soothing physical relief for your concern because of the locality of the treatment--it's hands on and it may possibly bring immediate relief (especially if you're one of those people who respond very well to touch or massage).
chacha- Thank You! I was walking around all day going "A..." I know it starts with A....

total slip of the mind thing. *Mwah*

Thanks for the advice, chacha. Do you know how I would go about finding someone to do cranial sacral massage? It it likely that places that do acupuncture/homeopathic treatments would? There's an Asian doctor who I plan to call who is supposed to be amazing in terms of curing allergies and certain illnesses. I keep hearing about her from all sorts of people.
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