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Full Version: You make me feel like a natural-ly health woman! (Alternative medicine thread)
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If you're doing better on the Sam-e, consider adding specific foods to your diet so your body has a sufficient store of appropriate amino acids to produce the necessary proteins to make this.

A little dietary change can help your supplement work better--and it can also allow you to stop using the supplement all together once your body's healthy.
Chacha - Oy, it is time for me to get back on the healing path, after a rough year or so of just kind of stuffing things away, and not really taking care of myself and taking care of others a bit too much. So I saw my most amazing and wonderful cranial sacral therapist last night - who now lives in GA, but we flew her in to work on a group of us from work who are all but breaking down.

I seem to have re-initiated my adrenal fatigue here, and my healer also thinks I may have tape worms, judging from my symtoms, and feeling my intestines as she was working on me. lovely. So she's recommending a product called Paracleanse to take care of the worms, then candystroy to help clear out the intestines, and then my regular liver cleanse to cap off the detox. Concurrently, she's also recommending Metagenics Metagest Digestive Support Formula to support getting my lymph system regulated....what do you think, and do you have any other homeopathic recommendations. I know I did some adrenal homeopathics a few years ago, when I was much more punched down with adrenal fatigue, and all I can remember is that they were from Futureplex, and I don't seem to have it written down anywhere.

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with all of us here!
You're welcome! So: Here's what I think:

Love cranio-sacral therapy; love most of the supplement Metagenics products; advise against the complex potentized polypharmacy remedies (they are not homeopathics. Not according to homeopathy, anyway). I just never see anyone get well on them, and I don't know how anyone would actually manage a case with them. There's no way to tell what's doing what in the body, so there's no way to tell if things are actually becoming cured or if things are just being suppressed. Which puts the patient in an extremely precarious situation, health wise. And then there's the reality that the founder of homeopathy made a lifetime out of detailing why they shouldn't be used cause they are not safe...and the fact that someone who isn't schooled in homeopathy is giving them to their clients (though I'm sure they were told it was okay to do this...but it's not). In any case, if the detox is closely monitored and the products do not include potentized medicines, they can be helpful if used for a short time. If you do choose a homeopath, they have to take your whole case before picking a single remedy for you which will address the worms (if indeed you do have parasites), the adrenal fatigue, yeast, and any issues having anything to do with your liver. Your body will very effectively detox itself, if that's what it needs to do. That's the only homeopathic advice I can give on this.

Surely there's a good homeopath you can work with who'll do things right, if that's what you want to do? If not, there must be other options--like seeing an ND herbalist or Chinese medical specialist? Your diet's already quite good: I'm recommending the other therapies because you really should demand some case management for your health! These are all symptoms of a chronic illness, not something acute and self-limiting. To really get well, you need to have someone monitor what happens to you during treatment to make sure things are going in the right direction. You definitely said it right when you said you needed to get on the healing path again--it's more than just a bunch of medicines, it's a whole process towards becoming well again. You are worth it!
Thanks so much, chacha....I think you're right, I could really use a good homeopath, and I'm *sure* there are many good ones in Chicago...I've got a pretty good cast of healer type friends, so I'll cast about and see what they recommend..And I really don't want to keep getting stuck here every 2-3 years. I know the last couple months of work stress and parental illnesses have really taken their toll this time, but the goal needs to be more long-term in orientation than a quick stop shop approach.

Now what does this mean "complex potentized polypharmacy remedies" - that's one big string of words, and I'm not sure quite exactly it means...

I made a small order this morning online, but just of my metagenics women's vitamin and some chlorphyll - just my usual basics...something told me to hold back on the other stuff, and I'm glad I did. I think if I got a little homeopath help, and found a local CS therapist, I'll probably get centered again pretty quickly.

ETA: I just looked up my old network chirporactor who works in energy, rather than "rack 'em and crack em" type work, and she just added a naturopath/oriental med doc to her practice, so I think I'll check it out. I whole heartedly trust my chiro, and I know she wouldn't associate with anyone she would trust her own family with. Thanks for the nudge, chacha!
All those options sound good, so follow up with them. Chiro-naturopath-traditional chinese medicine sounds excellent; especially if she's willing to use those specialties with you (and only those specialties). It's a huge help to know what it's like to have worked with the practitioner before--if she's done chiro on you then she's already got some very good information about what's happening energetically and physiologically with you. That's a good start.

The complex polypharmacy stuff I wrote about are those "homeopathic" patent medicines that are not, in fact, homeopathic medicines at all. You see, substances are made into homeopathic remedies by going through a very strictly controlled process of serial dilution and succussion in order to become "potentized". Homeopathy is not just the use of these medicines, but also the correct use of these medicines, which is one at a time, and in accordance with an equally strict scientific process of application. So not only does the medicine have to be prepared in this way, it has to be applied in a very specific way: one remedy at a time, which has the most similar pattern of a totality of symptoms to the ones observed in the patient. Otherwise, the medicine will do harm.

Now, complexes actually are formulated by combining any number of these medicines, for any kind of rationale (it is never specified). So, for example, you might find a polypharmacy complex for something like "migraines"--and it might include anywhere from 2 to 200 different remedies that in some way address a type of head ache pain that can be termed "migraine". So the label may look something like this:

"MigraPlex" {or whatever name is chosen--this is a patent trade name and not actually the name of a homeopathic medicine} contains:

Natrum Muriaticum 4X
Arsenicum Album 12X
Calcarea Carbonica 4X
Rhus Toxicodendron 5X
Sanguinaria Canadensis 4X
Nux Vomica 6X
.(....and many more can be included here)

when in reality the remedy the patient may need may address migraines very well, but may be one of any of the 3000 plus remedies which are actually used by homeopaths. Worse, if the patient actually needs one of the remedies in the complex, and that remedy could cure them, it simply will not work well because the whole body will have been negatively affected by the combination of remedies used. So it's like you now have to treat a whole series of diseases that have been imposed on your patient before the correct remedy will do the job well. Needless suffering, in other words.

No one knows why those particular remedies are chosen, no one considers that each one of those remedies affects the entire organism and not just headache pain, and most importantly, no one knows what those medicines do in the body once they are combined in that way. So the potential for great harm is massive. Many homeopaths ask, why don't they just combine all 3000 plus of the remedies and sell it as The Super Drug, then, if complexes are so effective?

Homeopaths only use remedies which have been tested in the body by a variety of human beings. This is absolutely important--as we can't judge what is taking place as a result of the medicine's effects if we don't do this. When a whole bunch of these remedies are combined and never tested, it's anyone's guess.

The irony is, there is no legislation protecting consumers from these medicines, nothing that even stipulates that these aren't homeopathic (if they could at least be called something else, then people could at least make an informed decision!). They are super easy to sell using the whole pharmaceutical marketing set-up, and since there is no law about who can and can't sell them, all kinds of alternative health practitioners and MDs are approached to push these products on their clients. They make a quick buck (they are always so much more expensive than real homeopathic medicines), you don't have to do any real studying to use them, and they get the patient to spend the money without you having to spend the time that's really necessary to make sure they get well under your care. In my mind, they are an extremely cynical way to cash in on patients who are desperately seeking alternatives to scary pharmaceutical drugs, or ineffective conventional treatments which no longer work for them.
chacha - thanks for the very thorough explanation - that helps alot in understanding what I should be looking for, and what to avoid....I've certainly taken some of those complex concotions with the first healer I worked with, and who can say if they worked or not...I was changing so much about my lifestyle and diet at the time, there were a lot of shifts going on.

So, I'll meet with the homeopath/acupuncturist, and see where to go from there - she's pretty reasonable, so that's good. I haven't met her before, but she's in the same practice as the chiro I love. So we'll see...I'll keep you posted, for sure.
oh turbojenn! i've been thinking of the same thing this past week! i sent you a PM. let me know if you find a good homeopath in chicago.
Chacha, I PM'd you last month. Not sure if you got it and didn't reply because you didn't have input to add, or if it didn't get through to you.
Hi Anarch--I got a PM from you about the two homeopaths from the Boston area, and I sent a I'm not sure whether or not you got it!

In it, I said the ones you were considering both sounded good, but that you should contact them to get a feel for them and how it would be to work with them--what are their consultations like, do they seem easy and open on the phone, what kind of rates do they charge, etc. etc.; and I also directed you to the New England School of Homeopathy as a source for more referrals if you should need more. I hope you got that reply!

I'll check and see if this board stores sent messages. I'm sorry things aren't going back and forth as I thought they were!
Hello Alternative Medicine Thread!

I decided as of Friday after a bad teqila night that it's is time for a cleanse. I'm cutting out two bad things from my diet and adding two good things. I figured I keep adding on as the weeks go by. I'm drinking nothing but water at this point. Of course I'm breaking out a bit around the chin area. I remember once long ago that someone told me that means that my liver is not pleased with me, which is quite understandable.

Anyway, so my question is have any of you tried to do a liver cleanse and if you how did you begin the process?

oh wasabi, that font is just way, WAY too small. i need a magnifying glass chica.

hey, anybody know what's safe to take for headaches during pregnancy? aspirin and tylenol are out and so is feverfew, is ibuprophen ok (or another herb)? i hope so 'cause i took two this morning to deal with my insane morning sickness headache. gah, and i threw up on the way to little's school. not so very nice. this is what i get for drinking wine and eating garbage since i stopped that all raw vegan diet. i feel nasty.
Wasabi and Pepper, both of you would benefit immensely from one dose of Nux Vomica 6C. It's a great remedy for whenever you overindulge in anything, and suffer the consequences. I always use it for a hangover, and I'm better instantly--like, night and day better, immediately/instantly. It's also a wonderful remedy for headaches and nausea. If you use a very low potency and don't repeat it (Pepper, just let the little pillules sit in a 4 oz glass of water a minute, then drink it down) there is no danger to you or your wee one.

People tend to go overboard with liver cleanses. I say go easy on yourself, make up a master cleanse solution of filtered water, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup, and celtic sea salt and go on that for 3 or 4 days while whittling down your food choices to things like broths, steamed veggies and poached fish, rice, fresh fruit, not a lot of spices and herbs. It's important to take it easy for the duration, so plan your "cleanse" for days when you know you won't be dealing with a lot of annoying conflict and stress (don't, like, do it around family holidays or anything like that). The liver does tend to create skin symptoms when it is overloaded, but those skin symptoms include a very red, itchy rash; and chloasma or melasma...not pimples, so much.
well, i'm meeting with a homeopath/herbalist/accupuntrist doctor tomorrow. i'm kinda excited. i figured i should get someone who could follow my case more closely. i've made the decision not to go back to my dermie because i don't want to be filled up with antibiotics, or worse Accutane, and topcial creams that do not work. The Accutane worked, but I don't like such a strong drug being in my body. I was on it before in my late teens.

On my first visit, I meet with him for 1 1/2. Wow. I'm like, "what does he do?" it is pretty cool. i'm trying to stay hopeful and have faith that a different approach to how i care for my body overall will have a long term impact on me.

sidenote: my acne has resembled how my father's was literally according to my mom. how's that for genetics?

i'll let everyone know how it goes.
chacha, that homeopathic remedy isn't doing it for me, for the sickness anyhow but i'll keep it around for headaches and see. i'm still having lowgrade nausea almost constantly and it is SUCKING! i'm having a hard time eating right now and if i eat something that i like and it makes me feel sick i can't eat that thing later on without feeling sick instantly. ugh. i tried some umeboshi plum dissolved in water and oh gross, no can do. what the heck.
Well, the remedy has to be similar to the situation, not just the actual symptoms--when I first mentioned it it was because you and wasabi were suffering from what I thought was overindulgence in alcohol. For that, it's perfect. For morning sickness, you might need to take another remedy (because ailments from overindulgence in alcohol causes vomiting to detoxify to body; morning sickness causes vomiting for all kinds of possible reasons, hence: different mechanism/energy at work in the body). This remedy takes a little more energy to figure out.

I'd wager, however, that the headache you're waking with might be one of those sick headaches which comes from having low blood sugar (which would result from your not being able to eat). What kinds of foods have you been able to have? Are liquids easier than solids? Can you keep down things like crackers or cookies, if you eat them slowly?

I hate to prescribe anything to pregnant moms without taking a full case (cause, heck, I'd be affecting you and your fetus) but I know tissue salts provide a ton of nutritional support and help to ease whatever difficulties are going on. There's a regimen you can use throughout your pregnancy to make sure you and your baby are getting full nutritional support. Here it is:

For morning sickness:

Ferrum Phosphorica 6X or 12X (either potency is fine) This is best for morning sickness with vomiting of undigested food.

Natrum Muriaticum 6X or 12X for morning sickness with frothy, watery phlegm.

Natrum Sulfuricum 6X or 12X, for vomiting in pregnancy of bilious matter, with a bitter taste

Kali Muriaticum 6X or 12X for vomiting of white phlegm, white coated tongue

Dose: take 5 tablets every half hour during acute conditions, less frequently after the condition has eased.

Tissue salts to take all through the pregnancy are:

Kali Phosphorica--to ease nervous strain and to help nerve development; also very good to take in the last two months of pregnancy to ease many of the discomforts of pregnancy for the mother. It builds the nervous and muscular system up so that the delivery can take place comparatively easy and comfortably.

Calcarea Phosphorica--aids the normal development of the fetus, aids with nutrient assimilation

Ferrum Phosphorica--helps oxygenate the blood, aids in circulatory system development, red blood cell production for both mom and fetus.

The salts come in tiny pills that dissolve instantly under the tongue.

Stargazer, what we inherit from our parents will blow you away, when you begin to actually "see" the patterns clearly (and since you're going to do some indepth analysis of this, you'll begin to see it soon). I really hope things go well tomorrow and you find your new doc to be excellent.
cool, thank you. i have cal fluor on my list for later on to avoid stretch marks, i'll get a list up of what you suggested. the mr just blew 300$ on supplements for me, yikes! efa's, acidophilus, alfalfa, quercitin, Q10, cal:mag, and a whole food prenatal. it's so. many. pills. ugh.
i can eat fruit and celery and i have to be careful with everything else. too much liquid makes me icky. too much heavy makes me icky. too little makes me icky, too much, etc etc. and i'm thinking melba toast beside the bed 'cause i really think the low blood sugar first thing in the AM is doing me in. it's nauseating me right at the start of the day. not so terrific.
i read that the nox vomica is good for digestive upset and constipation so i could still take it for that, yes?
Well, nux vomica is good for stomach upset and constipation--but mostly in cases where these are taking place because of overindulgence (eating too much, drinking too much, taking too many drugs...seriously). Nux vomica patients also have huge cravings for rich foods, alcohol, lots of sex, so the tendency to overindulge is big. If that's not defining you at the moment, the nux is not likely to work for you. There are many remedies that would address those symptoms which you'd have way more success with. If you've got stomach ache, nausea, a headache and constipation from a long night of drinking--yes, nux vomica's your charm. If you've got it for any other reason, well, you will likely have to find a more appropriate remedy. That would take a great deal more attention to your whole case, my dear, which is why I won't suggest something like a homeo remedy without learning more about the pertinent stuff I'd need to know to actually choose something that's likely to work for you.

Which is why I suggested the tissue salts instead--it's a lot easier to find something you can use right away and if it isn't the absolute best remedy you still benefit from it nutritionally, with no chance of causing harm. Whenever a homeopathic remedy's given, it causes change to take place even if you don't see or feel it, so it's best not to guess at that. If you like, PM me and I can try to figure out something more appropriate, but we'll be doing a lot of talking.

If you can eat fruit, can you eat fruits like mango and banana? Can you eat foods like nuts--brazils, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut meat? Mango and banana pack more starch than other fruits so they can also supply a few more nutrients (and you'll at least get more nutrients out of them); nuts are easier to digest than other foods and they can give you a bit of protein. Also: can you eat anything like pickles? I know it's cliche, but there's a reason they're a big pregnancy craving.
oh that's funny. i was looking for good pickles today but i couldn't find any non-garlic non-spicy ones. i have been eating a lot of olives, though not as much as last pregnancy when i ate a half jar at least of kalamatas daily. why are pickles good for pregnancy exactly? how odd.
i will pm you, thanks for the offer...
so, i met my naturopath doc. he's very easy to talk to, which i feel is a good start. he believes he can make fast results happen. i like his energy, which is what i need right now. he spent alot of time talking with me. he's gonna spend more time getting to know my history. wow, this is more indepth than any therapy i've taken part in. i really like this approach.

he explained that my skin is the weakest place being used to show the infection built up in my body. everything chacha has mentioned to me. he used the analogy of it being one room we will enter, but there are alot of rooms to go through. he did some test on me and discovered what my food sensitivities are: grains, wheat, corn, gluten, chocolate, coffee, sugar and dairy products. of course, i'm having a hard time with the chocolate and sugar products. but, i know i can do it. he wants me to keep a food diary for this week. next week, he's gonna start me on a cleanse.

my mom is apprehensive being she's a nurse. she is use to modern medicine, but i think she will begin to see how alternative medicine can help when other courses have failed.

i'm nervous too, but i really feel ready for a change to address my overall health. and chacha, you are right...i will be pretty surprised to see the patterns of things from my family.
Pickles--the kind you buy from a freezer at the deli, specifically (the true old fashioned kind) are lacto-fermented. They boost the nutrient value of all foods, help to eliminate gas in the digestive system (which you must know can build up during pregnancy) and help the intestines function better in digestion (they have lovely pro and prebiotics!). They also help to increase your appetite.

But they have to be the lacto-fermented kind that have to be stored in the fridge (there are some brand names, like "Bubbie's", that you can find). Most pickles and relishes on the market now are sterilized and they offer no nutritional benefit, and the vinegar used to make them is made from wood-industry by-product and not from actual fruit, wine, or spirits. Avoid those ones.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, Pepper.

Stargazer, I'm so pleased you found your ND easy to work with, and you look like you're looking forward to what will take place next. I'm sure when your mom sees you feeling and looking better, she'll be at ease. There's nothing really mystifying about what he's doing at this point--just helping you change your diet to be more supportive (nothing wrong with that, certainly nothing objectionable). I think, during the process, you're going to become a lot stronger just by getting to know yourself that much better.

Good luck!
Mmmm.....Bubbies...l love their stuff - I always have a jar in the fridge...but I'm a pickle maven from childhood...maybe it was momma's homeade pickles that helped me survive all those years of foods that weren't the best for me!

Stargazer - I'm so happy you liked the ND - send me his contact info when you get a chance! And if you want any help/advice/support on the diet change stuff - let me know, I do pretty much the exact same program. And I'm really glad he's going to recommend a cleanse for you - it'll really help your body get some rest and space to heal...and I usually cap it off with a colonic - I know not everyone is a fan, but they've been really helpful for me in really starting fresh, and more importantly, getting rid of cravings. If he recommends a medical food supplement powder kind of thing that you mix up with water...if he goes for UltraClear or Ultrameal - don't do it!!! They're great products, and do a wonderful job, but they taste godawful, and I had a hard time keeping it down. I really like a product called BioCleanse, which does the same thing, but has a pretty neutral taste - I just blend it up with a little fruit and water or unsweetened juice. Just my .02 from my own experience...

On my own journey....I went to the acupuncture free clinic last night at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine for my adrenal fatigue, and they did a really thorough history, and did a treatment, and already I feel better than I have in weeks. Actually, I couldn't sleep last night, because of all the new energy pinging around my body! The intern's needle technique certainly wasn't as good as a pro, but he got the job done.
I second the nix recommendation on the UltraClear. So many docs use that stuff and patients rarely like it (even though they make a chocolate flavour too!); if an elimination diet is part of his treatment plan for you, ask your doctor to put you on an elimination diet that doesn't include the powder mixes. It IS possible!

Turbo, isn't energy medicine amazing?
Yeah. I gagged on Ultraclear 4x a year for a couple years for my cleanse cycles before I finally got smart, and asked for something different, and less repulsive. BioCleanse was a huge improvement, and a little more gentle on my body, and when I blend it up with some frozen fruit, its pretty easy to drink. Now if there was a decent tasting pro-biotic green drink...then I'd be all set!!

Yup, chacha, I love the energy work. I need to get back to being a regular body is definitely happier when I have someone working with me to keep me in balance.

I'm chugging hot brewed ginger and honey here this morning, to see if I can convince my lymph nodes not to sit on my tongue and be unhappy. So far, I've staved off the cold, but my throat doesn't seem to have gotten the message.
i can't find bubbies AnyWhere! but i did get some yogurt starter and am gonna start making my own. if i can figure out how. i bought a cup yogurt maker at a yard sale sans instructions and can't find a manual online. i'll have fun or i'll burn milk. ha ha.
thanks turbo and chacha for the tips!

i went to trader joe's with my mom today. i know i wasn't eating enough the past 2 days upon the food sensitivity discovery. i was happy to find pasta, bagels, and waffles that are wheat free and gluten free. i think i was little overwhelmed by the food change. i mean, i eat healthy, but it is still tough. i just kept thinking about what chacha would say, "it means i need to incorporate more healthy foods into my diet." so, i loaded up on veggies and fruits.

any tips or books i could look into to help with my food sensitivities? any suggestions about health food in general?
Dunno where you live, pepper, so this may not be of any help, but Bubbies are carried by most Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and lotsa independent natural food stores and food co-ops in the US. And Bubbie's pickles are damn good. yum.

Stargazer, if you want some info about finding more gluten-free or wheat-free foods, check out They list a lot of sources for prepared wheat-free/gluten-free foods as well as retailers that carry the products, recipes and meal ideas. Larger natural food groceries (like Whole Foods, Wild Oats, etc) as well as many co-ops and indie natural food stores often have a customer service desk with a bunch of hand-outs and brocheres about meeting your nutritional needs if you've got dietary restrictions. And in my experience, it's a little bit hit and miss, but if you ask staff for help, advice, or info, you can sometimes learn a lot. If I were you, I'd check out all the health food joints in town and gather lots of ideas to add to whatever your ND tells you.
le sigh, i'm in a small town in the canadian rockies. no whooe foods here and the local co-op and health food stores don't have them. i want fermented PICKLES! classic preggo lady craving, i'm laughing at myself...
Awww....pepper, I'm sad you can't find the bubbies! Do you any small organically inclined grocery that might take a chance on ordering some for you?

Stargazer - I'm glad you found some foods that will be good for you! I bought a few cookbooks when I first made the change, so I'll look at my shelf when I get home, but ultimately, I pretty much decided that cooking with wheat/dairy/egg substitutes were just that - substitutes that didn't satisfy. So what I did, was think about the flavors I really love, and adapted that to the new diet. If you want, PM me your email addy, and I can send you a bunch of my retro-fitted recipes!
Pepper, try asking the local food co-op if they'll bring them in for you. That's how most people get them here--via food co-op. Actually, the Toronto food co-op distributes them to retailers in the greater Toronto area. Another alternative: they may be available on-line.

OR--there must be a real live deli where real deli meats are served, traditional kosher foods, etc. If you can't get the fermented pickles, try for kimchi or sauer kraut--similar, pickly-fermented stuff, same benefits. You can also see if Straub's pickles are available in your market, or Vlassic's. They won't be as excellent as Bubbie's (after all, the name means grandmother's pickles!), but they are more widely distributed.

Stargazer, I was under the impression that the food sensitivities diets are part of what's called an elimination diet--you eliminate, and then re-add, foods to the diet to test your sensitivity and your increased health (which is visible through your renewed tolerance of those foods). If you're eliminating things from your diet like wheat and dairy, you should still be thinking about the other very necessary foods--the right fats (can you eat things like coconut oil, since butter's out for now?), or meat foods (unless you are practicing a form of vegetarianism). What about things like legumes and beans? Lacto-fermented foods? All good, lots of nutrients, all healing foods. I know the elimination part is temporary, but adding these other foods and making them part of your overall dietary habits are a great way to make the transition easier for now, and they'll become part of your permanent lifestyle.
we have the absolute best organic co-op here, really amazing store but NO fermented pickles. it's baffling! and there is no deli or kosher food place here either, which i find equally odd. i looked and looked but...nothing. i'll talk to the peeps at the co-op and see what they might be able to do for me. there is a gourmet food place here too but his stuff costs the earth.
oh well, i love kraut. and i'm going to try that beet recipe chacha posted too. the big carrot in toronto had amazing fermented shredded veggies, beet, carrot, etc. they were so good!
thanks again Busties for all of your feedback!

chachaheels~i think you are right about the elimination diet. my mom had the same feeling. maybe once i am stronger that i can slowly add some of these foods into my diet to test my sensitivity. i will have to check with my ND. probably why i'm keeping a food diary right now. i actually feel like there is alot of food out there i can have. i just have to take my time right now to read what is in the food i'm actually eating. with diabetes in the family, going gluten/wheat free and easing on the sugar could help me in the long run. i am noticing having more natural energy.
Yeah, elimination diets are a lot of doc's "first steps" protocol. That, and the food diary, give you an opportunity to examine up close what you do without thinking all the time--that is, choose what to eat. The UltraClear diet powders that TurboJenn talked about were invented to help with the protocol and help keep a very controlled diet for the specified length of time for each patient, that way you and your doc would know exactly what caused reactions, if anything, in your diet. But like I said, they're meant to be temporary.

There is a very big secret in Chinese medicine that is so true: ANY change in the diet brings renewed energy and a sense of better well-being. This is something a lot of doctors ask you to do for lots of reasons--one, so you can see an immediate cause and effect reaction for the better; two, it forces you to make more conscious decisions about what you eat so you notice the difference you body feels with each decision; and three, it helps the physician gain your trust and gauge your committment to the treatment.

A healthy body can eat everything human beings are capable of eating, and it thrives from that. So as your health is restored you'll be able to eat whatever you wish to eat. But you'll also be able to make far better choices too.
so, i went to my ND today. it is actually a detox he is putting me on for the next month. it is a gradual detox of the organs. in addition, i'm doing a cellular detox by taking homeopathic drops. he had a little kit for me. a little overwhelming at first, but, it is over time. i'm kinda glad i'm not working at the moment because i'm gonna need my energy to focus on taking all of this stuff!

we reviewed my food diary and made alterations. saw where i needed to make adjustments. chacha, you were is an elimination to prevent any more infection (in my case, cystic acne on my face) and to let my body get stronger. he said eventually i will be able to incorporate the foods i'm sensitive too overtime because my body will be stronger to digest the toxins. plus, my body will learn to deal with toxic material to strengthen itself. i am noticing differences since changing my diet. my PMS is pretty much non existent. no lower back pain. decrease in irritability. decrease in bloating. that's cool.

my mom (whose is a nurse and my main support system) went with me for the visit. i'm glad she went 'cause i think she was relieved to hear his plan and to meet him. she is even making some Thanksgiving food more organic this year. i think she is getting more excited about making changes for herself as well.
Stargazer - sounds like you had a great meeting with your ND....I'm definitely going to give him a call just as soon as turbomann gets a job. Sounds like a great plan he has for you - I can't wait to hear about the continuing changes you feel as you detox!

I just want to tell you all that I did a sinus irrigation tonight with salt and warm water and can breathe easily for the first time in ten days. My allergies have been out of control, and I can't believe that I waited so long to try this out.

Isn't it just amazing, sidecar?! Its the simplest, most painfree way to make an improvement to your sinuses!
sidecar~now i have to try it! good to hear you had positive results.

i thought i would share with ya'll how cute my mother is. so, you know i've been placed on a detox for the next month and have to follow a strict diet regime. she made a very healthy turkey dinner so i could have a happy thanksgiving. she even made a pumpkin pie minus the sugar (since i can't have any right now) so i could still have a dessert. this morning, i was commenting on how we didn't eat as much as before. she said she didn't feel hungry or overstuffed yesterday. she felt satisfied with what she ate. i commented on how we weren't loaded up on carbs and other sugars.

yeah, this food sensitivity thing is pretty cool. BUT, i'm still craving cookies, pies, cake, a nice mixed caffeinated's hard....
stargazer - hooray for healthy thanksgivings!! I feel the same satisfaction with my own cooking for the holidays...I'm never overstuffed, and I don't feel deprived at all now. I usually just bring my own food wherever we're having thanksgiving, and that works out fine. Yesterday, though, we cooked our own small turkey here so we could have our own leftovers.

On the cravings thing, they will go away in you probably won't want them at all. Did the doc give you any supplements to get rid of the candida in your intestines - something like candistroy? I take that for a couple months everytime I do the wheat slide and start to feel the effects of it again.

I'm really looking forward to when turbomann is employed again, so I can go see your ND....I've love to be able to safely incorporate wheat foods into my life again without worry. I don't mind going without, but I'm interested to see what can be done to help me achieve true wellness!
Hi there. I just on friday decided to go back on the low-wheat, low-dairy, vegetarian and mostly organic way of eating I used to do. I started with a semi-cleanse this weekend (from the book "stop your cravings" by jennifer workman). Lots of green tea with honey, lemon and ginger, rice protein shakes 3x a day, pureed veggies 1x a day, and vegetable broth 1x a day. Plus a green drink, triphala, and probiotics 1x a day. Today's my last day of the cleanse and somehow I've lost 6 lbs since friday. I'm guessing that's mostly (or all) water, but whatever, my pants fit now. Yesterday I dropped over $100 at foods for living (its like whole foods) for things to eat this coming week. But I'm excited about the healthy eating. I'm sick of gross unnatural food that is making me fat.

I was wondering how you find a naturopath doc? Is there some sort of online listing of registered ones? Also, how much $$ do most generally charge per session?
does anyone know of a natural treatment for impetago? my little keeps getting it and i lost the tube of prescription cream. i wonder if there's something else i can use?
Pepper, it's another illness of deficiency. You're not going to like this, but, animal sourced vitamin A is a big boost in skin health that can get rid of this disease. There's some reason why he's so susceptible to it and he keeps getting reinfected with it.

Anywho: it'd be good to know what kind of impetigo he gets--figurata, gyrata, circinata.
turns out it's just a post viral rash according to the doctor. the kind that he has gotten before has just been a small open sore at the corner of his mouth or near a nostril that goes away with antibiotic cream in just a couple of days. it's openish and oozy while it's there. ick. how do i tell which kind it is? i don't think i'll be able to get him to eat liver or fish oil though.

chacha, he gets growing pains in his legs that are quite painful for him, he takes a kid's multi bit i was thinking of liquid calcium for him as well. is there anything else i should consider? poor little bugger, he doesn't like to walk anywhere when he feels like that and we do quite a bit of walking.
Pepper, the names to differentiate refer to the shape of the discolorations and the classification of the infection (there is simplex, contagiosa, and vulgaris impetigo--and the names I gave below refer to the shapes of the pustules). Whenever I think of impetigo I can't help but see it as a kind of herpes. It's similar to those kinds of diseases just because it seems to come up after a viral infection (like herpes illnesses often do), and often in the same places as herpes too. Herpes does this for a protective reason--I'm not sure if impetigo does this for the same reasons as herpes. Anyway, it's likely your doctor will have made a note as to which type of impetigo your boy's got before making the prescription, it's not all that important to know the distinction but it does give me a visual idea of what you're actually dealing with.

If you want to use an alternate form of a natural antibiotic, you can try using a diluted form of oregano oil (maybe a 4:1 ratio of olive oil to oregano, so it doesn't sting) taken internally--a drop under the tongue a day). Do not use anything like calendula cream or oil on this as the open sores need to heal up on their own time--calendula will force the skin tissue closed for too early for real healing to take place.

I doubt your boy will eat liver too--but if you eat things like liver pate, he'll eat it too. And cod liver oil capsules are a good strategy to consider. Remember that good quality raw milk cheese and butter also contain very high amounts of vitamins A and D so do encourage him to eat those up.

As for the growing pains in the legs--the best thing I use for that is calc phos tissue salts. And I know you've got some! Give him 4 of those a day, under the tongue, every day for the next 2 weeks or so. If he experiences a bout of the bone pains at night, have him take 4 pills under the tongue every 15 minutes or so until the pains go (they'll usually stop after the first or second dose...but he will know he has something he can use when they take place).

I don't recommend supplementing with calcium pills--the pains take place because of an inability to absorb the nutrient, which happens no matter how much of it you put in the diet. The calc phos tissue salts should fix that right up.

Just another quick note (sure, call it pontificating if you need to, whatever) but deficiencies are rarely "fixed" with supplements. They actually point to the body's inability to absorb and use the nutrients from food, and it's that inability that has to be addressed. Your boy seems to have an inability to absorb nutrients properly--the leg pains are a sign of this, as is the impetigo. Now please note: I'M NOT BLAMING ANYONE HERE!! I'm merely pointing out a reality that we can change!
girl, don't you fret. you don't offend me none. it's good to know what the real deal is so's i can go about fixing it up. i doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to be true.

so, what he has on his face this time is just a rash, not the dreaded Rash Of All Rashes. but i will makes notes from your post below in case it happens again. i've always thought that it seemed very similar to herpes in appearance and behavior. we don't have herpes, i tested negative for antibodies which is amazing because i had a partner with it. he never exposed me that we know of but still, it's amazing that it didn't happen anyhow.

i have actually been looking for an organic liver pate for my iron issues but haven't found one yet. and he's too young to swallow pills still. i tried with the kids orange flavour liquid fish oil supplement but he hated it, the face he made was priceless.

the raw dairy is a no go, it can't be found in this neck of the woods unfortunately. too bad but i keep my eye out anyhow. and that's excellent about the cal-phos, he will be so relieved to have something to take when it hurts him. i'm not surprised that he has trouble absorbing, we're both O-negative and it seems to fit the bill.

as always, thanks for your thoughts.

You're always welcome, Pepper.

And, yeah I'm bummed about that lack of decent fish liver oil pills for kids. Maybe finding organic liver and making your own pate might be an idea? Or, looking for canned pate de fois gras imported from France? It's a little pricey, but they are sticklers about their farming practices for foods like that, so it's not like the food contains horrible anti-biotics or hormones. And it doesn't have to be eaten every day.

Anyway, hope the boy feels better soon. And how are you doing?
my nausea seems to be abating, replaced by a vague lack of interest in food. eating it i mean, not cooking it. that i've been doing non-stop lately! two big pots of soup and a big container of cream cheese artichoke heart dip this week, spanikopita today and there's a pumpkin pie in the oven right now! weird.

i caught little's sore throat from him and we're spending a lot of time at home recuping. i feel ok, sort of relaxed and achey but still motivated to do stuff. i finished off a crochet pair of cuffs today and am well into another hat and the afghan i'm making for the mister is coming along. it sure is good to have something to do with your hands when you're stuck at home!

i have a couple more questions. i found out about being preggo about three and a half weeks after conception (i'm fairly positive about the date) but before that i had been taking st johns wort and had also had a few glasses of wine in that time and an advil tylenol combo for a headache at least once (i'm prone to tension headaches). not only that, my diet, while still really good, isn't as perfect as it was last pregnancy. i don't eat processed junk, just not fabulous combinations or really high mineral/vitamin dense juices and foods. i know i'm healthy but is there anything at all i can do to gently detox along the way? is it better to just support my liver to do it's work or can i actively help it along?
Well, I say lay low on the detox at this point--your body is doing exactly what it needs to do to that end with the morning sickness, which will ease when you "get into your grove" with this pregnancy. I know tylenol is not the best--it's crappy and it's effects on the liver are taxing--but you haven't specified that you were taking a lot of it or just an occasional dose. As for the wine drinking--women have drunk wine and beer throughout pregnancies for millennia (or, anyway, as long as wine and beer have existed, which is a long time). So unless you were routinely drinking alcoholic lifestyle quantities, you've done no harm there. (Hell, European docs still tell women to drink a Guinness every day while pregnant specifically for the B vitamins and iron). You don't have to have it if you feel more comfy doing without--but the occasional small glass of wine with a meal is not going to harm you or your baby.

Cook away--sooner or later you'll be eating what you cook, so all will be well. If you're still not so interested, eat to be social; invite someone nice over and share the meal. Even if you're indifferent to the food, eat it anyway--the company will be the nourishment you can savour.

You really don't need to do too much for liver support--right now the tissue salts will help with that, as will your attention to the iron demands you've got. Fresh juices, lots of fresh water, soups and fruit teas if you can get them will also be a big boost. Unless you're getting some bona fide symptoms that your liver is overloaded, there's really nothing you have to do. It would be wise to just stay away from the St. John's wort for the duration though (as well as into the breastfeeding too).
coolio. i don't feel like having any wine at all, my interest has completely waned. it was a couple of glasses in the evening fairly regularly with another glass once in a while. the mister is a drinker and it was easy to join him in a drink or two or three, especially when we stayed over at his house where i have nothing to do. the tylenol was just a couple of times. the st johns wort i've totally stopped. i don't feel low emotionally anymore, it's totally passed. i did read that it's great during labor so i might take a capsule of two then if i feel moved to do so.
the pie is great. it's actually a yam pie rather than pumpkin and very little sugar. really, really rich and fabulous, but i can only manage a sliver. ha ha.
Oh, I just remembered a brand of supplements which are made specifically for kids with deficiencies/special sensitivities to foods, etc. The company's name is Kirkman--look at their American website (but they do have a distributor who markets in Canada, which makes them way easier to get!) here.

They initially developed their supplements for use with kids who have autism and all its attendant food sensitivities/allergies. But they've now got a lot of innovative products (like omega fish oil chewies!) that make it easier for kids to take their supplements. And high quality stuff--no stearates, no soy, no yeast, they are real sticklers because of their market. You might want to check them out for sources of fish liver oils for your little guy.
i got accupuncture for the first time today. it was a draining type of accunpuncture to help with the detox i'm on. i've never had accupuncture before today. i did feel a little sleepy afterwards. in fact, this evening i had a solid nap. i was out cold.

my ND and i figured that i need to start exercising to help "move" things for me with this detox. I have no excuses. i have an elliptical machine in my apartment. so, i need to get my arse on there. i would tell my patients at my old job that they needed to drink more water and exercise when they would complain to me about constipation. i guess i need to follow my own advice!

oh, and chachaheels...i was totally thinking of you and my mom when i mentioned to him how i am using the OCM and feeling i caused these problems...he said these things needed to come out, it could have gotten worse, i have alot of toxins in my, yeah, i had no control of these things...

2 more weeks left of the detox...yeah!
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