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Full Version: Bleeding & Nervous after my first time HELP!!!
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My boyfriend and I just recently had sex for the first time. The first time it hurt somewhat and I bled, but just a little bit. We had sex again that night and it was fine. Then today (2 days later) we had sex for the third time. It hurt me the worst going in this time but after a while I was okay. He was pushing pretty hard and deep at some points and it didn't hurt me then but now I have this feeling like I have to pee a lot and when I DO pee, it has a little blood in it, like the small bit of tissue that comes out when you have your period. Can someone please tell me anything you know about this?

It sounds to me like you have a urinary tract infection. There's already a thread dealing with those over in "our bodies, our hells". (I'm awful at posting links).

In an effort to keep the boards easy to navigate, we keep new threads to a minimum and check with the Bust Community Forum in the section "as the world turns" to find out if a thread already exists.

But I suggest you check out the thread titled "when peeing rules your life" under "our bodies, our hells".
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