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Full Version: Herbs that treats Vaginal Odours?Try the Jamu Stick!
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I have seen so many doctors and tried many ways to get rid of my overflowing bad smell vagina odour. Now I would like to share my experience where I have found a herbal cigar shaped soap that has helped me with this problem I have had almost forever! I want women to know that there is no need to give up like most other who have searched and tried many types of medications and seems that their problem (BV) never seems to die!
I have spent many years searching for something that will clear my BV and I can tell you that I have found the product that really will help most of use with BV.
I am not promoting this product but instead to help women who are looking to try what I have tried and see real results! Just visit this eBay link below to see the Jamu Herbal Stick.
If you want to get rid or at least see somekind of results, just try the Jamu Stick. temZ5608752475QQcategoryZ72803QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

Do update this thread after you have tried the Jamu Stick. Good luck!
joylove, while my heart goes out to you that your vagina is overflowing with horrible odors, we here at Bust HATE SPAM.

So shove some herbal soap up your hoo-ha and shove off of this site!
that was a bit agro ami.

welcome joy, unless you ARE a spammer, and then, well, what amilita said.
LMAO @Amilita. You have a way with words my dear!

I have seen joylove post in the BV thread which is exactly where this kind of thing should have stayed!
Yeah, I just checked and joylove posts only in the BV thread and only about the Jamu stick. At least that was on topic and in an existing thread, though still SPAM.

And if it isn't SPAM, I'll eat a Jamu stick.
I'm kind of glad she posted, actually, because I had been wondering if she was just spamming the BV thread. I think whoever it is doesn't know english too well and is obviously only on here to promote the product. I was going to say something along the lines of amilita but she beat me to it.
"And if it isn't SPAM, I'll eat a Jamu stick"

*giggles* I wonder if it would cure bad breath!
Ok..after checking out posting habits a bit more...definitely a spammer! Her user name even has part of the manufacturers name in it and she keeps trying to send people to ebay to a specific seller to buy this junk.
Okay, I just checked out their ebay site. halarious! I guess they get a lot of customers but their feedback is questionable and funny.
I agree w/ amilita.
Yay, cuz I really don't WANT to eat a Jamu Stick. :-)
I checked out the site too and all I kept thinking was "help! help! My vagina is 'loose' and terrorizing the town!"
Well, she may sound like a spammer, but I did try out the stick and it worked for me. I saw the same stuff elswhere and it costs a bomb!So, what have you contributed to this thread?
Turnip...I would like to point out that you too are a spammer. You have the EXACT same name on your e-mail account as the seller of the Jamu Stick on e-bay! This totally pisses me off. How many of you guys are there? Why are you trying to take advantage of women who already have enough problems to deal with. GO AWAY!
Can we just let the thread die. Let little troll-y talk to herself.
ha ha nice try, turnip. sorry, I had to have the last word, culture.
girls can we contact someone about taking these spamers out of the BUST lounge. It is so horrible that these people advatage of us this way.. there is nothing more terrible for a woman ,,,,, I am so mad!!!!!
girls can we contact someone about taking these spamers out of the BUST lounge. It is so horrible that these people advatage of us this way.. there is nothing more terrible for a woman ,,,,, I am so mad!!!!!
Umm...if you had taken the time to look, these ladies have not been least under these names. By posting in thread, you have managed to bump it up so that it gets attention again. *le sigh*
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