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Full Version: Wanna see my D-20? The geek thread...
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What's your poison? Do you role-play? Do you have a totally sweet Munchkin deck? (I know I do)
Are you sick of people rolling their eyes when you tell them you've aquired the axe skill? Do you watch G4? Do you wish your cable package included it?
Do you have a weird and inexplicable crush on Shatner?
Geeks, welcome.
shatner, zora? tsk tsk tsk. i don't. know. anyone who. likes. william shatner. that. way.(i was shatnerizing!)
don't forget to include... do you subscribe to all the revision3 podcasts because you don't get G4/TechTV? Do you read penny arcade? Do you read and understand penny arcade? (i only do about half the time)

so, zora, what's your totally sweet munchkin deck contain? right now me and my friends have been playing super star munchkin fu (but we have to give star munchkin and munchkin fu back to someone else at some point). Also, does anyone else play Gloom? it's soooooo fun.
We have the original munchkin with all three expansion packs; Clerical Errors, Unnatural Axe and Need for Steed.

I do have a crush on Shatner! We have all of his CDs including the really awful one he did with Nimoy.

I've totally tried reading Penny Arcade, but I couldn't get into it. I'm more of a Something Positive girl myself. How is munchkin fu? I've played Munchkin Bites and it was fun. I loved the "Imitate Bella Lugosi" card.
I better just fess up now.....I'm a real nerd.
I am so old-school RPG, it's just fucking sick. I started gaming in 1979, for crine out loud. I have an original boxed D&D set. I remember when C&S was called "Chevalier." I named a cat Ral Purrtha. I should be killed.
munchkin fu is fun, zora. there's a card (i'm pretty sure it's from fu) where you compose a poem after you get killed by a monster so that none of the bad stuff happens. which leads to much hilarity. i like supermunchkin better, though. you can get sidekicks, secret headquarters, and origins, like, say, stubbing your toe on something radioactive.

every once in a while someone will say 'oh, we have to get tyger to rpg with us!', but they're all lazy bitches who don't want to gm anymore, so i'm safe so far
Mr. Raskel and I decided not to have cable when we move in August. Instead we've decided to watch every episode of Star Trek from beginning to end. Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise.....maybe even all of the movies.
ooooo munchkin!!! we played that drunk and had a blast...not that i have had a chance to play it since...i so want to play the new versions. i need to get my own. where did you pick yours up at?
zora has it as well as Amazon and Steve Jackson's website.
so, i figured this was more geek-related than movie related...
last night i was watching the transformers: the movie. it starts by setting the the year 2005. my friends and i then decided it was an underground documentary disguised as a children's movie and sent back in time, as unicron really did fight the autobots last year, but the man doesn't want us to know transformers are real.
Kick-ass thread idea! Are we aiming more for true geek here, or can nerds, bookworms, eggheads, dweebs, dorks, and spazzes join in too? :-)

I'm married to a long-time RPGer who reads all the Terry Pratchett he can get his hands on and is frequently more help to other customers in computer stores than the clerks are. My personal cred is artsy/bookish nerd.
All are welcome!

We finally get to role-play again on Saturday. We were on a two week hiatus which sucked because my character, Muumuu just got the axe skill. Now I can axe people questions as well!

I feel like I should read some Terry Pratchett. It seems like required nerd reading. Ben has been reading "His Dark Materials" and we have a slight problem as we don't know who loaned them to us and we only have the first two books. I should probably pick them up and read 'em too, but Kingdom Hearts 2 is taking up most of my free time at the moment.
I spoke too soon. No game tonight. Boooooo. One of our friends has to work tonight. We might have a game of Munchkin, hopefully.
I'm DESPERATELY trying to find a 4th player so I can restart my V:tM game, but haven't had any luck since I'm picky and the 3 players I have now are AWSOME.

*sigh* Why are good players so hard to find?
On that note, why is it when you find one, and he's awesome, he just stops showing up because apparently the phrase, "every saturday night" simply means, "warn me a week in advance, or else I'll make other plans."
xexyz, are you gming?
I meant are you running the game? GMing, I should have said.
Lol, as you can see, my desperation has caused me to start seeing things. But yes, I'm the GM.
There's a geek thread? oh my god I love you! I love you all!
I love D&D, but ever since my husband started working on saturdays, we haven't played in months! I'd DM myself to take the pressure off, but I'm terrible. I can come up with an epic story,but I'm way too disorganized. And I get frustrated way easy. and I have add. any tips?
xexyz- Gosh I wish I could play! My boyfriend and I and our friends were all set up to start playing v:tm and the we just didn't, and I was pissed!So friggin flaky!
I remember when all the guys I used to play with could only play on sunday nights, and I was still in high school (they weren't) I would stay up all night playing, drink a rockstar, then go to school the next day, come home and crash... sigh... good times...
Might I start by saying: Gamer Girls Rock!

Now that that is off my chest... =P

solitary_fey, though it is much more fun to make your own D&D campaign from scratch, for those of us with really busy lives we always have the wonderful Dungeon magazine. I haven't been a part of our current house campaign, though 4 of my 7 roomies have been enjoying Dungeon's current campaign. Lure friends with promises of yummy snacks and hearty laughs. Get them to come once, and if they're true gamers, they'll be hooked on your campaign!

I am actually one of those she-doesn't-look-like-it-at-all-but-IS a gamer chick. Computer-wise, I am an Everquest/EQ2 veteran, a member of our house guild 'The Order of the Pink Gargoyle' on Guild Wars, and currently playing an awesome community-strong MMO called Clan Lord. Pen and paper-wise, I play D&D and my newfound love, Shadowrun. I am also into M:tG, Neopets, Betrayal at House on the Hill (try it!), Descent (try it!!), and I have a Sisters of Battle Witchhunter army for Warhammer 40k. Hell, I'm even majoring in Fantasy and Sci Fi Illustration. =)

So as you can see, I'll fit right in here. =D

Man, I just found out that our next game will be our last game. Poo. And it's not till the middle of July.
Maybe we can start a new campaign without our current GM who is moving to Ann Abor in August.
And we just started drinking blood too. Dammit. Now I'm attached to my character. *sigh*
Have internet friends who also love RPGing, but they are not within driving distance? Try hooking up to Ventrilo or Teamspeak and RP that way. My guy has an old military buddie who now lives across the States, and we have played Shadowrun through Teamspeak for the past few months. GMs can't check dice rolls, but it sure beats missing out on RPing due to lack of player availability. =)
I play Counter-Strike :-)! Anyone else?
Has anyone played the new sequel to Longest Journey? My ex stole it from me (Longest Journey)so I intend to buy it again, along with a similar Simesque game called Theme Hospital (if the Monty Python made the Sims). Has anyone played that MovieStars game? I'm just trying to find some fun games to play....Any suggestions would be welcome :-)
does anyone play WOW? I'm looking for some buddies to play with. We could start our own bustie guild!
solitary_fey, I never played WoW, but I am an ex-EverCrack 2 addict. If you are interested in EQ2, I practically know everyone on the Mistmoore server and can guide you in the right direction as far as guilds go.

I've never even heard of Longest Journey, sassygrrl, lol. It's a Sim game? Do explain.

allygat0rr, I can't remember whether I've played CS. If I did, it was for a brief period a loooong time ago. My bro plays it though. First-person shooters aren't really my thing. =)
Sci fi Busties?? Anywhere?

I love a couple of the new shows on the sci fi network. Dead like me and Eureaka!
(lurks) I am a fan of watching these, which doesn't count I know, but I love the people who do these things, as seraphine knows =) You guys rule!

I prefer fantasy to scifi myself, which is common with women I hear. My friend Nicole, however, is a HARDcore scfi fan. She's trying to interest me in Heinlein and so forth.
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