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Full Version: I know I'm not going crazy but my body feels like it(Anxiety)
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(I didn't see a similar thread, so please direct me if there is one, I'm new around here)

Does anyone else suffer from anxiety? I have hellacious anxiety which has really been in full fledged effect for the past year or so now. Some days are seriously a battle but I'm determined to fight through it.

I see a lot of people lumping anxiety & depression into the same category at times but I am NOT depressed. I mean sure, I have my bad days where I feel down just like everyone else. I've had issues with depression in the past so I know oh so well what that is like but I strongly feel I have worked past the depression problem. The lasting effect seems to be the anxiety.

The other day I had something happen that had never happened before. I had an anxiety attack at home, during the evening while my fiance was up and about. Usually if they happen at night it's late and when he is in bed so I'm essentially by myself. It freaked me out. I had to go out to where he was and sit with him just to calm myself down.

I'm trying to pin point where my anxiety is stemming from but haven't had much luck. I'm currently a psych major so I know all about this stuff but that knowledge is useless when I'm actually experiencing it. I really want to stay away from medications, nothing against them, but I just don't feel like that is the route for me. But damn, when the really bad anxiety attacks hit it definitely makes me wonder how I am going to go through life fighting this.
skandelouslala, there is an anxiety thread (i know, because i started it :-) ), which i will bump for you.
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