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Full Version: pregnancy and drumming
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Just posting in the off chance that anyone on this board is a mom and a drummer. The drummer of my band is about 4 months pregnant and nobody seems to know if it is a good or bad thing if she keeps drumming. We are a pretty loud, fast punk band so her job is very strenuous. We have 2 upcoming shows and try to jam at least every other week. I think she might be too tired to continue anyway, but if she does keep up with us, does anybody here have an idea how this could effect her or the baby?
hey there master p. check this link here for an interesting article.

and while your here please visit the newbies thread to introduce yourself around. we try to keep new threads to a minimum to make sure the site stays fairly readable. you might get a better response if you post this here or here.
I think if the mother is o.k. with it, then do it.I was surprised to enjoy a metal band in the sixth month of my pregnancy.Also, note..I hated loud noises but if she doesn't than who cares.Like food the body will tell the mother what she needs.
sorry, that link actually goes to the wrong article. try to google it, i think really loud stuff can affect the baby actually. they can hear after 16 weeks. once in a while might be ok but prolonged exposure? i be careful with this personally. ask a doctor.
hi there. I would say that the drumming is right up there with any physical exercise. It's an intense workout, but if she has been doing it since before she as pregnant, she should be fine. (This is the same thing that my midwife told me when I asked her about continuing to run through pregnancy.)

The big things are to make sure that she doesn't overheat - drink TONS of water, and be kind and give her a break by alternating your set list a bit with any of the 'slower' songs that you might have, or if you don't have any, add a few covers to your set that might give her chance to catch her breath.

If anything, it will help keep her in shape to have the baby, which they will both appreciate down the road. The noise issue is not that big of a deal in my understanding - her body is the best set of ear plugs that the kid can wear, although it will be hearing a lot of it. You might want to make sure that she isn't too close to monitors and the like, but I know lots of ladies who went to shows through their pregnancy with no adverse reactions.

The big things are the overheating and the ability to have a chance to breathe!

I doubt if noise exposure is harmful, however, I'm no doctor.
I DJd whilst preggers and spent a lot of time in a carpentry workshop, using some pretty noisy machines.
I also knew of a pregnant woman who was an amateur athlete and continued running, under her doc's advice.
The result of my gestational activities is a daughter who loves to dance and play with her toy hammer!
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