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Full Version: "I DID IT!!" Celebrating our Accomplishments
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(oh man wombat, burnout is teh popular right now. evvvvvvverything is burnout)
I picked up the phone and called my college to argue credits...and I just got an email saying that my general ed requirements are all taken care of and all I have to take are conservatory classes. No science! No math! No college writing! No economics or foreign language or anything! All I have to do is take four years of theatre craft. I'm dizzy!

eta- and I was feeling like a blackened shell of dead creativity, so I forced myself to make a new bustier out of a piece of black satin brocade I bought two years ago. I am a badass. No one bones like me!

Yayy catnose! uh... lucizoe.
Hee! mouse, it took me three reads (of your last post) to realize you were talking about fabric burnout, and not the human condition. smile.gif
Mouse, do you have the link to your burnout thingie?
I have very little to report!

Ok, I will report that I snapped at my mother, with whom I have spent far too much time for my own liking, but then I sucked it up and apologized, and even went so far as to explain how I was triggered in that particular situation.

And I have been ever so nice to doodlemama ever since, even though some of the time I am faking it....because it's not her fault, it's just that I need lots of private space.
I did it! I was recently hired as a technician at a construction consulting group. We consult people on their constructon projects based on factors of saftety, environmental concerns, and other things. Finally, I have a job with a future!
i have half of the sewing closet dismantled and on the floor of the apartment. that's a feat in and of itself BUT i am just about to haul the other half out and then i WILL put it all back together in a workably organized way. this is my goal of the evening (in between getting the kid to bed and organizing all that we need for school and stuff tomorrow morning of course!).
Yay! Jobs and organization and family issues (semi)resolved!

I had my first critique in the first art class I've taken since I was 14 freaking years old. Ick! I was shaking really hard and really almost started crying, which is odd, but since my subject dealt with suicide/death/peace, I bet everyone just thought it was really personal and I am a sensitive artiste...I'm pissed that I forgot to explain like five things which would have made my whole concept much more clear, but I have two more profs to show it to, so hopefully my grade will balance out...

anyway, yay...that was fucking hard to do
Woohoo for you, ladies!

And woohoo for me -- I finished Draft One of Book Two. Five hundred motherfucking pages! In eleven weeks!

Now all I have to do is...Draft Two.

Rah for pepper! Rah for lucizoe! Rah for girlbomb!

GB, my stepmom was an editor, and she would tell you to put the 1st draft in a drawer and not look at it or think about it for 30 days, b/c you're still too emotionally attached. Don't shoot me; I'm just passing it on.... unsure.gif
Doodlebug just gave me the month off!

(I still don't know what y'all mean by burnout fabric.)

Ahem. Yay for all the accomplishments!

I got an email from my boss at my summer job (which just ended) saying how fab I am and basically saying that I'm welcome to come back next year. It means a lot to me, because it was a job I loved, and I really respect my boss.

I started grad school today, and I was mostly relaxed and confident.
Check out the scarf the lady in the pic is wearing - it's made with burnout fabric:

Burn Out Fabrics
aka devore (last letter pronouced 'eh'). it means, literally, devour, because the acid bath used eats away the velvet to reveal the sheer fabric beneath. amazing process with gorgeous results.
yeah. this is a good example too. the flower print one is ours (i didn't design that one, but that's from my company). with jersey it's a heathered fabric, two colors (one cotton, one poly, i think) woven together to create a lighter, mixed color, and then when the wash is applied, only one is eaten (i forget which). looks lacy and thin.
I feel a bit wierd crashing in as a new person and "celebrating my accomplishment" but...

Over the weekend I helped to sail a yacht 156 nautical miles (including across international shipping lanes) .

And I didn't feel scared.

oh my dog, butterfly! that's incredible! I'd be terrified, probably...I love canoeing on slow rivers and lakes, but I stick close to shore 'cause deep water makes me uneasy. Go you!

I was the only person in my class who presented set designs today to put the play into a different context (Waiting for Godot set in the Kansas dustbowl in the 1930s), and the prof said he loved that idea. I was able to defend everything and wasn't nearly as shaky as the last time we had critique.
I have officially posted over 100 times. Hurrah!
yay you missladyj! This is my post number 10. Guess I've got a ways to go!!

LOL lucizoe- when I was about 4, my big sis really wanted to go on a canoe in a (teeny tiny)lagoon, and so I had to go too. Did Not Want To. Sooooo, smart kids that we were, paddled straight to over side of the pond, pulled up, I put on foot on the side- classic comedy- boat drifts- very wet, miserable butterfly. Canoes make me nervous.

But well done with your set designs! That sounds so original. Wow- having to put yourself out there like that, and go through each point. Ugh, makes me shaky and nervous just thinking about it!
Who's that Russian guy that did set design? Or was it costumes? For the Ballet Russe? Is this too off topic?

Do you mean Diaghilev? He founded it and did a lot of choreographer and design work. He collaborated with Jean Cocteau a bit...who is freaky-deaky smile.gif

I went to the farmer's market with mr.luci today, who took off work (I don't have classes on wednesdays), then washed the refrigerator thoroughly, tossed almost everything old, washed the lettuce and put things's all clean and shiny and smells not at all and looks like a grown-ups' fridge...I even took a picture of our mighty farmer's market haul...eggplant is so purty. Now THAT is off-topic. But the fridge-washing was an accomplishment...

refridgerator cleaning is definately an accomplishment! I'm still waiting for mine to learn how to clean itself.

Yeah- that's the dude. I like what I've seen of his work. Mainly the color/pattern/ flooowwww.

*sails off to google jean cocteau*

eta- ok, got ya.

*sails back off to look for a film/art thread to ask you about all this!*
I passed the homecheck. I have a pupper.

Only posting this in three different threads is my second achievement laugh.gif
congrats on being a pet parent mornington!

i think dog ownership is a huge sign of how well run your life is. cause they're a lot of have to be able to have a whole dog support system going on.
Puppers for mornington!!! Sorry, just excited for you...and that news is huge and should go in almost every thread because getting a dog is like having a least in my odd little world...

I was proud of myself too for showing restraint and not posting in every thread about my big news, too...yay for restraint. I guess wink.gif
Congrats, mornington!

Has it arrived? What did you name it? Boy or girl?
What did you name him? So aweesome! Great news!

I had a boss with my boss's boss at work. Even though it was hard for me (I normally can't stand conflict) it made me happy that I stood up for myself.
smile.gif Sucks he didn't believe me. Whatever. Just glad I did it.

oops... meant meeting....
I'm bringing him home on saturday (I need someone with a car...) - still need to buy a bed and bowls and all that 'cos I'm superstitious about buying stuff before...

His name is Indigo. Or at least that's what I'm going to call him - he's currently called boss and it doesn't suit him at all. He's very shy.

yay yay yay yay yay!
Yay yay!!
congratulations everyone!

I've made it onto the "overall top 10 posters list"! posting way too much it seems!

Bunny b, me too! I guess I'm posting too much as well. Not that that's a bad thing... smile.gif
I went to NYC all alone, and I walked around alone all day, and I took the subway alone, and I made it home in one piece!

I love NYC.

I may go back for my bday. smile.gif
I baked, decorated and delivered my first set of wedding cakes!

Did the bride's cake and the groom's cake!

I have pics, if y'all want me to post 'em.

post, post!
quietmadness, I WANNA SEE! i used to be a cake decorator and it was the funnest job biggrin.gif
QuietMadness, please post piccies!

And Mouse, I want to see pics of your work, too. Is it up on the Urban Outfitters website?
Someone is interested in buying my artwork!! yea!
Here's the deal. I stutter. I've stuttered since I was a little, little girl. I've been to speech therapy three times. A year ago I went for an interview with Barclay Bank formally Juniper Bank. I went through five interviews and struggled with my stuttering so badly. I was so frustrated with it that when I didn't get the job I felt that had to be the reason I was passed over. So, after expressing this to my mom, who has always sympathized with me, she said that if I could find a speech therapist she would pay for it. I found a therapist in my state and she was the only stuttering specialist in Delaware. I called her and we started seeing one another. She was FANTASTIC!!! My fiancé had never really understood my struggle but when he went with me to therapy and she explained it to him in ways he could understand he apologized for having not been more patient with me. He, my mom and many, many of my friends were SO supportive and have changed how they react to my stuttering. They don’t try to finish my sentences for me and they don’t laugh anymore to try to ease the tension. They just maintain eye contact and let me take my time. Today, I had my first interview since the disappointment at Juniper Bank. I interviewed with Wachovia Bank. I barely and I mean barely stuttered the whole time. When the interview was over the interviewer asked if I had any questions. All I asked was “How did I do?” She said I did wonderful, that I have a lot to offer and they would definitely call me soon. Even if I don’t get the job that was enough to catapult me into my next interview feeling more confident then ever. My therapists name was Illene Courtright. I owe her, my mom and my fiancé so much. I don’t believe that Illene knows what she does for her patients. Stuttering is like an iceberg. Everyone else only sees the tip and they never see what’s going on under the surface of the person stuttering. She holds a special place in my heart and I will never forget her. Just wanted to share that with everyone. If you know anyone who stutters and you are curious about it or what you can do to help work with them then I suggest you check out this website. They will appreciate your effort. Thanks for listening.
Many congrats to you, LoveMyPugs! That is amazing!!! I bet your friends and family are so proud of the progress you've made. Best of luck on the job!

And congrats to you, too, Gumby! One of my brothers is an artist, so I have an idea of how thrilled you must be.
lovemypugs, that's amazing!

so, I submitted my master's dissertation last week - yay!

failed my driver's theory test (the written part) yesterday but re-booked for wednesday and plan to ace it!
I'd love to post the pics, (they're a little dark/fuzzy--I only had my cam-phone), but I don't know how.

They're not on a web page, just in my personal computer files.

Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions to do that?

So Wachovia sent me for a drug test. Hope that means the new job is pretty much in the bag. Went on Friday so hopefully they'll call today so I can finally give my notice at my old job. YAY!!!
quietmadness, cross-post in the say cheese thread in f&f or the Bust general knowledge thread in MW, you may get better response and step by step instructions in either of those (I'm useless with things like that!)
Hooray for bunny_b finishing your dissertation!!
Ok, y'all--I think I've done it. This should show the pic of the bride's cake I did. It was a champagne cake with bavarian mousse filling. One layer was kahlua white with strawberry filling as well.

Ivory with chocolate-colored scrollwork.

Let's see if this works--and if it does, MANY THANKS TO HUMANIST77!!!

holy crap that thing looks beautiful..and tasty!
Wow Quiet!
You sure did do it.... it looks amazing!
Damnit- I want cake now. mellow.gif
I bought a car for the first time! I've had 2 others that I bought really cheap from family members. This is the first time I've had to finance. I'm finally going to have credit now!
i just found out i passed my modern language translation exam (german)! yea! this was a big stone around my neck, and was stopping me from moving forward in my program, so it's a really big relief.

congratulations, hellotampon! i'm still on my first car, which was a college graduation present from my parents, grandparents, and myself. it must feel very grownup to do it all on your own. (somehow, i don't often feel like a grownup, even at 28).
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