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Full Version: "I DID IT!!" Celebrating our Accomplishments
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and you were worried. hmph. i knew you'd kick ass, smarty.
I got accepted to The Culinary Institute of America. I'm going to be a CIA Chef. I'm so painfully excited!!
Congratulations, prettynpink!!! I look forward to tasty virtual food wink.gif
anna k
Congratulations, prettynpink!!! That is amazing!
I know this is a minor thing, but I organized a group field trip to a science museum this past weekend for almost 30 people. It went off without a hitch! I even stepped out of my introverted self, and was dealing with a lot of people. I'm hoping this will help me with all the wedding planning I'm doing by delegating and project management. I'm very proud of myself!

Organizing 30 people in a museaum is not a little thing, especially if you tend towards shyness. Good for you!

Straight A's again!
Yah Pretty!!!!!!! you're gonna burn it up in a good way! smile.gif

Kittenb- as always- you're amazing!

I made contact w/ Planned Parenthood today & Officially start volunteering with them this Thursday!!!!
this feels so right to me I cannot even put it into words. it's like I feel my whole world is going to change now.
I don't know if this is an accomplishment or not, but I bought my first major appliance yesterday. I bought a washing machine. It's my very own, and it's shiny and new. I got a really good deal on it and I got my landlady to pay for delivery.
Yay Deschats!!!

Sooo, I managed to get a group together to go and help rebuild a Katrina destroyed house in the lower 9th ward in New Orleans for this charity. We're going in November-six of us. Yay me!!
Y'all are awesome! So cool to read your milestones here and cheer you on.

Me, I decluttered some boxes and a duffel bag that I've been avoiding for months. Yay!
I quit smoking. Send me some good vibes ladies!
Congrats 12%!!! smile.gif
yay 12!!!!!
i'm sending vibes i just can't to the fancy kind that are made of text, cos it ends up looking like cursing when i do it. smile.gif
Congrats 12%! Call me if you need moral support.
Congrats 12%!! Stay with it and you'll keep feeling good.

(I quit too, a few weeks back. I lapsed at the weekend but haven't let that derail me--my system is now once more nicotine-free.)
Yay for healthier Bustie lungs!

Well I had that incredibly awkward talk about fleas and staph with the MIL, and while her responses were still a bit too minimizing and also it seems to me that things re her staph are not exactly as resolved as she seems to think (predictably, mr anarch disagrees with me), it went a lot better than I expected. I think she's been doing some thinking while I've been avoiding her for all these months (they're treating all the pets now, she says, and sort of apologized for not having been treating them during our stay). And I have to be grateful for the fleas because, since you don't really know for a several months if they're still hatching and emerging from cocoons, I've got that reason to keep on in "Look, sorry, no invitation to our house for a while still," mode, which is still important for my peace of mind because gah I'm sorry but I don't think I'll ever be able to disassociate her from germs flies etc.

I'm glad that's over. I've been dreading it for months.
Yay anarch for being assertive with MIL!! smile.gif
I got a job today that is less dangerous, pays a lot more, and has more & better hours... and I lost 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I'm on a roll! smile.gif I feel like I'm not being modest by saying this, but I'm quite proud of myself.
Congratulations, foryoursplendor!

I finally sold my motherfudgin' car! After eighteen months of procrastination, I have a loooooovely large cheque instead of an annoying asset to take care of.

Happy dance biggrin.gif
The journal article that I co-authored (my first ever) is set to come out in December...the journal thought it was a cool article so they sent out a press release yesterday. Our findings are currently popping up everywhere on blogs and news sites and we just found out that two major broadcasting networks are interested in it smile.gif
yay for bustie accomplishments!
(tb, that's way cool; are we gonna get to see you on The Today Show or some shit? smile.gif )
(and persi, i know how long the car thing was hanging over your head... go spend that check on hookers and blow!)

okay, so i feel like i'm not being modest (damn you, Cultural Constraints!) but i have two recent events that made me skyrocket with glee.

1. a few weeks ago i had to give a VIP presentation in front of 100-something esteemed colleagues. at the end of the day, i was at the gas station getting gas near my work, and the woman the next pump over goes, "hey, aren't you the person who gave the VIP presentation today?" i say yes, and she goes, "yeah, wow, that was great, you did a good job!" a random stranger id'd me on the street!

2. the other day, another very esteemed colleague (basically my mentor), gave me high, high praise in front of a group of my peers. like, hyperbolic praise.

squee! i can't wait to move to my next level of training...
Woot Woot on bustie accomplishments!!!!!h
I got asked to teach a workshop in my field at a major university, possibly next spring!!! holy shit!!!
There is some serious recognition of talent going on in here, and obviously out in IRL too! Well done everyone!

Mine is minor but may pay off... I think I did quite well in a job interview today, which is a good feeling all on its own. Fingers crossed, though!
Busties are awesome!!! I feel like I can join in because I achieved two totally different things today, both of which are quite significant for me:

1. I finished my FINAL ESSAY IN MY MASTERS DEGREE!!!! Just gotta proof it and upload it tomorrow after I've slept on it. This is the finish line of 5 years' part time study while working full time. biggrin.gif

2. After dreading it and having a hideous anxiety dream last night (in the anxiety dream I'd had an anxiety dream for goodness' sake) I went shopping with my husband and parents-in-law today and got the BEST pram for our little bubba due in the new year. First big significant baby purchase and I'm really happy with it ... and I assembled it myself this evening. biggrin.gif

Yay for everyone here!
nevermind. my bad.
Congrats ellen! That is such a huge accomplishment, good for you for getting your masters!
Wow Ellen, that is HUGE. That must feel amazing. Congratulations!

I'm almost done my second week at my new job. Yesterday after work, my boss called me to thank me for accepting my position and that she already feels like she can talk to me about anything. She said she wanted to let me know that she thinks I'm a great fit, and that she was telling the manager about it after I left that day. I'm really happy that I found a job where I have such supportive management, and where I know that my work is appreciated smile.gif
whoa there are some smart busties around here!
small accomplishment....I have made it to the gym every day this week. This is big for me because i often let work/school take over my life and make excuses about why those are more important priorities smile.gif
Coffee, I think that's great. I have the same problem. Last night paperboy and I went running on the riverwalk behind our apartment building and it was my first time out in weeks. Felt great.
Great Ketto! I agree, it feels great once you do it - it is getting and keeping the motivation to do so. I think it also helps to have an active partner willing to 'do it together.'

It really is a bummer that winter is coming here in Canada and we are going to be forced inside before we know it.
In yoga this week I managed to complete the whole vinyasa series for 45 mins without my wrists crapping out on me. I held crane pose for 2 seconds without falling on my face smile.gif And I got my feet on the floor over my head in plough. Finally some results!
Friday I diagnosed four ultralows and fixed two on the spot. Yay me. smile.gif

spot-on, Ketto, Coffeebean, yay for you! It is always great to read about Busties getting into shape. I wish I could get disciplined enough to do any exercise outside of work. I really should do that.

I did it! Got the job and last week my man and I finally tied the knot. 2009 was a great year for me. I am really greatful
Day 9: no smoking.


No smoking of tobacco products.

Yay Doodle! Keep it up!!

I came out as bisexual to two co-workers! And it went well and they were supportive-yay!
YAY tree!! Good for you! I did that here at work (to my boss as well as a co-worker!), and then I burned with some kind of weird fear for 2 weeks afterwards that it was all going to come down on my head....but it's all been great!

They took it better than Soulman did in the beginning, because he got the DOUBLE fear that he might lose me to a WOMAN just as easily as another man!
Congrats kegom!

Good for you doodle on the smoking!

Yay tree that's awesome!

I am 2/3rds done grad school - I survived my final term, just barely (I got so run down that I got pneumonia and was very down for a while) but I made it! One more term and I have my MA! I'm feeling pretty happy now smile.gif
anna k
yay treehugger!!!!

I've been interning at this magazine for six months, as an unpaid intern. And it's been great exposure to publishing and writing articles, but sometimes I felt frustrated given the state of the publishing industry and wanting to achieve my dreams.

Well, yesterday I got a call from my editor, with great news. While I'm still interning, I will be paid a daily stipend, given more responsibilities, and will be paid for my future articles. It's a great step, and I'm so happy that they value my work, and this just gives me more experience and more of a push to where I want to be.
that's awesome anna! i work in publishing and yeah, it's a scary place right now. but your experience will always be valuable. and yay $$$ !
Congrats anna!

This is a bit old but I'm proud of myself for getting two As and an A- this semester! And my other two classes were pretty good, too (just Bs). I think that's pretty damn decent in university.

Also, it's silly but I cleaned my apartment. Not like going through all of my drawers or anything but if you had seen the amount of junk I had lying around on my floor, on my desk, on my dresser, on my wall unit...well, you get the idea. It is so nice to actually be able to sweep up without having to move things off of the floor! I feel very clean and organized.
1) Thirty-one days without even a puff of a cigarette! I don't even want one. Of course, I have the Nicorette handy....but the other day, I almost forgot about them. I think I had 3 throughout the entire day.

2) I've had my bass for 4 days and, in addition to some very basic bass grooves, I can play Sheryl Crow's "My Favourite Mistake" all the way through - and sing it too! (It's kinda like patting your head, rubbing your tummy, and writing your name in the air with your tongue all at the same time.)
Congrats anna_k, doodle, & cc_girl!! smile.gif
Congratulations, Busties! So much success! Huzzah!
anna k
nickclick, publishing is scary. I always wanted to build a career there, but have as an alternate interest in film organizations, like a museum or film society, where I can work there and continue to write about arts and entertainment on the side for publications. Basically, I'm not putting my eggs in one basket.

ccgirl, congratulations on the As!!! And a clean apartment is a happy apartment. smile.gif

Congratulations, doodle!!!
I accepted an amazing fellow position that I really really wanted today! biggrin.gif
Yea Star!!!
My toy patent is being granted smile.gif

Sorry I've been scarce for so long.
Well all fucking right! That is great, Lorewolf!

And mega-congrats to Star! You've been working so hard for son long & have faced a lot of scary professional bullshit. Good for you!

I am so proud of Busties! So many of us doing our own thing & accomplishing so much!
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