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Full Version: "I DID IT!!" Celebrating our Accomplishments
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I ordered several x-mas gifts for frecklette this morning, most were Fair Trade items too + a shirt that donates to the Aspca, and then the Zero-Out program, which for $2** plants a tree in your name that cancels out the carbon from the shipping of your items.
I didn't mean to turn this into a plug for this company, but it's Gaiam Living and they are the first I think to offer this and it's fantastic.
- yah world!

mornington: you are the cat's pajama's !!
nah, it's just 2750m - i'm two in a sculling quad. And I'm going to fucking die. I've been rowing since I was fourteen, so I'm way behind the others in terms of race points (my school wouldn't let my last team race as they wouldn't commit to giving us a bus, let alone kit). Today was our first outing as a team, and I'm starting to feel that I'm going to be the weak point.
I'm finally actually eating really healthy, not just thinking I should. It's not an attempt to lose weight, but to fix my skin and boost my immune system in general. I'm still eating lots of the same things (lentils, yogourt, rye bread, tuna) as before but have added tons of raw fruits and veggies. I'm eating 1-2 salads every day. I hope it sustains.

Todays salad was delish: arugula, avocado, yellow pepper, red onion, grated carrots, raisins, sesame seeds, and homemade balsamic dressing.
I got a library card today!
QUOTE(mornington @ Nov 5 2007, 02:21 PM) *
nah, it's just 2750m - i'm two in a sculling quad. And I'm going to fucking die. I've been rowing since I was fourteen, so I'm way behind the others in terms of race points (my school wouldn't let my last team race as they wouldn't commit to giving us a bus, let alone kit). Today was our first outing as a team, and I'm starting to feel that I'm going to be the weak point.

I've never heard of race points... what are they? As long as you try your hardest it will be okay, once adrenaline gets going it helps. I haven't been in a boat in over two years, and I still have dreams about it, I miss it so much. I just didn't really like the varsity rowing team at my university, the atmosphere was too elitist.

I feel like I accomplished something today because I got my paycheque. Even though it's just a ho-hum aspect of life I still love payday.
I finished all my Xmas shopping for frecklette already!!

AND I rocked the toughest workout class I take and actually even feel good right now- yah me!
I had my last day at my demoralizing, soul sucking job (the agency not the work) and now I'm packing for my move to the other side of the state! Time to clean house both literally and metaphorically.
amazon - cleaning and moving is very exciting. Lots of work, but it's usually good, especially since you're getting away from an awful job!

sin - eating a Reese's bar
sin - not doing my essay yesterday
anti-sin - ummmm
My 500th post Woo Hoo!!!
I just got an 81 on my Vietnam midterm. WOOOOO!
Made it through the 75 minute spin class!!
I got a rockin' new job and start on Monday!!!
I just finished writing an epithalamium! I don't blame you if you've never heard of it. I had to do it for a history course i'm only taking as a requirement and it's been causing me to tear my hair out all week.
substandard english usage
I made an apple pie. From scratch.

Pretty? No. Tasty? Damn right.

I crocheted an earflap hat and it came out looking like it was supposed to on the very first try!

I'm so pleased with the finished product that I now plan to inflict kid-sized versions on all my friends' offspring along with the If The World Were a Village book.
lananans, race points are something to do with what you win, and they go into league tables. I'm in the uk, but I'm not overly familiar with the way it works.

I managed to do some work.

I have resisted the urge to run away from everything and hide under my duvet and cry.
i managed to get thru most of my work day so far in my cubicle doing nothing but snacking, chatting and reading a book. others may not see this as an accomplishment, but i've been so damn busy lately, i need some (paid) ME time!
I got my grades in today - 4 A's and a B!!! I was so excited I called my mom! My confidence is way up today - I can see the end in sight. I'll be a senior in August, and I never even thought I would get this far. smile.gif
I read a book (the auto manual) and jumped the mr's truck battery all on my own yesterday!!!!!

we don't need no stinkin' boys ! biggrin.gif
freckleface, I did that to last week, with my mum! We were really proud of ourselves afterwards!

And, The reason i came here is because, I GOT A JOB! After about ten weeks of hellish job-hunting! Go me!
My tiny Hyundai bottoms out when I try to access my driveway, so I have a sweet house with a driveway and garage that I can't use, and I have to jockey for parking spaces on the street. A woman moved into the basement apartment next door. Her door opens on to my driveway. She drives a huge flatbed diesel with a sticker on it that says "No, this isn't my boyfriend's truck". She has to pull an extension cord all the way out to where it's parked on the street every night to plug in her block heater.

On Friday I finally put two and two together and left a note on her windshield telling her to use my driveway. This morning, I found a loaf of pumpkin bread and a thank-you note on my front porch.

i got a fellowship interview! yes! good news on a day when i'm feeling crappy.

**does happy dance**
yay star!!!
pictures of my newly adopted Fur Pups at the Bustie Best Friend thread! smile.gif
I figured out how to preset the radio stations on my car that I have had for SEVEN years! you'd think that I woulda figured that out earlier, but no. So yeah for me!

good luck with the fellowship star!
i just did a project for a woman i also did some work for about a year ago and was looking for the invoice i had sent her back then. i was astonished to find that i completed roughly the same amount of work as i had done last year, but in half the time! of course, i'm getting paid hourly, so monetarily this is actually *not* a good thing, but it's kind of awesome to find out that my skillz have officially improved 200% over a year.

guess it's time to increase my freelance rate wink.gif woo!
Mr. Pug bowled an 814 series tonight. That is a 279 another 279 and a 256. For those of you who aren't bowlers an 800 series is held in higher esteem then a perfect 300 game. This 814 series was 3 pins shy of the house record. He will get a nice, shiny ring for this accomplishment. After he bowled his final strike everyone cheered, and when he turned around there were so many people there shaking his hand that I wasn't even able to get to him. Finally, everyone backed off and I was able to hug him with tears in my eyes. It was pretty incredible. Everyone was very proud of him especially me and that's why I'm posting it in here. Congratulations to him!!!

kong rats to mr pugs, lmps!

sooooo.... i talked about this a bit in another thread.

i just got a new job as a lead welder/fabricator!

whoooo-hooo! i'm really excited because it's a pretty big title considering it's only my second welding job, and i have been welding for less that a year. i am, i think the only one in my class at welding school that's actually got the lead title. on one hand i am a bit nervous since the whole shop relies on me to do all the welding, but on the upside, it's a great little company with good pay, and unlike most of my classmates, i'm not doing just one kind of welding, i get to do 3 different kinds of welding instead of just one, and i'm not on some f'ing factory line doing 1000 pipe elbows like my last job.

on the sad side, i miss my girls-- other than myself-- there were 3 other women welders at my last job, and i loved them! at the new joint i am the only welder period. and while there are other women, they are all in the office, and there is a pretty hard division between those in the office and those in the shop, since save for me, they are all dudes.

at the old place, we all had each other's backs. there was some sexual harassment, so the women looked out for each other. while i knew sooner or later we'd all go other places and do different things, i wish i could take them with me. one of them will probably be pursuing making ferries for the state, which i am jealous of, since those things are, if the current ferries are any guide, around for 80+ years. we were gonna retrain together had i stayed.

but i know i made the right choice. i couldn't be more happy.

and tree, if you read this, than you so very, very, very much for all the advise and encouragement. you are so my role model, and a personal hero. thank you!!!!

flashdance sistas 4 eva!
it's V!
hi v! <3<4<5
congrats GT!!!
wooooo hoooo, girl trouble!! rock on with your bad self!!!
Bad credit card: PAID OFF!
Vet bill: Only $67 to go!
New bike: Downpayment made. Will have in time for warm spring weather!

Up next: Old hospital bill and financial aid.

Look out world! I am fixing me credit after a few years of effort!
Post so nice I made it twice.
I overcame bipolar disorder on my own; I found a doc myself and take my meds on my own. It may have taken me six years to get right but, because of this I can go to school. I rock! I'm proud of my life time achievement.
I'm being considered for a summer internship at Siemens!!!

Okay, I think everyone gets the point right!!!
Congrats ladies!!!
I just officially finished the last of my undergrad work! Now I just have to wait for them to mail me my diploma in June. biggrin.gif
YAY for Erin!!!!!!
congrats to everyone

erinjane - i just finished my undergrad too!!!!
Cheers to us! Congratulations! I feel great about it, hope you do too. I really enjoyed all the classes I took but I'm so excited for the next few months because this will be the first time since I was 5 that I won't be going to school in the fall. biggrin.gif
For me it will be the first time since I was 4. So happy to be done. I enjoyed my classes this year too but I am glad to be finished. It was time. Yay for us!
I got the letter saying that my application to candidacy was approved. Now I have one paper to turn in sunday , pay my tution and my master's degree is complete. YEE HAW!!!
I finally found an apartment!
i totally passed my super-giant ass-kicking important national standardized test that i took a month ago!
congrats everyone!

I just got hired today at a lovely wellness clinic about 1.5 miles from my apartment. I've wanted to work there forever because I've heard many good things from employees and clients. I work part time at another clinic a few miles in the other direction, and I walk dogs during the day-which is what I REALLY want to quit because there's a lot of driving and buying gas, and the job pays crap. But no more!! I get do what I love full time now! I was *begging* the goddesses for this, and within a week I got it smile.gif
{{{YAY to humanist, LMP, crazycatlady, tankgirl, missladyj, lanans, erinjane,deschatrouge, and everyone else who's accomplishments got lost in the reply well}}}

After procrastinating far too long I turned in my grad school application. I was getting worried that I was procrastinating b/c I really didn't want to go to this school but I think it was more out of fear of being rejected as harshly as I was from my first choice. So I pulled my stuff together, paid the fee and sent it in.

And you know what...

It feels great! I am going to have a great time next year!
thanks kitten and congrats to you! where did you apply?
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