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Full Version: "I DID IT!!" Celebrating our Accomplishments
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I got the huge pile of sheets and blankets that have been sitting in the basement for months washed, dried, folded and put away.

Also, cleaned the basement and vacuumed up all the lint, dust and cobwebs. All clean now.

(((((congratulations I DID IT!! busties)))))
Finally nailed down what I want to pursue in graduate studies, a new place to live that incorporates all the things that will enable that pursuit, and started making some art again. All of this has occurred after much confusion, procrastination, and fear. It's nice to feel courageous!

Oh and I finally dropped off a bunch of clothes to family services after a "Naked Lady" night (clothes swap) after sitting in a huge pile on my floor for a month and half.
500th post!

Oh, and I CLR-ed the shit out of my entire bathroom. Yay chemicals (I wouldn't usually say that, but the shower walls were brown, and now they're white)!
Finished my undergrad today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally - two degrees and they are all mine, mine I tell ya! laugh.gif
I'm moving to Europe!
I got my school applications out!(It only took me months to figure out where I was moving lol)
This week I finally started my own indie fashion collection of girly lingerie. Baby steps! biggrin.gif
i'm going to be an intern at the Rock n' Roll camp for girls soon! (in portland)
I've graduated high school, I'm going to college, and I have a new job! ^.^
I took that bloody "Measure your environmental impact!" quiz online the other day, and I was horrified. Even though I'm a vegan and I recycle and try to avoid a wasteful lifestyle, I still ended up with a high number! Granted, I guess it wasn't as high as a lot of people's, but I was honestly surprised at the amount of damage I'm still creating. I made this blog ( to help me cut down that number and make other people aware that their own impact could be higher than they expect. Please leave me some feedback, disagree, give me tips, advice, recipes (!), and, most of all, encouragement. I'm just trying to spread some Green love!

It's just so strange, because I really can't stand causing harm to the environment, and I thought I would have been in a lower range of numbers. Take the quiz yourself; you might be shocked.
lately i've been really lazy and bad about willpower--i've been letting my apt get totally messy, not washing my dishes, not taking out my trash, eating out instead of cooking in, frittering my time away instead of using it productively---so i'm really proud of the fact that tonight i cooked myself an AWESOME dinner (see the "what i ate" thread!), made my lunch to take to work tomorrow, washed all my dishes, and took out both my kitchen and bathroom trash, AND replaced the bags.

baby steps. i have to remember how much better i feel when i'm not a lazy slob.
I picked up and moved 7000 miles to another country!
So "Later days, USA", huh Zoy? I'm so jealous!
you'll have to come visit! biggrin.gif
i built a bunny condo... except it needs shelves still. but it's halfway there and the buns are happy

i got an offer to study english & international studies. only a week after applying.
I never post here, but i've had an incredibly productive month, especially this week, and i feel like bragging. Here goes: I finally moved to Central TX which i've been wanting to do for 5 years. I paid off my first car after 2 1/2 years, and received the title in the mail this month. I made an appointment with a therapist even though i was really scared. I got accepted to University of Texas at San Antonio, my school of choice, and got a job for the city yesterday doing clerical work, and will be making more moolah than i've ever made in my life. I finally decided to stop post-poning my life and go for my dreams but it's incredibly scary and wonderful at the same time. My new goals are to stop procrastinating so much (like now), stop eating junk, and exercise 2 times/week.

Also i scrubbed the sink today.
it's gross, but I cut the last stitch out of my mouth tonight.
it was driving me really crazi & grossing me out at the same time, so I used some really tiny manicure scissors and a steady hand and -snip- out it came and maybe Now I can heal ?
(I'm usually a total wuss when it comes to stuff like that so yah me for not passing out or anything!) biggrin.gif
I climbed Mt. Fuji!!! Don't get me wrong - it sucked at the time, especially considering I smoke and never work out, but I am really proud of myself for having done it.

Congratulations to everyone else on your accomplishments!
i finished four intensive illustrations for a local newspaper (with buildings! i am REALLY BAD/OUT OF PRACTICE at drawing buildings!) in less than a week WHILE entertaining a houseguest the entire time, working my fulltime design job, AND suffering through the worst cold/earache i've had in years. and they LOVED them, and are paying me even more than they originally said, and asked me for a blurb about drawing them that they could print because one of them is going to be the cover. THE COVER!
(double post stupid internets)
Wow, that's really cool, mouse! Is there a place we can see the illustrations online, like through the newspaper's website?

Mt. Fuji? Cool. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can lug all my groceries up the two flights of stairs when I get home!
I think that's really cool. I still use circles to draw the tops of trees and Ms for birds.

cecilia- you climbed mount Fiji? Like seriously?! amazing. (hah i typoed "amazon")
purple streaked? i dunno what that means but congrats rudder!

mouse, i'd love to see your illustrations too....
I finally cleaned out some of my cluttered up closet!
And have a scheduled yard-sale to rid myself of crap!
I reorganized my shelving unit for now before I move.

I will get a car and a sewing machine when I get to my new place! Yeah yeah!
I went freehugging (that's me in white)!

There's another bustie in this country? I live in northern Japan, but I wish I lived in Tokyo...

But what I really came in here to write was that I really like myself today. For no particular reason. (Other than being utterly wonderful, beautiful, clever and all the other regular stuff. wink.gif ) That's something, alright!
Haha, that's awesome tommy.
tommynomad you rock & I suck!
how was it?!

I totally forgot about it! mad.gif

swedishchick: beautiful sentiment. we could use more of that around here.
I went to the doctor today. trust me, this was a big accomplishment for my terribly doc-phobic ass. phew.
I moved to Georgia! I packed up, said my farewells and moved! I also found a job. A big step for me considering all of my family is in New England.
we had our house re-appraised today and I was so afraid that the kitchen wall that I had experiemented on w/ joint compound was going to be a negative that I would have to chip, sand and re-surface, but the appraiser Loved It and thought it looked great!
she also loved all the crazi colors I used and the over-all effects.

yah me & my crayola box house biggrin.gif
Next week I will pay off the last of my credit card bills and I will be 100% debt free. WOO!!!!!
i fixed the chain on my new (junky & old but new to me) bike all by myself, and rode to and from brunch today. i haven't ridden a bike with any regularity in about three and a half years and certainly not in a city as road-raged and bike-unfriendly as LA but i am PUMPED to be back biking again. now if only i could figure out the goddamn derailleur shifters...
Yeah for mouse! There is nothing cooler than wielding tools and fixing something yourself. I totally feel empowered when I do something handy.

That's awesome Zoya!! I hope to be in that place next year. Good for you!

Well, all of this hard work is paying off and I feel things are slowly coming together. What a good feeling I'm having today. I got a mentor for training in a professional organization I'm working on. I just feel like I'm in the groove professionally right now. It is an awesome feeling. Perhaps I should say wicked awesome because of where I'm currently living. wink.gif
as of today I have begun teaching myself how to drive the mr's manual transmission truck, (unbeknownst to him) and moved it about 4 feet in the driveway in starts & stops!!
I probly could have gone further, but it suprized me so much once I finally got it going w/out dying and I didn't want to run out of driveway yet bc turning around is a ways off still.

and yes I realise that in this day & age it's embarrassing to not already know how to drive one. that's why I'm aiming to fix it myself, bc the last attempt at the mr showing me resulted in my jumping out, slamming the door and stalking off into the countryside.

next goal is going down the road and around the block, but for now- baby steps!

mouse- you rock!!
how are you enjoying your new bike?

ps: ohh, I just remembered there is the reverse direction; hmmmmm wink.gif
I came in 5th out of 138 women in my age group at a 8k road race. I'm ecstatic. And I beat my personal goal by almost 2 minutes.

Freckle - I learned to drive stick in a Jeep and bunny hopped it all the time when I was learning. But now I can drive anything. Learning on a truck is harder but so worth it.
runningwestward: you Rock!!
that is so great ! biggrin.gif

I worked out at a gym today!!

but my body definately payed the overdraft for a check my mouth wrote but it could not cash; I hurt so much I think I want my mama.
I've hit over 3000 posts!

Yes, it's a crap accomplishment but I haven't had many accomplishments lately and need to boost my confidence somehow.
Speaking of crap accomplishments...

For the second time (that I am aware of) the Bust email picked one of my quotes to use. That makes me oddly proud.
I got the job I wanted with the company I wanted to work for!!!!!
Yay! Congrats zoya!
I made all my medical appointments. I need to get the rest of the HPV shots, fear of needles be damned! And my teeth need to be cleaned. Hooray!
good for you maybeSparrow; your health is more important than your fears so be brave!

I joined a gym today and worked out for nearly 2 hours.
I gave my first official presentation to teachers at my school and got a really great response.
congrats missladyj!
way to go MissladyJ!!

I have continued to work out at the gym, making today Day 6, made an appt to talk to a nutritionist to change my bad bad eating habits, and have already started to notice the wee-ist change in how my clothes are fitting.

this from a woman who has a PhD in couch sitting.
(phd as in Potatoes Hot N Delicious tongue.gif ! )
thanks ladies!
I've been feeling kind of down lately after falling off the Weight Watchers bandwagon (mostly due to stress from schoolwork), but then today I got back a mark from a presentation that I did a few weeks ago and thought was a train wreck, and I got an A! AN A! I'm so happy.
I got in the rowing team to race next weekend! This will be my first proper race
good luck mornington!!
Ooo Mornington, I used to row! Competitively for about five years actually. Is it a head race you're in?
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