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Full Version: "I DID IT!!" Celebrating our Accomplishments
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Ok, busties and busters! Since we've been focused on revealing our secrets and sins in the past little while, I thought it would be nice if we could ALSO remember to CELEBRATE those accomplishments and achievements, of any size - big or little!

I'll start.

~ Finally got the bed put back together, after dismantling it 4.5 months ago to prevent the "new" cat from hiding under it.

~ Got almost all of my laundry done this past weekend.

~ Finished and submitted my yearly stats for the website and e-mail.

~ Made a decision to move on from this job by 40 - and have started telling people about my decision (a huge step).

~ Despite waking up 25 minutes before having to be at work today, I made it on time...and still managed to put on a bit of makeup, a nice blouse, and some jewelry.

Ok, now it's YOUR turn!!

Congratulations on your decisions and work doodlebug!

I finished my Bachelor's degree after six long years of undergrad work. It will be more impressive if I can now get a permanent job where I am currently working.

I bit the bullet, put up with the pain and got my nipple pierced.

For the second day in a row I went for a 30 min brisk walk, part of plan to be healthy.
Yay doodle and CH!

I went to the grocery store

Recorded all the recent receipts in my budget files

Cleaned up the kitchen

(Okay, I know it's lame. But I'm really quite deep in a bad depressive episode and they feel like accomplishments to me).

ETA-made a phone call to a complete stranger regarding a craigslist purchase
no, luci, it's not lame. when i get depressed i call it a big accomplishment to turn my msn message from 'away' to 'online'

i'm getting better at my job every day i work
Went running this morning...which devolved into a walk after five blocks, but hey!
NO accomplishment or achievment is to small or "lame" for this thread!

~ Stood my ground against two angry, swearing, beligerant 20-year old guys this evening.

~ Watered and fertilized all my plants today. (That's a huge accomplishment - I have over 30!)
i'm about to take my second-to-last exam of the year. when i'm done, i will be hafway through my master's program!

This year I have learned the basics of microeconomics and regression analysis, two things I would have never thought I would want to study or be good at.
i just turned in my last paper of the semester! yea!
lunasol! rock!!

altargrrrl!!! Best feeling ever!!

doodlebug remains my feminist icon

I am going to go for a walk down to UPS to get this cable box sent back to the company so they will stop sending us bills

And then I am going to go to the hardware store and look at the sandpaper and paint I need to redo a piece of furniture I have recently acquired

And then I'm going to give myself permission to stop being so hard on myself

I have an interview tomorrow for a dog-walking job!
I got a job where I have more management and design duties and I am holding my own and passed the trial period!

I got my bachelor's degree -- I earned it myself, worked my way through school, and that is almost impossible to do in Massachusetts because both the school and living is so expensive here!!

(I have to mention that last one, even though I graduated in 2002, because i went back to a gathering we go to every year. These two catty people who broke off with me when I said I was going back to school, and said a bunch of nasty things to me, that I was an incapable mess basically, were there. So I told them I graduated and have been working in my field for a year now and have been going to the gym and am moving to a new apartment as well. And they said, "Oh, you actually did that?" Boo!!)

Yes, I actually did that.

And I am happy for all youse guys accomplishments, large and small.

Writing everything in the checkbook, writing papers, finishing school, doing art, talking to people, negotitating prices, working on where you live -- they are all kind of scary, no? They make you face yourself, and we all have a million people on our asses feeling free to tell us we suck. Right? Yes.

Women, we're so wimpy, we're so sweet, we doubt ourselves so much -- feel free to wipe your feet on us. Feh!!

I love busties!! yes!!
I rode my moped to work today for the first time!

I also wired up a walk-in-cold room and nothing shorted out and it worked! (I had to have a co-worker walk me through it, but, hey, I DID IT!)

I had a doctor appointment for 10:00 AM and I got there in time only to sit and wait until 10:20. I got up and told the receptionist that my appointment was scheduled for ten-o-clock and I had expected to be done by ten-thirty. So I rescheduled rather than sit and wait any longer. Why should I spend two hours of my day waiting for a late doctor?
Today I called 5 people who I didn't know, and succeeded in making a good enough impression on them that they're going to nominate me (at potential personal cost) for a big important position! I am so proud of that.

I finally moved into my new place and it's starting to feel like a home. It took forever to unpack all the boxes and now that I have I feel so much better.

I had a conversation with my ex which did not descend into petty one-upmanship like it usually does.
Aw, thanks, luci! *blush*

Stood up to one of the 2 guys from last night, who was being an ass and blaming me for his own stupidity.

Stood up to a friend, which is usually a harder thing to do than standing up to a near-stranger.
I am improving my typing speed as we speak.... and I am oh so proud! :-)
I made a real pretty cake today at work.
I went to an interview where I really want to work (again, left on great terms for grad school) and the only interview question was when do you want to start :-)
amazonprincess who has been really depressed with sucky current job.
I had a phone job interview today. For a job that was already taken, but still. After telling her how much experience and education I have, she asks me: "so how old are you, since you're still in your 3rd year of Uni?" and I say "21", and she lets out a gasp/giggle and tells me I have too much experience/schooling for a 21 year-old. And that she really wants to hire me as soon as something else opens up.

So, crazy Soviet hospital lady who told me when I was 7 that I'm too immature/stupid to start school that early - Fuck off. Because you were wrong. Muahaha.
wow, that is awesome natulik. It's always good to realize you can negotiate misinterpretations and the like as an adult.
I wrote a short story last night. I haven't written anything besides scraps here and there and a few (bad) cathartic poems (okay, and about a million papers for school) for a few years now.
And, I think it's pretty good, or will be with some editing.
And, I actually intend on doing that editing, instead of never opening the file again.

I had a job interview yesterday, and I managed to actually believe all the things I was saying about my awesome skills and accomplishments. My confidence has come a long way.

I walked an hour and a half yesterday and the day before that. My legs hurt (in a good way) today.
I got through a hellish interview process with 6 people. I start a new job on Tuesday! Strangely enough, I got about 6 job offers after I accepted this one.

I'm starting a new diet tomorrow.
i had a pretty good interview this morning with a competitor bank. it's freaky to think about leaving the first reasonably paying job i've found in this town especially since i haven't even been there for very long but i'm going for it. and i'm almost finished rearranging and cleaning the entire house. that's no mean feat, let me tell ya.
Last weekend I passed my medical specialty board exams. I am now a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
I went into labour at study group and my baby is 10 months old now - a year of my life has been consumed with this and now I can make my first tentative strides towards becoming a normal human being again.
Thank Goddess!!!

*throws iridescent glitter confetti all over the thread*
A big WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! for everyone in here! I like this thread, it's so positive.

As for me, I met with an accountant, filed my "articles of organization" paperwork, registered a web domain, and got my first client - I now have my very own landscape design business!
I have been calling/emailing my senators and representatives this last week to give them a piece of my mind!

One LA senator to thank today one to scold in relation to the gay marriage amendment...oh, yeah Sen. Vitter is our very own idiot.
I changed the stem on my bike (by myself instead of getting the bike mechanic up the road to do it for me). Not a big deal until you realize that to take off the original I had to strip one side of the handle bars. Not bad until you realize that involves removing the handle bar tape. Still managable until you realize that you have to then reapply new handle bar tape. Gulp. But I did it! I am covered in bike grease but I did it! And the new tape is pink! I'm so excited to ride tomorrow! The team is going to be soooooo jealous.
I don't know how much of this was my own persistence, BUSTie vibes and pure luck, but I got my old job back with a small pay increase even! YAY!! I am elated :-)
yay! this thread is **amazing!!!**
today's accomplishments, finally did the fax out of the press release for International Youth Day activities; blogged (!!); and spent time with myself reading at lunchtime. woot!
Yesterday I found out that I got my first-ever "big girl" job in my chosen career. I am an archival assistant full-time with benefits, y'all!!
YAY! Zillahgirl!!!!!
WOOOOOOT! =D Congradulations!
I had my parents stay for a week, immediately followed by my in-laws, and I remained sweet and charming! (-ish)
I took my father-in-law shopping and updated him, and forbade the wearing of socks and sandals successfully.
(This makes me sound really shallow, but, trust me, a lot of people are happy about this)
'Go Busties........go Busties!'
Way to go Margot!
Yay everyone!!!!

My accomplishment is small, but I did say no accomplishments were too small for this thread. So. Me, Miz Spendaholic Sagittarius, went to my favourite clothing store with an exact list of what I needed (2 brars, 2 camis, 2 tees). And I left the store with ONLY what was on my list. AND I didn't even look at anything else. (Ok, well, I did eyeball some cute things as I walked past them.)
In exactly 17 hours, I will be finished my degree! Yay, I have a BComm!
Yay busties!

I jumped off a diving board. The diving board was about 3 feet up from the water, but it was scary as hell, especially the part where it started moving up and down and I felt like I was going to fall off. I am afraid of heights but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.
I so heart this thread.

After a couple of years of considering it, talking about it, and talking myself out of it, I finally took my first belly dance class on Saturday. It was awkward and I only succeeded at about half of it, but I was able to cut myself some slack because, hey, it was my first class.

It was also a great workout - one of three I did this week after months of little or nothing. I'm kind of hooked.
I just replaced a condenser on a walk-in cold room. All. By. Myself. biggrin.gif
Muy bien! Good work!

I would LOVE to work in a cold room today. -Just for half an hour.

yay for everyone!

I have not smoked in 4 months now, and finally feel like I will never need to again! I'm so happy I could burst!
I was offered (and took) a job that puts me at one of the highest levels one can reach in my profession. And I found out that I quite possibly might be the first girl to reach this level. If I'm not, there have only been a couple others. It feels so so good to know that if I can do a good job, I am helping to open doors for other girls in the future.

...nervous as hell, but happy!
Congrats, Zoya!!!!! That is AWESOME! biggrin.gif

(((way to go for all BUSTies)))
I just handed in my lambing report. Just under 4000 words on sheep. It's not much, but it took three months to write (and bored me to tears in the process)

woo! zoya
I have not smoked in 2 days.

I taught the dog to sit. tongue.gif
I quit my cashiering job yesterday! It's a nice little place but I've been there off and on for three years and I quit with some finality yesterday.

I still have a job at a women's centre until mid-september when they run out of money to pay me but they want me to come back if they get another grant. I'm probably gonna spend the winter as a full time unemployed uni student, but I'm so excited to have free time instead of two jobs!
erinjane, Congrats, I used to hate being a cashier when I did it years ago.

aliboo, 2 days is a good start!!

(((Yay!! for all the Busties)))
QUOTE(aliboo @ Jul 31 2006, 07:36 AM) *

I have not smoked in 2 days.

I taught the dog to sit. tongue.gif

You go girl! Congratulations, esp about the smoking part smile.gif
I just did a nice piece of art.

I have been very sociable for the last month.

These are cool things because sometimes I neglect my inner goals for outer ones.

Awesome, Zoya!! What is your profession/job/career thing/ whatever?

Mornington laugh.gif

Mine would be a lot shorter " A male and a female sheep do it and then they have little sheep the end."

Did you have to make charts and graphs?

Congratulations to all of you!
i designed a burnout fabric print that is going to be sold in both us and uk urban outfitters! *dances*
Awesome, Mouse!

(I hope burnout is coming back because I kept a beautiful scarf from 1998...)
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