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Full Version: Going to see my addiction - AMERICAN IDOL
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Hi All!
So the 2006 American Idol contestants tour is going to start up after they announce the winner on the season finale. I'm So Excited!

This tour is sponsored by Pop-Tarts. i just found out that they want to hook people up with the opportunity to buy advanced tickets. i treid to go last year and it was completely sold out.

If anyone is interested in learning my secret of the advanced tickets or wants to chat about the tour, please let me know. I am NOT missing it this year! Woooo!
go away spammer! bleh! let this thread die, please!
Hey, spammer creep....go back and tell your bosses that this community is EXTREMELY hostile to spammers like you, and none of us will buy anything a spammer is trying to sell us. Now fuck off and die.

Ok, now I'm willing to let the thread die.
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