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Full Version: Democrat in a Republican World
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Has anyone else found themselves employed in an organization that runs counter to their personal beliefs? I'm not talkin' cigarettes or pro-lifers, more just biz related stuff, a bit that I agree with, some of which I don't. It isn't stuff that really goes up my butt sideways without astroglide, but I still feel weird promoting things I can't stand behind.
Why am I there? The pay. And I can someday use these connections to support an organization nearer and dearer to my heart.
Anyone else find themselves here?
Not exactly. The only thing you can do is do the best you can for them and take their damn money! In the end,they will lose anyhow!
Right now I'm working for a company that doesn't exactly fit into my beliefs, but it was pretty much the only thing I could find that paid decent. It does suck, and right now I'm looking for something better, but mainly because the company is expanding and treating their employees like crap.

Look at it as a learning experience, and take what you can from it until you're in a position to find something better for yourself. That's about all I can say.

(Of course, if you can find ways to subvert their policies without getting fired or getting into trouble, that always helps too.)
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