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Full Version: ad from last bust, not current one, need help finding!!
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So I gave my friend my Bust after I forgot to bookmark this site that I wanted to buy jewelry from and now I can't remember it! Does anyone have the previous issue handy? It was one of the ads in the back and was basically a cool medic alert bracelet. As a hip epileptic I was intruiged, seriously, who wants to wear one of those old person bracelets? I'd love anyone who knew the ad and could send me the link!!!
Azrae717, welcome to Bust! I see you are new here, you should stop by here to introduce yourself:

Also we are self-moderated & it's usually good to stop by here & ask if it is appropriate to begin a new thread.

It clutters up the board to have a one off question when there is an appropriate thread for it here:

And to answer your query, the company is & it was in the most recent issue of Bust, it wasn't in the back, it was in the gifty/neat stuff, IndieFinds section.

Good luck & have fun!

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