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Full Version: An ad from bust mag - last one, not current
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So I gave my friend my Bust after I forgot to bookmark this site that I wanted to buy jewelry from and now I can't remember it! Does anyone have the previous issue handy? It was one of the ads in the back and was basically a cool medic alert bracelet. As a hip epileptic I was intruiged, seriously, who wants to wear one of those old person bracelets? I'd love anyone who knew the ad and could send me the link!!!
Azrael, let me know. I'm epileptic as well, and refuse to wear the old person braclets!

sassygrrl, auralpoison kindly posted this response "to answer your query, the company is & it was in the most recent issue of Bust, it wasn't in the back, it was in the gifty/neat stuff, IndieFinds section" over in AdFab where azrael felt the need to duplicate her post in yet another new thread.
Oh. Thanks!
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