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im so confused can someone help me???
my periods are very irregular. feb and march i didnt get my period at all. i know i wasnt pregnant because i wasnt having sex. but on april 19th i had unprotected sex. then on april 29th i started to spot. but pregnancy test said negative. april 30th it turned into light bleeding wich lasted until may 4th. on may 2 i had unprotected sex again during my period. then may 5th i started to spot continusly up until may 9th. but the problem is that the spotting is now a dark red a bit more but it only comes down when i pee and wipe. can some one tell me if this is still my period or is it possible that i had gotten pregnant during my period.?????
dream, welcome to BUST! Just so you know, we're a self-governed board here, and to keep things streamlined, we try not to start new threads that might already be covered elsewhere without going on over to "as the world turns" and posting your thread idea in the Community Forum thread first.

That said, you might check out the Bloody Grrrls thread, or the Pregnancy thread, and for maude's sake, get some BC or condoms so that you can rest your mind a bit. Breathe, take it easy, and most of all, protect yourself from those wily sperm.

((((((not preggo vibes)))))
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