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hey raisin, meet me in the pets thread will you? i have a bunny related query...
I know this isn't quite the same as Katrina, but when we had the big fires here in BC a few years ago, entire communities in my region had to evacuate because the fire was coming down the hill towards their homes - and the fires did destroy many homes, and in one case, an entire community. A lot of animals, including pets AND livestock, got left behind. I donated to the SPCA (as well as the relief efforts) because volunteers were going in and braving the smoke and fire to get the animals out even after the people had gone, and they were running out of spaces and food for the animals, and because I knew that there would be government assistance for the people, but nothing similar for the animals.

I know that your government was/is pretty shitty towards the human survivors of Katrina, but is it possible, at least in the beginning, people thought there would be more government help than there turned out to be? And maybe donated to both like I did, or to animal welfare because they thought the people would be assisted?

(Just to put it out there, working with people in poverty, and lobbying for legislative change on poverty-related issues, is about 3/4 of what I do in my non-profit job, and has also been what I've done with a lot of my volunteer time.)
Very true, doodle- the hurricane hit on, what, Monday? And I remember going into work the next day and talking to a friend who went to Tulane, served in the National Guard and Navy down there, and we were happy that New Orleans wasn't hit too the afternoon and evening, it was a completely different story, and i think it was the next morning that I donated to the Salvation Army and the Humane Society. Not that how much help the government was being would have changed my donation amount, but I do remember thinking "oh, this will be over soon." Ha ha, I overestimated the idiots running the whole thing.

I saw these two interesting documentaries on PBS Satuday night- one was Frontline, investgating the governmental failures and the other was Nova, getting into the science of the hurricane and what went wrong with the levee system and everything. President Clinton was the only president to put real emergency management experts in place at FEMA. For every president before him and Bush, after him, it has been a dumping ground of political favors, placing people who have no experience with emergency management in high level positions, and with FEMA becoming part of Homeland Security, it just got worse and worse. When Bush became president, most of the people Clinton put in resigned, so Bush filled it up with his cronies. Isn't there some paper pushing or something ineffectual they can do at the IRS or something? They interviewed Michael Brown, and while he's clearly an incompetant boob, I think he really does feel bad and was very forthcoming about his mistakes. Not that he's suddenly a good person, but it's more than you can say for our president.
Did anyone see the recent documentary on Katrina that Spike Lee did for HBO? I watched all 4 hours of it, and it made my anger toward our government rise up in me, like bilge, all over again. Despite the fact it's been a year, and despite the fact that I've read so much it during that time, it still confounds me to this day that Dubya et al. effectively did *nothing*, despite so many pleas for help, for 4 frickin' days! Watching that documentary (which was very well done, IMO) brought tears to my eyes.

So, not really a confession on my part, but more of an understatement: I hate, hate, hate all of the Bush administration! I hope that these 2 anniversaries happening so close together (Katrina and 9-11) help to remind America that the White House is jammed with uncaring, incompetent fucks! mad.gif
I haven't seen that yet, ratgrl- I don't have HBO, but some friends do, so they tivo'ed it and we're going to watch it together soon. It sounds really good, though.
confession: I can't figure out which I prefer - being in a relationship or being alone - so I'm too paralyzed to go out and actually find someone, in case I have to extricate myself in order to be alone again.
Doodle, I should think that you are one of the most eligible bachelorette's in the provinces...and I know for a fact that you created the swankiest pad evah for the cultivation of such lurid affairs.

If anything, buy me a plane ticket so I can fuck you smile.gif
dudes, i get that animals are effected by disasters and the actions of humans. i believe that they should be treated well. i'm not saying that the 80 year old man should be kept from his pet. i'm also not saying that people should not support the spca or other animal groups.

thats why if you read my first post i felt the need to credential myself with my animal/enviro-loving ness.

to do it again, i am a vegetarian. i have rescue cats. i don't buy leather/suede animal products. i try to shop sustainably. i ride my bike to work/around town.

to go back to the news story i heard that prompted this discussion, i'm just saying that examples like the appleton, wisonsin EMT group spending money on getting pet oxygen masks?? c'mon now. do you not think that that money could be better spent elsewhere in the community? how much of a need is this? how many times a year does this happen that they couldn't just jerry-rig a human oxygen mask?

when i wrote that knee-jerk comment, i was thinking of the david sedaris story where his mom could only revive the cute dead. it just seemed to be that a lot of people only wanted to help the cute disaster victims.

i still just don't get the impulse of seeing suffering on tv and wanting to help the animals more than the people.

word snafooey.

edited to correct my spelling mistakes. god forbid.
Ok, back to the confessions:

My biggest (and possibly most UN-feminist) desire in life right now is to be the one who is taken care of for awhile, instead of being the one who takes care of everyone and everything...

...because I think I've reached the point of burnout where, in the best moments, I'm barely sustaining things; in the worst moments, I'm doing things horrifically badly; and in truth, I just need to rest...

...and the worst thing is that I often feel like I'm living in a crisis (or crises, plural) of my own making...

...and I would simply like a partner to lean on...

...but none of my previous partners were up to the challenge... now I'm terrified of exposing my weaknesses to another person...

...and I often feel like it's just easier to be alone.

(Thank you for the ego boost, minxie. I *heart* you bigtime.)
((doodle)) I know this doesn't help at all, and it sounds very Hallmark-card-with-sunset-motif, but you are really an inspiration. I'm consistently and constantly in awe of you, and if I lived anywhere nearby I'd make you hot chocolate, unplug your phone, put a stupid movie on and make you snuggle with your kitties. Everyone deserves to be taken care of once in a while...
Yeah, I'm not so sure it's "unfeminist" to want to be taken care of. In some ways.

Is it feminist to say the woman should always serve? Sometimes you should be served too!

That's one of the things feminist is to me.

So if ou long for someone to do half of the housework, and cook sometimes, and rub your back when you're cranky, and hug you when you're scared, that's not unfeminist.
The way I see it, anything is feminist that can be expressed in the form, "As a woman, X is the choice I have made."

A thing is only un-feminist if it can be expressed in the form, "As a woman, you should not have chosen X."
I don't think I want to explain what *I* meant by "un-feminist," because it would mean explaining what I mean by "taken care of," which is really complicated and probably not what anyone is thinking...but the short version is that parts of what I want are somewhat contradictory to *my* feminism, and I'm just not ready to define what I mean more clearly, publicly, anyway...and anyway, the "un-feminist" part wasn't really meant to be the most important part of my post.

Said with love! smile.gif

Anyway, thanks for the support, y'all. I really do appreciate it. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I don't know what I'd DO without my busties (and busters!).
Oh, well, all I can do is offer generalized support to a statement that is a generalized muddle.

Meanwhile, I have my own future to worry about.
I dunno doodle, human beings are not solitary creatures. The need, desire to want to be cared for is a very basic instinct. You've been through a hella lot the last year, and you deserve someone to direct you for a change. There is a comfort in that, for sure.

confessions: i had to hang out at my in-laws last night with moxette while moxieman was away on busienss for the day b/c i was honestly terrified of spending alone time with her. Some anxiety issues, anyone...?
I suspect she means: "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS (#%)((@$ ANYMORE! I WANT *MONEY*!! DO YOU HEAR?! *** MONEY ****!!!!"

Which, we all feel from time to time. smile.gif

But that is only a conjecture.

Also, I stole the above from a "Dilbert" cartoon.
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, you are both pretty close to part of it, sort of. smile.gif
I am an air head.

I have been feeling self-destructive lately. Like things are going to well, and I should do something to mess them up, before I end up being disappointed in some other way.

I made a dessert, and shared it w/ my co-works and I am apparently desperate to hear praise about my cooking. I wanted everyone to tell me they loved it. I may have attention whore issues I never knew about. Which is odd to say the least, since I tend to be a proud loner.

*wonders off the analyze my life.......*(or check out another thread as a distraction......)
I'm lonely and I want a boyfriend. Someone to love, not to fuck.
It is official, I am totally lame. It is a Friday night and I cleaned my bathroom. wtf.

I can never remember when my sister's birthday is and I don't want to call her because she sucks so I am just gonna send her a happy birthday email. which of course will only make her more mad then she already is at me. Why is she mad at me you ask, because my husband and I took my parents out to dinner for their fortieth anniversary. which has nothing to do with her, but she is mad. go figure.
i hope that pat sajak is as nice in person as he seems on wheel of fortune, because i'd like to think that there's someone out there who's not an ass.

i still feel like a little girl in most if not all of my adult interactions.
... i think this is noticable.
... i think people take advantage of this.
... i don't think i'll ever get over it because i will always be insecure.

any time i get reprimanded (from anyone older than i) in any situation (from boss to cable guy or whatever), i feel embarassed, and ashamed, and that's one of the shittiest feelings. like i've just been verbally spanked.
I also want a boyfriend, not a fuck buddy.

me three. a real live man who actually Cares About Me for a change. not that i don't have friends and lovers who *care* about me, that just isn't the same though.
Me FOUR. Fuck. I mean... yeah. You know.

What the hell is with this stay-at-home Friday night bullshit?! I get mad at myself for doing this shit. Sometimes. But I also like the time to decompress from the week.

And thanks to all the other Depp fans here, I am seriously thinking I should get a gigantic poster of Mr. Hotness and hang it up in my bedroom. Fuck this getting a boyfriend shit, fr'reelllzzzz, and being all adult-like and tasteful with home decor. ::snort::
Yeah, I know. I feel like I should be out doing something, but alas I am BUSTing and watching Northern Exposure.... not that this is a bad thing. John Corbett is my imaginary boyfriend....

Amen on the Johnny Depp poster....
I'm another one staying at home. Me and my dad were watching a movie together and we both said we couldnt' stay up. Then my dad says, "It's late." and I said, "It's 10:20. We're sad."

But I had a busy first week of school and work so screw going out. I needed an evening in my pj's by myself.
Every since my father died, my relationship with my stepmother has become more and more breezy on my part, even when I'm telling her the worst news about my life, and it's reached the point now where I'm sort of avoiding her...and I don't know why.
you know what doodle? that's disconcerting. breezy is never good with me. it always indicates severe discomfort with whatever it is or serious insecurity.
not saying that's what is up with you. just sayin.....

i NEVER go out on the weekend. what the f-ing hell for?!?
i'm from the city yo, this teensy wee butt-fucking nowhere-ville of a town has nothing to offer me. not even when i'm Really. Fucking. Bored.
i'm maude-damn spoiled, that's what that shit is. teens and 20's downtown toronto scene stealer. everything bores me.

that pisses me off. why can't i just enjoy that crappy music and ugly fashion hippie-wear like everybody else? elitist brat.
You know, I stay in most weekend nights, either with the mister or if he's out of town, by myself. I used to think this made me a big loser but now I think it's a way to decompress. The city I live in in busy and hectic and maybe it makes me feel better not engaging with it for 2 days a week, even though I am a city girl. These days I truly relish sitting in front of a cheesy DVD and a plate of pasta and a glass of wine.

Going out on the town doesn't appeal anymore, partly because I've outgrown it. I get annoyed if a place is overcrowded and overloud, but I also miss the fun of going out.

I just worry I'm turning into a hermit. I have no time for anyone except a few good friends, who I see maybe twice a month. And the mister of course.
Ditto. I much prefer to stay at home with the boy, a dvd and good food & wine. My weekend is for quality time with him (especially now that he's moving for work and I won't see him during the week) and sometimes I don't have the energy to go out for a meal and to the pics on those days and prefer to stay in and snuggle.

I go out a lot less frequently than I did and I don't mind it; I find that when I do have a night out planned I have to psyche myself up for it in advance. I'm 25 and it's time to settle down and only wear my dancing shoes on special occasions!
i'm glad the space shuttle program is back on track. i don't mind my tax dollars supporting NASA. at all. watching that thing liftoff makes me proud to be an american. it's one of the few things that do.

and yes, i know there are people in this country who are starving & struggling & homeless & sick & uneducated. and i hate that this administration is diverting more and more vital funds away from educational & humanitarian programs.

but i can't help it, i've always believed our future lies in space.
I cry when I think about John Lennon.

I think people who still have faith in our (apologies for US-centrism) system of government are really, really naive and poorly-informed, and I don't think there's a good excuse for that. As such, I am a huge snob when it comes to politics and current events.

I snoop on one of my former lover's livejournal sometimes and derive no small amount of satisfaction that while he's happy, he's still a total tool. That said, sometimes I miss talking to him.

I don't talk to him because Mr.Luci has a deep and abiding hatred of this person and it would feel like a betrayal. I don't like that I don't talk to someone I might want to because of my partner's feelings, but I also feel like it's not exactly the world's biggest sacrifice, so I deal.

Our anniversary is September 11. We may need to switch that up.
luci, ugh. renew your vows on some other day chica. my good girlfriend's b-day is 9-11 and it's such a giant horrible drag. we all put on a brave face but still, ugh.

mando, i was so sad to read about that shuttle thing this morning. i had no idea that kind of wasteful, polluting self-indulgence was still going on. i'm glad it symbolizes something positive for you but it's the opposite for me. it makes me hate people for being such assholes. why the HELL can't we clean this place up instead of making such a mess that we have to imagine a "future in space"? gah, *so angry*.

*warning* highly offensive content to follow....

i confess, sometimes i really hate america and i lump americans in there with that. not nice, i know. people are people are people are people. but... the problems of the whole flipping world stem from greed and coruption and it's all coming from down south in one way or another. it's hard to take sometimes, a whole nation of sheeple supporting that total asswipe president of theirs. grrr. now there's all this pressure to sell our water and lumber for next to nothing because it's being comsumed at such an enormous rate by america. our forests and watersheds are all endangered at this point, even sacred land is being pillaged. i'd rather see americans live in shacks and recycle their own pee to drink.

sorry US busties, i don't really feel that way. just. so. very. angry right now. totally projecting. gggrrrrrrr.
i'll get over it.
I feel the same way about most Americans, pepper, even though I am one. I assure you, we're not all like that, but when I generalize most of the people around me, what you think about us is basically what I think about us.

The space program? I guess I'm apathetic about it. On one hand it is a tremendous expense and I feel like "We've made it to the moon, can we take a break for awhile and put that money elsewhere?" I don't feel like it's a complete waste, but I fear that at some point, we're going to over-populate and over-pollute the Earth, so we'll need the moon, but maybe we should put that time and money into preventing that from happening. Plus, it's sort of sad to think about us ugly humans destroying the moon next. Sort of like Bush going into Alaska for the pipeline.

I get a little teary-eyed too when I think/hear about John Lennon, luci, even though I was only 8 months old when he died.
I don't think it's Americans, actually. It's the wealthy elite people from any nation. Look at who rules in government, anywhere, and the vast majority come from positions of astonishing privilege. Oligarchy, aristocracy, etc., alive and well. Hell, look at the Nixon administration and the current adminstration, and it's composed of the same rich, crazy assholes.
I am so hormonally out of whack that it's kind of freaking me out. Counting down the minutes til I have medical coverage again, but also thinking I need to figure out alternatives to helping this issue seeing as conventional medicine did nothing to really help when I did have insurance. Birth control pills are the reason I am more out of whack than when I began, and they don't seem to offer up any other solutions. I guess my real confession is, I do not trust doctors or western medicine in general. As the White Stripes said, "Girl, you have no faith in medicine". And I don't, really. At least not for myself.

I also tear up when I think of or listen to John Lennon. "Julia" reduces me to a puddle of tears every time. But I also do when I listen to Janis Joplin because I can hear the pain and loneliness in her voice. Whenever I need a good cry I listen to a live version of "Little Girl Blue" and the dam breaks.

I really enjoy pissing people off on MySpace. I use my the MP3 player on my page to showcase anti-war/anti-government/anti-religion music, and derive great joy and satisfaction from the random hate messages I receive.

I too think there are far many sheeple in this country. That being said, not all of us are and not all of us support that vile bastard and his cronies. And I do believe we are far from being an entire nation that follows that asswipe "president", who in my estimation is not *really* the president seeing as there are still questions lingering on the validity of the second election and we all know he stole the first one! I know people who may have supported him at one time, even voted for the pig, who are shocked and appalled now. I do think his support has fallen away in droves, but people feel powerless to do anything about it. And his supporters are more hostile than ever, because they know his asshattery cannot be explained away. And they generally are the ones with the positions of power and the money. Gah. I need to stop now. My hands are shaking.

i think it's hot that guys post here.

(i went on a date once where the guy told me out and out that he was a feminist, and i was sold from there.)

it's going to storm and i LOVE it. the first few minutes before it rains, but the thunder is rolling though the mountains...
Totally agree with you on men posting here. It makes them so hot!

Agree with you also on the storm.

I miss Janis Joplin and Warren Zevon.

Also, do not trust doctors or medicine.

(heh, pepper - we're not married, so we can switch that date to anything, really, as it commemorates, um, sin? wink.gif )
I've probably posted a version of this confession before, but I cannot stop staring at myself in the mirror. I'm totally in love with myself. Especially when I wear something other than my normal jeans and t-shirt (but I love that too!), like right now I'm wearing a short skirt, knee-high striped socks, a matching striped shirt and my burgundy glasses.

I want to buy more skirts, now that I'm comfortable wearing them. But I don't have a ton of money to spend on clothes, and I need warm shirts for winter more than I need skirts.

I think Marilyn Manson's voice is sexy. And right now I'm listening to the Matrix soundtrack.
now you have another aniversary to celebrate, luci!

I suppose there aren't a lot of weddings on Sept 11th, no-one would want that as a wedding anniversary, other than as an anniversary of the event itself. I suppose there have been dates throughout history like that and this is our generation's.
It's kinda like there aren't a whole lot of kids named "Adolf". Bad connotation.
ppffftttt! oh shit, spilling my drink!

huh, there are a lot of kids names jesus though, that always freaks me out.

hey-zeus! even the pronounciation is attention grabbing.
anna k
It's kinda like there aren't a whole lot of kids named "Adolf". Bad connotation.

My Italian great-grandfather was named Adolpho and lived in Germany for a number of years, eventually speaking English with a German accent. I can't imagine life during WWII when his name sounded like Adolf and he sounded German.

Kind of like reading about an Egyptian cab driver in 2006 named Osama.

I miss Janis Joplin and Warren Zevon.

I miss Phil Hartman and John Candy.

I couldn't think of anything to do tonight. i didn't want to sit in a movie theater, I hate manuevering through chatty kids on the street while I feel lonely, I get bored in museums just staring at pictures and moving around people, and there weren't any dance performances I wanted to see. So I stayed home and watched Enemy of the State on TV. La-di-da.

I still feel like a nerd inside, as in a socially inept awkward geek, despite trying to act like a beautiful young lady on the outside. I also hate it when kids adopt "geek-chic" and act ironic about being a nerd like it's a fad.

I want a boyfriend, not a fuck buddy too. I want someone to appreciate me and for me to be totally turned on by him, not, "Eh, he likes me, he'll do," and be bored and unfeeling throughout it. I want someone who can challenge me and whose chest I can bury my head in when I want to feel a warm body and intimacy. I don't know when that will come, since I've been a lone wolf for so long.

I hate being reprimanded too. My bio teacher told me in private to stop reading magazines during class and to participate more, saying I did about five minutes of work. I was embarassed and did more work the next time, but the class is 2 1/2 hours and I really wanted to read a book so I wouldn't stare into space.
"Julia", yuefie? Oh forget it! I don't dare listen to that song at work on my iPod, or I'd be a blubbering mess at my desk. I wasn't a huge fan of Warren Zevon, I should say I haven't heard much of his music, but I love what I've heard and his death was still a huge devastation for me, and I get teary whenever I hear his songs on the radio, even "Werewolf in London", but especially that last song he wrote for his family....oh, I'm getting a little verklempt right amongst yourselves! sad.gif And Phil Hartman...everytime I think of him and that crazy crack-whore wife of his, and what we lost because of her I get so mad. I wonder how his kids are doing.
phil. hartman. uh, it's too sad for tears even. what a fucking tragedy.

i have to confess~~ whenever i take the elevator to or from the laundry room (all three floors away, ha ha) i get a bit panicy thinking about it stopping with me trapped inside for maude knows how long and the kids in the apartment alone. irrational fear.
i'm going to start using the stairs exclusively, my ass could use it anyhow.
Oh polly, I can't even watch my Phil Hartman Best Of SNL dvd without crying. Before they put that dvd out my cousin, his girlfriend and I used to watch a VHS tape of Phil stuff he had taped and she and I would always end up blubbering. What a tragedy. I always think, why couldn't she have just gone on a good bender and OD'd herself instead of taking him away. Stupid coke whore.

And I am with you all on wanting more than just a fuck buddy. Those never seem to be in short supply. But the "whole package" seems to be elusive, or a myth. Loch Ness Monster, anyone?

My insomnia is terrible, so much that even the sleeping pill I took is not helping. My mind just will. not. shut. off.

My husband and I got married on September 12th. It was a little sad, because his sister's husband's brother had died in one of the towers 2 years before, but it was still really beautiful and life-affirming.
I can't even listen to Warren's last album with sobbing.

And don't get me started on Phil Hartman. "I am the major of sassyland..." I loved him so much. What a fucking tragedy.

Yuefie, with you on the insomnia. My mind seemed to never shut off last night. I didn't get to sleep until 3 last night. And Loch Monster myth indeed.

Sidenote: My father met John Candy. That movie Summer Rental, he was an air traffic controller. They filmed it in my dad's work. He said he was nicest guy, and so non celebrity.

I'd imagine John Candy to be really laid back. I even kinda miss Chris Farley. I never got into his movies, but some of his SNL stuff is hilarious.
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