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hahahaaha please crazy old cat lady i needed it this weekend when i was out (for far less noble reasons then staying awake to work) and i just went ahead and did it!!! wink.gif
*hangs head in shame*

Jack of All Trades. Bruce Campbell.

*runs out, face burning red*
I enjoy freaking out the squares with my nipple ring and copious bush hair in the changeroom at the pool.
I have decided to be polite but just not deal with my more " dramatic " coworkers who are crazy suburban bitches who have nothing to talk about except their ill mannered brats. I will say hello and keep walking because I don't fucking care about you nor do I want to listen to you complain about EVERYTHING!

I don't care if this makes me a giant bitch.

battygirl, I felt the same way when I would go to the pool with my pubes hangin our of my suit because I refused to do my bikini line. It was funny to me how totally uncomfortable it makes people.
anna k
My sister sleeps in until about 10 minutes before she goes to work. She lies on the couch in front of the TV and eats and falls into a stupor, and I never see her do any damn chores. I just came home from a trip and a hella-long train ride, and if I don't put the dishes away, nobody else will. I know that because I haven't emptied the dishwasher, and neither has anyone else. (My parents are away on a vacation). She makes me sick.

My sister is 25, and despite that my parents got her an apartment, she's at home for as long as my parents are here, so she can suck up free cable and not have to live on her own and be a real adult. I'm nearly 23 and I've interned at the Village Voice, I just got an internship at Good Housekeeping, I visited Charleston to see about the job and living situations, I took summer classes to graduate sooner, and I still have to finish a year of college to fulfill credits. I am way more adult than she is.
a- told my boyfriend i was too tired to hang out last night---stayed up all night eating fudge bars and listening to tori amos and the indigo girls and picking my toes.

b-blowing off old friend's party invite because all her friends read "The Rules" and discuss their low carb diets at great length.

c- spending hours on the clock on BUST because i'm resentful i have to work late.

d- taking an extra long lunch to get a pedicure and still being a martyr about having to stay late.

e- judging bf and friends for desiring lindsey lohan even though she's half their age, then ogling teen boys at the art store. going to hell for that one
I miss posting on bust. I love bust boards. I am not a computer person at all. I don't read blogs, but I love bust, and even though, I don't agree with some things, for the most part, I see alot of similarities. Busties rule!
I'm fucking sick and tired of being diplomatic on my blog. Sometimes I just want to turn off the ability to comment. Go be irritating and wrong on your own blog. I do not have the mental bandwidth to politely and rationally explain for the forty-fifth time why you're an asshole.
you can't just say it? "you're an asshole." nah, i suppose not. just reply very, very slowly.................

i want a boyfriend, i want a full time job/career, i want to live in the same place for a long time. but...
whenever things start to move in the right direction i find a reason to change course. self sabotage, or possibly thinking that i want something that i don't actually want.
i am confused.
It really bothers me when people say "it the exact same thing". Is it really that hard to say "it's exactly the same thing". Call me anal, but that is one error in grammar that makes me go nutsy.
I really really need to not be pregnant. However, I'm waiting until after my current deadline to take a test, as I wouldn't be able to do anything about it yet anyway...

It's unlikely but it would be a disaster so I'm worried. I think and hope it's just my body messing around... it has before and I am careful.
i am afraid i make bad decisions bc i always think the grass is greener on the other side. i am afraid that i am settling if i dont constantly question whether it is or not.
Oh god, culturehandy, I'm like that about people's WRITING.

I actually read "hair-brained" in a publication yesterday. Maybe I'm jealous because I haven't published my own writing in a long time, but -- if you are a professional writer you should know that the term is "hare- brained," AND there should have been an intelligent editor who caught the homonym error, instead of just running it through spell-check and throwing it out there.
now i'm confused. blink.gif
(((Wombat))) So basically, you were already pissed off, but were doing a good job of hiding it. How is that a mood swing?
What the ...!!

but see -- Origin: hare brained.

"Hare" being a rabbit.

Silly wabbit!!

Maybe they think people won't know what a "hare" is these days. Funny.

I know of it because Bugs Bunny sang "I dream of Jeannie, she's a light brown hare!"

dusty! That was exactly my point. I had about ten things build up before I lost it -- it wasn't just *one little thing* and it wasn't *nothing*!

But to some guys, any expression of negative emotion, particularly by a woman, is a weakness or sickness to be labeled and stigmatized. I mean, they'll make fun of a guy who gets mad at something. I can only think they had too many siblings and not enough parents, or something.

I'm a brat to my mom lately and I don't know why. It makes me feel guilty but at the same time I don't care.
My watch saw me looking at other watches and died of a broken heart. huh.gif
I secretly just want to stay unemployed.
i'm all tough and independent and self-sufficient and everything, but sometimes i really just want someone to take care of me.
I wish that I could remain on the dole into eternity. The thought of returning to the workforce makes me queasy.
I told my bf (who was at work and school all day) that I spent the day productively, even told him specific productive activities, but really sat around all day in my bath robe, on the internet, doing absolutely nothing productive. I even went to at one point.

Just so he wouldn't bitch at me.
Religious wackos that come into Bust to preach to me make me nuts. I don't force my atheism on you, why force your Jesus on me?
Ha ha, love that ignore button. Hear that sound, fundie? That's right, silence!
i not-so-secretly hope that a hurricane will come and hit my area just bad enough to knock power out for two or three days and force the town to a standstill. no major damage, no deaths. just unavoidable snoogle-time for me and mrfj and the kitty-puppers.
i, too, love Love LOVE the ignore function. ha ha. LovE it!
QUOTE(falljackets @ Aug 29 2006, 01:10 PM) *

i not-so-secretly hope that a hurricane will come and hit my area just bad enough to knock power out for two or three days and force the town to a standstill. no major damage, no deaths. just unavoidable snoogle-time for me and mrfj and the kitty-puppers.

falljackets, I feel the same way!!

I think it's partly why I love rain so much, bc it's a reason to light candles (ok more candles, I have some lit right now & it's sunny) & gather our small family close together & really bond.

rain-rain, come our way !
I can understand the sentiment of wanting alone time with loved ones in a cosy environment but could we spare some thought for the Katrina survivors who are BUSTies? I think they will be far from wishing a hurricane for themselves. It's the year anniversary of Katrina and I think this could come across as insensitive.

that thought Never crossed my mind.

any busty katrina survivors I am SO sorry!!
many apologies for any inconsideration & sad emotion my post might have stirred up.

I just really Really like rain bc of those reasons, and for the wonderful earthy smells and lovely way my flowers thrive, and bc I love nothing more than to sit on my front porch during a downpour, prop my feet up on the railing just enough to get wet, and read a book. and sometimes, when I can dare her w/ reward enough, persuade frecklette to do crazy things like run out to the mailbox barefoot getting drenched smile.gif
If there's one thing fj hates it's Katrina survivors. FJ, may God have mercy on you, you soulless nugget of demon crap.
i don't see anything wrong with the hurricane BUSTsecret. politically correct or not, it's a confession. it's uncensored. that's what this forum is for. no one should have to filter here.
I'm not trying to censor anyone but I'm thinking of people who I know are suffering through Katrina and would probably be hurt to read that.

eta: as I said, I have no problem with the sentiment, but can you imagine having lived through Katrina and reading -on the year annivversary- someone saying they wished a hurricane would hit? By no means is that intentional but I can see others getting upset by it, not by the poster but the wish.
Huh, I understand wanting the world to sort of stop and wanting to hole up with your loved ones and all that...but wishing for a hurricane does kind of make me want to puke. Confirms my feelings that most people in this country have no clue what it's been like for us. It's been a really hard day. I'm gonna stop myself before I say too much because I know that FJ didn't mean anything bad. I know what you meant. But to read your post was a bit like a kick in the gut. And then Mr. FJs has to bring the extra snark. Lovely.

Thanks, bunnyb. Thanks, freckle.

(((amilita))), I was thinking of you when I posted.
i'm just getting home, so i hadn't seen any of this since my own post until now.

you're right, it's a bad thought. i do realize that. which is why i put it in the confessions thread.

you're also right that mrfj's post was uncalled for and snarky. i wish he hadn't posted it. i know he meant for it to break the ice and show that i obviously meant no harm in it, nor was i meaning to be insensitive. it was the last thing on my mind.

i'm sorry that amilita, other BUSTies and other human beings are hurting and hate to think that i would have helped cause more pain to readers by my comment. but again, it's the confessional. it was put here and only here because i KNOW it is a terrible thing to wish for.
I wish that somehow I can find the money to make it to my cousin's wedding in Nashville. Is it more for Nashville and the music scene or the wedding?

I'll be back if I need to confess the answer...
okay okay, enough strife. i'm too drunk to say anything other than let's get back to the confessions:

-i'm drunk on a weekday, and posting on Bust while half-heartedly listenting to my sister yap on the phone about her fetus.

-i'm drunk on a weekday!!! and i'm thinking i should do this daily and that's bad.

(off to the inebriated ramblings thread.)
Is it really bad that I'm wishing I was drunk right now?

Especially since I'm at work?
Lilac, I was feeling the same thing at work today.
Is it bad that every time I read or watch a story about someone using an ingenious scheme to rip off vegas casinos I invariably root for that person?
I love my mom, but I don't know what I was thinking, inviting her to stay with me for "a week or so" after I visited her for a week. My apartment, and especially my kitchen, is all out of order after less than 36 hours, and it's making me twitchy - especially the kitchen, because she never cooks and hardly eats. She is constantly "chatty" in an inane way, even when I'm trying to work or think. She talks about her bowel movement issues. She describes some people as gossipy, shallow, and/or narrow-minded, but then describes other people/their lives in a gossipy, shallow, and/or narrow-minded way. She said she was going to paint while here, but she keeps trying to "help" with or watch me do things I prefer to do myself, alone - and this is something that annoys the fuck out of her when other people do it to her! I never turn the TV on, but she wants to watch hours of it every night - every trip, she starts out asking if she can flip on the news, and by the end of her visit, the TV is on from the time Oprah starts till mom falls asleep at night. My apartment reeks of cigarette smoke because she smokes on the balcony with the patio door open - when she sits out there reading, she practically chain smokes. She just knocked over my philodendron and broke its expensive glazed cache pot because she doesn't know how to work the flip sofa but didn't ask for help. She is cranky and moody when she is tired, which is a lot of the time; she says it's because of the kidney disease, but I secretly think it's because she barely eats anything at all.

I am terribly, terribly vexed.

I am reverting to a pissy, self-centred, distant, patronizing, adolescent version of myself.

I fear my mom's old age, and also resent it because we already did the role-reversal thing during her pre-sobriety years.

I really need some space.

I hate myself for my lack of patience and empathy.

I don't think I'll ever be able to live with another person again.

If I didn't have the Lounge as a haven to articulate these things, I think I'd die.

Did I mention that I really, really, really need some space?

That may be an extreme hug, but I'm really feeling your pain right now. My mother's been here only 10 days, and it's hard for me to face how much longer it'll be before she gets a place of her own, since it'll be another few months at least. Hang strong, lady.
arrghh! my mother was the same way.
Controlling, invading, judging, silly.

Basically a nice lady, but smoking more than eating, body pains which are probably a result of depression, smoking, not eating, eating crap, not exercising --

Then I would feel guilty for getting mad -- but I could not live in that house. I could not be a healthy, happy human being with something HANGING OVER ME like that.

When she died, I almost felt relieved. Then, really guilty about THAT.

and when people talk, a bit smugly, about how they sacrificed for their own business, or schooling, or a shiny computer or car or what have you, by living at home for awhile -- I'm envious -- like, you could live at home without having a sickening influence on your body and mind that won't go away, that is easily hurt, that can't even just LET YOU BE -- no self, no privacy whatsoever? They let you come and go and didn't fuss and worry and buy crap food and never want to have anyone over and never want to go anywhere?

... without the sounds of screaming, yelling, crying, and bad music from stupid television permeating every square inch while trying to draw, write or read?
Thanks wombat and tallgirl. Normally mom and I get along, but I suspect that's 'cause we live 350 kms apart, and now I remember why I won't go back to Vancouver to live. (Aside from the exorbitant cost of living in a "world class" city.) Though my mom's not so much controlling as smothering....

(((((((((((((((((((((((((tallgirl))))))))))))))))))))))))) Girl, I've got nothing on your pain....I can't even imagine, but I feel deep sympathy. If you want to come to Canada for an escape visit, you can stay here and I will totally leave you alone in whatever silence you need. I really mean that, about visiting!

(((((wombat))))) Yeah, I felt a bit of relief when my father died, because he was senile and getting worse, and never took proper care of himself. And I felt guilty for being relieved (although I also felt deep grief), and I also felt guilty for freaking out when it was his time, which I did (freaked) because I'd never seen a person die before. (That is a confession, so I'll leave it in this thread.)

Now, this is why I love my best friend so much: she has my mom kidnapped at the moment. They'll be back in a half hour or less, but I've had the last hour to myself to enjoy being alone, alone, alone! Hurrah! When she gets back, I'm going up to Home Despot to replace the plant pot, and maybe after I'll take a long drive.

I wish my best friend were gay so we could just get married and build home stuff together and grow a big garden. I'm not attracted to her that way, but I'm pretty sure I could work up an attraction if I thought it would end the search for a true friendship-type partnership. (Also a confession.)

I should be reporting this all in the family dysfunction thread. Except we're not normally dysfunctional! Just when there's too much togetherness. I don't know what's wrong with me that I don't like to be around anyone in my family for very long. (That's also actually a confession.)
Hi Doodle,
don't know you at all, but I always enjoy reading your posts -
try to send some ((((((Mom-Leaving-Vibes)))))).
Hope they help - U rock!!!!!
Hey Doodle,
I thought I was the only person who can't take being around my Mom, or any other immediate family for a long time (I consider a day a long time)...I thought I was off in that way...Like I feel that I don't appreciate them because I never really want to be around them, and I think it means that I am a bad daughter/sister... They never really say or do anything to me that would make me feel that way, I just feel weird like, I don't want to be around them...My mom esp. sometimes I think I dread talking to her and when I see her name come up on the caller id my heart always skips a beat, and when I go to her house Iits like I'm always looking to see if her car is there, and if its not I always feel relieved...Then I do whatever I went over to do and try to hurry and leave before she gets back...I wonder why this is....
Man its really going to suck because I am moving home for a few weeks (better only be a few) before I head out and move to Georgia...
Thanks for letting me know that it is normal to want constant alone time!!!
(Ps. I still never received the picture of you...) smile.gif
love my mom, can't be in the same room for more than 15 minutes though. she drives me that crazy. i have to literally bite my tongue sometimes, until i taste blood even, to keep from being an evil bitch to her. and even then sometimes i'm wicked anyhow. it's bad.
(free_spirit....I replied to your PM with a note that said I couldn't send a pic unless you sent me an e-mail addie, 'cause I can't attach pics to PMs...or something...anyway, the attachment won't work till you send me an e-mail addie. 'K!)

I do need a lot of space and alone time. After BFF kidnapped mom, I took a long drive, and then when I came home, she was napping, so I snuck off to my room and got a couple extra hours!

I can't imagine what kind of parent I would have been. Neglectful at BEST. Thank goddess I made the right decision.
Ah, family. I feel like I should feel guilty that I don't miss my parents at all, when I know they miss me, but I just can't bring myself to. I also need my space, and when I'm with them for too long I end up hating the person I become. I am not a healthy person when I am living with my parents.

I am lucky in that my family relations are pretty good, despite a divorce and 2 remarriages. Saying that, when on holiday with them I completely need my own space. My mom's all about sharing hotel rooms to save money, whereas I'll happily pay extra to get some space on my own at the start and end of each day, and to avoid the inevitable bathroom battles.

I have a not-totally-rational thing about having my own space and time to myself, but sometimes too much day to day intimacy with those you love, *especially* with those you love, can be a bad, crazy-making thing.

And doodle, this is *exactly* why I don't want children!
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