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confession: I fell off the non-smoking wagon yesterday. But I'll be back on track tomorrow morning.

confession: I've GOT to find a way to get the senile old bat downstairs to move out. Honestly. She's taken to SHRIEKING at me from the balcony below. Seriously. Shrieking. I'm going to end up dropping a clay flower pot on her head if she's not careful.

I know you've been having to mess with that crazy old lady for a while now. I think you said you were documenting her increasing insanity & had spoken with your leasing office as well, yes? Have they been able to help with any solutions? I'm just curious. I dunno how things are there, but here if too many of your neighbors complain there will be drama.

Is the dementia kicking in do you think? I had a friend that had a lovely patch of grass in front of her building where we liked to congregate in the summer evenings to talk, play music, play frisbee, whatever. The senile old lady that lived in the front apartment would scream at us through the windows to literally "get offa [her] lawn"! She repeatedly called the police, eventually they stopped coming. That's when she came out armed with a broom. Which one of the guys promptly took away from her, she completely WIGGED. Not too long after, her kids packed her up & took her away.
That's what I was thinking- do you know if she has any family who you could talk to about this, with a "concerned about her health and safety" than a "she's driving me crazy!" approach?
doodle-- have you thought about pm-ing culture? she might have an insight on how to report her since she used to do social work....
Hey, thanks for the support everyone. The problem is she is not yet "there" enough to be reported, IMHO. Well, I do not truly know, but anyway, I just don't have, if she were chasing me 'round with a broom, that might work. I've been in close touch with the assistant manager; he is driven as batty as I am - this lady complains about everybody and everything, all the time, including him! But they are unable to do anything on their own, because awhile back, before this started (when she moved in, I was working 2 jobs and was never home to make any noise), he thought she was moving out and tried to "help" her out the door by writing a letter saying she was a good tenant. I know, it's like a bad drama! So there's this holding pattern with management where they can't do a whole lot on their own. (In retrospect, I almost wonder if she did that on purpose when she moved in - tricked him into putting something in writing - because she's a problem wherever she goes?)

All of the management is aware of the problem; the "crazy old bat downstairs" (as the manager calls her) is getting her second breach of lease letter, because of my complaints. One more and she is gone, I hope. I've also been urged to write an e-mail to the rep at the management company itself. Basically, they desperately WANT to get rid of her; I think they just need me to keep complaining. My neighbours across the hall have also offered to write a letter, as she has been terrible to them as well. Justy as an example, when their daughter was having her 1st birthday, she made them move the birthday party to a part of the lawn where she couldn't see it from her apartment. She has said horrible racist things about them to other people in the building, too.

She phoned the assistant manager at 7:45 this morning to complain that I'd thrown breadcrumbs on the lawn last night. (I did. They were for the birds.) He said he hung up the phone and went back to sleep. Tonight I accidentally dropped a kitchen pan on the floor; she cranked her TV so loud I could hear what Peter Mansbridge was saying on the news. After she turned it down, I did it again on purpose to see if did she it on purpose, and yep, she did it again. She's just harassing everyone. She's a bully, and she's either going senile, or she's got narcissistic personality disorder.

Anyway. She can be a bully, or an NPD headcase, or a senile old bat, or whatever. But she picked the wrong neighbour to fuck with, I'll tell ya. I've lived here 14 years and I'm one of the best tenants they have. This is my territory she's chosen to piss on and she'll lose, but it's the headache of how to get to that place, and this crap I'm enduring in the meantime. This place is my temple, my sanctuary from the world. I hate having it fucked with. I hate it.

Anyway, this is rambly and narcissistic in itself, so I'll stop.
I pretty much kick ass. Seriously. I know I sometimes don't give myself enough credit, but all in all, I am a good fucking person & people like me because of it. An old friend reminded me today that I have a way of helping people when they need it & am particularly good at not being a dick about it. I just smile, help, & we move on to the next thing.

And bless 8lb, 6oz white baby jebus, but I am fucking funny. I even make myself laugh. And there's something really great about making somebody else smile or even bust a gut. Especially when it's at my own expense, because I am also really fucking weird. I don't know why I do some of the things I do, but sometimes it is comedy GOLD!

I also swear a lot, but fuck 'em in the ear if they don't like it.
anna k
You are awesome, AP. You're an amazing person who knows so much about everything, you have a sharp wit, and are one of my favorite commenters here. You're just so cool all around. smile.gif
yeah you do, AP... and you are funny as fuck.

...also your love of the absurd makes me cream myself.

just sayin.

confession: I am listening to the Melvins on this Sunday morning loud as hell with the windows open and I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

Thank you, my loves. Right back at ya!

I miss everybody. I've been finding some humdinger stories as of late that would have fired up some feminist discussion, but folks have been burned so badly here that there are only a handful of us to chew on 'em.

PS. Melvins rule.
AP is highlarious!

the Melvins are always badass. rock on mamma!
Should. NEVER. Have let. Ex-gf. Friend me on crackbook. *bangs head repeatedly on table* She always posts about "oh I remember this" whatever thing we did together, and no matter how innocuous the post, all I can remember is how much I loathe her crazy ass, and then I wish she wasn't following my life on crackbook. I may block her and get it over with. It seems mean, but....I dunno. Who cares if it's mean, I guess.

My crazy downstairs neighbour thinks I'm mean. She thinks I am a mean, nasty, angry suffragette. It's true, if you hadn't heard it on crackbook. She googled me and discovered my past feminist career, but apparently doesn't know the word feminist or something, so she decided, and reported to the assistant manager, that I'm one of those suffragettes, that being a suffragette is evidence I'm very angry, and that's why I'm always throwing things around my apartment.

Which relates to another confession: I think, having heard some of the details of her life, that maybe she is trying so hard to get me to be silent and still because she is pissed off that I have an independent voice and independent movement in the world, which she does not, and never has. Perhaps it gives me a little more compassion, but at the same time, I honestly no longer care WHAT a person's fucking damage is, if they are determined to keep playing the victim for an entire lifetime.

Which relates to one more confession: even though the management company has now sent 2 breach letters to the lady (1 more is eviction), I went ahead and wrote a HUGE fucking letter to the management company, with names, dates, actions, etc., and included photos of my apartment that show I have no television and only a pair of small, not-very-powerful computer speakers that connect to mp3 players, Discmans, and the netbook, and which are the sole source of music and video entertainment in my household. It's all very complicated, but let's just say I had to get it done before the lady took them to arbitration over the 2nd breach notice. I also have other tenants starting to come forward in my defense, and I'm going to track down the woman who lived below me for about 6 years, just in case I need her - hope I can find her! She only left because it wasn't big enough for her and her child (1 bedroom) once he started to get bigger.

Ok, one more confession: I have a suspicion that crazy old bat downstairs has done this all before, ya know? But she picked the wrong neighbour to fuck with.
Fuck you for wanting the vote, doodle. "Nice women don't want the vote!" So basically you were reported for being a feminist? Sounds like you're being very smart with the way you're handling the situation though, hopefully you won't have to put up with her much longer.

I confess that I HATE the way paperboy drives. It's so defensive, it's like driving with my mom. He doesn't care if he's going at the speed limit so sometimes we'll be going down a 60km road and he'll just kind of let the car drift to around 50 and I can feel my foot (in the passenger seat) start to push on the ground like I'm pushing the gas. I manage to bite my tongue though - I know how much it pisses him off when I criticize his driving. dry.gif

I TOLD you I was mean. Really, in the end, I own my part in this, because I was neglecting my apartment when she moved in - I was never home. If I had been, like I was before and am now, this would have blown up sooner, and she would have been out by now. But I have a strategy. I can't tell you because I'm not going to post it on the internets at all, now that I know she's stalking me on it. But I'll post everything after she moves out. I just don't know when that will be yet.

Soulman drives like a little old lady. Okay, not quite, but yes, I totally hear you. Mind you, I got busted once doing 148 k on the highway.
I am absolutely gobsmacked that crazy lady has taken to technology in her pursuit of haranguing you. Seriously. Most olds do not like new fangled technology, let alone ones that seem to think you are running foot races in your apartment.

Old people work my last fuckin' nerve sometimes. I tried to buy a money order today from an elderly woman & you'd have thought I'd asked her how frequently she masturbated by the look on her face. She pointed a gnarled old hand at the other clerk & went on to the next person behind me. AND SHE CALLED ME "SIR". I realize I was looking rough this morning, but I did NOT look like a "sir". 38DDs are not strapped to the chests of "sirs". But I digress. The other cashier & I openly mocked her because she couldn't even take a cheque properly & her line was all fucked up.
It's sounding to me, from what management has told me, like the lady has nothing to do all day but surf the web and watch TV. No friends come and go; her son, a truck driver, comes and goes once in awhile, but he's completely in her corner on all of this. And I know she doesn't go anywhere - she walks with a cane and her big black boat of an old (gas guzzling) luxury car is almost always in the parking lot. She's told the landlord she has PTSD. Which maybe explains a few things?

Then again, seriously, who doesn't fucking have PTSD? Everybody I've known over the last ten years has been saying they have PTSD. And maybe everybody does, 'cause human society can be a pretty fucked up thing to navigate.

Best view of ANY apartment on this side of town - rolling river, huge tall trees, geese, beavers, jumping fish and eagles catching them - it would inspire ANYONE with any kind of creative spirit. And she wants to sit watching TV and surfing the 'net all day and night. rolleyes.gif

I also came here to confess that I blocked my ex on FB. No particular reason. Not feeling harassed, or abused, or even stalked, really. I simply don't think she deserves to know anything about my life, and she annoys me solely by existing in my space. I'm just mean. Mean and nasty, that's what I am.
Doodle, stick it to the old crank.

Confession: I got an invite to a facebook group for my 10 year high school reunion. Two things about it; 1) I don't fucking care about most of the people I went to high school with and 2) I think the people who are organizing it are a bunch of fucking idiots. I'd rather jab myself in the ear with a rusty spoon than go.

Confession: My grandmother is going for open heart surgery tomorrow, but she is such a mean horrible old bat (think Tony Soprano's mother) that I'm having a really hard time feeling worried about her. She's coming over to the house to recover for one week after. I'm more concerned about what having her around will to do my mother and things between my mom and I than her.
screw high school reunions. if i was remotely interested in those people i would have kept up with them in the first place.

doodle, what a sucky situation. that being said, it's kind of fascinating to watch unfold. i'm glad you're fighting back.

confession: i'm having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and i am maybe more scared than i should be. logically i know it's no big deal and will all be over with soon, but i'm really dreading the recovery.
My wisdom teeth advice, enfermera- if you find yourself on a soft food diet, even if you have to start taking Metamucil or something with water, make sure you get enough fiber. After I had mine out last summer, I was on soft foods for a few days and didn't poop for a few days. When I did get back in the swing of thing, it was awful. Seriously, I'm still recovering. blink.gif

My 10-year reunion was a year and a half ago and I didn't go. I wasn't going to pay $75 to go hang out at a banquet hall in my hometown to drink weak drinks with people I didn't like 10 years ago. Feh.

((my fellow angry suffragettes))
thanks, polly! i hadn't thought about that. i did, however, buy a couple of cans of refried beans in preparation--not specifically for the fiber, but more because all the other soft foods i could think of were sugar and processed carbs, besides just really liking refried beans--, so hopefully that'll help smile.gif

the procedure went really well; i've only had really minor discomfort so far. i think i really over-researched, and found too much information about all the things that can go wrong. all that fretting for nothing, hopefully!

*end derail*
Oh, I wish I'd known you needed food ideas- I work in a dental office and have a whole list at work of soft foods. Soup, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, applesauce, ice cream...

Just remember- no spitting, sucking, smoking or carbonated drinks for a few days (or until your doctor says so.) All of those can cause you to get dry socket, and trust me- you don't want that.
Two of the ugliest words in the English language: dry socket. *shudders*

I'd pick up some Ensure or Boost for nutrients, Enfermera.
All the pain I had from having my wisdom teeth out was actually very little compared to the pain of living with them! I think it only lasted about 2 days, and ibuprofen was quite genius-y in helping with it, much better than any T3 or percocet or any of the "fancy" stuff they give you. Get the liquid gel ones - they work faster and better, IMHO.

confession: working for the lottery corporation has convinced me not to buy lottery tickets, because people just don't win, and on those rare occasions they do win, it's probably going to happen in Ontario.

confession: I'm looking forward to being laid off in mid-April. I'm barely trying to look for new work. I'm going to take a run at trying to make a living with music, at least while I'm safely on unemployment! It's not like there are any freakin' jobs out there, and there are many ways to make money besides just playing in damned bars on the weekends. My drummer is one of those people doing just that very thing - playing in different bands, teaching, recording other artists, studio work, etc. I figure, all these naysayers who tell me you can't make a living in music - well, if they're not willing to try, that just clears the competition. I'm 41; I'm not gonna be the Dixie Chicks. But I want to at least try to support myself at some basic level, before I lose my nerve.

confession: Anyway, I hate all those goddamned burnouts playing in bars one or two weekends a month, covering the SAME OLD SHIT every other bar band covers. I smile and clap and even dance sometimes, but mostly, I'm fakin' it, because they are my friends. I'm sorry, but you can tell when someone is playing and singing with heart and soul, and when they're not. And guys, the reason you're still playing in bars one or two weekends a month is because, well, you don't put any of that heart and soul into your music. You can't even look your audience members in the eyes when you perform, because you know you're not really into it. Also? I'm really sick of hearing you play CCR. Give it a rest. (I know this sort of belongs in Corn Cobs, but I was on a roll after the previous confession!)
I also can't wait to leave this job so I can restore the Lounge to pink leopard print and not this worksafe boring blue stuff.
confession: I told the other ladies here at work that I was so tired this morning because of the time change....but it's also because I was up late watching porn on the internet.

God, that's gotta be one for PostSecret, hey?
You can make a living as a musician. It's a hustle but if it's your passion then go for it. My husband does it. right now he is playing with five bands, djaying , doing music for tv and doing some consulting work for a bar that will open soon. He was bartending and I told him to quit because it was keeping him from doing what he loves. Go for it! you won't regret it!
A tragedy has befallen me, in which my boss told me today she's got an opportunity for me to get some full time hours in another department, thus dashing my hopes of being laid off in mid-April. That I think it's a tragedy is my confession. I mean, what can I say but, "*gulp* That's great, thank you!"? Also, the department is Accounting, which is an even greater tragedy, IMHO.

I also confess that I'm not gonna say no. I'd be a fool, honestly. It may only extend me for a little while longer. Hell, it may only get me through till mid-April anyways, but with full-time hours so I'd get a decent unemployment rate. But the truth is, even if I could get a part-time permanent position, for just a little while, I'd have full medical and dental....and I really need some dental care. Plus, even if it means I'm there longer, I'd be away from the three co-workers I've come to secretly loathe: the spoiled, middle class, 20-year old consume-a-holic; the judgemental, middle-aged racist; and the passive-aggressive, middle-aged slacker.

I also confess that my biggest fear right now is that if I DON'T get laid off, I may end up planted forever in some nice, comfy, corporate cubicle job, and lose the nerve to chase after my dream. *gulp*

Edited to say that I MIGHT not say no. But I MIGHT. After re-reading this post and thinking it's a bit like the women's centre all over again: "Oh, okay, I'll postpone my real passions for just a little while longer, even though I'm unhappy in what I'm doing and looking forward to it being over...." And then I'll be fucking dead. What I really need is more information about timelines. No decisions till I know exactly what it means.
The crazy old bat downstairs tendered her notice! She's moving out at the end of April. She's even been to another advocate and I guess that was the outcome - she's going somewhere else! The landlord thinks my letter made a HUGE difference in the outcome. YAY!

Also, Soulman and his former business partner (with whom I share a mutual loathing) had a friend break-up, and I am deliriously happy about it. I mean, I feel bad that Soulman is still smarting from the fight, but I feel fabulous that he's finally willing to accept that you can't change a dickhead, no matter how long you've been friends. Plus, I don't have to see the dickhead anymore.

And I have the day off. It's a good day. I suppose this belongs in Little Pieces of Happiness, but I had to update y'all on the crazy old bat sitch!
Yay for doodlebug! smile.gif
Huzzah! The old bat is moving on!
Are you going to give her a going away present? wink.gif
victory!! i think you should give her a proper send-off by singing "well done, sister suffragette" from mary poppins as she leaves laugh.gif
I think I'll throw a party and invite the crazy old bat. It will be her going away party. cool.gif

Now I can tell y'all what my secret strategy was going to be: I was going to convince her that I was going to have a baby, and that I was staying put right there to raise it in the (two bedroom) apartment over her head. The baby's bedroom would be the one over top of her bedroom, of course. I started getting books out of the library to read around the building: books about having kids after 40, books on pregnancy and childbirth, etc. I was about to start discussing the matter with other neighbours, get their advice on single-parenting and child-rearing. I wasn't ever going to SAY I was pregnant (that would be a lie), just that I was thinking about whether I should have a child, and wondering how soon I should do it, if I were going to do it. After all, I'm 41, my biological clock is tick-tick-ticking. Not much time left, maybe I should do it quick! I knew that if nothing else worked, she'd leave if she thought there would be a baby crying, and later, a toddler racing around and banging things over her head. Also, my landlord AND Soulman were fully on board with this plan. laugh.gif

In OTHER good news, I just talked to my boss about the offer of other work in Accounting, and told her "I know it's crazy, I know I'm 41. But I feel like if I don't go for it now, I'll lose my nerve and never do it." So she is going to make sure I am laid off no later than the end of April, with as many hours as possible (towards my unemployment), whatever department I am working in. biggrin.gif I love my boss. Did I mention that I love my boss? Did I ever mention that when she was 17, she had an offer to go sing on a cruise ship, and didn't have the nerve to go?

This is a good week.
Doodle, your boss sounds awesome. Too bad the job is not.

I confess, I really don't like kissing very much except when I'm really really really in a sexed up mood. I think because I'm so small I find it extremely suffocating. My partners noses always squish mine no matter how I try to maneuver and it's uncomfortable. I feel bad for my boyfriend who loves kissing. I've never told anyone.
Y'know what gives me the wiggins about kissing? The noises we make. Like, when I'm doing it I don't think about it, but whenever I'm someplace or I see people kissing in a move/tv or whatever, I am so disgusted by the sounds. Moist, squelching, wet, smacking, ick nast!
ketto, I've got the same problem with the kissing/suffocation problem, always have sad.gif
I've found that the suffocation feeling that comes with kissing seemed more related to the way the other person kissed. The ones who were more into using their tongues had me feeling like I was being swallowed whole. Total turn off. I had to tell the last dude to relax and slow down. Kinda gross when I think about it. blink.gif
yes. i have felt suffocated while kissing, but it is usually when the kisser is acting like he's trying to climb inside my mouth. it has also happened when i'm just not feeling as emotionally connected as he is.

and the sounds? i don't care about the ones in real life..yeah, every once in a while there's a funny sounding one that you can ignore or giggle at, but i HATE the amplified smacking, slurping noises in movies. like they're kissing while eating pudding or something. i don't really need to feel like i am right there in between the kissing people. i wonder why they do that..

this being said, i love kissing, if he'll just do it right.
I'm not a huge fan of deep kissing. I do like a smooch, though. It's funny, 'cos I'm wild about oral sex, giving and receiving!

I confess that I am smoking again. And I tell myself that I'm going to stop again once I finish this pouch of Drum. But I don't know if that's true yet.
I occasionally do things out of spite.
I am working with a crew of all-guys in the warehouse this week. And the truth I'm confessing is that guys are soooooo much fucking easier to work with than the all-women team I work with usually. SOOOOOOOO much easier. This is partly why I like playing in a band. It's an almost all-male environment, and the women musicians are very cool and not at all like the women I work with now. More like the feminists I used to work with, but also able to dish it back instead of having to painstakingly argue every point.

But I do miss talking to the customers on the phone. It's the only part of my regular job I enjoy.
I can go a remarkable amount of time without speaking to anyone.

I wish that people that go away would stay away. I did not love you, I gladly set you free. Why did you come back, eh?

I am glad that the pig is gone. I don't care who took it, I'm not going to go calling around to find out. Why, oh why, did she have such a penchant for ugly, tacky, stupid things?
Confession: My mother has an unhealthy obsession with crime shows. CSI, NCIS, Bones, 24, all of the Law & Orders...
As do I. There's always a L&O on no matter what. I also do the original CSI & Bones. NCIS offended me, so I don't watch it. Trans persons are not a fucking joke.
I love kissing. I could happily just kiss and do nothing else for ages. I hate hate hate a bad kisser. In the past, if someone I was interested in couldn't kiss it was a dealbreaker.

The noises (from other people, natch) can be disgusting though.

I love being alone. Often it's my preferred state. An empty house makes me happy.
Confession: it amazes me that supervisors think I'm a fast, productive worker, when the truth is, I toggle back and forth between work and the internet all day long. What is everyone else doing with their time, I wonder?
Co-workers and bosses have always complimented on my fast, productive work too, doodle. I do the same as you and always wonder what other people are doing...
She moved out today! The crazy old bat downstairs moved out! Nobody knows why - she'd given her notice for the end of April. She left it to her son to turn in the keys, and neither of them cleaned the apartment. This was a lady who complained when she moved in that the bit IN BETWEEN the 2 pieces of glass on the oven door hadn't been cleaned.....

I wouldn't have known except that I spontaneously asked my supervisor today if I could work thru lunch and leave early. I saw her son at the landlord's door when I came home, and he (the son) scowled at me when I smiled. (I only smiled 'cos I didn't know it was him - which is when it all twigged and I called the landlord for the dirt.)

The only sad thing is, we were planning to throw her a going away party (with or without her choosing to attend), and now we won't have the opportunity. wink.gif

I'm such a mean and nasty suffragette, aren't I?
confession: o lottery empire, I just don't care. I don't care about your profits. I don't care if your casino machines run properly or your lottery tickets sell. I don't care about your corporate golf tournies or your 25th anniversary party. Gambling is stupid. I can't believe I work here. I can't wait to leave.

confession: I finished my assigned work already today. I've been here 3 hours. It was supposed to last the whole day, I think - or at least a couple more hours. Now the supervisor is away in a meeting and I literally have nothing to do except surf the internet till he gets back - at which point it should be lunch time. (I actually, apparently, have now finished all the work that was supposed to keep me busy till the end of Friday.)
Confession: I really do not like my friend's wife.
i dont want to be by myself when he's on the island.

i dont want to take his kids away from him but i feel i might have to.

i know he would never hurt me but i wont turn my back on mental illness. hes not himself and i dont trust the monster.

so many wonderful people have been here for me for so long and i dont want to be dependent on them anymore.

they dont understand and although i wish for company i dont want them to.

i want to go home. i know i'll be there soon but i want to be there now.

i dont want to be afraid of the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

i dont want to do this alone anymore.
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