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i think you might have taken on a bit of your two friends residue unintentionally. you have been giving a lot of yourself to them, and hoping they would make the correct choice, but they weren't strong enough, and i fear you may have taken on some of the after taste of that by way of disappointment. i think a break from them and concentrating on beeps would help.

zoya: loud n clear, chickie, loud n clear. change the young boy to smart-assy woman and i coulda posted that myself.

confession: I felt some glee when the newbie who screwed with my ultracold flexicool, massively screwed up a centrifuge he was working on. Supposed to be about a one hour job and now it's going to be about sixteen hours.

(why would you tap into a refrigeration system when there's nothing wrong with it????)



Recently I found out there's an extremely strong chance I'll be laid off and they are piling on the work before I leave. Tonight one of my coworkers left me with a bunch of work she is supposed to do and I found out that, even though I am more than qualified for another position in the company, they are still going to find someone else and I won't even be considered because apparently I did something to piss off the HR person. No idea what, other than not being happy all the time and asking them to provide me with a vegetarian option at lunchtime.

Right now it is taking all my strength not to act like a total snot and do something I'll regret later. I want to leave with my head held high and my dignity intact, which means acting like a mature adult and not letting my anger and disappointment cloud my judgement.
((((lilac)))): i've had employers pull that on me. thing i did was notify them that because of my increased work load i wouldn't be able to get it all done on time. from there i would work on one thing until completion, NEVER moving until then. that way, either they would have to keep me on after their planned termination date, or there would be incomplete work. if they asked me to rush i said i would, but careful work was a point of pride for me.

other than that, start planning for termination: start saving, get your bills paid and up to date, and start sending out resumes, and make sure you know procedures to apply for unemployment. if you were mistaken, and you don't lose your job, try to keep a couple months of expenses (bills+rent+food) in the bank at all times just incase.

good luck! i hope it doesn't come to that.
((((rudderless)))) At least the money is starting to come in.

GT, I'm already ahead on my bills and started saving. The only problem is lining up another job since the economy sucks, at this point I'm seriously considering moving. Again.

The sad part is I actually like the area I'm in right now, there is a lot of outdoor stuff to do and I was hoping to wait until spring to move. I even like where I'm working, despite the job isn't what I want to be doing and the HR person is rumored to play favorites.

There is a part of me that likes moving around, being a nomad but then there are times when I wish I could just find a place and stay put for the rest of my life.
rudder: I've been thinking a lot about what you wrote about how the military influences {still} your life & I agree completely. while no I wasn't in myself, years & years of being w/ the mr & teaching classes etc still had a strong affect on me, that I feel contribute-d-s? to what my head shrink calls my perfectionist issues.
.. if I can do something This well, then hell & damnation then I can Always do it better.
it's like an ever increasing cycle, always upping the stakes and I think it's incredibly hard to un learn it.
right now my pendulum has swung far far to the opposite side where I'm a complete & total slacker w/ a capitol S but I figure in time it''ll balance out and I'm not all that worried about it. (see? slacker! tongue.gif )

you're trying sooo hard to make everything right & fit & take care of everyone but you're still really not taking care of you. and in my eyes- that's totally most important!
I'm sorry if this is a few days past pertinent- my brain moves at a slower pace these days N I'm ok w/ that too.


confession: I'm going to cash in change today for spending money on my trip, bc I totally shopped like a fool when my Mom was here & I feel kinda.. criminal for it bc I really ought to kick that money back to the family.
I did a favour for intended-boy-toy (hereafter to be known as IBT cause I can't be bothered typing it out) and told him he owed me a trade. And suggested that the trade be him going to see the movie UP with me. I've been inspired by the girls in the general relationship thread, to just get on with it and ask him out. OK, so it was sort of not exactly asking him out but it's baby steps.

confession: I have such a huge workload dumped on me right now that I really feel like I"m going to have a breakdown.
zoya: you've made it this far, why not go ahead and ask him out already?
take the leap ! and really- unless he's totally oblivious it seems like he won't be so suprised.
you can do it! any man would be darn lucky to be with you.

confession: I left the house today bc I was feeling inclined to Not leave (agoraphobia rears its head still occassionally), but then I ended up melting serious plastic at 2 stores.
even I realise this isn't healthy, so I "confessed" to the mr when he came home and think I will return some (ok maybe 1, the cheapest) stuff bc did I Realllllly need champagne colored peep toe flats? in FALL ?
You people need to get out of my head. It's starting to freak me out.

In high school one of my friends said that I am either going 100 miles an hour or I'm standing still; no in between. That still describes me. Either I'm on the couch, feeling a bit agoraphobic & reluctant to leave the house, or I'm having one of those days when I want to get EVERYTHING done at once! For instance, today I did not even walk out to the curb to get the mail, but tomorrow I may go to the library, a music store, the post office, AND 2 grocery stores before I come home and make a nice dinner from scratch. Then again, maybe I'll stay at home on the couch again. We'll see.

Confession: I spent $80 on new clothes in the past week: a dress, 2 sweaters, and 3 pairs of tights. Do I need these clothes? Not really, but Sheff said it was okay so I went for it - especially since everything was on sale. That man indulges me far too much.
I've always been someone that has lots of goals, large and small, in mind simultaneously, and I'd get overwhelmed by it all, leaving me unsure what to do, so I did nothing. Only in the last month or so have I found my balance. I only expect myself to accomplish one thing a day. If that's all I manage, I'm happy, and it seems like a great bonus if that happy energy from getting my one thing done rolls into doing other things on my list.

Confession: I'm afraid of sabotaging my relationship with my insecurities and impatience. In no other area of my life do I overthink things to such a ridiculous extent. It's probably time for some more therapy...
anna k
rose, I spent $111 on clothes yesterday. I didn't feel too guilty, as I have a lot of money saved up, and saved about $80 through sales at the store. And I felt I needed to get some new nice clothes to look more like an professional adult and less like a younger intern-type.

((((good luck rudderless))))))
See, Anna, you have a really god reason to buy more clothes! Me? Not so much. Plus I should have spent that money on, say, a tree surgeon or termite inspection or something like that. Bah.

Luckily, we have a good chunk of money saved, but we could easily spend half of it on the house right now. There are so many things that need to be done!

Flanker, I do that, too. I become so overwhelmed by my to-do list, that I sometimes have trouble doing any of it. But other times I'm good at checking one item off of the list every day. Today I'm determined to check multiple things off of the list just because.
I spent 129.00 on clothes yesterday and Friday I spent almos $200.00 on a pair of winter boots (they're made of gortex!!!! No wet feet for this cat).

I fucked up with the cop and now i'm worried he'll never speak to me again. Which sucks because the sex was amazing.

I really am starting to despise my job. It's boring as hell and I don't feel challenged at all. I spend much of my day online. My big problem is that I get bored way too fast. i accomplish my goal, then that's it. I'm thinking bring on the next challenge. Despite my depression, I'm still feeling the pull of the trying for the police. But then I think what my former clients did to me, and the people that the police deal with are a level beyond that. Sigh.

(((zoya, freck, rudderless, RV, anna, Flanker, lilac, GT)))
Culture, I've had that problem at jobs too. Although right now I have a lot on my plate. I don't know if I work faster than others or what, but at this job and my last one, people would give me something expecting me to take all afternoon. 1/2 hour later I'd be finished and they wouldn't have anything for me. It was really frustrating. Hope you figure out what you're looking for, be it police, your current job, or something new altogethre.
Confession: I spent more money on myself today, but it was worth it! I found some Levi's jeans at Marshall's that fit me like a dream AND they only cost $15! Woot! I refuse to feel guilty for this purchase.

And since I'm always dumping bad news in here, I decided I should announce my good news here: I'm going back to T-town to visit my BestGalPal! Her husband has a ton of airmiles & he offered to use them to fly me in so see the play BestGalPal is directing. How sweet it that?! I leave in less than a week. So exciting!

Now I'm going to make gingerbread & get ready for a fun night of TV.
confession: the environment at my current job is uber politically correct which just makes me want to say really outrageous, un-PC things. And I mean so PC that sometimes we're reminded not to use phrases like "you guys" because some women might be offended by being called a guy.
rosey, that's awesome! you are gonna have so much fun.

confession:i hate, hate, HATE that i'm so emotional. i was reading this dead on horoscope, and it called me hyper emotional. i hate that i'm so effected by everything, most of all, that i wear my heart on my sleeve. almost every girl i've dated, no matter what state, no matter weather i was a boy or girl, called me a delicate flower. it's not like i tell them, it just follows me. i don't know anyone whose feelings can be hurt so easily, i isolate myself because things that most people can shake off, haunt me, and it's only getting worse the older i get. one of my friends think it's the hormones i'm on but if anything, they've tempered it. i'm realizing, that it's also one of the reasons i've cut so many people out of my life... those wounds scar me so deeply...and i absolutely HATE IT. but then, i'm hyper emotional, so, that fucking figures. dry.gif
Ketto, the job situation is better today. I was just a little bummed yesterday.

RV, that is wonderful news!!!!


there is something I want to confess so badly, but even I'm afraid to say it here, in the sanctuary of the lounge.

YAH rv! what a great guy your bff is married to to do that for you both.
have a Fabulous time!!

gt: 'member what I said about bein' in your young adolescent girlhood?
just a thought sweetness. ((((((((gt))))))

ch: you Had to tease us then leave us all high N dry didn't you?
for shame! tongue.gif
but uh, my pm box is open... wink.gif

confession: now that my long awaited beach retreat is almost here (tom afternoon) I am a basket case of nerves that is affecting my stomach.
I am going to have to do the driving (blech) for it which was unplanned until one of the 2 women bailed, and I'm suddenly realising how very f a r from normal I still am. - can I keep the majority of my neurosis hidden for 36 hours while I am sharing a room? worse yet I'm terrified of stankin' up the bathroom which may well be shared not only by my roommate but by 2 other women too.
oy oy oy this is not helping me. I need to take the change to the store to cash in for paper money but cannot seem to leave the house yet. sad.gif
Thanks, gang! BestGuyPal really is a sweet guy. He was the one who suggested that we keep this as a secret from BestGalPal, too. She loves surprises! On Tuesday he will pick me up at the airport and then we'll go to her university to pick her up from class. Et voila! There I will be! And she'll scream and jump around and it'll be fabulous.

The only problem is the inevitable let down. It's always really hard for me to return to NC after a trip back "home". Be prepared to catch me in about 12 days when I crash. sad.gif

CCG, that would drive me nuts, too.

CH, it's okay. You can confess your undying love for me in here. I won't mind at all. biggrin.gif

GT, I agree with Freck that perhaps you're experiencing a touch of female adolescence. I hope you don't mind me asking this so frankly, but how many years have you been a girl now? I'm not trying to dismiss your feelings, though. I think you have many more reasons to feel emotionally vulnerable than your average girl! I suspect that the girly hormones are just the icing on the cake. I tell ya, when I was in high school, I was a mess. Those first 4 or 5 years of womanly hormones did a number on me. I can't even count how many times I cried at school. It's embarrassing to even think about now. I wonder why it doesn't affect me so much now. Did my hormones mellow? Did I just learn what kind of situations were most likely to set me off? Lord only knows. At any rate, my heart goes out to you!

Freck, which beach are you going to? Why are you afraid of, well, stinking up the place? Do you have a history of intestinal issues? I ask this because I have a looooong history of problems with my gut! Nerves just make it worse, as do long car trips. The idea of taking a long car trip AND sharing a bathroom with people would probably send me over the edge, too.
But RV, I do heart you LOADS!!! wub.gif wub.gif

The confession isn't at all a pleasant one. Sorry kids, no sex related confession on this end!!
I needed help on one part of a project I am working on and I got the client to hire IBT for half a day yesterday to do the task at hand. Confession - I had no idea if he'd be any good at it, which was a risk on my part, could have made myself look bad. I didn't care. I just wanted to manufacture a way to further my agenda. Luckily he was great at the job. And I got to share a car home with him. (to our separate apartments, not going there just yet... going to cultivate him a bit...)
rv: my anxiety issues are what are rearing their hideously ugly heads right now once more.
it's been 15 months now sinse I hit bottom & have fought & clawed my way with therapy & pharmacueticals (dr prescribed) to where I'm at today.. mostly seemingly normal as in I can usually go out & do what I need to do now,and go out to movies,dinner w/ friends etc etc but there are times I have huge setbacks too.
this however, is a whole ball of neurosis of a different animal entirely.
part of my anxiety comes through as "upset stomach (aka butt sick) ", mixed in w/ puking.
that's where I'm terrified I'll have problems this weekend.
we're going to Carolina Beach/Ft Fisher Air Force Rec Grounds @ Kure Beach (all one long stretch of connected shoreline) in Wilmington and the accomodations will be "clean but rustic." twins beds, shared bathrooms, etc. sad.gif
that I'm supposed to be doing all the driving when I am Super neurotic & quite possibly extra medicated is really scaring me. it's a huge amount of pressure which only makes me more anxious.
I'm just feeling.. sad that I can't be Normal for a change w/ out all this excess baggage.

= end of whine w/ apologies to all =

zoya : was there flirting on said shared car ride back to your seperate places?
darlin' cultivation is only needed to a certain point: after that you gotta plant & plow or get outta the field wink.gif
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Oct 15 2009, 09:49 AM) *
zoya : was there flirting on said shared car ride back to your seperate places?
darlin' cultivation is only needed to a certain point: after that you gotta plant & plow or get outta the field wink.gif

well, he carried my computer bag to the car, and I told him during the car ride it was nice to have my bag carried by a guy for me for once, and that he scored bonus points for that. He seemed pleased.... I started to say "gold star for you" but then I stopped myself and said "no, no gold star.... you get bonus points, but there's always room for improvement." so yes, I'd say there's some flirting. wink.gif

well, I think there might be a bit of cultivation needed to make my intentions clear... although I'd say I'm doing a little force germination.

ETA: I've always hated the term "cougar" and said that anyway, it only applies if you're the one going after the guy (which I never have done with younger guys) this time, it applies, predatorily. tongue.gif
rosey, freck, i don't mind you asking. i'm pretty open, when questions are sincere. it's been more than 8-10 years since i started, but i've taken the long route, and i think this last year and a half not trying to appease my mom that i feel like i've become my own person, i think y'all are right, and i don't take it as a slight, because i've said it myself --a lot. it's just irritating. i deliberately chose a slow path because i wanted to make sure i was as "solid" in this thing as i could be, but sometimes i wonder had i taken the fast path if i might have been better off. but thank you for the kindnesses.

freck, remember, people are more than likely more focused on themselves. but more than that, remember you are not that same person. you've done lots of growing since those attacks. i know you are worried about looking normal, but i think if you put on that ninja mask of yours, you will do just fine. keep us up on how you are doing, k?
((((((((((Freck)))))))))) I completely understand. I've had the same problem for most of my life. I have found that I have fewer problems if I feel a sense of control. When we go on car trips now, I always take our GPS with us. If I know I can find a bathroom no matter where I go, I'm far less likely to need one. Other than that, I can only suggest ibuprofen and a cool, wet washcloth across the back of the neck. Here's hoping you can focus on the positive and enjoy yourself!

((((((((GT)))))))))) I cannot even imagine all that you've been through. You're an amazing human being, GT.

Zoya, you definitely have that boy wrapped around your finger! Mrowr!

Confession: My mom has lost a lot of weight recently. Now she weighs the same as me and even wears the same size I do. This really annoys me and I don't know why! I've always been smaller than my mom so I know that has something to do with it. Shouldn't it be a great thing that my mom is healthier and taking great care of herself? Shouldn't it make me feel optimistic about my future to think that I might be able to maintain this figure 30 years from now? What the hell is my problem?

My confession: I've had to stay off line lately and I've really missed you guys! I've only been coming to the lounge for a very short time, but I really really missed you guys. wink.gif I can't count the number of times I've mentioned something in the Lounge just in passing and someone has taken the time to send me an article or a link or a kind word that was just the exact thing I needed at the moment. rolleyes.gif
Koffeewitch, I think you're a pretty rockin' contributer to the lounge! I'm glad you dove right in, but introduced yourself. You got the flow of the convesationg before acting like a bull in a china shop.

(((rudder, freck, gt, rosie)))

Zoya, rock on with IBT!
Confession: this really hot guy has been into me for a while, throwing suggestions but then doing the modest downcast eyes and saying "yes ma'm" A LOT, in a very, um. warming my belly way... (he's from the south). So I finally gave in and got some of our skin to touch here and there - not really sex but very sensual... And after I did not receive an adoring text from him (he was way too intimidated to know how to react so when he finally texted it was about meeting up again casually, like I'm his buddy) I didn't go into my default he didn't-really-like-me rejection issues mode (cuz boy, can I be a sensitive flower). Instead I chose to see him again, but was kinda alternating stern and sweet (did not have to fake it or try, just came out that way, cuz he HAD hurt my feelings the way he treated the issue, so I was kinda covering it up but giving him a chance)... So at some line from me about having a problem with some of his reactions and that if he wants more, he should play by my rules, he said Oh yeah, in a whatchugonnadoaboutit you're-hooked-on-me way, and my whole body just rose to go, like, the reaction was to walk away, I don't know why, it had something to do with deciding to be mad and not sad for a change... and he felt this anger vibe lashing out of me and he cast me that I'm-your-toy look and said: Please don't walk away... and this pang of pleasure shot through both of us... it was tangible how he loved the act of submitting and boy, I could taste his submission too... I have never felt this so clearly and out in the open before... so I took him home and laid some rules and we got into this, um, crazy role thing... I'm now riding the domme wave and i've never known I had one in me!
But damn, this boy makes me a beastess, and he loves it, and ... yes, he's an adult (early 30s)...and very VERY obviously consenting... but I'm still like, WTF, I don't know where this goes. It's his first time as well. (Haven't engaged in serious pain or humiliation, yet, but it feels very real) So I just did some reading and I think after I'm done playing I wanna hand his power back to him in some very meaningful, *symbolic but concrete* way... Cuz I don't wanna walk around for the rest of my life with the weight of this man thinking he's somebody's slave...
Damn, heavy and hot issue, but the guy is so good on his knees it makes me moan just trying not to think about it...
So I guess my course of action is, be extremely aware of how this is affecting both of our worlds, don't use verbal abuse beyond the classic cliches that are obviously the parole of play, and just, constantly watch myself with eyes wide open (activate the Observer and know everything is *on record*), watch my reactions to this crazy sense of power and see how this could be healing to both me and him, always remind myself it is a choice for him, and remind HIM it is still a choice, every second of it, and he can always step out and we can just hug and kiss. ... (and, yes, he does have a safe word he's instructed to use not just for physical pain but if it starts feeling weird in any way.) Scary how good I got at this in one sesh. Fucking scary.
Um, yeah, that's my confession.
Anyone had this kinda thing hit them? Cuz I am jaw dropped at myself, honestly. WTF?


PS: Could someone please bump the Bondage files for me? Want to see what vet Busties have to say.
Jeez, I should change my signature quote after that confession. Sounds too ironic even for mah taste.


Rose, it is a great thing for your mom to be healthy and to have good genes in your family, but still not like be happy with the results. Is she acting different? That could be part of the problem.

Confession: The good news is I am not going to lose my job, but they are going to transfer me to another department, with a raise.

The bad news is I'm not even sure if I want to stay here. But I feel like I need to stay, need to sort things out in my head and in my heart, something which won't be possible if I make another move. Besides, there is a part of me that just wants to stay put for a few months, maybe half a year and try to fit into a place for once. Also, there is a ski resort nearby where I can snowboard for cheap. smile.gif

However, I want to get back together with AZ Guy at some point in the future and he isn't happy with me staying up here. I feel very guilty about keeping my distance, about wanting to live in my world alone rather than live in his world with him (to paraphrase Gladys Knight), and I wish there was some sign that this is the right thing.

On July 10, 2009 I OD'd vis a vis a suicide attempt.
((((CH))))) I've been there before.

SO glad it wasn't enough..

I feel like an idiot posting all that...

You rock, culture.
I have learned so much from your posts about dropping inhibitions or not trying to justify things I have the right to do and feel because I like to ... or even not trying to make things look prettier than they are.
You. Fucking. Rock.
confession: I genuinely feel hurt that one of my aunts (she's not an actual aunt, one of my dad's cousins) wished my cousins happy birthday and not me (I have two cousins with October birthdays). I always get this feeling that the rest of the family just doesn't acknowledge me. They say that we're close but I feel like I don't fit in.
(((((culture))))) i agree with 7, you've taught me a ton, chickie. and you have been one of the most supportive, non judgemental friends i have. and i think the WORLD OF YOU. i know that has been weighing on your mind for a while, baby goose, but don't forget the details. yes, you were in a bad space, but what happened was unintentional. i think you have such an overwhelming sense of guilt about it, that you whitewash everything else in an effort to beat yourself up, or feel bad about yourself. don't.

i'll be home tomorrow night if you want to call and talk. just know i love you terribly. you just push all of that ick to the back of your mind and have a good birfday. save the serious bee's wax for when we talk, k?
Thank you for all your love and support. It means so much to me. I'm sure you all know how deep your love and support goes.

By confessing what I did, it was a way of ME accepting what had happened, by putting it out there. I still have demons to fight this was a step of healing.

there is so much shame and stigma associated with mental illness in general, and the way I apparently rebounded from it so quickly...well, I didn't really, I just didn't deal with it.

The real push for me to post it was the fact that I told someone who I'm not that close with, and he was very supportive of things, that really was the final push to post it. I waxed and waned for so long about it.

I do feel better for posting it.


yay! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
I am just home from the women's beach retreat & am joyous to say that NONE of the things I had so worried myself sick over, came to be.
the other women were all FANTASTIC & the 2 other cabin mates my friend & I had I think will become real honest to goodness friends. (we've exchanged facebook names so you know it's genuine)
the beach, while terribly cold, was still lovely, and my photo-shoot early this morning I think went fairly well.
the 3 of us felt very ANTM & I kept yelling " SMIZE !" & cracking everyone up, and then we asked them if they'd take a group shot of the 3 of us, so we posed like Merryle Streep & her friends at the end of Mama Mia, which we had stayed up late, in our jammies, to watch last night.

I am utterly exhausted now and already majorly pissed off at the husband (told him to shove my tall wooden easle up his ass and go fuck himself) bc he put all my paint supplies in a BOX and then opted to play xbox w/ his buddy for a little while longer in stead of taking me to bed right away.
hope he's got plenty o' lotion bc that's the only kinda action he'll be gettin' now.

but besides THAT- I cannot wait for the next retreat smile.gif
thank you all for helping me through the before time and HAPPY Birfday CH !!!

ps: I um, accidentally flashed a whole bunch of people at Kure Beach Pier yesterday... after getting several particual looks from a grungy old fisherman, I finally asked my friend was my fly down or something? and that's when we both realised my thin sweater was completely see-through to my bronze bra. ph34r.gif
anna k
Aww, I'm glad you had such a good time, freckleface! That always feels so good to have great conversations with women, meeting so many intelligent and funny and interesting people. I'm so happy for you!
i knew they'd love you! (how could they not?) and i'm glad that it went so well. now don't forget next time, k?

that said, i'm glad you are back freck! wub.gif

with last week's drama, i'm thinking i just shouldn't even think about romantic entanglements. i think i'd be better not allowing myself to daydream in that direction. no love for me. period. next time i say i've got a crush (which ought to be about next week), read me the riot act, k? seriously. do not let me even entertain the thought. it's not worth it.
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Oct 18 2009, 01:01 PM) *
ps: I um, accidentally flashed a whole bunch of people at Kure Beach Pier yesterday... after getting several particual looks from a grungy old fisherman, I finally asked my friend was my fly down or something? and that's when we both realised my thin sweater was completely see-through to my bronze bra. ph34r.gif

hey, at least you were wearing a bra! I never confessed this one, but maybe now is the my cousin's wedding, my tattoo was pretty fresh and I didn't want to wear a bra because I was afraid it'd rub on the tattoo (and my boobs aren't all that big anyway) so I wore a new camisole. Anyway, long story short, but I didn't realize it was sheer until much much later, on the drive home when I stopped at a TRUCK STOP and went into the bathroom and could see my NIPPLE JEWELRY glimmering in the mirror THROUGH the camisole!

Nobody in my family said anything, though....although I took a FB quiz about what kind of old lady I'd end up being and it was something about "a frisky one" and one of my cousins commented "well, THAT'S no surprise...."

CH, I can't tell you how happy I am that you get to celebrate your birthday today. You've come such a long way in the past 3 months. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Freck, that's wonderful! I'm so glad to hear you had such a wonderful time! How did you meet these women, anyway? When will you have another weekend getaway? And do you have room for one more? ::flutters eyelashes::

((((((((((((GT))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry, hon. That is truly hte suck.

Tree, I would have died! I'm sure you made the day of every guy at the truck stop, too. tongue.gif

Confession: Friday night I got together with a couple of ladies I met on Total strangers! We drank and talked and laughed and drank for 5 HOURS! It was so wonderful to have some girl time. Now I kinda feel like I have something to look forward to when I return from my trip to T Town.

Confession: I am such a damn girly girl. Today after my orchestra rehearsal, I curled up on the couch with my cat, my latest knitting project, a cup of chai, and then I proceeded to watch figure skating on TV. It was great.
((((CH)))) Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you know ALOT of busties here (myself included) have been in that same place. I'm glad you are feeling stronger to post about what happened to you. The less shame you have about the things you've been through in your life, the more those things will just seem like steps into becoming the woman you are today.

anna k
Yay Rose! Like I just said to Freck, ladies who are smart and funny and fabulous are great company! I love it whenever I can have fun with lady friends, it feels so safe and comfortable and freeing. Girl time is the best!

Confession: I am such a damn girly girl. Today after my orchestra rehearsal, I curled up on the couch with my cat, my latest knitting project, a cup of chai, and then I proceeded to watch figure skating on TV. It was great.

I felt like that Friday night. I felt stressed and frustrated, so I took a lavender bath, drank red wine, and watched a quiet and beautiful Japanese film called Tony Takitani. It felt so peaceful and romantic to have that me time. I'm happy you had such a lovely evening.
((((Culture))) I don't think I need to add to all the wonderful things people have said about you. You're a great support and I'm so glad that you're dealing with things and I hope you have a relaxing week celebrating your birthday.
i'm really happy they guy i was supposed to hang out with tonight bailed. now i've been on a roll taking care of chores. now i can keep on plugging away without having to worry about pausing to squeeze some hang out time in. smile.gif
Confession: my confession really was freeing. It feels so good!!!

Thank you for your love and support.


Tree, I love your confession.

Yay Freck and RV on good times all around!!!

Second confession: My bdays for the past two years have been the two best. I loved them. They were amazingly wonderful and I won't ever forget them.

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