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I currently live in a notoriously evil inner city area (full of "boutique" shopping, enormous old old-money houses, and little terraced townhouses for the nouveau riche. Also lots of pedigree pets). When people see my address, they raise an eyebrow and start mocking me with "Daahhrling".

And secretly I'm beginning to love it here.
I son't really want a relationship, I just want to fuck my brains out. Really. I don't know what to do. All I think about now is having sex, all the fucking time. Now that I am not getting any. Gaaaaaaaaaaa. I got a new vibe, and it just isn't enough. I want SEX!
Haha, Venetia! Yeah, I have a similar confession, only I live in an old-money section of my city, totally above my means, and I love it. I might have to move, but for the time being I love it here.

I still want a boyfriend, but I still like the mysterious allure of being single/available.
Sometimes, when I work from home, I am naked. Like I am right now. Except for my panties, of course.
doodlebug -

sometimes when I work from home, not only am I totally naked (not even panties!) but I bring my laptop into the bedroom and never leave my bed.

If they only knew..
Confession: you guys are turning me on with all this naked laptop talk. Especially since I am about to get in the shower and I am butt-naked too.

My husband works from home and we have sex on the floor while he shouts into the speakerphone.
PS. Misspissed, I think that problem is so ridiculously common that movies only show up on hotel bills as "movie" and not "the Witches of Breastwick." (which is on our Tivo right now.) I know my husband and 400,000,000 other businessmen (and some naughty, naughty women like you) order porn on business trips all the time. It's my husband's favorite part of a business trip.
Ah Raisingirl, you share my secret! I feel guilty about it but the old-$ crowd are so relaxing and they smell so nice and get such good shops. The nouveaus I could do without, though.

Rent here is quite good (amazingly); it's the Movenpick and the wine prices that are the problem.

In a related piece of angst, I am also turning into a recluse and seldom leave the neighbourhood.
i pick scabs
ven and raisingirl, i have the same confession.

except my loved upscale neighborhood is a currently-gentrifying one.

so not only do i have to be sickeningly conscious of the fact that, yes, i do like living in a fancy pants neighborhood, i also get to feel major white guilt knowing that 5-10 years ago, all these pretty little townhouses were inhabited by low and middle income people of color, and all these cute boutiques and sidewalk cafes were barbershops, corner groceries, daycare centers, and other valuable chunks of infrastructure for said working class community. and that everyone who used to live here then now has been pushed out to other crappier neighborhoods that don't have parks and trees and nice architecture and are further from the city center.

white guilt much?
well, folks, realize that a neighborhood doesn't have to be "fancypants" to have good food and clubs and transport and housing and a low crime rate, right? The sucky part is that good neighborhoods that aren't expensive are harder to find all the time.
I am happy that I live in Allston MA 02134, which is sophisticated with all amenities -- cosmopolitan mixed race population, great old buildings with nice apartments like the nice solid brownstone and brick apartment building so super clean and new inside like the one I am living in now, along with great little cafes, restaurants, supermarkets with great stuff, and bookstores, close to transportation and easy to park in, close enough to the city, which is also still WORKING CLASS and has blue collar white italian and irish families for generations here who are very liberal and voted for the Kennedys and never make fun of the rock and rollers.

and there are more Chinese people than in China town, with young Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Cambodian, Brazilian, Colombian and Argentinian generations who come from blue collar roots and still get professional jobs and nice clothes.

and there are hair salons by and for black folks, spanish folks, and asian folks and the white folks have to travel.

And even though it's mixed and fairly cheap it is not crime ridden. And even though its arty and mixed it is not expensive.

and I love Allston very much.

What a shame that the ONE ZIP CODE that can't be shoved into a stupid category by the PRIZM marketing system is being encroached upon by Harvard or not recognized.

Meanwhile, people live in former blue-collar housing (2 family and 3 family 70-year old wooden houses all jammed next to each other with no yards) in places like "Fresh Pond" Cambridge -- and still try to say they are really prestigious because they are now paying too much for them.

Can you tell my friend sue is getting on my last nerve?

Not to steer this even more OT, but Harvard is already taking over LA, Whammy. I suspect you're on the other side of the Pike?
my confession is that I am old enough to remember that whammy_bar lives in the zip code for ZOOM!!

Ohh Two One Three Fourrr... send it to ZOOM!!!!

oh, zoom, how you ruined pbs after-school programming for me. (they still make it , zoya, and it hurts my head)

i'm thinking of just not going back to a job, and just screening my phone calls with caller id, so i can keep the cool shirts they just gave me.
Whammy, I live in 02134 too! Nutz! I like it here too, for the most part.
Tyger, I pick scabs, too. *But* I'll keep *one* alive & ticking for ages. Weirdly in the past five years I have developed a need for a 'worry spot'. A place I'll pick at again & again. I have one on my forearm right now that I've been picking at for cod knows how long that went from being a spot that could be covered by a little square bandage, to being about an inch long. I just can't stop. I cover it with bandaids, but I eventually rip the suckers off & dig away at it until it's smooth again. One of my little crushie boys actually grabbed my wrist a week ago & made some lame joke about it, "You don't have to stay with him, you know." Like some guy was burning me with cigarettes or something. Then he admitted that he'd noticed it when it was little & wondered why it had never gone away & had, in fact, gotten larger. I couldn't decide if I was touched or red-faced. Either way I changed the subject.
Nakedness confession: Once I had a telephone job interview so I did it naked. It was oddly calming.
ok well what about this
hello all
dont know where to post but looking for feedback
someone in nigeria is trying to scam me out of 20000 twenty thousand dollars usd
i have caught on but desperately want to let the scam ensue and not send the money and just keep it for myself despite knowing that it is going to bounce
i look at it as an interest free loan
i desperately need this money
am torn due to moral and right and wrong issues
there will be nothing that can be done to prosecute this person so why not just keep the money and do what i need to do and just pay my bank back on one of their payment plans
if this happens i wonder if they will try to make ME go to jail
i cant get any loans credit is bad
all resources and help have been exhausted
what would u do?
i have another busty name many of you have seen me posting but for obvious reasons right now i dont want to say
i really need advice or imput

oh my goodness, you don't actually think that you will ever SEE any of that money do you? that is the oldest scam in the book. do an online search and you'll find more information than you could possible ever read on the subject.
OT- I used to live in 02134, now I live in 02143. :-) 02134 was too studenty and ratty/trashy for me, after two years....weird combo of richy rich BU students and homeless people.

I don't get what Who was really trying to say, but it read like a scam period & really don't appreciate that kind of thing being posted here.

is nowhere on the internet safe from crap like this?

my confession is that (occassionally) I am a bitch.
live with it.
confession: I'm utterly addicted to my fuckfriend's emails to me. Because we email back and forth every day, both having computers at work and liking distraction.

confession: If we keep going at this pace, I'll get severely burnt because we both know it'll never work as a relationship.

confession: I don't want to quit the addiction for as long as possible because it helps me procrastinate. Even if it means heartache in the future.

Okay, off my chest, this felt soooo good.
freckle..I'll jump on the bitch train! I had the same reaction when I read that post...and the other just like it in the Okay thread. And frankly, if Busties are hiding from other Busties...something smells fishy...kinda like a bridge dweller....
That was like a confusion poem. It was the same message both times, right? Weirdest troll ever.

Sort of a confession:

I was listening to Coast to Coast last night and there was this paranormal researcher on talking about a "soul sucking" house in NJ where a lot of the people who lived in the house died and are now stuck there forever. She also said a woman who had died on 9/11 in the WTC had owned the house. Well, I guess I have some mad Google-ing skills because I think I know who owned the house who died in the WTC. I don't necessarily believe the paranormal researcher (perhaps she is embellishing?) but I now feel a little creepy looking at the deceased woman's picture and I wish I lived in the area because I know the address of the supposedly "soul sucking" house now.

That wasn't really a confession but I'm glad I got it off my chest.
A creepy troll who doesn't know how to use CAPITAL letters or P.u,n?c;t!u.a,t?i:o!n.

Confession:wanting the summer to go quickly. I dislike the custody schedule right now, I'm bored to tears at work, I hate covering for other people's vacations, and I am hoping several life changing events will happen before September.
More confessions:

Confession 1: I was the "gifted one" in grade school but I got progressively worse in school until I nearly failed high school. Sometimes when I read what I've posted I cringe at all grammatical errors and what-not. It can be a struggle to type out a coherent sentence at times. I hate this. I wish I had had better schooling and was fluent in several languages and blah, blah, blah...

Confession 2: I'm also drunk right now.
I wet the bed (a little) the other morning...
It hadn't happened since I was really little.
She posted in the "okay..." thread, too and insists she's a legit bustie who's just posting under another name...any legit bustie would know better than to post crap like that in totally unrelated threads (although I suppose that's better than starting a thread for it!) Go away- you screwed yourself!

Humanist, I've almost done that before- if I'm sleeping and have to pee really bad, I'll start having dreams where I'm trying desperately to find a toilet, can't find one and eventually end up peeing in something that isn't a toilet. It's right about then that I usually wake up and go to the bathroom before anything actually happens. once, though, I just barely started to pee as I was waking up, but managed to stop it before it was even enough to make a spot on my undies. Phew!
hmm, did you read the one 'bout boobeh rubbin' in the bust line? silliness.

i am ignoring the kid while i surf the net. im doing this more and more since i got rid of the tv. like i need to numb my mind with the screen or something. argh! focus!!
Oh yeah- was that a joke? Who would come here and really think it was about breast improvement? Hee hee!
ooo, gardnerella, i live in NJ. can you PM me the info on that house? i wonder if it is anywhere near me?
im sorry that you guys think that i am a troll because of my situation and the way that i typed out my post. i know it seems silly, but i was trying to disguise my writing style. thats why i didnt use any caps or punctuation pixie. i was just looking for advice on what to do, seeing as how i have received the funds and know that it is a scam, he wants me to wire transfer a portion of the money back to him, which i have not done and dont plan on doing. i posted in ok thread because this doesnt fit in any other thread except "ok what about this". even though i know that this money is going to bounce if i dont withdraw and move it, i was asking you guys advice as i really need money right now and this could get me where im trying to go, although i know i would have to pay my bank back. i cant get approved for any loans or credit right now and need income asap. so in my mind i just looked at it like i will take the money, my bank will look at me to pay it back, and i would get on a payment plan with them. im sorry if it freaked you all out. i was just looking for advice and imput, not a bashing. i am a well respected busty on here, just got in a situation, thats another reason why i created this name, to not change any ones opinion of me. i am not a troll and many of you i speak to alot!!! and am always embraced and loved! well, i guess im going to resume posting under my original screen name!
Assuming this isn't total b.s., that really sucks for you and I'm sorry that you got yourself into the situation, but what you're suggesting sounds like money laundering and that's illegal and the consequences will probably be a lot worse than a payment plan with your bank. I'd get out of this, hope you don't get anymore scammed than you already have. Any "Nigerian" trying to run this scam probably knows the scamming business better than you do and you're not going to be able to put anything past them.
Nigeria is well known for scams- my coworkers travel there a lot for work, and they can't use credit cards because of the high rates of fraud- a lot of places don't even accept cards for that reason.

It sounds like you are really desparate right now, and I know that it probably sounds like an easier way out, but really, truly, this is going to cause you major problems for a long time. I don't know exactly how you can get out of it, but I'd get out as fast as you can.

Maybe once you do that, you can get some support for your financial problems and figure out a better long term solution. I know it sucks and of course you want to just have this windfall, but it's not real, and you are going to get hurt.

Good luck.

PLEASE read this link!!!
So, whocan, how did you get into this in the first place? Tell us exactly what they told you and what has transpired so far. And what you've decided to do.
And to steer the thread back to the original topic...

I'm thinking about telling my new college to go fuck itself if it thinks I'm going to take "College Writing" with a bunch of illiterate 18 year olds, in addition to a few more loads of utter b.s. that they've thrown at me the last few days

luci, i got exempt. betcha you can too, talk to admin. all it took me was an essay. bingo-presto, and thanks, i already know what a freaking noun is.

i am judging another mother right now and i know that it's crap but i just can't help myself. my kid is awesome now but he was truly hellish for the first two years so i really, really find myself with zero sympathy for mum's of uber sweet "perfect" children, 'specially when those mum's "just can't handle it and need some time away". man, wonder what they would have done with a kid like Mine? and all on their own too, no helpful boyfriend who does everything for them?
oops, there i go again. judge, judge, judge.
Cor. My bank would never let me move significant "money" out that hadn't been cleared as technically it wouldn't be "in" the bank yet. They'd designate it as "unavailable balance" not as real money. Getting around that somehow would involve fraud. Is this not how it works in the US?
Luci, my college had a test-out policy for English, probably like pepper's exempt. See if they have something like that.

I am in over my head in Spanish and am afraid that means I'm stupid. The class is moving too fast for me to catch anything, and even though I know the only ones who are having any luck in the class are the ones who merely needed a refresher course and not the ones who never spoke it before, I still feel like a dumbass. Unfortunately, this doesn't make me want to try harder.

I have problems saving money instead of spending it, especially when it comes to online shopping and Ebay.

I am going to enroll in my company's 401(k) program even though I want to be out of there by September, mainly because I'm worried about the future.
I'm sure I can get exempt. I'm angry about the fact that not only did I score perfectly on all verbal standardized tests and ap exams (for what those are worth), I am also a former English major and have taken all manner of higher-level classes in the subject, all of which should already exempt me from this crap. I hate being immediately lumped into a one-size-fits-all category simply because I'm starting at the bottom in this particular major. Gar. We shall have words *still fuming*

confession - I'm still thinking about throwing in the towel with this place, even though it would only hurt me in the long run

other confession - I hate America
Ha~! I'm stuck up about my neighborhood. Problem with brookline, maddy, is that the stores are all flossy glossy and when you go in them, nobody knows you -- really sterile. I still love the bookstores and the coolidge corner theater, and the houses are lovely, but it used to be so much funkier there.

end rant'

hey, luci, that is so true what mees lilacwine is saying. I tested out of as many classes as possible or went and talked to people in the department and had them let me into the higher level classes to meet the requirement instead without dorky prerequisites.

All and all, I got out of -- six full time classes, two labs, and two gym requirements. Sometimes much fussy paperwork and ass-kissing must be done, but figure, I got paid a couple thousand dollars (virtually) for knocking off a semester.

confession: I must must must remember to call people more, and also, do NOT spew impatience all over the place. Unfortunately if I don't give myself a break and mouth off instead, even if it's not directed AT anyone, and is brief and I explain it, it still stesses people an makes me look like a big baby!! so there.
confession: I dislike being emotionally vulnerable. Pooh.
I've given over ten years of my life to a cause, but now I want my life back.
I am scared that my boyfriend will never want to have children, or that I will be too old to have biological children by the time he is ready. I am scared that if I leave him to find a man who wants children in the near future, I may never find someone as wonderful as he is. I am so confused about what I really want.
I have spent my Saturday night cleaning the house while listening to Depeche Mode 101 and talking to one of my favorite people on the phone. My hands smell like 409 spray. I am now going to watch The Office and then Coupling and then Monty Python. I need a drink.

While I value a clean home, I can't help but feel totally lame. Why don't I make time to do this during the week? Here I am whining about how I want a boyfriend, yet what am I doing? Well, in a word: nesting. It's just a little sickeing. I should be "out there," but the only place I really wanted to be tonight was scrubbing the grime off of my stove.

"I DON'T LIKE SPAM!" -- said in my best Graham Chapman falsetto.

I don't know where that came from.

I'll probably regret posting this, but I don't much care.
I hate it when people know me too well.

I truly believe that NYC is the best city in the country and detest going to visit friends in most other places. I hate the city of Boston and think its the preppiest, most sterile, boring city there is.

Not sure why I am such an NYC elitest, but nothing seems to change my mind.

Sometimes i get so sick of the world, I want to give up every ambition i have to help others, and run away to fiji or tahiti, be a bartender, and surf for the rest of my life.
I like it, raisingirl. I relate.
I enjoy cleaning my house stoned out of my mind while playing records. and yes, I will do that on a saturday night and enjoy myself more than if I was out somewhere being annoyed by stupid people.

I worry that as I get older that it shows the most in my hands and that I am becoming a misanthrope who believes that Bukowski was right about EVERYTHING.
I hate that know one knows me well and that I'm paying for it now by wallowing in a depressive state that is making me sleepless and constantly stressed.

I'm going to go see a counsellor at a drop-in for the first time tomorrow. I wish I would have done this two and a half years ago instead of letting things eat at me for so long. But I'm really proud of myself for admitting that i need help dealing with issues.

I too enjoy cleaning my room (as I live with my parents) WAY too much. It's euphoric. Sometimes I wonder if I have obsessive tendencies because I'm so meticulous about everything being in its place and making sure my bedtime and morning routine is always done right.

This felt really good today because I needed to confess ANYTHING so bad. I'm glad that bust is here, despite the onslaught of trolls lately.

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