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thanks polly, you're so sweet.

i'm intimidated with that too, we saw james kern at the tattoo expo, yesterday. i don't know it i could ever be that good. but as mr.t pointed out, the job has some great perks (great pay, constant learning, travel, being an artist, occupational freedom). plus i could always move down to costa rica and tattoo tweety bird on tourists and live on the beach. wink.gif

i dunno, i guess, i've tried so many things, i guess i'm afraid this will be another job that i suck at. :/ but only one way to know, i guess...

rose, i was skeptical about joining fb, but i'm glad i did. you'd love it. it's like lounge plus. and there are a lot of old school busties who are on there. i got a couple of notes from maimy. lol. it shocked the hell out of me.

i'll see about posting pix.
gt: james kerns stuff is incredible yes! I've never seen such vibrant colors used in ink like that before.
however- he's had nearly 20 years to hone his craft so it's not fair for you to find yourself short before ever starting out.
I'd totally let you ink me- and you know how crazi loyal I am to the studio I go to.
seems like the perfect fit as something to fall back on in-between whatever else, if you don't fall totally in love with it immediately. I think you'd be fantastic at it personally.

rv: join us. jooooooooin ussssssss.. (at crackbook! )
I hate shoe shopping.
I hate shoes.
I am tired of my feet hurting because of something new everyday.
My feet are tired.
confession: Bear left to go visit with a buddy in Missouri and won't be back till Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

I am glad.

I love him dearly but I am feeling somewhat frisky lately, in ways that he can't/won't satisfy.

*disclaimer: I have always been honest with him and discussed my "cheating personality" with him and he has no expectations of monogamy on my part. I think he'd *like* it but he doesn't *expect* it.

But....I am seriously thinking about inviting a certain plumber over for drinks/mary jane.

confession: Monogamy has always been my weakness...I am a cheater. It's a part of me that I am conflicted about.

confession: I sunbathed at Mazo Beach today. And I was trying to not ogle a beautiful Greek God/Adonis that was near me. Mmmm...

I'd totally let GT ink me too, freck.... wink.gif I even have a design in mind.

GT, you talking about cartoon tattoos reminded me of a story~I was at the tavern a couple months back (with the plumber AND bear, LOL)...and there was a guy showed up. We were all talking about tattoos and he said "I got a tattoo of Tinkerbell on my butt"! Of course we all thought he was full of sh*t. Because he was a big tough looking guy and...well. I mean. Tinkerbell. On a football player's butt.

Anyway, MM (the plumber) dared him to show it off. And he dropped his pants. Right there in the tavern. In front of everybody.

And there was Tinkerbell in all her glory.
not a confession, but just a ......

oooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo, tree!!!

(actually, it think all of it is pretty awesome!)

all these swell busties that would let me tattoo them, i should do like a friend of a friend: he's a tattoo artist who rebuilt an old 70's limo. he tweets/facebooks where he's going, and his friends give him some money to chauffeur them far as they want to go. once in town he networks and makes money tattooing. it's kinda cool.
Tree, I am also a serial cheater, so think nothing of it.

GT, I'd also let you tattoo me. In fact, I'd love to embroider some of your art. Hmm, that's an idea...I need to add something to my sparrow embroider hoodie.
tree: just be careful.
I once did something like that.. there was a woman that worked near me that I liked very much.
so (w/ the mr's knowledge when he was going to be gone) I invited her over for dinner & a movie.
not 5 minutes after I'd put frecklette to bed & we were on the sofa, she was ALL over me literally putting my hands agressively on her breasts saying " feel my nipple rings ! feel my nipple rings NOW ! " and holy shit but it wasn't what I bargined for. (tho the kissing was, siigh, quite nice rolleyes.gif ).
my Point is: after that she turned total Stalker on me. enjoy yourself but please proceed w/ caution sweetie.
not a confession, just a...

oooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo... freck!

culture, what do you want to embroider? tell me and if i have it i'll photocopy it and send it to you.
gosh, freck, that sounds like it was traumatic. The whole stalker thing is a scary situation in itself.

No...MM and I have fooled around a little bit before, and she is def. NOT the stalker type...she is pretty much constantly surrounded by adoring, smitten admirers. She has way too many to be obsessed with one!

Sooo...we met for some cocktails tonight. Had fun. She felt gross because she was working on some kind of sewer pump all day and was covered in grease...she asked me if she stunk and no, she didn't, all I could smell was her fabric softener. But, anyway, she felt gross.

I'm home now and she's at her home. I think I'm going to grill some salmon.

Confession: I had fun working at the shop today, cause I saved up a bunch of easy jobs.

Confession: I want to move to Willy Street...I keep torturing myeself and looking at condos, and this one I saw was so neighborhood in the city too, IMHO. Yikes!

Confession: I think my cheating personality extends itself to my home. My condo is actually very nice! I think I'm a "greener grass" person, I guess. Not sure I really want to move again. But it would be nice to be closer to night-life. But, do I want to lose 1,000 square feet to do so?

this woman would do things like call me from her cell to ask what I was doing- I'd reply something like 'just hanging out at home' and she'd say Great, bc I'm parked outside your building', but she lived about 40 minutes away from me & I lived in the middle of nowheresville. no chance she just happened to be in the neighborhood That many times.
I wasn't ashamed of her nor myself, but I certainly wasn't out as a bi woman either. if she had chilled by 3/4th's it probably would have turned out a lot differently for us.
and she did have lovely breasts (minus the twin nipple rings on the 1st date) and oh so soft lips...

confession: last line of above statement as I re-read it & remember

confession: I'm a bit jealous of tree right now

= edited for adult content now that I've come to my senses!
I'm gonna beat GT and say....

oooooooooh! freck! biggrin.gif Juicy!
well, nothing for me to say now...

but i'ma say it anyways, (tongue.gif tree. hmph!)

oooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooo freck!

although she does sound way too creepy/stalkery.

confession: i miss a great kissing partner. it's been years since the last great kisser for me, and i luuuuuuuuuuuuurve kissins!
QUOTE(treehugger @ Aug 10 2009, 05:39 PM) *
She felt gross because she was working on some kind of sewer pump all day and was covered in grease...

That sounds hawt, tree.

Freckle, you didn't say which pair of lips were soft. wink.gif

GT, i hear you. it's been a long time since i've been kissed in a way that's really rocked my socks well as other clothing items....
Confession: After reading all this, I feel even more fortunate that my boyfriend is a great kisser, and he feels the same way about me... *sigh* This past weekend was especially awesome.
The last great kisser I had was the guy who I hooked up with when I first got here. Too bad he is now obsessed with a girl up here with a huge chest. My chest isn't too big and he likes the boobies. sad.gif

Confession: He did say I have a great ass and he likes those too. Unfortunately it isn't enough and I don't have my slutty heels with me.

Confession: I think I would make a lot of people's day if I wore them around here once... laugh.gif

Confession: I could cheat on a partner, but I don't know if I could deal with the aftermath. When I was with AZ Guy we were both tempted, but neither one of us wanted to piss the other person off. Plus, while I was a little more lenient about him hooking up with someone else, he couldn't handle the thought of me with another man.

Confession: I realized I assume the same position when I take a nap in an easy chair as my dad does. Weird.
I, too, was a serial cheater. I didn't jump at every chance I was given, but I jumped at enough. Unfortunately, my emotions were always wrapped up in the affairs which made everything far more messy and far more painful all around. I'm really ashamed about it because my actions really hurt a lot of people I cared about. When I decided to marry Sheff, I made a very conscious decision not to cheat on him because I don't want to hurt what we have together. Like Rudderless, I've discovered that I cannot give myself much wiggle room. I don't allow myself to flirt with guys now because I don't want to mislead people (and because I don't want to tempt myself). Plus, I've decided that it's not very respectful to Sheff to flirt with other guys. I'd be none too pleased if he were flirting with other women. Besides, it's not as though Sheff has to do much to grab the attention of the ladies. As soon as he opens his mouth and they hear his accent, they start to melt at his feet! tongue.gif

Confession: Last week when my cousin was getting ready for bed in the guest bathroom, I went into her room to drop off a book I'd recommended to her. On her bedside table, I noticed a pack of birth control pills and a wave of relief washed over me. I'm sure that certain members of my family would be mortified to learn that our beloved 15 year old girl is on the pill, but I was SO DAMN HAPPY to see that she's being safe. Before she arrived, I had been trying to figure out a way to ask her about that and even take her to Planned Parenthood if necessary. God, was I ever glad that I didn't have to do that.
Ooooh, I also loves me some kissing of both sets if lips.

And if a guy doesn't eat pussy, he will never, ever fuck me.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 11 2009, 09:58 AM) *
[color=#800080][font=Georgia]Confession: Last week when my cousin was getting ready for bed in the guest bathroom, I went into her room to drop off a book I'd recommended to her. On her bedside table, I noticed a pack of birth control pills and a wave of relief washed over me. I'm sure that certain members of my family would be mortified to learn that our beloved 15 year old girl is on the pill, but I was SO DAMN HAPPY to see that she's being safe. Before she arrived, I had been trying to figure out a way to ask her about that and even take her to Planned Parenthood if necessary. God, was I ever glad that I didn't have to do that.

Rosey: I <3 you for that. I seriously TOTALLY do. that right there can make allll the difference for a young girl- having someone safe to talk to about sex/bc etc.
right now frecklette & I both have the same GP & we love her. she'll boot me out of the room to talk to freck jr alone & I know she's talking to her about things of this ilk bc later freck jr will oh so casually mention it.
she's only in-office 1 time a week now & nearly impossible to get an appt with but I'm fighting to stay with her for that right there.

- did you bring up the BC pills or anything like that w/ your cousin later?
how was the visit w/ her?

and Star? only the lips below her nose. dry.gif
had she not be so crazi agressive more might well have happened but as it stands I remain quite virginal in that respect beyond the nipple rings & kissing.
then a woman I dated After that was a total tease & was only using me to earn bigger tips at the bar she was working at. she'd ask me to swing by her bar and as soon as I'd walk in she'd announce to all the men "hey guys! this is my GIRLFRIEND !!!"and they'd cheer & make crude remarks about us showing our tits at the same time & we might hug a little bit but that was that. we really hardly saw each other outside the bar.
and sadly? it actually took me a long-ass time to catch on !
no wonder I'm boredly herto again?
But Freck, both sets of lips are below the nose. laugh.gif
confession: i'm not a cheater, but maybe i should be. instead of never committing to someone for fear they will cock-block me from someone "better", i should just jump into all sexcapades with the tenet of polyandry in my back pocket.

confession: why do i keep cereal in my house? does a recovering crack addict keep rock in the cupboards?
ch you are so deliciously naughty tongue.gif
I don't mind a soft set of lips. wink.gif
My cat has fallen asleep on my right hand and I don't have the heart to move her. One handed typing sucks!

Freck, I never pointedly asked what she and her boyfriend are doing, but the subject of sex came up a few times. Her aunt (who is also her guardian) is the one who has taken the steps to make sure she's safe. I wish I'd someone like that in my life when I was 15.
confession: I have never cheated on someone I was dating but I have been the other woman.
same here, ccgirl
As have I.

Here's one, I was cheating on my ex with his best friend (who is now my best friend), and he (the best friend) was involved with someone.

Call a talk show, that was messy...
confession: karma punched me square in the ass today, and I deserved it.

confession: I am going to drown my sorrows in peanut M&m's, chocolate poptarts & a tall glass of 2% milk.
I know it's making me fat but damnit- comfort is never to be undervalued.

I never cheated on any old boyfriends in the past exactly.. but I usually had the next one lined up & waiting on the sidelines wink.gif
better that than drinking a soft drink in the morning. I've always been astounded by people who can do that.

diet coke is my morning coffee. i like my caffeine cold and toxic.
Diet Pepsi is also my morning coffee. I need the kick in my throat. wink.gif

confession: I'm about to fire my bass player. I'm done. I've had enough of his deceit and controlling crap, and the friendship is pretty much blown, too.
confession: I wasn't all that happy to see Bear get back from his vacation.
yay for rudderless!!! biggrin.gif
yeah! congrats, rudder, for the class and return of 2 beeps. so happy for you

confession:tomorrow i'm hanging out with my current crush. i don't think i have a snowball's chance in hell with her, but i don't care. i just love having crushes. i love hanging out with someone i admire, and she is funny as fuck. i've known some funny people, and some smart people, but she is easily the most funny, quick witted person i've ever met.... and oh my, so easy on the eyes. i really think i'm starting to have a thing for salt n pepper hair. but the dorkiest thing: we are going to see an exhibit on muppets. ::sigh:: wub.gif she's just sooooooo supreme.
confession: as much as I liked e-man, within six hours of our breakup, I am back on my old online dating site.
anna k
girltrouble, your crush sounds so cool and awesome from your description. I hope you have a lot of fun with her!
thanks anna. we had a pretty good time.

confession: i just drew a maori chin moko on my skin, and i think it looks beautiful. i doubt i'll ever get it on me for reals(i'm not a fan of tribal tattoos), but honestly, if i could find someone to do a real traditional, 3-d one, i'd love to.
Confession: I am thinking about the gallon of Butterfinger ice cream in my boyfriend's freezer and salivating. I'm too embarrassed to go grab a scoop..we just ate a HUGE dinner at an Italian restaurant!
confession: we did it. We fired him. Fired the man who was once my best friend. We've spent the afternoon comforting ourselves with an afternoon at the movies (Julie & Julia) - with popcorn - followed by music in the park, and the forthcoming shepherd's pie I have baking in the toaster oven. And we've also found a stand in bass player for next weekend's gig.

Confession: I just bought so many pairs of panties, I shouldn't spend any more money on them until I'm 30.
from the sound of it doodle, it needed to be done. still sux tho. :/

confession:i'm scared. i hate putting myself out there for rejection. that's one cake i've tasted too often.
(((((doodle))))) you did what was best after multiple opportunities for him to get it together.
in a way, this is almost a gift to him. you're a good person so don't let it keep you too down for long.

confession: frecklette & I are getting our noses pierced today & I am sooooo nervous I think I may very well throw up! <cross posted >

gt: you'll never know what you're fully made of if you don't test yourself.
sometimes you just gotta throw it all out into the universe & wait and see what happens.
remember: you're so much braver than you often remember and I believe in you.
confession: Soulman and I are both RELIEVED at the end of the Anarchist's participation in the band. Just bloody RELIEVED.

confession: I am additionally relieved because it ends the whole messy (and potentially much messier) "triangle" situation - which we all felt at one point or other - that kept interfering in my relationship with Soulman.

confession: I also have a deep suspicion that the latter point may also be part of Soulman's relief, but I doubt we'll ever talk about it.
Confession: I sometimes steal things back out of the dishwasher if they're not too dirty.

Confession: I've spent 3 hours today playing Duke Nukem.

confession: I flirted w/ a man in the waiting room while frecklette was in w/ her therapist today.
he is her councelor's next appt & we've been akwardly avoiding each other the last months.. frecklette & I nicknamed him 'Angry Man' bc that's how he seemed but he's really not. he's quite nice.
he introduced himself first though I have been the one engaging the conversation, bc I am nosey.
- he could be an Ax Murderer. or a sociopath.
and I apparently, am a hussy. ph34r.gif

persi: I've done that before too.
So.....this lovely story appeared on my employer's internal website recently:

Small act of kindness will go a long way
August 11, 2009

BCLC has a long tradition of helping those in need - BCLC has been donating old computers to the Kamloops School District since 1995. Keeping with that tradition, BCLC has donated six boxes filled with approximately 80 white golf shirts featuring the old BCLC logo to the Kamloops Men's Hostel.

The short-sleeved golf shirts will be given to patrons of the Men's Hostel - fitting given the heat wave Kamloops has experienced this August.

The Kamloops Christian Men's Hostel provides beds to men for overnight accommodation on Fridays. Males are entitled to stay there five nights out of every month.

The demand for the services of the Kamloops Christian Men's Hostel has rose steadily since 1995 and with the current Kamloops unemployment rate hitting 9.8 per cent, the demand is expected to increase even more.

"Everyone is affected by the economy right now, even BCLC. Now more than ever, it's important that we help those in need throughout the community," said Roberta Kjelson, manager of Internal Communications in the Kamloops office.

"This in-kind support was greatly appreciated by the Hostel and it demonstrated that small gestures can make a big difference to those in need."

And I've been noticing these lovely white golf shirts on the bodies of several homeless and/or street-involved men in the last few days. Pure white (WHITE?) shirts getting stained and torn with the rigors of street life. One of them is worn by the guy who picks the butts out of the ashtrays on a regular schedule. The same guy security has kicked off the SUV-filled property several times. The same guy whose buttpicking caused one of my co-workers to comment, "Maybe we should just put locks on the ashtrays," and another to confess that, "I always let my cigarettes go out right down to the filter" so that they can't be picked out of the ashtrays. And lots of other cool stuff like that.

What is my confession? I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think it's got something to do with recognizing the poignant bitterness I feel, after years of providing social services to the poor of this community, about earning my living working for a corporation that genuinely believes it's progressive and community-minded.
(((Doodle))) Well, I think you've said that this place feels soul sucking for you. Your heart is in your music. Plus, you've dedicated a good portion of your life to providing social services. I can understand your frustration with people who do not practice what they preach in their work.
(((doodle))) corporate citizenship is one of those things that doesn't sit well with most people. Corporations mostly do it to look good and a lot of the time it's so that people will overlook their faults. Also I find that corporations do it so that they can pat themselves on the back and pretend that they are making a difference when in reality they are just barely making a dent in terms of impacting a situation.

However, I still believe that it's better that these corporations help out a little bit than not at all. As for the comments from your co-workers...good riddance.
Every time I meet with my internship seminar group I come home upset and wondering if I can really do this job. Every time.
confession: the other night, candycane_boy and I had sex on the grounds of Queen's Park (aka home of Ontario's legislature).
(((kittenb))) Hang in there. Call me if you need help with things.
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