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rv: how old is she?
malls are usually surefire hits w/ teen girls ('cept frecklette who'd sooner be grounded from all things electronic than to be drug into a mall) or if she's like frecklette, find out all the vintage clothes or used bookstores.
introduce her to something new & cool- like maybe a Art theater, or classic black/white movies and then take her out for "coffee."

confession: I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic tonight & totally identified w/ much of it.
when I am smart & have the compulsion to $pend, I go to the Dollar Tree or a hardware store (so at least I'm buying something useful) but lately.. meh.. I want pretty dresses & girly skirts.

((((((doodle, gt & ccl)))))))
Sine your pity on the runny kine!
RV, what kind of things is she into? When I was a teenager my mom and I would always make a trip to Toronto in the summer. It consisted of shopping at all the cool vintage stores in Kensington Market as well as shopping at the Eaton Centre. We would also go to the Canadian National Exhibition and we would always visit my mom's old neighbourhood at the beach. If we could have afforded it I would have loved to see whatever any of the shows playing in the theatre district. Also, restaurants are always nice.

So you've already got the beach. Maybe you could take her to the theatre? Check out any museums or even walk around old neighbourhoods and admire the architecture of the older homes. Don't let her sleep in too late because then the whole day will be a waste. I think as long as you can get out of the house by noon that's not too bad.

confession: Sometimes I wish I didn't have family members on my facebook page so that I could post about what I'm really up to, such as "K is going to get totally baked and watch Say Yes to the Dress". In case anyone is wondering, yes, it's enjoyable!
confession: Sometimes I wish I didn't have family members on my facebook page so that I could post about what I'm really up to, such as "K is going to get totally baked and watch Say Yes to the Dress". In case anyone is wondering, yes, it's enjoyable!

ah, but cc_g, you need to discover friend lists! siphon off your friends into groups, then set appropriate settings for each group. As far as my high school acquaintances are concerned, I haven't "updated my profile" or posted/had anything posted since "befriending" them.

confession: I am having thoughts about ending it with Soulman. I don't know if these are rational thoughts or thoughts set off by my old triggers.

confession: I don't think I know what a "normal" relationship is supposed to look like. It's like, you have all these miserable, unhealthy, and even abusive relationships you've witnessed or experienced, going right back to your family of origin, and you wonder what the fuck normal resembles, especially during times of tension or doubt. I wonder if it's like trying to imagine colour when you've never seen it.
AP & COCL, I'm gonna do the Biggie Shorty dance just for you!

((((((((Doodle)))))))))) When I read your comments about SoulMan, you sound so happy that your joy seems to radiate from the screen. But if there's more going on there that you haven't told us about, that's okay. Just know that we're here for you no matter what.

Freck & CCG, thanks for the advice. My cousin, T, is 16 years old. It's been 2 years since we saw her last so I'm sure she's changed some. We'll have to see how much. She's really into science and math (she's wants to be a nurse or a doctor). She's pretty laid back, easy-going, and has a great, subtle sense of humor, but she isn't especially chatty. She and Sheff get along especially well & I think it's because they have such similar temperments. I get the feeling that she's that kinda cool, quiet girl who isn't necessarily thought of as popular, yet she has friends in most of the groups at school. I suspect she hangs out more with the goth/emo crowd without being exclusive to that style herself. Am I making any sense?

Note that T asked specifically to visit us. We mentioned a few months ago that she was welcome to visit whenever she wanted & she just took it from there. So clearly T is not being forced to spend time with us against her will or anything! That's why I'm not too worried, but it's the last week of her summer vacation so I want to make sure she enjoys it. The problem is that she is so easy to get along with that she will agree to do just about anything I suggest! It's great that she's so laid back, but I'm hoping I can convince her to voice her opinion occasionally just so I know I'm not boring her out of her skull!

Confession: I wish I could disown my family and make my Chicago life the only life I need to worry about. But I can't.

Confession: This weird summer seems to be doing horrible things to my sinuses.
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Jul 30 2009, 06:52 PM) *
ah, but cc_g, you need to discover friend lists! siphon off your friends into groups, then set appropriate settings for each group. As far as my high school acquaintances are concerned, I haven't "updated my profile" or posted/had anything posted since "befriending" them.

You just saved my social life
Thanks busties. I think I've identified the problem, and I don't think it's too huge to overcome. I also think I've sorted out my own shit from what's going on. It can be fixed. I believe in him, and me, and us.

confession: tonight, however, I want to strangle my bass player.
confession: I was in the parking lot headed into a store when a toddler walking the opposite direction tripped and fell face first right as we passed; I stopped as did its mother & I asked 'is he ok?' and the woman totally ignore me and dragged the kid up by his arm to his feet.
stoopid biotch. the ankle biter probably never would have tripped had he not been wearing crocks.
confession part of this? next time I'll just laugh instead of showing human kindess. mad.gif

ccg: I'm going to work on that friend list thing for crack, bc I didn't know anything about it either!
I just recieved a...5th friend request from a girl I care to have nothing to do w/ and think I'm going to finally respond w/
" Thanks but No Thanks; Best Wishes ~ F." but if I did the Friend List- I could narrow her down to seeing virtually not much?

rv: bring your niece down the FayetteNam for the day ! we'll do the haircut/coffee/cool movie at the Art theater. smile.gif

confession: I have loud crazi red hair once more and Love It !
confession: I find myself developing a really big crush on one of my client's best friends. His friend is kinda helping on the project I"m working on at the moment, so he's around a lot. He's not conventionally cute, but not awful or anything - one of those people who are ok enough, but their personality makes them totally cute. And he's really nice. He always drifts in to my office and chats with me - but I think it's more because I'm just friendly and we get on really well. I'm trying to find a tactful way to ask my friend if this guy is single and straight (because every guy I seem to meet is either in a relationship, or gay) I would totally go out with him. argh!
confession: as much as I love her, after last night I feel like my friend is turning into a bit of a food nazi. I know it's good to want to eat healthy considering how much crap is out there but it's just a bit much. First off, she doesn't have many food choices because she's vegetarian but she's also cutting out sugar, so she got a salad but refused to have dressing on it because of the sugar in it. Then I was joking about her and her boyfriend having kids and how her guy would take them out to baseball games and get them hot dogs and she was like "Nooooo! No hot dogs!"

It kind of reminded me of that episode of King of the Hill when Luanne's sister in law visits and she won't let her children drink juice.

"ah, but cc_g, you need to discover friend lists! siphon off your friends into groups, then set appropriate settings for each group. As far as my high school acquaintances are concerned, I haven't "updated my profile" or posted/had anything posted since "befriending" them."

catlady - is this the same thing as making new lists? i would sooooooo love a busties-only list!
(since i'm on faceplace right now, and have been summoned to chat with dear-non-bustie-friend-who-is-evidently-on-FB-24/7. oy)
I've been fiddling around with it and it seems to be just a blanket exclusion list - so only certain people can see your photos, or see your wall etc. and you can change it by clicking the link that says privacy settings.
CH has posted this before : 10 privacy settings for fb

Rule #1 is the thing about making friend groupings:

"I can’t tell you how many people are not aware of their friend lists. For those not aware of what friend lists are, Facebook describes them as a feature which allows “you to create private groupings of friends based on your personal preferences. For example, you can create a Friend List for your friends that meet for weekly book club meetings. You can create Friend Lists for all of your organizational needs, allowing you to quickly view friends by type and send messages to your lists.”
There are a few very important things to remember about friend lists:
You can add each friend to more than one friend group
Friend groups should be used like “tags” as used elsewhere around the web
Friend Lists can have specific privacy policies applied to them

I’ll touch on each of the things listed above in more detail later. A typical setup for groups would be “Friends”, “Family”, and “Professional”. These three groups can then be used to apply different privacy policies. For example, you may want your friends to see photos from the party you were at last night, but you don’t want your family or professional contacts to see those photos.
Using friend lists is also extremely useful for organizing your friends if you have a lot of them. For instance I have about 20 friend lists and I categorize people by city (New York, San Francisco, D.C., Tel Aviv, etc), where I met them (conferences, past co-workers, through this blog), and my relationship with them (professional, family, social, etc).
You can configure your friend lists by visiting the friends area of your Facebook."

Whoa. You're awesome, cocl! Thanks! smile.gif
confession: I tend to fall in love w/ pieces of art I create, be it written word or of late paintings.
it's a silly vanity in reality but that dreamy eyed joi de vrie I get from it is smittingly delicious.
a lot of artists feel that way about their work, freck. i know i do, i'd much rather sell or give them to friends because i get visitation rights. but there used to be this exercise where you'd finish a drawing and then rip a chunk out of it, or paint over part of a painting, or in some "ruin" it to lose the attachment to it.
That sorta reminds me of that Wilco song, What Light, freck. It's about accepting that once you create something- song, painting, whatever- it's out of your head and it now belongs to everyone. If you haven't heard the song, you should listen to it- it's a good one!
*doing the i'm-not-worthy-thank-you-bow to CH & catlady*

confession: i wish faceplace didn't have a chat function. i can't even get on to fix my privacy settings without being interrupted by dearly-loved, well-meaning friends, but sheesh already. step awaaaaaaaay from the 'puter, folks.
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Aug 4 2009, 11:16 AM) *
*doing the i'm-not-worthy-thank-you-bow to CH & catlady*

confession: i wish faceplace didn't have a chat function. i can't even get on to fix my privacy settings without being interrupted by dearly-loved, well-meaning friends, but sheesh already. step awaaaaaaaay from the 'puter, folks.

Oh, mando- setting up lists so that you appear online and able to chat to some people and not others is one thing I can do! I'll play with it at home and send you instructions later! It's a life-saver!
I feel really bad because a good friend is going back to school far far away tomorrow morning. I was invited to go hang out with them at 10 tonight but I'm so freaking exhausted, I probably won't go. If they were getting together earlier, I'd be all for it, but no one else is available earlier.

In my defense, I have every right to be exhausted tonight. I got home from a two week vacation on Thursday, my uncle is dying in hospice and and my other uncle, aunt, and 3 cousins are staying with us, I just really got back to work today and I'm catching up on missed hours, and I'm trying to squeeze in as much friend time is possible. I'm extremely frazzled by the lack of alone time too.

I also confess my younger brother confessed a very big, personal, and traumatic secret to me two days ago. I'm secretly happy that he chose and trusted only me to confess it to (rather than my folks or our older brother).
YAY Zoya!!!!!
Confession: Seeing my roommate, who I'm currently disgusted with, in the kitchen, has made me not want to make the call I was planning to my boyfriend, simply because he's also male... dry.gif

Confession: I still don't understand how to use who and whom properly.
uh-huh, zoya, and you know *snickers*
...oh it's nothing exciting, it was in passing in a conversation that he talked about his last girlfriend, and from the jist of the conversation, he is definitely NOT gay.


...the only problem is, I just have gone on a couple of dates with this other guy who is really nice..... and said friend of client saw nice guy and I walk down the street hand in hand on one of our dates...

I suppose I could have worse issues.. wink.gif
Confession: I took such a good picture of my boobies I uploaded it to photobucket. Then I realized Photobucket doesn't allow "adult pictures". So I deleted it. And then I posted the picture in a site that said they allowed "adult image hosting".

Confession: My name is TH, and I am an exhibitionist.
no confession, just a...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo! tree!
Ooooh tree!!!

I am also into that sort of thing. I've made video with a boy, too. smile.gif
...I am more overweight and out of shape than I've ever been in my life, right now, and I feel gross. At the same time, I can't beat all the men off with a stick. Like more so than I've ever experienced. I'm kinda weirded out by that.
confession: I want this necklace just bc it matches my tattoo:

confession: artistically I feel as though floodgates have opened all of a sudden & then saw on the calendar it's a full moon tonight. I love the idea of being so integrally connected to our earth but not if it means I have to wait for each one to feel so inspired.

confession: I've been reading an Intro to Buddhism booklet & am suprised to discover how much I align w/ christianity after all. sinse my adult years I've always seen myself as a sort of avent gard spiritual being, open to almost everything. I'm almost a little disappointed in myself for this.

confession: ok I'll go ahead & say it but don't none of you's reading here tell me you Weren't thinking about it too : I want to see that picture of tree.
except then I Don't. bc I'm already totally busty-crushing on her.

confession: tree- I'm not a crazed stalker I swear! rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(zoya @ Aug 6 2009, 10:53 AM) *
...I am more overweight and out of shape than I've ever been in my life, right now, and I feel gross. At the same time, I can't beat all the men off with a stick. Like more so than I've ever experienced. I'm kinda weirded out by that.

Your confession makes me think of something Rosie O'Donnell said years ago about the large response from men she was getting when she visited Mexico. One guy told her "Bone is for the dog. Meat is for the man." Go Zoya!
i've heard women talk about how boring it is to talk to other women who are obsessed with food/diet/exercise. is it any wonder guys would be bored by that too? besides. i think guys place waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less emphasis on that than women do. really. only the assholes are stuck on it.
you know what gt, i've encountered alot of male friends and dated some guys who talk with me about how they want to lose weight. blink.gif big turn off to me. i don't talk about fashion or weight loss stuff with women and i don't like talking about it with men.
So I was talking with Bear about the whole uploading a boobie picture...and I found out that during an "escapade" where I was blindfolded he took pictures! Just of my labia. With his camera phone. Upon my request he sent them to my phone.

And it was bright purple.

Confession: I told three people at work what I did.
again, no confession, just a

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo! tree!
tree: photshop to clear the picture up, save it to a memory stick,
take it to kinkos & blow the image(s) up to poster size & frame them.
at that large- no one would guess what the image actually is and you & Bear would have a naughty joke shared between you every time someone came over.
- it worked for O'Keef wink.gif

ps: Wow!
freckle...I seriously LOVE that suggestion and it fits my sense of humor very well. fits my colour scheme already! I have lots of purple stuff. wink.gif Will have to see what I can do.
I was also thinking that if anyone ever commented or complimented you on it, or better - asked where you got it from- you could say something like Sorry- it's a one of a kind original and then look at Bear slyly .
hee! laugh.gif

confession: the mr & I were kid-free last night & were so loud that I'm afraid the neighbors might have heard us & I am doing the walk of shame every time I step outside my door.
and I do mean LOUD. like call the cops it sounds like some lady is bein' killed loud. but hey- a mama's got needs yo.
hehe...exhibitionist me would just say "I'm not sure what it is but, would you like a copy?" heh.

And need for "shame"! I bet they are jealous! smile.gif
confession: Soulman and I have become even tighter since Soulman woke up to what I've been seeing in the Anarchist for awhile now....a realization crystalized for him by the attempted stealing of an expensive coffee urn from our band's employer last weekend.

confession: the Anarchist used to be one of my very best friends in the universe, but I don't know who he is anymore. Lying, attempted stealing (only "attempted" because Soulman put back the coffee urn when he wasn't looking), egotistical behaviour, power ploys......we might have to cut him loose if we can't persuade him to come back towards the light. sad.gif

confession: who am I kidding? Soulman and I are already planning the band beyond the Anarchist. We are already talking about replacement bass players, for god's sake. The Anarchist is probably too far gone already.
It is only in the past few months that I've become comfortable dancing alone, but I'm still very self conscious about dancing around others. I have no sense of rhythm and know I probably look stupid, but at least when I'm alone I can have fun and be free to move however I want.
Confession: I scored pot of my nineteen year-old cousin's eighteen year-old friend. I am OLD. But I am also stoned, so whatevs.
Yesterday during the wedding that I was at all I could think was, "This is just one giant clusterfuck."

It makes me feel like a bad person that there's so much of Indian culture that I'm not into but seriously, I never ever want an Indian wedding. There were like, 300 people there yesterday. There are so many things to get through before the wedding even starts. We got there at 10am and didn't leave until 2pm.
confession - there's this guy (the one who I thought was gay and it turns out he's most definitely NOT gay) who I think that I will probably go out with in the next couple weeks, once I"m done with this project (and thus am not working for his friend) I totally dig his personality. We are total pals already. Thing is - I am totally attracted to his personality, but I'm so NOT attracted to him physically. He's not bad looking - he's kinda geeky cute. OK, he's WAY geeky. but in an endearing way. And he's in great shape. And he's very successful in the creative field he's in, which is a big turn on for me... but I STILL dont' find him physically attractive. I'll feel really bad if I have been kinda flirting with him (in a way that could be taken either way) and he gets an idea, then I go - "uh....NO."

argh! how do I get over that issue? is it possible? Hell, I don't even know that it's like that - but I do think there is a mild subtext of 'yeah if we meet up, it's kind of a date" thing...
Zoya, is he just a step or so away from what you usually go for? Or is he far far away from what you usually like?

I lurk on a different forum and there's a person there with the screen name of Zoya who definitely is not our Zoya and it confuses me because every time I see that other person's name, I think, "Yay! It's Zoya!" and then half a second later I have to remind myself that, no, it's somebody different all together.

Ramble ramble ramble.

Confession: Since I've been busy this week, I just found out last night about the shooting at the gym last week. The shooter in that incident says his lonely life and his bad luck with women drove him to kill those people and himself. This scares me because my eldest brother has had even less luck with women than that guy. My brother is 40 years old & hasn't been on a date in about a decade (and he only dated that woman a few times because our mom set them up). My brother doesn't have any friends, either. I don't know why. He's a nice guy. Slightly socially awkward I guess, but sweet and caring with a good sense of humor and, in my opinion, great taste. I don't think he is planning a murderous rampage, but I bet no one suspected that other guy of planning something like this, either. Anyway, now I'm worried about my brother and wondering if there's something I should do to help him or if that would seem patronizing & make things worse or what.

Confession: Now that I've read all of the posts here about friend lists and other forms of protection on FaceBook, I'm very seriously considering joining.
Do it Rose! One of us! One of us! One of us! You could just use your first name and initial or something- lots of people do that. I have a friend who's a teacher and I helper her set up her settings so that none of her students could find her- so far, so good!
confession: i got two tattoos yesterday, and while i love them, i can't help wondering if people will think they are dumb tattoos. you know, like tweety bird or the Tasmanian devil. but honestly, they make me laugh.

confession:mr. t got one of my unfinished drawings tattoo'd on her arm, and while it came out nice, i really wish she hadn't. all i see is the flaws. i know when people ask her about it, she'll say it was from one of my drawings, and i will be mortified.

confession:i flaked on one of my best friend's boyfriend's surprise birthday party, because i wanted to go the tattoo expo and hang out with this woman i have a crush on. i got home late and i still could have gone, but i didn't want to. i had only 3 hours of sleep and hadn't eaten all day.

confession:mr. t thinks that i ought to go to tattoo school down in portland while i am unemployed. i'm thinking about it, but i get the feeling in seattle, being a tattoo artist is the new barrista-- the sort of thing everyone does sooner or later and it's really not a big deal.

confession:i'm thinking about getting ear plugs, cos i saw a super foxy tattoo artist who knew how to rock them with huge hoops last night.
I agree with mr. t, gt- even if everyone else does it, the cream always rises to the top. wink.gif

Piccies of the new tattoos?
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