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no I-N-O burgers in the wetlands aka pacific northwest. i don't know what i'm missing. *shrugs*

confession: i've not gone swimming since before i transitioned, more than 10 years ago. i get really sad/nostalgic when i smell chlorine/pool water, or i take a bath. it's brought me me to the edge of tears a couple of times in the last month. the weirdest part is i had a slight fear of water thanks to some red cross training.

confession:tomorrow is mail order wig day...SQUEEEE! so freaking excited.
I only encountered In-N-Outs after I became a vegetarian, so I don't know what I'm missing either. *shrugs*

I now want to go on a road trip centered around food.
I love all the chainstore talk in here, it makes me homesick for the midwest. I love In-and-Out-Burger. I'll see your White Hen and raise you an A&W Drive-Thru.

7/11s are everywhere. I saw a ton of them in Hong Kong and in Australia and they're all over western Europe as well. I used to think it was surreal seeing one outside the US but now I'm just grateful for the chance to pick up whatever sugary fizzy drink I'm looking for at the time.

I have a yen, strengthened but not started by watching True Blood, to eventually buy a house in the American South and either escape there to write and/or live out my days there, guzzling mint juleps. I even look at house prices sometimes, even though the mister has no desire ever to live there. It could be my bolthole!

Confession: even though I signed a contract, I never truly believed something wouldn't go wrong with my new lecturing job... until today, when I got my teaching breakdown. Only now am I allowing myself to celebrate. Woot! I am so neurotic.
oh.... i ADORE A&W... root beer has got to be one of my most favoritest things in the entire world! i always want to take some fresh tapped home with me. that is f'ing heaven.
That is one good thing about the south: wraparound porches and mint juleps. I had an apartment in a old Gothic house in college with a wraparound porch. We threw some awesome parties.

I've never been to In-And-Out burger, but plan to go when I'm out west later this year. Oh snap! Foodie and School Road Trip tour! I've never been to Red Robin, but I too love my burgers bloody and can't them that way unless I cook them at home.

Granny panties are great for periodwear.

Confession: Really don't want to work on cleaning the house today, but think it will focus my mind on not thinking about my dog dying in hospital. Damn.

Confession: I fear I'm too vulnerable right now. With all the stress around the wedding, selling the house, grad school, etc.

Mmmm, I love A&W. But I don't like their onion rings. But mmmm, mama burger, teen burger, mozza burger. Those are the best!

confession: as much as I wanted to see CC_boy yesterday I was kind of glad that I already had plans. I think it proves to me that I'm not just waiting around to hang out with him and I can have other things going on in my life. I so don't want to be one of those girls who just waits around for a guy to call.

confession: I'm watching Michael Jackson's Ghosts on youtube (anyone remember that one) and I think it says a lot that Michael Jackson had himself portrayed as a guy who was constantly called a freak and is hated by all the townspeople. It's sad.

Anyhoo, all this talk about porches and mint juleps is making me think of the Golden Girls.
A&W is good. They have deep fried cheese curds and any place with those is good in my book.

Mmmm, cheese curds.

Seriously, I do think about other stuff besides food. laugh.gif
Huzzah! We DO have an A&W! Icy cold, delicious root beer. Mmmmm.
(((((((((((sassy)))))))))))) I am so sorry sweetie. If you need to talk & a shoulder to cry on, please feel free to pm me anytime. (I'm at crackbook too)

confession: I am planning on "forgetting to pack" my real sneakers (just my chucks only) so I have a legitimate excuse for not doing anything remotely "sporty" while on vacation this coming week.
I feel a wee bit guilty as the mr is a total outdoorsman & we'll be up in the mountains & all, but you cannot turn a pair of stiletto's into hikers just by kissing them on the toe. rolleyes.gif

I will miss you all madly but am looking forward to the break from the interweb too!
Today is free Slurpee day! It is Slurpee MAYHEM!
confession: I really hate myself sometimes. Today I'm staying in bed all day.
I secretly hope that this guy I know will someday break up with his (live-in) girlfriend. that I can ask him out.
in the last hour it's really hit home: all the confidence--every single bit of it and more-- i had 2 months ago has utterly evaporated. i thought that i was finally on solid ground, but i was so, so, so very wrong, and i am scared shitless.

just remember, life cycles around - your confidence will come back. I feel like that all the time. I'll gain confidence and feel great about myself, only to have it come crashing down. But it's always come back eventually, so I just trust that it will. I know that will happen in your case. Hang in there...

((((((GT)))))) It was a SLIP! It sets you back, but you KNOW what is right for you. Do NOT let it fuck up your progress. Mourn if you need to, but buck up, buttercup!

And you know I always got your back, right? I can always alter my travel plans if need be.
(((lananans))) I hope today is better for you.

(((GT))) I think Zoya is right. This was a sucky weekend for me too and I felt like I totally backslided in my progress. Scary dreams included. I hope this moment has passed for you too. But, I guess I just wanted to say that I understand.
thank you.

((((gt and all))))

sometimes it's just mind over matter - you feel total shit, doesn't seem like things will get better - but you just have to tell yourself (I do, anyway) that based on the past, they will eventually. So just remind yourself that. And don't look at it as backsliding (whatever it is/was) think of it as three steps forward, one step back. You're still moving forward in the big picture! We all stumble. (me more than most, and my life is turning out pretty well, so I think you've got just as good, if not better, shot)

((((((((((GT & Everybustie))))))))))
z, i wish it were that simple. i have a...problem that i have been dealing with for 15+ years. most people don't know i have it at all, and i've grown very good about concealing it, but it's really starting to take over my life. it's really becoming a disability. i know i've lost a couple of jobs because of it. as much as i thought i could handle it, things are NOT getting better, not by a longshot. i think i need to find some serious help. :/
I'm up with a touch of insomnia (scratchy throat, ugh) and I feel really alone.

I did something really fucking stupid on Friday. I am struggling to forgive myself.

((((((((culture)))))))) it was just an honest mistake, love. don't beat yourself up for it.
My anxiety issues have been laying dormant and behaving for a year and a half but I have been a nervous, moody, bitchy, anxious wreck for almost two months. I get a real vacation starting Wednesday afternoon but I'm terrified my anxiety will take over while we're away.

confession: I really regret not asking my doctor for anxiety pills when I saw her two weeks ago.
This isn't really a confession but I didn't know where else to post it.

Well first off, I will confess that I am feeling upset and scared right now.

But I just want to say how thankful I am that in a time of need so many busties have rallied around me and offered their support. You women are all so great! I have had some ups and downs on this board but I feel like I can actually count on busties despite not knowing them in real life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So much.
((ketto)) ((Candycane))
I confess, I just bought something from the neatorama mystery sale, and I don't know what it is. Hence the mystery sale, but I'm super excited about it!!!!!

((((ketto and ccg))))
Cool CH!

(((ccg and ketto)))

cg, I feel that way in real life too.

Confession: Scared and still anxious about being engaged.

Confession: I feel like the first time in 5 years I can finally exhale. I turned my bound dissertation into my university today. I'm still stunned that this part is finally over. I think I may cry myself to sleep with joy.
confession: i am getting entirely too into wigs and hair pieces for some pix a friend wants me to take.
Confession: The Bust Lounge is my own personal playground & I am responsible for everything around here. I see all, know all, & control every aspect of what takes place here. If you post here, you are not responsible for your actions, I am BECAUSE I AM A GOD! Muhahahahahaha!

Confession: As a GOD, I am sometimes petty & small & can laugh easily at other's anguish.

Confession: I really thought I'd stop laughing by now, I really, really did. But some shit is too fucking funny.
I made out with a 22 year old at the bar tonight in front of my friends.
Confession: Wish I'd made out publicly with a twenty-two year-old instead of dealing with a ridiculous, whiny git.
confession: I snooped on the geeky electrician's facebook page (is it snooping if his profile is public?) and found out where he's going to be hanging out tonight. His status is shown as "single" and I'm thinking of casually "coincidentally" showing up there.

confession: I'm certainly glad that Bear and I don't feel that we own each other and the jealousy thing doesn't really happen.
confession:aural has taken control of my body. HUZZAH! i do not want to post anything, but i cannot help myself. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY! ..........nnnngggggg!

i control the vertical. i control the horizontal.... behold my power: I will make GT capitalize! Gaze at this post, and wonder and my awesome strength! I AM AURAL POISON! I AM A GOD! Muhahahahahaha! Examine my wrath, bitches!
I deal with ridiculous whiny gits at work all the time so making out with someone was a welcome respite.

And since I post here, aural, you control some part of me. So technically I'd say you made out with him. biggrin.gif

Confession: After hearing what my friends have been through the past few years, I'm thankful my life is pretty quiet. There are parts that suck but at the same time I'm thankful for what I have and I now know it could be a lot worse.
BOOBIES!!! (o)(o)

Oh confession: I really, really REALLY love playing with make up and trying new things. I spend a rediculous amount of money on make up, and it makes me feel so good about meeeeeeeeeeee.

confession: I have come to terms with what I did last friday July 10, 2009. It's okay, it happens, and perhaps when i am ready, I will share it. Maybe I should get the date tattooed on me to remind me of how far I've come?!? hmm.
Confession: Muhahahahahaha! You are all merely my puppets! I pull the string! Pull the string! PULL THE STRING! Muhahahahahaha!

Whatever you did on July 10, 2009, I MADE YOU DO, CH! Pull the string, pull the string!
AP is the puppetmaster! You are Andre Toulon! We are your evil gang of puppets!
Confession: I was actually channeling Martin Landau's Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood, but I'll take it, Star!

Confession: I was madly in love with a Chicago boy in 1994 & drug him to see Ed Wood. After, he'd call me & leave messages on my machine that were, "Let's shoot this fucker!" or "Pull the string! Pull the string!" in his best Bela voice. Which was pretty good. It only got worse after we saw Pulp Fiction. Sadly, he never let me sugar his churro.
AP, Ed Wood is one of my favorite movies. My best friend and I quote it (especially PULL THE STRING) all the time in our best Bela voices. Sometimes in public which makes everyone think we're mental. It's a blast.

Confession: I had the total hots for this vet we had over the last two weeks with the dog. Jewish and funny and such a smart guy. Crazy salt and pepper hair and glasses that made him look uber geeky. I could barely speak to him without turning red. I didn't see a ring either. wink.gif My luck was that he was probably gay. To bring back an old bustie phrase, he made me so fucking honry.

Confession: Due to a work emergency, Mcgeek hasn't been in the mood lately. Pisses me off.

CH, if you get that tattoo, you should also come up with an alternate, wacky explanation for people who don't deserve to hear the real story.

I confess that, although I'm having a pretty okay time with the FIL and his gf, another part of me is frustrated - even furious - with the two of them. A lot of this is about me feeling protective of my husband. I have half a mind to tell off my FIL right this very minute, but I'm holding my tongue.

What's funny is that I tend to be a kind, mellow, welcoming sort and I'm definitely showing them that side of me. But inside I'm SEETHING.

I confess that right now they think I'm paying bills on-line. I suppose I should stop now and feed them some lunch. Sigh.
confession: my ex-girlfriend joined Crackbook and found me. I wish she hadn't. It's been 10 years, but after a few days, I already remember how annoying she is. Plus she always had really, really fucking poor boundaries, and I'm a bit nervous about what MIGHT happen. I wish she would just fuck off again. If I were cruel I'd just block her, but I'll wait and see what she does.
Doodle, I'd just block her, for all she knows you just deactivated your crackbook account. If someone is a pest they're a pest.
Block her- all's fair in love and Facebook.
if you go to one of her posts there is a pull down that lets you hide all her posts. that is where my sister resides, since i've had my fill of her bible thumping, but can't block her outright.
Ok, I'm gonna try GT's approach first. She's done nothing to warrant blocking. Although I did delete one of my status posts because of her comment. Honestly. *shakes head*

BFF TOLD me not to respond. Oi. She was there for all of it - why didn't I listen? *shakes head again*
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