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My boss "offered us the opportunity" to go into work this morning, catch up on "the drawer," and make overtime pay.

It's 11:55 and I'm still at my boyfriend's house in my pajamas, about to make waffles and eggs for our breakfast.
confession: I am utterly & totally ungrateful to my in-laws for giving & paying for a week at their time share exchange so we can have a Real vacation this year. I figure for all the shit the old bastard has pulled and said to me over the years, it still won't equal out square but goes a step in that direction.
and when the mr suggested we invite them up for a day or 2 to join us I politely said " honey that's awfully far for them to drive for 1 day" while in my head I was screaming OHHH HELL NO!!!!!!
confession: I know it's unhealthy for me to carry around so much bitterness towards them/him, but it's hard to resist, like picking at a scab.

confession: I'm really grooving to Shawn Colvin's 'Get Out' lately & generally enjoying my piss at the world bad mood.
confession: I have to leave for Pride in a couple of hours but I'd rather just stay home and sleep. I'm starting to doubt my original thoughts of wanting to get into event planning after witnessing how stressful it can be when just about everything is going wrong.

confession: I will probably sleep all day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.
Confession: I can't count how many times today I've watched the video for "Sugarlumps" by Flight of the Conchords. Clearly I need to get off of the computer.
Confession: It is really hard for me to believe I am done with my research. I'm having trouble throwing away some of the materials I'm required to destroy. blink.gif
confession: I dragged Bear around to a bunch of condo open houses, thinking he'd be the voice of reason and tell me all the reasons why I *shouldn't* move and *should* stay where I am.

It didn't work. He is such an enabler. Heh.
I'm leaving work early at lunch to go get some more body piercing done.
Confession: I'm fearful at this engagement. It's all in my head I know, but trying to absorb it all. I'm just worried I may try to run.
I recently was told by a friend that my room mate's girlfriend confessed to her that she is madly jealous that her boyfriend is living with a girl! God forbid!

Little does she know that I'm the person that de-virginized her boyfriend back in the day. Shh, don't tell.

I confess, its a bit of a saucy situation that I'm finding amusing.
Sassy, getting engaged can do a number on your head. You're only in the first 24 hours of this, so no wonder it's a little crazy! Just focus on McGeek and how you feel about spending your life with him. If that makes you feel good, then you'll be alright.

Confession: In 30 minutes some people will be here to measure our roof and give us a price estimate for a new roof, gutters, & gutter covers. I know they're going to try their hardest to get us to buy their shit today and I am NOT in the mood to deal with high pressure salesman shit. I just want a price quote so I can compare it to what other companies are offering. Nothing more. Part of me feels like lying to them and telling them there's been a death in the family or something so that they'll fuck off and leave me alone.
rose, if it gets the job done, and gets them out of the house with little bs, i say do it. think of it as an acting challenge. wink.gif
RV, I agree with GT. Consider it practice.

Also, thanks for the advice. It's a huge thing that happened, and I can't seem to process it yet.

I have fuck all to do at work. All I'm doing is surfing the net and it's getting kind of unexciting to be online this much. In fact, I go online so much that I hate going online when I get home.
Culture, my job is the same right now. I actually dropped 10 hours for July and August (at my request). None of our clients are really around right now because they all take their kids on vacation in summer and most other not-for-profits are breaking till late August too.

I never go on the net at home anymore. Way too much time surfing at work.
I am returning home after an eight-day-long research trip. One of my closest friends is in total crisis. I plan to email/text/call her. But tonight is for e-man and I. I have missed him horribly. And I feel like a horrible, terrible friend. But I am doing what I need to do before I tend to her and her considerable needs.
Period, I did the same thing this past weekend, and I didn't even go on a trip! It had just been a couple weeks since B and I had time alone and had sex (he hurt his back). But yeah, my friend is definitely used to me being available when something goes down...
the in-laws will be here on friday ..

Confession: <wax on *drip drip* wax off > stir well. run forrest run!
I'm a honey coated strip of toxic fly paper wink.gif
confession: I think I may be becoming a misanthropist.

Or maybe it's just PMS. I dunno. I hope I'm not pmsing already!
Confession: I'm watching a special on PBS about Garrison Keillor & I'm amused to see that he has the same cheap-o cell phone as I do.

Confession: Tomorrow is the filming for this silly little promotional video and for some reason I'm kinda dreading it ... I guess because I don't know what - if anything - comes next. It's as if I know that tomorrow I'm going to get a tiny little hit of crack, but I don't know if I'll ever get that fix again. It's scary.

Confession: Today I made blueberry frozen yogurt. Tonight I made a fancy dinner of ratatouille and filet mignon. Now I feel an urge to whip up some homemade honey wheat bread. It's as if I'm trying to reassure myself that I have other talents. Too bad cooking doesn't give me the same high as theater. I enjoy it, but it isn't the same.
I found my high school crush's sister on Facebook and I am sorely tempted to friend her just to find out what he's been up to.
freck: don't forget your mission! i'm rootin' for you chickie!!!

as for your husband.... mad.gif
you just ignore his stupidity...for now.
you concentrate on making you better.
Confession: I spend whole days avidly hating certain people, and it's exhausting, and then I hate myself, and it's a cycle. Or maybe a Ferris Wheel.
confession: I had a pretty erotic dream about a fellow Bustie, one who I've never met in real life. Eeeek. Maybe this should go in "you know you are a bustie when..."
I am now dying to know who the Bustie in Tree's dream was.
Confession: I was disappointed to realize that Tree's dream couldn't have been about me because we've never met.

Confession: I love my wife and I love my kids but, by God, I need some time alone.
Hey...the dream was about a bustie I HAVEN'T met in real life. wink.gif
oh god, now i'm dying to know too. but wait... who has tree met irl?

i have to say, whoever it is must be chronically late. last month was bustie dream guest star month. busties were supposed to make their walk thrus or cameos last month. tsk. tsk. tsk.
Gee, at this point I'd like to have a sex dream about anybody, Busties included.

Confession: I keep having these awful dreams about my parents, dreams that make me feel bad when I wake up until I remember that they're dead & that they can't hurt me from beyond the grave. They still fuck up my whole damned day, though.
I've had somewhat sexual dreams about busties, too, ones I've never met. They're always faceless (even if I've seen pictures) but somehow I know it's them. They're always those weird dreams that stick with you all day.
Oh, I must have read your post wrongly, Tree. So it was someone you have not met, hmm? Intriguing!

AP, I feel your pain. Seems like forever since I had a sex dream that I remembered when I woke up. I know I had a good one involving Alton Brown last year, but that's all that comes to mind right now.

Confession: That painful pun definitely was not intended.

By the by, I went to the video shoot & it went great (despite my red, infected right eye). I'll probably post the details in Kvetch.
I haven't had a sex dream in SO LONG. No pun intended.

So here's a confession I feel bad about. I Googled someone I knew a few years ago to see what she was up to (she hasn't emailed me or anyone else we jointly know in quite a while and the whole group of us really fell apart in staying in touch after we parted ways geographically) -- I mainly wanted to see if she was still working at the same high-stress place she was at last time I heard from her, because something made me think of her today -- and through the Google search I found out that she's been going through chemo treatments. CHEMO. I didn't even know she was sick, because I didn't hear it directly through her or through the grapevine. NOW what do I do?!?! Part of me feels bad for finding out this way, like I discovered something I shouldn't have discovered. But then the other part of me is like, fuck it, we were only slightly more than acquaintances, we then drifted apart, we live far apart even geographically and it's not like I'm going to visit her in her city or vice versa. But how wrong would it be to send a get-well card saying, "I got the bad news from Google"?!?!?! blink.gif

Part of me wants to send her a card because I do want to wish her and her family well, and the other part of me wishes I never found out this way because... well, NOW WHAT?!
I seldom have sex dreams. sad.gif

raisin, does she have a blog or something? i mean, if her chemo is out there, well, it must not be a secret or anything. i would just be discreet and say i came across the news about your health, etc. i mean, your heart is in the right place.
No, she doesn't have a blog. It was more of a newsletter type thing for her kid's afterschool activity. Part of me thinks that if she wanted our group of people to know about the cancer, either she would have sent out an email, or her BFF from that group (BFF at the time, but I've no idea if they drifted apart as well) would have sent out an email on her behalf. AND I'm on her Xmas list, and she didn't mention anything about it in the family letter (because, yes, they are that kind of family). Judging by the thing I read online, she would have already been in treatment then.
I think reading this thread is sneaking into my subconcious b/c WOW did I have the raunchiest sex dream last night!

Confession: I did something last night. It was scandalous and frankly, illegal, and I loved it!
I had a truly raunchy sex dream on sunday morning, and I promptly rubbed one out when I woke up. Now, this is great news for me because I've had zero sex drive lately (thank you medication) and I haven't masturbated in a looooong time. So, it was good times.

I've had sex dreams about busties, too. smile.gif
confession: sometimes I just don't give a damn about saving the earth.
I mean usually I do and am semi ocd about bringing my own shopping bags to stores but last night at Wal Mart of all places, I didn't even drag out the 1 bag I had with me.
I am so ashamed. ph34r.gif

confession: when dealing w/ the mr's father aka: the donor,
as he was complimenting me on how good the fresh farm corn was, I said " I boiled it in butter."
knowing it'd make him freak out bc he's such a total hypochondriac.
......... BULLSEYE !!
the look on his face as he was first stunned into silence and then started sputtering was Pricele$$ !

confession: I think the in-laws think the mr & I are going to split up & I have a creepy feeling that wheels are turning behind my back right now.

confession: I love the term: rubbed one out. wink.gif
There is a company that is going to be hiring people in the next month or so, which means I can quit my crappy job and do something I like for a while. However, I'm dragging my feet about sending them my resume because they might hire someone who is extremely annoying and I'd be happy never to see again, much less spend a couple months on the same crew.
Confession: I don't give a flying fuck about Michael Jackson's funeral, i don't care that he is dead. was I shocked? yes. Do I care. FUCK NO. I am sick and tired of the media gong show this has turned into.

I want to know what is going on in the world and when some trauma happens, all other news gets pushed to the side and I get irritated with that.

I didn't care about MJ when he was alive and I certainly don't care about him now that he's dead.
well said CH. I completely concur.
anna k
CH, in the morning I listen to NPR because I like hearing about news around the world, and it's better to listen to than the MJ circus. I liked his music, but wasn't a big fan of him, and felt his music/celebrity was irrelevant for nearly 15 years. The news about the memorial service and how it's being treated makes me sick.
I'll agree that the man was incredibly talented. But look at what being a child star did to him.

So much has been over shadowed by his death and that irks me. Two Canadian Soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, which is big news here, and the time alloted to them was minimal compared to MJ.
while i get the mourning fatigue, i have to admit to being irritated by people who are dismissive of mj's loss. i wish the family had had the tribute last week, because it's added a whole 5 days of nonsense to the media's need to pimp this for all it's worth.

that said, what that man contributed to this world, cannot be overstated. i say that, not as one of those people who is not a rabid mj fan, but someone who i think understands a little of the world before he did what he did. he didn't just sing or dance, but changed the way those things are done. indeed, there would not be pop music as we know it , had there not been a j5. in deed, our pop culture in general would be a very different place w/o him. when i grew up black faces were not shown on mtv before thriller. that was in the mid 80's. to say that he effected our perception of race in this and other countries-- that is a fact. as a former black man (god i love saying that, ha!), it is impossible not to acknowledge, even though how he effected black masculinity was extremely problematic. you can even make a case that the gangster strains of hip hop were a reaction to him and his music. with black people it is always the entertainers who are our vanguard. they are the ones who herald our hope for a new place in this world. the same was true of mj. we needed someone to go further, to plant seeds in that wake, and he did.

but this is all beside the point i am trying to make: i understand the mourning fatigue, but sometimes, demanding the morning stop is... selfish, and i'm guilty of it too. it is like the driver who complains that a protest blocks their way, even though a larger point needs to be made and they could have easily chosen a different route. they are inconvenienced, i see, but there are worse things in the world than that. why not instead, let those who were effected by his life mourn and feel their sorrow? afterall, how would it feel to have someone you cared deeply about dismissed, and belittled by those who did not know or feel the same as you? this world does not stop for anyone, but for those who have lost-- how does it hurt to pause and see that something is missing. i would not begrudge you that for a pet who was dear, a loved one who was close, or someone who simply inspired you. it is for those who sense that loss to mourn, not for those who do not to make it stop.

as i said, i get it. i've been just as annoyed by the constant barrage of mj too. but i see how he changed my life, and this country, and yes, this world and if you can't see that, don't begrudge me my sorrow. do me a small favor-- let me mourn.

sorry about my long windedness.
It's not just the MJ thing with the media, it's any huge event. Which i understand. Something big happens, naturally you have to report on it. but to report on it 24 hours a day, every day.

for example, the N1H1 stuff, when it first emerged, I didn't know what else was going on in the worls without seeking it out for myself.

When there is one huge event, the media turns into this big thing that just won't let go. This didn't happen when there was the polictical riots in Iran. I understand the news is there to report, but it just seems that every outlet forgets that there is other news and other issues going on in the world.
hey, i agree with you. news outlets are ridiculous. i am the first one in line when it comes to talking about what a shitty job they do. *shrugs* believe me. to call them attention whores, does a disservice to attention whores (i'm talking to you, david blane, spidey, et al.) as i said, i wish the family had done this memorial thing last week, because the extra 5 days were like putting salt in the wound. we had been subjected to too much coverage by thursday, and it was getting difficult to swallow anymore. i am right there with you. all the same, in talking about mj and not the media/news outlets, you are blaming the messenger.
confession: as much as i love being back in contact with my sister, her little facebook/twitter/text message sermon/affirmations are really getting on my tits. i know she's aiming them at me, and she is a hair's breadth from having her posts hidden/blocked.
Confession: Even though I've never been a big MJ fan, I watched most of the memorial service and cried my eyes out. I agree that the media coverage has been a bit crazy, but I think the memorial service was quite sweet and touching.

My FIL and his girlfriend will be here in 5 days. I need to do 10,000 things in preparation for their arrival, but I cannot scrape my ass off the couch! Where has my motivation gone?!?
confession: sometimes, just once in awhile, I sit here at my desk and imagine what I will say, during the Rolling Stone interview, about this weird job I had - processing lottery subscriptions - right before I got the recording contract.....
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