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chiming in on the yay for gt and your sister! Sisters are the best. As much hell as my sisters and I put each other through, I cannot imagine life without those bitches.
(((((((((GT))))))))))))) How absolutely wonderful! Congrats on getting your family back, sweetheart.

Freck, I'm about to go out of town, but I'll be back next week. Let's get in touch then, okay?

Confession: Sometimes I wish I had a sister, but most of the time I love being the only girl in the family.
confession: all the news about little girls missing and being abducted & then their bodies being found weeks later in suitcases... gets me so down. and makes me paranoid and scared for frecklette. and jaded toward the world at large. sad.gif

confession: I bought organic cotton stuff (pillow case & dish towels) at wal mart today ; I suck as an enviro.

confession: I'm going to go outside soon and cut some lovely branches of azeleas's to put in vases around the house. I cut some apple blossoms yesterday. smile.gif

rv: sounds good. I'm ususualy here, and am thinking the timing might be better when the mr is out of town.
he knows you might come here, but is still sketchy about "meeting people from the internet."
have a safe trip wherever you go!
I'm hopelessly smitten.
I'm smitten too...with the plumber. I swear, every time I see her, I get more smitten. She's got a boyfriend too...and so do I. Damnit, I wish she wasn't so likeable.
I'm not sure if I'm smitten or if it's just plain lust.

I'm still trying to figure out why I'm feeling like this towards him.
Confession: I should just take care of business. But I am a coward.
confession: since my damned co-worker has been a bad, bad, annoying, pissing-me-off kind of slacker all fucking week while the boss has been away, I am slacking for the last hour before the long weekend. She can do all the fucking work.

confession: I feel a deep, deep, deep, possibly unhealthy satisfaction from writing and sending that assertive/aggressive e-mail to my man's ex-wife. (See Letters if you are interested! wink.gif)
confession: my belief in karma has been reinforced when I learned that my former terrible boss got FIRED!
she wasn't the worst I've ever worked for but did damage in her own twisted way.

confession: I am so glad that I am still unafraid to make a total jack of myself out in public in order to have fun w/ a friend.
my example? at the military museum yesterday w/ a high school friend from Indiana visiting, we posed beneath a suspended paratrooper on either side of him like we were trying to catch him as he landed. tongue.gif
this is the same place I once worked & gave a damn less that I'm sure they caught it all on security camera.

confession: umbrella's make me happy.

doodle: I'm so glad you sent that letter too!
doodlebug, i think your letter was awesome. I'm glad you are standing up for you and your relationship.

confession: as trite as it sounds, i realize that life does happen with you stop planning it. or, i would like to add control it.

confession: i think i need to embrace the uncertainty of my life right now and stop trying to put a round peg into a square hole. it cause me less anguish this way.
confession: my shrink is sick so it'll be yet another week (added to 3) that I can't see her, the mr is out of town again, our tax refund Still hasn't arrived.. and I'm feeling one hella bad need to shop.
by this time tomorrow if you catch the wind blowing the right direction, I bet you can smell the melting plastic from wherever you are reading this at.
Christine Nectarine
confession pt. 1: I am at work knowing full well that I intend to do as little work as possible today, as most people (including my supervisor) are on holiday.

confession pt. 2: I’ve never been this much of a slacker before, and I don’t like how it makes me feel. But it’s all I can do to drag my butt in here each day.

confession pt. 3: I will likely leave as early as well.
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Apr 10 2009, 02:22 PM) *
confession: umbrella's make me happy.

raincoats make me happy!
confession: I am keeping Passover yet still eating bacon. At least it's not hametz just totally tref
confession: my best friend and bass player spent the long weekend in the mental health ward, and I love him, but I'm exhausted.

confession: I almost walked out on my lover last night. I know we will get past it, and that this is just a painful but ultimately positive part of the growth process. I know that intellectually. But I'm still not past the pain part (or the angry part), and I'm exhausted from that, too.

confession: fighting with my best friend's ex-wife this afternoon was not very fun either.

confession: neither was the angry, migraine-like pain that lived in my neck from Thursday morning until Sunday morning.

confession: I know I am using this thread just to spew things that I need to spew, rather than actually confessing things, but I'm doing it anyway, because I'm fucking exhausted and I need to spew.

confession: I have no idea what I'm going to tell my co-workers when they ask me how it all went, my first long weekend since leaving my second job. Some vacation, huh? huh.gif

ETA confession: I have washed my hands of politics.
((((((doodlebug)))))))) you know, you can always visit us in the kvetch thread if you want to spew. wink.gif Sending strength vibes your way!

rudder, oh how i love me some gin. i got so wasted on some crap gin at my HS reunion. there is nothing i love more in the summer than a gin & tonic with a twist of lime. Heavenly, no?

Missladyj, I know you still keep it real Israel style. smile.gif

confession: after hearing my mom talk with her sister, i'm SO glad i'm an only child. i don't have to listen to know one.

confession: doing self work sucks ass. i'm trying to make shifts in my life and it is both scary and liberating at the same time. *sigh*

confession: i really get annoyed with people who want to capture every single, freakin' moment. take my picture every second in the most horrendous pose. some moments are better left just being experienced.
((((((((doodle))))))) you have more love & support here than you can probably possibly imagine.
spew away. we always love ya.
and oh yah? I called frecklette Doodlebug today ( as I call her Tootsie & Punk & Sugarfoot etc etc) & immediately thought of you. it made me smile.gif

confession: I saw some pidgeons today & wanted to punish them for GT's miscreant & unwanted guests, but then I realised they probably weren't related so left them alone instead.

confession: I melted some Serious Plastic shopping today (got a FAAABULOUS black linen dress that has pintucks from below the bust to slightly below the hip.. has a corset-effect on my waist-very va va va voom! wink.gif ) & feel maybe probably I should be sorry but yet.. the stuff I got is so killer I cannot.

confession: I wish I could drink still but my meds w/ alchohol is a major mistake. though I hardly imbibed before, I miss it much now that I can't.

star: self work Is hard, but you'll be glad for it down the road eventually. (((hugs for your journey))))

mmmmmmm, bacon.....
did someone say bacon?
mmmmm. bacon.... wub.gif

((((((doodle))))))) sorry about your vay-cay, c'est le poup!

freck, all pidgeons are in on it. it's a conspiracy. they've turned my windowsill into a bed and breakfast. :/ new couple rented the place today, and boy were they loud. grrr. ps, that burned rubber in the other post made me laugh out loud. ty!

yay for doing self work, star! freck is right, it does pay off, but you knew that, didn't you, smarty.
I'm entrenched in pre-period horniness. I've had some sort of sensual/sexual dream every night for the last 4 nights. LeBoy and I aren't doing anything, really, because the first of his post-vasectomy lab results haven't come back yet. The first one is just to make sure progress is being made. Then he has one more to take around May 23rd, when it will be four months since procedure, to give us the all clear. I'm going to jump him like a mad woman the minute those results come back, I think. Meanwhile, taking things into my on hands isn't cutting it, not even taking the edge off. I haven't even been able to let him touch me at all because I'll lose my shit.

ETA: FIRST TEST RESULTS CAME BACK COMPLETELY CLEAR!! Thank cod. There will be some celebratory something going on tonight.
Yippee for polly! We Busties expect a full report in the portions thread. wink.gif
confession: I really believe my brother in law is a narracisstic, self-centered immature cold blooded mainipulative prick.
damn that felt good to say! laugh.gif

confession: I'm scared of what my latest bad dream might mean & realllllly don't want to tell my therapist about it tonight & think I will play switcheroo & try to focus on Her instead.
it won't fool her but she'll still probably realise there Is more going on.

confession: I wonder if I'm the only busty here who thinks of all of y'all all the time? like if I see or hear something that relates to a thread or conversation here I have to stop & remind myself to be in the Physical Present rather than online world.

confession: I think I got de friended on crackbook by a busty & I'm ok with it. not everyone here is meant to be chummy over there.
and I love the irony after me whining about cutting people too & then getting cut myself! just tickles my funny bone crazimuch. laugh.gif

last confession: my new deoderant (secret invisible aloe & cuke) smells so good I want to raise my hands bc I'm Sure!

real last confession: I am a humongous DORK most of the time. rolleyes.gif
confession: I have a raging UTI that has moved up to my kidneys, I'm in pain and yet I'm still worried about missing work. WTF?

also, sometimes I feel like my life the past 3 yrs has been a practical joke - and I'm waiting on the camera man to come out and finally reveal himself. LOL
Confession: I am worried about my cheese. If it is not received by 4.30pm, heads will ROLL.
is that head cheese that's gonna be rolling?
confession: Sometimes, I'm surprised how unforgiving my mom can be of the men in her life. Yet, be totally understanding of male celebrities who have demonstrated the same type of behavior. blink.gif I think I am surprised by the double standards of mama in general. Put the shoe on the other foot much, mom? blink.gif
confession: I learned from the mr last night that the boil the rabbit psycho woman that has been stalking him for years Indeed DOES/DID have a crush on him, from high school and on. he finally heard this from the woman's bff and was honestly shocked by the news.
- what- me And His MOTHER telling him didn't ever register??
he said " but she never gave any outward signs of it" not that a dense ( & smitten w/ me wink.gif ) m-a-n would pick up on dry.gif .
vindication that while yes I might be crazi, but at least I didn't imagine anything that wasn't there with her.
(London/UK Busties? she's living there fyi so feel free to run her skinny skanky ass over if you want - thanks! )
I felt a tiny bit of pleasure looking through my new beau's facebook photos and seeing that I'm at least slightly hotter than some of his exes :P
I believe in the basic premiss behind a soul mate.
I'll take care of her for you freckle! It's been a year since I last drove a car, so it probably won't take much effort rolleyes.gif
Confession: It is really hard to get out of old patterns. It is like being sucked into the eye of the storm. I'm wondering if moving back home temporarily is to teach me to stay calm and let the storm pass when it happens. Some family members in my life really love being in the middle with chaos going around them constantly. I think I like that I've learned to enjoy the silence.
Confession: Today is my mom's birthday & I totally forgot to get her a present in time to mail it to her. This is horrible because I really really love my mom. She told me that it's no big deal and that she thinks we should celebrate both of our birthdays together when we see one another next month (my birthday is this week, too). But I still feel shitty. I didn't even mail her a card. My mom deserves better.
Maybe there's a flower shop open in her town that can make up a bouquet and deliver it today, rose? That will at least bide some time until the gift "that was on back order" will arrive.
Confession: My one pack relapse has become a two-packer.
QUOTE(Persiflager @ Apr 19 2009, 09:31 AM) *
I'll take care of her for you freckle! It's been a year since I last drove a car, so it probably won't take much effort rolleyes.gif

persi: thank you !!! she's on crackbook under the name " crazy freakin' psycho"
much obliged! wink.gif

culture: I believe there are potentially multiple soul mates for a person bc to say there is only "ONE PERSON perfect for you at that exact time you meet in that moment of your life" implies you never grow, never evolve.
but in premise, I very much believe that there are deep soul connections, both physical & non.

confession: ok boast: I GOT MY PAPASAN CHAIR & IM COMPLETELY ENAMORED OF IT !!! biggrin.gif
I'm wondering if I should just flip a coin to decide my fate and be done with it.
confession: I went to my first male strip club. I was horrified and traumatized then got super drunk and threw up!
Yah as much as I like dick, I don't want to see a cheesy guy with a cock ring waggin his wank in my face.

I give and give and give so much at work that I want someone to give back to me, even for a while. I know I have it really good with friends and family, but sometimes I just want someone to be out and see a card or take a picture and send it to me just because they think I'd like it.
There are few things funnier than a man in a banana hammock all oiled up & gyrating to bad music. And it's not like, funny sexy. It's funny FUNNY. The last time I was at one of those, I made a move on the bartender because he was clothed & could tie his own bowtie. Topnotch shag, that one. Tim something.
confession:i hung out with mr.t most of the day, i think know i looked freaking hawt, and she was feeding my ego the entire time, and...

i am so fucking skin starved i just wanna cry.

confession: i love the boy attention, but when the rubber hits the road, most of the time, i miss being a boy because i knew my role around women... i knew what to do. how to act around them. how to be charming... sexy... intuitively. but now, i just can't seem to navigate the waters of being a queer dyke t-girl. t says i'm a seductress, but honestly, it all feels so forced. things on this side of the fence seem to be blunted by packing foam. i think about that line in the song, jane says, "she's never been in love/ she don't know what it is/ she knows when someone wants her...
mostly feel out of place. another place and space i don't belong...*sigh*

i just feel lost.
Um, I'm crying because as much as I love GT, I will never be the girl for her. She's pretty much perfect, but my vast ego would torpedo things immediately.
lol... aural. you are so sweet, and kind to me. i'm super flattered, but if i am your idea of even a light year close to perfect, you've got a cockeyed world view. your ego might be quick on the draw, but trust me, you don't want any part of me. i don't know that you'd really want to be the girl for me. yes, i would pine after you for years after we were thru (god, would i ever pine for you ), but i would drive you nuts. you'd find the urge to hijack a semi irresistable, but more, you'd want- with all of your heart --to drive it thru the house, while i am asleep in our bed, in the hopes that you wouldn't have to spend another day listening to me talk about some @#$% film i'd just seen.

no, thank you, but count your blessings.

rudder? if that is so, then let's raise th' glass to them poor unfortunates we've tasted, then pass out, drunk on th' remains...
I identified completely with those JA lyrics for at least 10 years.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Apr 21 2009, 10:56 PM) *
"she's never been in love/ she don't know what it is/ she knows when someone wants her...

(((GT))) sad.gif

GT & AP, stop competing about who would fuck the other up in the relationship before i fuck you both up. wink.gif
((gt, ap & rudder))

See, you pre-emptively made ref to "our" bed, GT. Collusion, bee-yotch! You want to share a bed with me! And I am formidable on the filmic level, I gets the semiotics, I'm simply too lazy to engage.

I know exactly how you feel. But you know that. smile.gif
Confession: I'm terrified to NOT be alone. I'm the one that I believe in. Anybody else is suspect.
I very honestly, truly believe that each & every bustie here is loveable and strong and amazing and incredible and worthy in her own unique ways and they need to stop selling themselves short. (or I'll ask star to kick your asses & then kick her own as well)

confession: I ditched therapy this week bc I am scared of the place I am in right now.
I wish my therapist would call me and call me out on it & make me come in anyway.
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