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confession: I finally figured out how to get that dewy- soft -skin look w/ makeup.. but it takes a TON (to me) of makeup to accomplish it! I'm torn between pride at being able to get the affect, and horror ( & shame then) for needing so much "face goop" on my skin.

confession: I am struggling w. my own vanity as I am noticably aging; makes me feel like a shitty, fake feminist.

confession: going to the ocean shore is my Happiest Place On Earth.
my brain & thoughts are clearer there than at any other place & I like to fantasize what I might accomplish if I actually Could live there.
confession: I want to know how freckle got the dewy soft skin look because I too am struggling with vanity and wanting to cover up my aging yet still acne ridden skin that makes me so self conscious sometimes I don't want to leave the house.

confession: This also makes me feel like a bad, poor excuse for a feminist.

confession: Since recovering from my surgery in January I've gained enough weight that all my pants are too tight and the only ones I can wear comfortably are the ones that were literally falling off my ass in December.

confession: My eating habits have not really changed a whole lot, but I still haven't gotten myself back to the gym since recovering from said surgery. This is why all my pants are tight and why I am miserable, yet I still haven't gone.
confession: I am not returning my students' midterms today, even though I had promised I would. Have to tell them that ... something.

confession: feeling like a bad feminist makes me super angry. Who gets to decide what a good or real feminist is?

confession: I felt like a bad feminist yesterday after receiving a scathing review of a paper from a prof.
yuef: I finally tried the Kiss My Face sheer Mineral Liquid Foundation & love it.
so I start w/ that, then apply a "coat" ( generous dusting?) of powder mineral foundation, then apply powder mineral blush,
put on eye shadow while it sets, apply a 2nd coat of powder foundation, a 2nd "dab" of blush right on the apples of my cheeks, a last light all around swirl of powder foundation, run my fingers lightly over to remove any excess & voila.
personally I feel painted up like a clown, but cannot argue w/ the results.
usually w/in a few hours my makeup fades & I end up looking pale & colorless again but this has staying power & survived an afternoon at the beach & I looked healthily good when I got back home again.
no promises tho eh? I normally use the smallest amount of makeup I can get away with but clearly I Do need more now. le sigh.

confession: to add to my vanity confession I also realise that I need to go back to the whole head coloring of my hair to the brighter orange red for my skin tone. they say nature doesn't make mistakes but this time I take issue w/ that bc there is nothing Natural about how dark my hair is getting - it's totally at war w/ my skin- which is maybe why I need more makeup lately too? hmmm.. rolleyes.gif
if only I were not so LAZI & sloppy about doing my hair or getting it done regularly at the salon.

period monster: so true. is doing what makes us feel physically attractive considered anti-fem? def NOT (as has been discussed in the 'I'm a Feminist but I like..' thread)
freckle, on the hair front, i've read that one should go lighter in hair color since a darker color washes your color out and makes you look older. well, not YOU specifically, but i know you get the idea. wink.gif i like my hair being dark brown, but, alittle bit of color really freshens me up too.

confession: watching sci fi movies/shows, really REALLY freaks me out. shit, even WALL-E freaked me out. i start thinking about mankind, technology, where we are heading ecologically, any similarities in our current world news, the similarities of storylines about man vs. technology, war of robots...yeah, it is not good for me. i hate thinking. i prefer not to think while i watch tv/movies. tongue.gif
Freckle, I spend obscene amounts of money on makeup, and who says that's being a bad feminist, I don't do this for anyone else but me!

Confession: I think he's right.

Confession: I dont' know if I want to do what I was planning on doing.

Confession: I just want to go shopping!!!!

Confession: I am really jealous of people who love their jobs because I hate mine.

Confession: I feel like I have accomplished nothing in my life. Seems that there are so many people who are my age, who I went to school with who appear to have their shit together.
I get self-conscious about aging too, but I'm too lazy to learn how to properly use make up.

Confession: I know I take good pictures, but I still love it when people compliment me on them.

Also, even though I like spending time with AZ Guy and the few friends I have, I am very glad to get back on the road again alone, mostly so I can listen to what music I want to without having to deal with people complaining about it, or my singing.
Confession: I want to get my hair cut - a total make-over thingamy. But I feel embarrassed even describing what I want. Why is that? Why be embarrassed about how I'd like to look? So I'm going to tell you all what I want in an effort to get over that.

Basically, I want my hair to look like Christina Applegate's on "Samantha Who" - soft curls that bring the hair slightly above the shoulders. I love it because the fullness of the curls is so sweet, but it's also long enough to pull back into a pony tail (which is important for when I work out). My problem is that my hair is heavy & fairly straight. It has a slight wave to it sometimes, but it CANNOT hold a curl on its own. Plus, I am LAZY and there is no way I'm going to put my hair in curlers or any of that shit (mostly because I know it won't hold, but also because of the laziness factor). The only way I could have those soft wavy curls is with a - gasp - perm. Or a "body wave" although I haven't heard anyone use that term since 1987. And that's why I'm embarrassed to talk about this. The word "perm" sounds sooooo painfully out-dated. Just saying it makes me feel ancient.

This problem is inflamed because I don't know any hair stylist around here. If I'm embarrassed to even say what I want, then how can I possibly find an experienced hair dresser who can do this for me?

Confession: I realize this is probably the silliest confession to ever appear in this thread. Maybe it'll make Freckle feel less self-conscious. biggrin.gif
ETA Oops!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Mar 23 2009, 11:43 AM) *

The only way I could have those soft wavy curls is with a - gasp - perm. Or a "body wave" although I haven't heard anyone use that term since 1987. And that's why I'm embarrassed to talk about this. The word "perm" sounds sooooo painfully out-dated. Just saying it makes me feel ancient.

This problem is inflamed because I don't know any hair stylist around here. If I'm embarrassed to even say what I want, then how can I possibly find an experienced hair dresser who can do this for me?

RV, I don't know if this is as unusual as you think. I know lots of ladies who have bodywave perms. I think they're absolutely the best type of perm you can get. No one really talks about them anymore, but I think perms are still pretty popular. Check out all the examples:

I confess: I've thought of getting a bodywave perm myself. tongue.gif
(But I recently layered my hair for the first time and discovered the ends go curly if I don't brush my hair all day!)

Confession: Myself and two friends are part of the bridal party for a friends wedding - I think the dress pattern that was chosen absolutely looks the best on me - it's made for a curvy girl. I'm secretly very pleased, since I had no part in picking the pattern.
Confession: Someone I love stole from me. More than once. And I don't want to confront them, but I know I have to. I thought about leaving a note where they've taken things from, but I feel that might be a cop-out.

Confession: Watching the person I love struggle with balancing work, school, helping out his disabled father and watching his son get ready to move across the country is making it nearly impossible to sleep through the night. I know there is nothing I can do to "fix" any of it and it's driving me crazy. It frustrates me that when I volunteer to help out with his dad he declines but he doesn't want it to be a burden on me. Why can't he understand that I want to help and that it isn't a burden to me? Argh.

Confession: I know that even though he pretends to be alright with his ex moving their son to Florida, underneath he's devastated. I know because he's been grinding his teeth and having nightmares about being unable to rescue his kid from something. But he feels there is nothing he can do, so he shoves it aside. He just doesn't want to be at war with her and he really doesn't want his kid to be stressed out about it any more than he already is. This makes me want to slap her upside her head so badly I can almost feel my hand connecting when I am near her. I know that hate is a very strong word and to hate means you actually care, but how else do I convey what I feel for that selfish woman? Disgusted? Seems so mild. She makes me queasy. Having to be around her at all makes me feel like I want to puke. I can't stand having to fake it for the kiddo's sake because I am not good at pretending to like people, but what choice do I have? I know she knows I don't like her any more than she likes me. But thankfully every time she brings up some story about when they were married, I notice R brings up a story about something cute or fun that we've all done together. I'm glad he sees right through her and knows how to knock it right back at her. Again she made a big deal about the fact that the kidlet and I saw that awful movie "The Women" back in September. I didn't choose the movie, he did as a birthday gift to me and was so excited about it I didn't have the heart to say no. His dad and he hatched the plan, so it isn't like I just took him without getting permission. Apparently he mentioned seeing it at a family function and her entire family was in an uproar and feel that I am just satan incarnate, recruiting him for the "dark side". Whew, thank maude he didn't mention that we just saw "Confessions Of A Shopoholic". rolleyes.gif

Confession: I am trying not to instigate any more drama with that woman, but it is SO tempting to buy her son all of the lip balm and movies he wants, including RENT, to which he already knew every word of the song they used in the dvd preview that we saw. But I know I should not sink down to her level and create more of a hassle for R, so I won't.

But damnit it feels good to fantasize about doing it.
yuefie))), that woman requires something to connect with her face! so fuck if the kidlet knows all the words to Rent, he should own dvds he likes and watch any film he wants (okay, within reason when it comes to adult content and violence). Grrr, she should embrace the fact that he has another woman in his life who loves him for who he is and introduces him to more than a narrow-minded world.
Ketto, thanks for the encouragement. I still feel kinda weird about it, but I'm starting to get over it. Kinda. A little. [blush]

Yuefie, I agree that you should buy him Rent if you want - not because it will annoy her, but because it will make HIM happy. Keep doing the things that reinforce that he is wonderful just the way he is & he shouldn't have to hide who he is just to make other people happy/comfortable/whatever.

From what you've said in the past, I'm sure The Ex is super homophobic. You can't change that. But it would be great if she could be reminded (by R maybe?) that there are a hell of a lot of straight guys who love musicals, too. Hugh Jackman & Johnny Depp immediately spring to mind & I know there are TONS more including most of the guys in Rent. As fucked up as it sounds, maybe this will help her allow her son to be true to himself AND allow her to hold onto the dream that Kidlet could grow up into her ideal vision of a red-blooded man.
Busties are the Be All- End All and I honestly can't measure how much you've all brought to my life and taught me.
thank you.

RV:I know we are some few-several hours apart, but if you felt like making a drive, I'll get ya in w/ my adorable & opinionated Korean stylist. (who lives in my neighborhood so woa is me for ever leaving the house w/out my hair done "right" & getting busted by her ! lol)
we could do a total girls day w/ lunch N everything.
ok so I realise you'll probly pass, but the offer stands ey.

confession: someday I'd like to meet a Bustie (or 50 or so) in real life. I am always so wistful when someone posts about getting together.

stargazer: I've heard that too about going 1 shade up, but 1 won't cut it.
the pic here is even a little darker than what looks best so it's a big committment and upkeep on my part.
I think I will just finally ask my stylist that if I supply the henna kit, she'll do the actual work for me of applying it.
hell she doesn't even have to rinse or finish it, just put it on w/out missing any spots. I am completely uncoordinated when it comes to DYI kits.
Freckle, are you telling us that you've never met a single Bustie? We have GOT to change that. Check you schedule & tell me when you've got a day free. I'm totally serious. And if I can get a fabulous hair cut at the same, that's just gravy.
Oooh, a freckle and rose meet!
confessions, TV edition:

i love sci fi, but the only thing that freaks me out is aliens. especially when they would talk about them on the old Robert Stack Unsolved Mysteries.

i just watched gilmore girls, "the incredible sinking lorelis", and felt notsoalone to see both of them lose their shit.

that russian dude from dollhouse was in my very bizarre dream last night.

perhaps that decision to get cable should be rescinded? my dreams aren't even creative enough to be original.
yuefie, rose is right, do get him rent, i hate to say make it your secret, but i think that might be a good idea. i don't know how old he is, but it does sound like his mom is homophobic, and he will need someone to tell him he's ok, take it from someone who wishes i had that... but if you can, figure out some way of contacting him, an email adress or something, just so you and the hubby can always let him know he is unconditionally loved. when he is old he will appreciate that.

ps, yue, you are the most awesomeist!


hee hee.... i know, bunny! the idea of rosey and freckle hanging out... so much sweetness! i'm not involved, i know, but i LOVE the idea! by order of the girl trouble high court of bustie goodness, i order the transport of one rosey to the doorstep of freckle for a day of trouble free (ha!) over the top bustieness!
The kidlet is 14 and has told us he likes boys and girls. He's been picked on, threatened, beaten up and called "fag" since he began kindergarten, no matter what school he's attended. In fact, last week he got in to his first ever fight, which just means he actually defended himself. Of course his mom punished him rather harshly, even though the same kids toilet papered their house the weekend before the fight happened. She professes not to be homophobic (ha. unless it's her own kid, that is), but her entire family is and when he first told her he felt he was bi last year she rushed him to a freaking therapist. Thankfully the therapist happened to be open minded and had a partner in her practice who is a lesbian, so they took turns with the kidlet until his sessions were done. They encouraged him to be comfortable with who he is regardless of other peoples opinions. R, his dad (kidlet's grandpa) and I all have told him and tell him all of the time that we love HIM and that means whoever he is or decides to be. We've really been working on instilling that in him, especially since he told us that his mother and grandmother both say things like "I don't love you when you're bad" or "If you stopped acting like a girl all the time we wouldn't get so mad and we'd love you more". This is why that woman makes my skin crawl.

I have bought movies for him that his mother doesn't approve of and he keeps them here. For x-mas I got him "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and he was SO over the moon happy. I see how he keeps so much bottled up until it's our weekend with him. It's like as soon as he is with us he's able to exhale and let his freak flag fly. He even tells me which boys and girls he thinks are cute. I've been picking him up from school every other Friday so that he doesn't have to wait until R gets off of work, but this last Friday my car was in the shop. By the time R got off work and we drove the hour up to get him he was in a foul mood. My heart just breaks for him that he feels so unloved and unwanted by her side of the family. I worry too about this new man she is shacking up with and what he may be like. All I can say is if the kid is really, truly unhappy and puts up enough of a fuss, I don't see how she will be left with much choice but to send him to live out here with us. I mean, she's already told him she can't have him ruining things for her by acting weird. dry.gif

Thank you all so much for listening and offering support. I am seriously sitting here all teary eyed now.
yuefie: you might want to look for a local chapter of PFLAG near you too.
it might give all you on the supportive side some better ways to help kidlette cope w/ crazymean psycho bio{hazzard} mom. I'm sure that not every parent in those groups immediately were at ease w their children telling them they were gay/bi/tranny; maybe learning some of their evolution stories to acceptance could put some perspective on it.
keep on keepin' on bc you're totally doing the right thing.

rv: seriously? you'd come here?!
no I have never-ever met a busty irl so that'd be the cat's- freakin'-pajama's if you did!
and of course I'd set you up w/ my stylist (who is Vidal Sasson Certified) and then we could take goofy before & after shots eh? tongue.gif
as of today I have come down w/ a wicked nasty cold (don't think it's allergies as my throat now has big white spots in back..) & am hacking & coughing so lemme get better & I'll let you know.
you've soooo made my day!

cocl: from the Letters thread... I so want another furry babycat too. with a desperation in my aching heart.
but our Airy girlcat is 12 now & very much a One Cat girl as she tends to try to assignate anyone we've tried to bring inside. I hope you get your baby bc I know you are a most excellent kitty-mama and any baby would be lucky to be loved by you.

ick, yue, i don't care much for her at all. i'm half tempted to send him some lipbalm myself. wink.gif

just out of curiosity, do you think that she is moving to the other side of the country because he's queer, and thinks it's y'all's influence (and lipbalm)? hmph. she just chaps my hide just hearing about her second hand. the phrase "stuck on stupid" comes to mind with her....
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Mar 24 2009, 02:02 AM) *
cocl: from the Letters thread... I so want another furry babycat too. with a desperation in my aching heart.
but our Airy girlcat is 12 now & very much a One Cat girl as she tends to try to assignate anyone we've tried to bring inside. I hope you get your baby bc I know you are a most excellent kitty-mama and any baby would be lucky to be loved by you.

Thanks, freckle (I was crazywithoutcatslady). I miss Mandoo (although I'll see him in a couple of days when I go home to visit!) I want the comfort of a fur-baby or two again. The boy isn't the obstacle, it's our landlord, but I am hoping the boy will realise how badly I want cats sooner rather than later and talk him around.

(((the kidlet))) I know R doesn't want to go down that route but I'm sure that biohazardmom's actions constitute as poor parenting skills and grounds for custody rights to be re-examined. It's cruel enough to take him to the other side of the country.

bunnyb: I am SO Sorry for that! rolleyes.gif
I hope You get your fur-baby; landlord can go fly a kite!

I think we ALL ought to send Kidlette's mom flavored lip glosses anyonymously.
our relator did that when we bought our house.. the Seller gave us soooo much shit and then even tried to sue his Own agent too, so she signed him up for free trials of gay magazines & lube samples etc etc.
I do not mean to be insensative to anyone here, but am sure for months & months after he was recieving "presents" in the mail & probably getting phone calls too.

just an idea from a very stoney-feeling (but not in the good way unfortunately) sick freckle
Freckle, I am TOTALLY serious! I forget where you live. It's near a military base, right? Does the town start with an F? Or a W? In either case, I think I could be there within a couple hours. In my opinion, that's TOTALLY doable! Just let me know when you are available. I tried to send you a PM with my contact info, but your mailbox is full, so let me know when you've got space, m'kay? And, yes, we will TOTALLY have to take photos!

Yuef, I knew that woman was vile, but the more I hear, the worse she gets. That bit about him "ruining things" with this new man by him acting "weird"? And saying that if he stopped acting "like a girl" they would love him more?! GRRRR!!!! Poor Kidlet. Poor R. For the kid's sake, I hope this new man in Florida has an open, understanding, non-homophobic heart. I know that's asking a lot, but we can dream.
I would love to meet more busties, too.

There seems to be a large Chicago presence of busties. *hint hint nudge nudge* wink.gif
Oh, I totally hope Freckle and Rose get to hang out soon!

CH, who you callin' big? wink.gif yeah, if you are in Chicago, willing to take a trip out here, or, if i am near where busties live, i will try to meet up with ya.

(((yuefie))) thank goodness the kidlet has R and you in his life. something tells me, when he is able to leave his mother that he will come to live with you.

ETA: rudder there are busties in the bay area. maybe they will come out to meet up with ya.
I was thinking of flying out to Chicago.

Or we should have a bustie meet up. in Vegas!!!!!! Holy crap, how much fun would that be?!?
QUOTE(stargazer @ Mar 24 2009, 12:24 PM) *
Oh, I totally hope Freckle and Rose get to hang out soon!

CH, who you callin' big? wink.gif yeah, if you are in Chicago, willing to take a trip out here, or, if i am near where busties live, i will try to meet up with ya.

(((yuefie))) thank goodness the kidlet has R and you in his life. something tells me, when he is able to leave his mother that he will come to live with you.

ETA: rudder there are busties in the bay area. maybe they will come out to meet up with ya.

I'm so happy for freckle & rose, too! Yay!

Let us know if/when you come here, CH! We'd be happy to have yet another excuse to get together!

I was thinking the same thing, star & yuefie- he knows where his bread is buttered, and where he's loved unconditionally. And I am all for sending anonymous lip balm!
rudderless, I am surprised that the Bay area doesn't have tons of busties too. I live in San Diego but I might be up that way in May, so perhaps we can have a bustie meet 'n greet of our own wink.gif

I know, it's hard to believe that someone could say such awful things to their own child. I wish there was more I could do, but there isn't really. The only thing that has stopped R from pursuing the custody of the kidlet is the kidlet pleading with him not to make it an all out war. He begged him not to make him go to court and choose sides, that he wants to live with us but he can't stand the thought of being away from his mom either. He also insists that it's more his aunt (the eldest of the sisters and one of the nastiest and controlling people I've EVER met!) and grandmother and their influence, that when they aren't around mom is much better to him and doesn't say such shitty things. I don't find that to be any sort of excuse for her behavior, which I think is emotional abuse. But again, what I think means shit in this scenario. R says it's always been this way with her, that when her family is around she acts like a completely different person, which is why shortly after they were married they moved a few hours away from where the family lives. He says they were a large part of the stress on the marriage, the fact that she could be a rational human being until she was in the presence of her sister or mother. The real unravelling of the marriage was when her mother came to live with them. I know that there are cultural differences and the way she was raised is that her mother and eldest sister are the ones in charge, but come the fuck on. It's HER kid and his well being we're talking about. I swear to cod I'd never let my family see my child if they behaved like that. Thankfully the nasty hag g'ma is NOT moving to FL with them. I too am hoping this man is warm hearted, open minded and loving.

Thank you all for listening to this crap, it helps me from exploding on the douchebag when I do have to be in the same room as her.
Well, there goes my suggestion, Yuef, I was going to ask why not just let the boy decide. What is the age of decision or whatever it is? Then he could decide where he wants to go.

As for Chicago busties, I'm thinking I'd like to head down in September or October, since my trip to Vegas with PR Boy is not happening, at least in the future, as he's bought a house. I'll let you know!!

it's true, you would think that there would be losts of busties round there, but i know i was too busy scamming drinks/getting drunk when i was in the yay area...ok, and i was a boy back then... it wasn't till i came up here...

all and all, the kidlet sounds pretty amazing. that he wouldn't want conflict... he's got an amazing heart.

(and i love your avitar sig, yue!)
Rudder, I live in the north bay, about 1.5 hours away from you, but I'm such a lurker that I assume there isn't enough interest for a meet-up. And when I was more active a few years back, it seemed like there were quite a few bay area busties, but not much enthusiasm among them for getting together. There was like, one, that happened.

I'll see if I can bump Bay Area Busties later today or tommorow - I've only met one bustie, and I want to meet more!
RV: yes, I live in the town by the name of F outside the Army base, but we're literally right down the road from a smaller town called Hope Mills (or Oat Meals as a wee small frecklette used to call it once <le sigh>).
I'll get my pm box cleaned out, or are you on crackbook?
I am sooooooo excited!! tongue.gif

Chicago:I may be back there next Aug for my hs reunion. it's a long way off yet but heck yah it'd be fantastic to meet the Chi-town Busties!
Freck, according to Google Maps, I could be at your place in about 90 minutes! Woot!

Everyone should try to meet a few Busties. I think I've met 7 so far & they all kick ass.
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Mar 24 2009, 03:19 PM) *
Chicago:I may be back there next Aug for my hs reunion. it's a long way off yet but heck yah it'd be fantastic to meet the Chi-town Busties!

Hey, I'd cross the border to come see you! Or you could come up here, too! Or, party at stargazer's! laugh.gif
We should SO plan a meetup in's driveable for me (approximately 2 1/2 hours) if I get some notice. smile.gif
We have one planned for April 4th- brunch at this place. Anyone's welcome!
Does anyone include crazy lurkers, stalkers and trolls? wink.gif I'm only half-joking and more concerned for your safety.
Hell, if I can get a ride to Wichita, I can be there on the cheap to torment you all!
In terms of a Chi Town meet up, I'd probably be good to go in August or September, I suppose it depends on what happens with work, BUT I do have vacation time, and pushing it back to later this year would allow me time to save up and get my passport and such in order.
Treehugger and AP, it would be a pleasure if you could make it!

bunnyb, we've been advertising our meetups for the past couple of years in the midwest mamas thread and have been ok. wink.gif

CH, oh yeah, you are from canada. duh! i read your post and thought, "Passport? Why does she need to get a passport?"

polly, yeah, i don't think my mama would be so crazy with a party here. laugh.gif

I would totally consider flying out to Chi-town this summer for a weekend if/WHEN I have a better cash flow going on by then.
maybe we can finally get together that long ago discussed Fantasy Bustie Convention! Oh, a girl can dream smile.gif

just to second what bunnyb careful, guys - some years back, when the LA busties used to get together fairly regularly, we used to talk about it in the threads, and we had a tr**l email a couple of the girls (this was before the lounge had PMs), threatening to show up and follow us home, etc... That's when we took our specific plans to email. I think the tr**l was just posturing, I don't think they'd actually have showed up, but still. be careful...

maybe we should move the get together conversation to crackbook?
zoya, thanks mom for the warning. rolleyes.gif

we've never had problems in the past and we meet regularly, but, caution is a good thing. so, yeah, if you think you'll be in the area, just PM one of us midwest busties or send a message via crackbook. i'm sure we are just talking about getting together and getting excited about the potential to meet in the future in this thread. no harm there.

heh.... yeah I was just suggesting keeping specifics private, like the actual place and time, no harm in posting the idea of a get together or date. I think that sometimes it's easy to forget that this is a public forum, and that point was driven home for us LA busties when we found out we had a potential stalker. It was super creepy and I wouldn't want that to happen to any other busties....
Yeah, I wouldn't grow complacent with your personal safety just because it's been safe in the past.
confession: I wish the guy I went on a date with last week would text me or email me. I know there's no interest there on his side in pursuing anything romantic, but we got on so well, I'd really like to keep in touch and be friends. I kinda left the ball in his court, though.
Yeah, I thought about that after posting- thanks for the heads-up.

Oh cod, the Bustie convention....hey, fares are cheap now! I can't remember from where-to-where, but I heard $38 for two places surprisingly far away from each other! Anytime someone wants to resurrect the idea, I'm open to it.
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