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The skin tag they removed is going in for tests. On days like this, I really, really regret that I am so far from my family.
I just skipped a class because my "teacher" is a narcissistic banshee and I needed a break from her. I took that time to write a bad review for her on
I've spent the last 10 months procrastinating on a first year correspondence course. That includes a four month extension. The deadline for submission was tonight and I just submitted 4 of my 5 assignments. The 5th assignment is worth only 5% and I don't think I care that much, but I'll probably do it anyways.

I've lost way too much living time to school.
Christine Nectarine
confession: I just realized that I came to work with a pocket full of dental floss. That’s what happens when you don’t give yourself enough time in the morning!
I'm realizing now that I'm not a patient person at all. And that I'm longing for some time away from this home, this relationship... everything that comes with it. I need some serious ME time.
Confession: Although I am currently extricating myself from a long and tortured, on-off-on-off-on relationship (for the last time!!), I asked someone new out. The funny thing is, I did not realize what I was doing at the time.
Confession: I need to stay away from telephones & caffeine. I drank NINE cans of soda. NINE. In under six hours. After consuming two quarts of iced tea. If it was possible to be soda drunk, I was. I stayed up half the night wired as fuck on Diet Dr. Pepper & nearly chewed somebody's ear off with my retarded, ridiculous, random thoughts.

Confession: I'd like to go to heaven for the weather, but I'm going to hell & not just for the company.
I really need to cut down on my coffee consumption since it gives me horrible PMS.

But I really don't want to.

I'm also planning on traveling for the rest of the month even though I can't afford it, I just want to feel like I'm not wasting all my time.
I highly suggest you try to decrease your caffiene consupmtion. When i am off caffiene I have NO PMS and it is AWESOME. I stayed off for two years because the difference was so amazing.
Christine Nectarine
confession: I am thinking about babies. Waaaayyy too much. I know A absolutely does not want any more kids, but I keep trying to think of ways to broach the subject. I feel incredibly guilty because I keep hoping my BC will fail.
confession: i've been thinking of starting a scholarship fund for women and minorities in a professional organization i belong to if and when i have the luxury to spare some extra money. i want to be supportive of people in their work since i know i've gotten help along the way. i figure it is paying it forward.

confession: i'm seriously thinking of sell my cds and albums (and books) i have in an effort to get rid of alot of stuff. if i can't fit my belongings in my car, then it's gots to go. whatever is leftover, i will donate to the brown elephant in chicago where 100% of the money made goes to the howard brown center which serves the glbt community. i did the same thing with all of my dvds. i haven't touch a cd in over a year. so i'm contemplating if it is something i really need or want to take up storage in my folks house. at least i know i have time to contemplate this one.
Can we come over with the MacBook and copy stuff before you get rid of it, star? I think you, us, humanist and prophecy need to get together and do a music swap!
omg... star... you are hurting my brains. i have soooo many cds and goddamn cassette tapes you wouldn't believe. i listen to them maybe once a year. i'm too lazy to transfer them digitally (even though i have the equipment... ich. if you do it i might have to too.

ooch. but a friend of mine sold all of her records 2 years ago. she had rare punk rock stuff that you never hear, like rare scritti politti political brilliance-- that rare. she's regretted it since. god... well, if you do star i will pledge to get rid of all but my favorite 25 cds and 25 (or less) of my favorite tapes , and to transfer them digitally by the end of the year and throw them out then.
confession: I just found out today that I am more sexually experienced than any of my male work partners. I had to explain some porn to them. And I think I'm fairly vanilla.

confession: They SO couldn't handle me. Even if I think I am vanilla, I am much more deviant than any of them!
lol..... even though i know i'm kinky, most times i still think i'm pretty vanilla (more accurately pretty boring), i've just tried a lot of stuff.

how funny that you had to explain some porn. that's a riot. they must have looked at you PERV!
confession: I wanna know (in detail) just what specifically Tree had to explain. cool.gif

confession: I admit to sometimes living semi-vicariously through the different lives of busties here.. the perspectives are so totally different from my own world & I feel so.. educated sometimes by it.
ok, me too, i'll admit it!
Hey, I had to explain what a "full nelson" was to somebody a week or so ago.

Confession: I get off on having more perv knowledge than most. I'm pretty fuckin' vanilla, but um, I do a lot of "research".
It was a reference to "tossing salad".
Re. treehugger's reference... *crickets* No idea.

I am so vanilla. I never would have thought at 20 I would turn out so vanilla.
syb, it's in reference to rimming whilst a partner is masturbating.

Urban dictionary has some, uhhh, interesting definitions. I rather like it. Urban Dictionary that is. wink.gif I shall save my experiences with rimming for the sex thread.
I actually already knew that one!
but I don't know if that's good or bad? unsure.gif wink.gif

now as to the 1/2 nelson.. is it more than a wrestling hold?
QUOTE(starshine @ Mar 5 2009, 12:01 AM) *
Confession: I am absolutely, morbidly obsessed with what is happening in the world economy right now and don't understand how the government borrowing and printing money to spend more money to fix the economy will fix the problems of having borrowed and spent too much money on credit. To me, it's like going to the bank to borrow more money so that I can spend more money to pay off my student loans. I have no idea how this makes sense.

Bigger Confession: I occasionally rant about this. And feel bad that I am so obsessed when I am seeing it affect my clients and community already (and my partner's and dad's work), and yet the worst is still to come.

yeah um this is crazy sh*t. i think it's a major scam. like, let's just give all the money to the banks. hmmm... neo colonialism anyone?

Confession: I 'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist.
Confession: I am hogging all the green&black mini easter eggs that arrived at our office this morning instead of leaving some for my boss.


confession: i think i've lived with some sort of body dysmorphic disorder growing up. i really believed i was really hideous looking or that my skin was atrocious. that's before my disfiguring acne where i looked as attractive as the elephant man. i look at old pictures today and i think, "um, i wasn't so bad." then i think, "damn, i really do have problems with how i perceive myself."
Sorry, Freck, I'm slacking. Basically, the full nelson (Besides being a wrestling hold) is one of the nastiest sex positions ever, most commonly used for anal sex. The man is seated, the woman in is in his lap. Her knees are pulled up by her head & she's holding onto her ankles. The man's arms are wrapped around the backs of her knees & his hands clasped behind her head. In this position, the woman is basically forced to watch as a penis enters her body.
[color=#ff0066]confession: re: full nelson: i am now scared for life.

confession: it really doesn't matter two shits how much liquor you've downed. skating home wearing a skirt in 34 degree weather is a stupid, stupid, stupid idea, and you will be cold for your stupidity.

confession: it weirds me out when women pull me aside at a party to tell me i look cute or beautiful. do they mean cute for a tranny? or just in general? argh.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Mar 11 2009, 01:49 PM) *
omg... star... you are hurting my brains. i have soooo many cds and goddamn cassette tapes you wouldn't believe. i listen to them maybe once a year. i'm too lazy to transfer them digitally (even though i have the equipment... ich. if you do it i might have to too.

oh, i'm gettin' rid of the albums. i took 'em off my dad's hands when i was 19. they sat downstairs since then. no need in keeping them. in may, i'll be hustling selling these babies off as well as my cds.
confession - I gave some guy my number last night, and did a little bit of sassy texting with him - but if I hadn't had some liquor in me and decided to play up on him chatting me up to demonstrate to my friends that the young ones love me and they always come at me, that I never pursue them first, I'd probably not have even interacted with him that much. He's kinda cute, but I'm just in town visiting, I'm leaving on thursday, and I can't be bothered making the effort to meet up with him. What's the point?
I think I may have possibly woke up on the wrong side of bed today.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Mar 15 2009, 02:13 AM) *
Sorry, Freck, I'm slacking. Basically, the full nelson (Besides being a wrestling hold) is one of the nastiest sex positions ever, most commonly used for anal sex. The man is seated, the woman in is in his lap. Her knees are pulled up by her head & she's holding onto her ankles. The man's arms are wrapped around the backs of her knees & his hands clasped behind her head. In this position, the woman is basically forced to watch as a penis enters her body.

ohmy.gif blink.gif oh my.

quite the education for a sunday morning ! thanks for the explination AP, you really do rock.

GT: you may NOT purchase/offer to take off her hands etc etc, any of Stargazer's father's albums!
I KNOW you were salivating at the thought as soon as you read her words & the image bubble-popped over your head as you pictured yourself recieving boxes of them w/ such glee but no No NO!
remember how you just said you were going to start transferring things to minimize??
this is for your own good sister.

zoya: what's wrong w/ some innocent flirting? and then who knows, maybe the next time you're back there, you can ring him up.

(((bunny))) just 'cause
confession:freckle read my mind.

confession:i was talking about my cds and cassettes.

confession:i would like to get them records, star...

confession: i am still salivating. it doesn't help that i djed a party last night with some of my other vinyl lovin' friends.

confession:goddamn lounge! I CAIN'T QUIT YEW!

confession:um... i love busties. including you (yes, you!)

I also heard the potty-mouth words you were thinkin' in your head when you saw I busted ya GT sugs, but I <3 you anyway & you know it.

disconcerting confession: I learned today that a generations back relative of mine that we had all {previously to this} been totally proud of as he was quite the accomplished politico in his day, as well as being the Editor of the largest newspaper in TN & having a larger than life statue of in Nashville & a library named after him.. was actually (I suppose in addition to that, which came later) an absolute rabid racist that at least once to our knowledge led a lynch mob in Memphis.
I am so horrified and sickened by this.
no I do not feel personal shame or responsibility, but am nauseated at the thought that he is continally honored in the state for the "good" things he did.
makes me want to write a book setting the record straight or at least hold a press rally after getting the local gov't there to remove the statue of him.

better confession: frecklette today gave me proof of my ' when you do the crime/ you do the time' parenting philosophy today she woke me up w/ a calculated puppy attack on my bed. I was screaming for help but she was too busy cracking up to hear my actual need. even tho she now knows she's a little bit in trouble, she won't stop saying " It was sooooo Worth It! laugh.gif "
that's my girl! wink.gif
acutually, those potty mouth words were more about my #$%@ing hangover this morning, where you were concerned, it was more along the lines of twirling my imaginary mustache, while growling, "curses, freckle! foiled again!"
GT, enjoy the "cute" compliments from those girls. I can only speak for myself here, but when I look at photos of you I always think, "She looks HOT!" I never think, "She looks hot ... for a tranny."
awwww thanks rosey!

i know i should just take a complement, and STFU, but you can't see how i tower like a cloud of impending dOOm over people in my pix.

ok, i just realized how dumb i am.

officially saying thank you and STFU,
GT: tell me you did not just watch The Bell, Book & Candle on tv yesterday too??
bc I'd never seen the original til then and wow - it was soo great!

confession: the mr & I made a deal today: shoes for sex.
it probly sounds worse than it is, bc I truly wanted both, or would happily settle for 1 of the 2 interchangbly, but it was silly & fun wink.gif

sillier confession: I discovered that I LOOOOVE to paint squiggles !
confession: i had to leave in the middle freck. i was always curious about that movie and when they got to the shot that's my avi, i was hooked. now i'm gonna have to hunt it down and see it all the way thru. it looked terrific tho. and it makes me super happy knowing i got to watch even part of a movie with you, o godess of squiggle!

confession: i watched contact last night (again) and starting crying like a little bitch even before the sad part.

confession: instead of washing and/or dry cleaning select clothing items, i hung them up in the bathroom with the windows open and febreeze-d them.
Confession: I cleaned the playroom at work this weekend and stealthily threw out all the Bratz Doll colouring and activity books. I think the world is a better place now.
Confession: I sometimes let my curiosity get the better of me.

Confession: It led to me watching the 50cent narrated sex tape. I now need the brain/eyeball bleach, STAT!

ETA: Did I mention that he uses a strange voice/cackle, wears a bizarre curly wig, & a jacket that looks like somebody slayed Grimace?
ok, aural, that, too, is just weird.

and just like finding out what a full nelson is, i am scarred for life... again.
Confession: Reading AP's description of a "full nelson" makes my back hurt.
confession - I let my girlfriend talk me into inviting guy I gave my number to to join us for drinks last night. I ended up drinking 2 stiff margaritas and making out with him on the sidewalk in front of the bar. whoops. Apparently I told him I'd go hiking with him today. At least it says so by text on my phone. Oh lord.
classy zoya. wink.gif

Confession: I'm spinnin', I'm spinnin', I'm spinnin' on caffeine.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Mar 17 2009, 08:15 AM) *
classy zoya. wink.gif

...of course! would you expect any less?

ETA: I just did some internet snooping and found out that Guy-I-Gave-My-Number-To is 28. What can I say? The younguns. They love me. Like flies to shit. (I mean not that I'm shit, but as long as we're on classy, I figured I'd forgo the bees-to-honey reference this time around)
I confess, I did a helluva lot of work yesterday and now I have nothing to do today...I'm in that annoying position of waiting for a multitude of peeps to call me back before I can move forward with a bunch of stuff...I was planning on staying until 4 but I'm leaving in 15.
Sometimes I feel like I've changed so much in the past year I don't know who I am anymore.
I found an ex on facewank and was so pleased that he hasn't particularly aged well. I am a vainglorious woman.
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