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QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Dec 30 2008, 06:19 PM) *
where have my morals and beliefs gone?

down the crapper with the rest of us. btw, many of us busties are on facebook. most importantly, mwah is on facebook. so now, you gotta join. wink.gif
Confession: My dark, ugly, shriveled, manky, dank, ugly, black heart holds a spark of optimism for the New Year. I want my life back, I'll be goddamned if I don't get it.

I am also rethinking my decision not to join Facebook. I'm already to lazy to mess with my Myspace page.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 31 2008, 01:19 PM) *
I am also rethinking my decision not to join Facebook. I'm already to lazy to mess with my Myspace page.

dood, even one of my laziest friends is on facebook. it would take her months, MONTHS, to respond to my emails. Even she is surprised by her involvement with this site. i hear from her more now than i ever have in our friendship. it is designed for the lazy who need instant gratification like mwah.

confession: i'm going to reference myself as "mwah" a la miss piggy all day. smile.gif
confession the third: i often wonder if i'm less into this whole feminist, counter-culture, liberal, indie mindset than i'd like to believe. i'm honestly waiting to go to a derby match or live show and have the whole crowd point at me and yell "faker!".

I just had to accept that I am a fairly traditional person who supports non-traditional views. It leads to much internal conflict though.
AP, I totally have a cold black grinch heart. But, I have NO expectations for new years, I think 2009 is going to be just as shitty, if not more so, than 2008.
I need to believe that 2009 will be good.

I hate my new haircut. It was beautiful before, I don't know what I was thinking.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 31 2008, 11:19 AM) *
I am also rethinking my decision not to join Facebook. I'm already to lazy to mess with my Myspace page.

Like I told cocl, there's cookies! MySpace sucks (sorry for anyone there, but it does!) Facebook is so much easier to read and get in touch with people with. You can customize your privacy settings.

Here, have some kool-aid.
Edie, I'm sure your new haircut is cute. Pavement CUTE. Give it a few days. I was horrified with my new cut, until I played with it & I recognized that I am the hawtness.

CH, I love you. What else do you need? I can give, give, give, give, give. I wanna make our '09 count!

Again thinking of Facebook cos I heart Stargazer & Polly.
AP, I heart you! I'll have to get back to you on what I want. How about sending me someone who isn't married to a spouse or their job?! Hee. That's what I've been getting lately.

I'll sleep on it and give you a good answer.

Confession: I slept right through new years. I'm not feeling well, and I'm not a big fan of new years, so sleep it was. Now I'm going to get more.
Confession: I have officially become an old fart, and I don't care. I went out with myself for NYE to a nu wave club last night. I was having a good time for the first hour, but once people got drunker and started forming obnoxious little groups on the dance floor, I started to feel pretty damn misanthropic. I had my own buzz on, but I wasn't being obnoxious with it, stepping on other people's toes, elbowing them in the boob and crowding them off the dance floor. Buncha drunken 23 year olds. Sheeeze. (Old fart status commences in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....)
Thanks AP, nice to feel the love :wuv: We could use you in our fight to Save the Areola! over there! (see the Facebook thread here for more info)

TG, I understand. I'm only 28, and I feel too old to go to concerts. All that least IL is smoke-free now so I don't have to deal with that (except for the occasional contraband stuff.) At my NYE party last night, we were all sharing our crappy concert experiences, and I mentioned that I'm still pissed at Mike D from the Beastie Boys for breaking his arm about 8 years ago during their tour with Rage Against the Machine. I had tickets, the show was canceled and a few months later RATM broke up. Grr. I think they're sort of back together now, but I feel too old to go to the concert.

"Pavement CUTE"- love it! Are there piccies of the hairstyle, either one of you?

Confession: I swore I was going to clean my house this week and I have not cleaned a damn thing. I'm going to have to just do the kitchen tomorrow because friends are coming here after we go out to dinner. Eek. It's scary in there.
Jennifer is drinking the facebook kool-aid. 12:19pm - Comment

Humanist - yeah!!! how addictive is bidslammer?!!! yep.

confession - a bunch of us went out on Tuesday night, and we all drank more than we intended to - I ended up going back to R's and melting down on him, totally crying etc, when we'd been having a great night up til then. UGH. He seemed to understand that it was a drunken thing and my emotions got out of control cause of the liquor, and that we will have a proper talk later, but I'm so embarrassed, and I know I can't take it back. I'm absolutely mortified at myself.
confession: my resolution is to someday have a bigger comb over than that short fingered vulgarian, donald trump, aka the donald.

confession: i am jealous of the chicagoland busties getting to see blogo on tv all the time. he looks just like wayne newton in his 20's which makes me giggle.

confession: i slept thru new years, and only made half hearted attempts at making plans. i'm praying that this year is better than 2008. i didn't think i'd make it to 2009, waaaaay too much bad stuff this year. and i thought for sure i'd get fired before midnight.

confession...I was disappointed when I found out the plumber brought a designated driver with her...her work partner.

confession...Bear had already satisfied me anyway, but I still wanted *more*

Oh, well. Meh.

Confession...she has pretty boobies. smile.gif
tree, I was so excited to read your confession, knowing what went on! smile.gif

not to be OT, but since we are all talking about new years...i pitched a new thread idea in the community forum. that is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled confessions.
confession: i drank so much last night, but now i'm all bloaty 'cos i haven't had teh liquor shits.

confession: i took a nap at 8 pm tonight, and now i'm watching college humor videos, of which this makes me want to have kids, if only to produce some little wicked smartass

eta: bustygirl's list makes me want to go de-flower a virgin.

eta #2: have not joined facebook. (but thinking about joining is consuming my waking hours)
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jan 1 2009, 08:36 PM) *

confession: i slept thru new years, and only made half hearted attempts at making plans. i'm praying that this year is better than 2008. i didn't think i'd make it to 2009, waaaaay too much bad stuff this year. and i thought for sure i'd get fired before midnight.

i was ready to fall asleep at 10pm myself. forced myself to stay awake. 2008 was such a mixed bag for me. mostly on the positive though. just one part really fucked me over. today, i sat feeling really sorry for myself and freaked out about money woes.
ahh, liquor shits. Mine smelled like whatever I drank last night. It was awful. But felt much better.

Had fun last night. Got a surprise performance from none other than Leslie Hall! It was fabulous! About a half hour after she left the stage, we were standing near the door, and I think I might have been the only person who noticed Leslie and her two girls in plain-clothes, quietly re-entering the building. They all looked so different out of costume, I'm not sure if they were detected...

And 3 [gay] men approached me to say I was gorgeous. Always nice to hear.

No real confession, this just seemed to temporarily be the NYE report thread : )

ETA: very blurry, colorful photo of Leslie~ I know you can barely tell what it is, but it's still kind of a neat photo.
confession: I can't stop remembering the sex Soulman and I had on New Year's. Even though it wasn't the wildest or craziest, or even producing of the biggest orgasms ever, it was....the deepest and most meaningful lovemaking I've ever experienced (so far). There. Now I'm admitting to being a total weenie in love.
anna k

Today I felt really good when I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Damn, I'm skinny!" I just looked so straight and narrow from the side save for my breasts, and it felt so good, I felt very sexy and pretty.

Awww, humanist, that's so sweet and nice to read that re: being told you're gorgeous.
Humanist, that's awesome. I met Leslie Hall when I was visiting Boston a few years ago. My ex and I were searching for cool happenings and went to her art opening. There were only a handful of people there, and we ended up getting acquainted with her friends and her Mom and eating cheetos. Then she gave us a lift back to the subway! It was so cool. I've never seen her perform, though.
i met her too, humanist/edie. (& got a pic with her!) she's a lot younger than you realize. when she's not mugging as the Gemstar Queen, she's just a normal looking 20-something. i was so pissed when i couldn't score tickets to her show after i had dropped way more than i ever should have at some Nerd-Con.
confession: I've spent an embarrassing number of hours obsessively reading literotica in the past couple of days (sulphur soap seems to be helping my recent medical issues, so I'm starting to feel sexy again for the first time since August).

So many of the stories display indiscriminate use of spellcheck, eg "she began to fuck back against his cock like a woman processed." Bwa ha ha!
Oh gosh, I downloaded the song one night in bangkok. *hangs head in shame*
I'm feeling really insecure right now about myself and my personal relationships.

CH, I downloaded it too... five years ago. I was going through a phase of revisiting cheesy 80s music. Nu Shooz anyone?

*hangs head even further*
"Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I can't wait . . ."

I already downloaded Murray Head, Zoya can back me up.

When I was in HS they hadn't updated the juke since Chess. My gf & I would load it up with Murray Head & Sabbath's "Sweetleaf".
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 4 2009, 09:30 AM) *
Oh gosh, I downloaded the song one night in bangkok. *hangs head in shame*

LOVE that song. Murray Head's only hit, to my knowledge. I'm still in my Adam Ant haze, so don't feel bad. "We will be fine, Apollo 9...." Eeeeee!
haha, yeah AP knows that I downloaded that song a couple years ago, when one of my co-workers couldn't get it out of his head - of course, I had to download it and play it REALLY LOUD. (and eventually get it stuck in my own head.....) it's amazing how that song is so many people's guilty pleasure, when "Chess" was a complete bomb.
I've been on a bit of a downloading cheesy music bender lately, I have downloaded;

Milkshake by kelis
Pass the Dutchie by musical youth
wanted dead or alive by Bon Jovi
One night in bangkok
High school confidential by rough trade

there's more, but I think I've revealed enough. hee hee.
I saw a high school production of Chess last year and I had chills and felt like my hair was standing on end when they sang "One Night in Bangkok." It was all I could do to sit in my seat and not sing along with the kids on stage.

I've also recently watched Nu Shooz and Heart videos online.

I've never once been drunk enough to puke. I feel equal parts shame and pride in this confession.

Catlady, when are you joining Arsebook?
Raisin, I've been drunk enough to puke twice, but I've never had a hangover. tongue.gif I don't feel any shame in it though.
nothing yet raisin blink.gif
"I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine!"

I must admit I love that song. I was unbearable the day Beeps and a few other shipmates and I went to visit the Wat Po.

"Hey, D! I can see the devil walking next to you!"

They hated me for it, but I got it stuck in EVERYONE'S head for the rest of the portcall.

I'm now trying to resist the urge to download One Night in Bangkok, or try to track it down on youtube.

One of my last trips to a record store involved buying all sorts of hair metal on vinyl. That is my guilty pleasure, I was excited to find Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet and Warrant's Dirty Rotten Stinking Rich. I'm sure there is something, somewhere, amongst my music that will make up for these. Not so sure about the Whitesnake I picked up, though...

I'd let you watch, I would invite you, but the queens we use would not excite you


But Ketto, I am sure I have a good decade-plus on you, so the shame comes from not doing it when I was younger (as a rite of passage, I suppose).
After never having had a fake id in high school or anything...I changed the birthdate on my old driver's license to get a new library card. I should be made to wear a scarlet N for nerd. (I lost a few things on my real card and have not finished paying for them yet, but was about to go crazy for lack of books!)
Speaking of One Night in Bangkok, listen to this!!

Oh dear, upon more searching there are remix albums for One Night in Bangkok, what's worse is that the remixes are super catchy and addicting!!! THE SHAME!!!!!!!!
Niiiiice. I love that remix. Here's one of my guilty booty shakin' pleasures... just a small town girl, living in a lonely world...
Yeah, I found the remixes of One Night in Bangkok and now one of them is stuck in my head instead of the original. I ended up getting two versions of the song. *hangs head in shame*
Lilac, I have, 8 remixes on my ipod, and they are sooooo good to work out to.

Journey, I'm sorry I just can't do journey. The stuff always ALWAYS gets stuck in my head. Nooooooooooooooooooooo there it is.
my housemate is driving me crazy. her work contract ended last week and she's unemployed (ie: around the house all the time) until she gets a new job, which with the whole interview / hiring process in her field could take another few weeks. I'm used to working from home and being more or less disciplined until later in the day when I do whatever.... she's got music on and is singing along and etc. etc. She's a great flatmate and I like her a lot, but I'm realizing I really really like my space!!! ARGH!!!
confession: I enjoyed the time we were all home during the holidays, but am SO Glad the mr returned to work & frecklette to school ! or ok, I'd like to have her home w/ me a day or 2 more just she & I hanging out, but I positively crave having the house to myself all day.

confesion: I have done little but watch tv & nap (sinse I don't sleep well again due my back) the last 3 days!

((((((zoya)))))) I hear you sister.

confession: I'm trying to adjust to wearing my cool glasses.. but I honestly think they fuzz my brain & make me a bad speller!

ch: don't stop belevin' wink.gif
Confession: Some days I feel that I am *thisclose* to going totally bitchcakes on somebody IRL. Straight fuckin' loco-ass bitchcakes.

Confession: I am missing D right now. Haven't seen him since before xmas, I miss his smiling face & warm greetings. G is getting kinda . . . boring. HB is driving me mad. R is fucking with my head, but I've little else to do & I'm kinda enjoying that I'm not the one running game this time. I'm glad I reconnected with RM, but his gaming addiction is really a turn off. Smart, funny, talented, attractive . . . yet in his off hours he pretends to be an elf or some shit.

Confession: After a year, I'm slowly becoming me again.
confession - I want to be the girl that someone can't get out of their mind. I want to be the girl that someone can't wait to see and wants to spend all their time with. I want to be the girl that someone is inspired by. I want to be the girl that someone can't imagine their life being without. I want to be the girl that someone is in love with.

confession - It just doesn't feel like I will be that for anyone. (ETA: because it always seems like it's someone else.)

and on a lighter note...

confession - I just made a bunch of bacon as a snack.
((((zoya))))) I feel the same way, and after the string off dog fucking assholes I've been involved with, (including one whom, told me to tell my cop friend, and I quote " tell your cop friend I'm going to break his fucking legs") I think I'm doomed.

anna k
Me too zoya. Sometimes it feels like I'll never fall in love or feel true sexual fulfillment. I feel like a lone woman doing her own thing a lot, but with no close friends or strong ties to anyone/anything.
confession - I want to be the girl that someone can't get out of their mind. I want to be the girl that someone can't wait to see and wants to spend all their time with. I want to be the girl that someone is inspired by. I want to be the girl that someone can't imagine their life being without. I want to be the girl that someone is in love with.

ah yes, but you have to add the caveat: that you feel the same way about them.

unrequited love sucks on both sides.
oh yeah.... I suppose I should have put that. I meant it that way, though....
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