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Peeing in the shower is fun.

I set myself up to fail. I always have an obstacle to get through, and I can never deal with everything, always leave something to constantly worry about.

Currently really worried about something I can't even bring myself to talk about online... yet. But scared shitless about the possibility of something beyond my control.

On the brighter side of things, I have a place to call home still.
confession #1: i just spent a truly appalling amount of money on a ticket to see...britney.

i could go to 5-7 indie/rock concerts on what i just coughed up. i'm not even in a financial position to do this, really. i mean, it's not breaking my checking account, but it's really not helping it, either.

but like...regardless of the fact that i've become a bit of a music snob, with all my folk/americana-influenced indie binges as of late, i feel compelled to go see my girl. *hangs head in shame*

confession #2: i can't wait to flunk some of my shithead students. it will be the highlight of my fucked up semester with that class of college students who acted worse than 5 year olds. (throwing paper airplanes in college? who the fuck does that?!)

eta: lol, i feel even more lame now that i've outed myself as a college prof with a britney obsession! tongue.gif
I'm just catching up on posts here.

Re: peeing in the shower, I'm totally with you ladies on that one. I start the water running and...fuhgedaboutit. I can't hold back the stream. But, according to some health nuts that I know, pee is the most sterile 'water' in existence, so it's really not a nasty, grotacious thing to do. Peeing in the shower is *natural*.

Re: New Years, which is my favorite pre-fabricated 'holiday' ...I had this to say about it on my Livejournal page last week (which may explain why it's a potentially big deal for some of us weirdos). I love NYE...although it looks like if I'm going to do anything exciting this year (or at least with the possibility of being exciting), I'm going to have to get myself out there and find it on my own. Bleah.
I am totally down with pissing in the shower.

I just bought myself two new purses and a new wallet that I had been looking at for ever. I have not bought any gifts for family. I am trying to not feel guilty about it. I really needed a new purse and wallet and clutch.

Okay, so from what I see here about peeing in the shower, it seems way more normal to pee in the shower than not to. I do it too. laugh.gif
I also pee inthe shower.

Lady J, I'm the same way at xmas, I still have to buy for my dad and step mom, but all I can think about is buying eye cream.

Confession: In the past week I have seduced three men over the age of 40. Two of whom I played with on Friday.
confession: I {think} am jealous of the relationship my mom has w/ my new sister in law, who doesn't even live in the same country as us. mom sends me her emails as a way of keeping me 'in touch' (w. a brother I don't speak to.. ironic) and the exchanges are so sweet & loving and uncomplicated...
I long for simplicity with my mom like that, instead of the layers & layers of "stuff" we are dealing with still.

confession: I really love to get holiday cards in the mail, but I hate writing & sending them out & in all likelyhood, won't get to them again this year.

confession #3: bc I am doubtful of getting anything I really want for x-mas, I am sorely tempted to go out & buy something for myself & wrapping it & placing it under the tree. "to Me with Love"
reading faerietailes & misslady's recent posts only makes me want to do it more.

(((((((rudderless)))))))) I'm sorrry, that totally stinks. and I am FURIOUS at the attitude the CoC has as far as the spouses!!! seems there might be some sort of complaint venue you & the other wives can explore?
what prickish A-holes!!!!! mad.gif
I'm desperately in need of a new hair cut/style (emphasis on style). When it comes to my hair, I'm generally a cheapskate who sticks to home coloring and visits to Supercuts every two months to maintain my simple, straight bob with side bangs (or an *attempt* at side bangs, if I'm honest). But my hair is beginning to bore me. Not to mention, the wimpy-ass side bangs have become kind of shapeless and sloppy in the past month, and it basically doesn't have any style. Point being, I think I'm going to splurge on an expensive haircut (well, expensive for me) and see if I can find a stylist who knows what to do with my fine and unfortunately semi-wavy hair. (I say unfortunately, because it's wavy/cowlicky in all the wrong places, imo.) After futzing around online, I found a whole bunch of positive reviews for Ultra Lux Salon in Redondo Beach on The place looks so darn cute and the reviews are almost all very positive, I'm really looking forward to my experience there. This will be my xmas gift for me. Wheee!
confession: I pee in the shower almost everyday. I think I enjoy it too!

confession: I am now living with three guys and I think it is the most fun I have had in my life with housemates. These guys are the bees knees. We all cook and clean together. We are all interested in the same things. It is not perfect or anything, but it is damn fun, and chill as hell.
freckle - there really aren't very many other wives, actually... super-high divorce rate and all... Hey, I wonder why?

So there's not any kind of support organization or anything... but I don't know who I'm kidding. I hate those groups anyway. It all comes down to the same M.O. the Guard had - your family didn't come in your sea-bag. Suck it up.

My two deeply-entrenched, completely conflicting values systems are at war with one another. I completely get the "paying your dues" mentality. So I tell myself to suck it up. But then I get pissed anyway.

I am so frustrated with the impotence of my new role, I could chew my own lips off. But I can't make too big a deal of it with Beeps - first of all, he can't do a damned thing about it, and it's not like he's stoked about the new schedule anyway. Secondly, I can't have him worrying about my latest tantrum when he's cuffing crackheads.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Which brings me to my confession: When I hear O Holy Night, and they get to the "o night divine" part, and the singer makes the full octave jump instead of just wussing out and sliding up a fifth.... I burst into tears.

Every single time.

Even in the checkout line.

I've gotten a wide range of reactions to this reflex. Startled glances... discreet shuffling-away... marriage proposals.

related confession: i brush my *teeth* in the shower.

related confession #2, feminist transgression version: neurotic.nelly, i could totally understand living with dudes. no drama from the vaginas in close quarters.

confession: i am afraid to look at my credit card statement from this weekend. we're talking thousands.

Um, I brush my teeth in the shower, too. Is that bad? I keep it in a drawer with a little plastic lid thingie on it because everytime you flush millions of tiny droplets of pee water disperse & . . . ugh.

I cannot pee in the shower. After an incident with my mom last year trying to pee in the shower & winding up standing in ankle deep shit water, nuh-uh. I can hold it. It's a huge deep tub, but I can't take a bath in it either. Flashbacks. I *KNOW* it's clean, but . . . shudders.

Thirties, get that new sexy mami haircut. I lopped a HUGE amount of hair off right before Thanksgiving & am loving it. The versatility, the style, I'm actually pleased enough with it that I'm considering colour.
confession: i want to go on a shopping spree of kitchen and cooking appliances. williams sonoma is a wet dream for me.
I also brush my teeth and pee in the shower. And I'm fairly positive that when this thread was started that peeing in the shower was one of the first confessions and it started a conversation like this. So we've finally come full circle. tongue.gif (Although I'm pretty sure I remember people confessing to peeing in the bath too...)
I brush my teeth in the shower every time. Quite efficient! Usually don't pee though-don't really like the smell. Not that my urine is particularly pungent, but there is always some smell.

I confess that I get a heart pounding thrill when I win an Ebay auction in the last few seconds against other bidders-knowing that when I win, all the other bidders are probably cursing and fist pounding. With just a couple clicks and a fast internet connection I can drive other people mad, people I have probably never met nor will meet. I'm sure all regular Ebayers experience this *rush*, but I definitely get pleasure knowing other people are bummed that they lost. I'm sick.
Hmm, I think I'll have to try teeth brushing in the shower. It would certainly save on time. Although I hope it doesn't short out my Sonicare brush. One thing I do in the shower (besides wash and pee) is use my exfoliating facial scrub. It's much easier to wash all the gunk off my face in the shower than the bathroom sink. I do that about once a week, or every two weeks (depending on how my skin looks).
humanist, this is horrible but I get the same rush on ebay but not for the exact same reason... I snipe my bids. So the only way I don't win is if I just haven't put a big enough maximum bid. I sit and watch the sniping site thinking "haha, suckers, you think you've won, but no!!"

yes, I am an evil bitch.
i just bought a pair of really expensive (for me) boots. they're well made and will last and i needed boots, but i could've found other ones for cheaper. i just Really Wanted Them.

i think it boils down to feeling guilty that in this recession and holiday i still have enough money to indulge. i know a lot of people don't.
zoya, I was not previously aware of sniping. you've opened up a whole new world for me. well, there goes all my savings.

any particular safe sniping service you would recommend?
Humanist & Zoya: You are both evil, evil bitches. I have been sniped only once & I was so mad I could have chewed up rebar & spit out paperclips.

The shower shouldn't fuck up your Sonic toothbrush (Mine's just fine.) as long as you don't brush like an idiot directly under the spray. I wash/condition my hair, brush my teeth, exfoliate & so on in the shower.

I have a bar of soap that I consider to be my "ass" bar. I don't like the idea of using the same soap on my ass as the rest of me. I mean, no matter how well you scrub, it's gonna be musky down there in fifteen minutes anyways. Such is the nature of the ass. And it's a weird thing with me & guys. I don't see an ass bar in his shower, I'ma give him one free of charge because every time I go to kiss him I'm gonna think ass to mouth.
humanist - bidslammer.
EVIL! I can see you rubbing your mitts together & laughing a malevolent "Mwahahahahaha!"
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I had to resort to it, I never used to win anything before. I'm not a regular ebay-er, so when I want something, I WANT it. that is my excuse. smile.gif
Rudderless, that note is so beautiful. Your reaction makes complete sense. It reminds me of when we were passing through Paris enroute to get a train. It was my first time in Paris and I caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower outside the Metro window and burst into tears. The mister didn't let me live that down for years.

Thirties, spending money on an expensive haircut also means that your next stylist can simply follow the line of the nifty new style, so the benefits last right up to your next trim.

I am about to spend a couple of hundred dollars online on clothes for me... even though my card is almost maxed. I'm sick of being a) cold all the time and cool.gif not looking cute at the same time.

AP, if I didn't use shower gel I too would have a separate soap bar for my ass, and have done in the past.

I don't pee in the shower but I blow my nose in there sometimes... and now I am sorely tempted to edit that away!

I am on day two of staying home sick. Yesterday I was genuinely miserable, but I am feeling better enough now to really enjoy sitting here in bed typing on my laptop. I may never leave here again: who knew that a laptop sat so well on a duvet??

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 16 2008, 03:49 AM) *
I have a bar of soap that I consider to be my "ass" bar. I don't like the idea of using the same soap on my ass as the rest of me. I mean, no matter how well you scrub, it's gonna be musky down there in fifteen minutes anyways. Such is the nature of the ass. And it's a weird thing with me & guys. I don't see an ass bar in his shower, I'ma give him one free of charge because every time I go to kiss him I'm gonna think ass to mouth.

ok I don't mean to come across as stoopid or anything, butT.. it's not like you brush your teeth with your shower soap ? however, I totally understand the gist of your thought process.

syb: I do that too. the nose thing. bc my nose always starts running like mad in there. color me embarrassed along with you but I wanted you to know it wasn't just you.
I hope you are feeling better today and are able to enjoy resting & getting over what ills you.
( & I had a similar reaction in Paris when I first glimpsed Notre' Dame.. but bc growing up my Dad was such a Huge fan of the college football team. rolleyes.gif )

confession: I know I'm going to sound like a total elitest here, but having just returned from a dash into the dollar store: rednecks (the kind w/ trashy, scabby tatoo's & unironic frozen 1980's hair) scare the holy shit out of me.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Dec 16 2008, 07:49 AM) *
I don't pee in the shower but I blow my nose in there sometimes... and now I am sorely tempted to edit that away!

Wow, I feel gross- I do that too, in addition to peeing occasionally. It's great because the steam loosens everything up and you don't have to worry about keeping all the snot in a can blow without restraint! laugh.gif

A patient brought us some rum balls for Christmas (he's my boss's gay hairdresser and he's like, "I knew how much you wanted my balls in your mouth") and didn't mention the rum until after I'd eaten one. They're so good, and they're just sitting here on the desk. I know drinking on the job is wrong, but how much could possibly be on one or two (or six)? What's the difference between these and the caffeine energy drinks my office manager has? blink.gif

Syb & rudder, I totally get it. I think I would get emotional too, seeing the Eiffel Tower- it's always been one of my favorite structures; I even have one of those Eiffel Tower shaped lamps on my nightstand. My similar story- the other day I was at Hallmark and I was wasting time, sniffing Yankee Candles. I got to the balsam & fir ones, and immediately taken back to when I was a little kid and we'd stay at my aunt & uncle's house for Christmas. They always had a real tree. My uncle was killed in a train accident about 14 years ago (holy crap, can't believe it was that long ago- damn, I'm old!) so it brought back a lot of memories and I almost burst into tears in Hallmark.
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Dec 16 2008, 09:37 AM) *
ok I don't mean to come across as stoopid or anything, butT.. it's not like you brush your teeth with your shower soap ? however, I totally understand the gist of your thought process.

It's like, I know most people have the common sense to wash their ass last, but when they get back into the shower they start at the top again. And that bar of soap last touched their ass. Some times that will be the ONLY soap in the bathroom & I'm like, "What am I supposed to wash my hands with? I know that's touched somebody's ass in the last twenty-four hours." I actually carry a sliver of soap in a little tin in my purse for just such occasions. I come from a long line of OCD handwashers.

I use body wash, too, everywhere but my ass.
Confession: that was the most brutal and draining phone interview I've ever endured. I felt like curling up into a ball after it was over. I'm not so sure about tomorrow's in person interview with them. If a 10 minute phone interview was that bad, I cannot even imagine what the longer one will be like. *shudder*

QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Dec 16 2008, 11:48 AM) *
he's my boss's gay hairdresser and he's like, "I knew how much you wanted my balls in your mouth"

god bless the gays. laugh.gif

all of this talk about efficiency in the shower reminds me of the seinfeld episode where kramer was trying how he could be more efficient in the shower (due to his 1 long showers) and eventually realized he could prepare meals while in the shower. now, if any of you do that, you are some nasty bitches. wink.gif

I will admit to being hung over & drinking a beer in the shower, but no food.
I have been sick for the past week and I have not been sleeping so well, so I took a big-assed dose of generic Nyquil right before bed, woke up early this morning and took another big-assed dose. I slept for almost 13 hours. I feel kinda guilty for sleeping that long, but whatevs. wink.gif
Nose blowing in the shower can be SO satisfying, but my wife is all over that. Even with the shower going, bathroom door closed, and her in the next room, she can pick up on the sound. I hear loud and clear "I hear you!".
I looove blowing my nose in the shower. it's the only place I can really get it all out, and it usually stays out!

thirtiesgirl - I'll go along with the props for an expensive, great, haircut. I dumped a ton of cash on a haircut at Vidal Sassoon a couple months ago, and I have no regrets. I've decided to grow my hair out, and even 2 months later, at least an inch grown out, it's got a great shape.

confession - I think I need to have a talk with R, and tell him that we're clearly just not in the same place with what we want, and I can't keep seeing him if there is no interest in forward movement. I really like him, and I'm really sad about it. I'd like to know him more, deeper, and spend more time together, because I really enjoy him as a person. I've cried a lot about it today.
OMG, AP ~ ass bar!! I think I shit a brick, I laughed so hard at that one. I wash my hiney with the same 'feminine wash' product I use on my front, but always afterwards, never before. And I have a flexible shower massage head which is useful for getting the nether regions clean, among other things.

I have been known (well, once and once only) to drink in the shower. Years ago, after I broke up with my long-term college/post-college boyfriend, I got all sloppy with the wine coolers in the bathtub. I was in there a good several hours, boohooing into the bathwater with the shower running. Straight outta Leaving Las Vegas, although I hadn't just been gang raped for money. One of the worst crying sessions I've ever had.

nose blowing in the shower is key. all that steam clearin' you up... i've drank in the shower before. one of the best times was after an all-nighter, after the exam, where i was tired, scuzzy, and mentally fucked up. nothin' like booze & steam to complete the trifecta.

((zoya)), i read your "crush" post, and it sounds like this guy doesn't know what he wants. he's indecisive, and probably insecure: status quo means he doesn't have to be a big boy and take the leap, either out of the relationship, or further into the rabbit hole. you deserve better than limbo.

and who "double-dips" with their soap bar? soap to rag, rag to ass, done. no going back.

random confession: i love raisins. sure, they're "health" food, but not in the quantities i eat them.
See, you all understand wink.gif

I used to eat satsumas on the shower: there was something so nice about the contrast between chilled tangy fruit and super hot water. Must take that up again, actually...

(((((zoya))))) I posted across in the crush thread...
I brush my teeth in the shower, but that's about it. I lead a boring life. laugh.gif

Confession: I should have said no, but I caved. sad.gif
I just found out my 21 yr old friend is knocked up by a guy she's only known six months. She's happy about it. They've been having unprotected sex this whole time. I'm disappointed and pissed off at her for it because we talk about this sort of thing all the time. She knows better!! But she's grown, so what can I say. I just hope the lil sperm donor steps up and handles his business. But if my intuitions are correct, sadly he'll be out of her life in no time.

I was praying this wouldn't happen since they barely know each other. I guess I shouldn't be so shocked or distraught. However, she's like a little sister to me and I know all the things she wanted to do (modeling, traveling , etc...) Not saying she won't still be able to those things. But her life is about to change forever.

**heart broken**

Confession: I have 2 really good friends who are very unhappy in their marriages and I introduced them to each other and now they are starting to fall for each other. I know I am going to hell for hooking up married people! But having been in an unhappy marriage myself, I hate seeing miserable people since I am so much happier that I got out.
I was sitting in Starbucks the other day and Sarah Mclachlan's "I'll be home for Christmas" came on and I burst into tears thinking about not spending Christmas with my boyfriend.

This whole conversation about shower activities is making me feel much less weird. I've noticed that posting things here actually makes me feel better.

it's kind of hard for me right now because i broke up with mr.t. i so want to hang out with her durring the holidays, but i know how hard it is to escape from her gravitational pull, so this year i am an orphan.

i got a new service sub.... so f'ing cool! i hope this lasts for a while. nothing is better than someone who would do practically anything just to be near to you. *grins* this weekend he's going to clean my apartment and bring me food! yay!
I think I'm in love with 2 men. And I'm sleeping with one of them. And I'm in a band with both of them.

Oh, Fleetwood Mac had nuthin' on this.
While on the subject of crappy fucking love and feelings.

I am slightly hurt by the newbies actions. i really don't know what went down. He was really sweet, or appeared to be really sweet.

(((kitten and Doodle)))
So I got a tatoo last night. This was not planned. Thank the gods that it was something that I had actually thought about a little before so I picked something that I like and placed it somewhere that isn't easily visible because I was really REALLY drunk.
What the fuck? What am I? A sailor on shore leave?
Getting my tattoo capped out a day that started with an office Christmas party and peaked with me having a camera shoved in my hands to photograph the clitoral hood piercing of the girl whom I had just met about 3 hours before hand.
It was a really weird night.
Oh, and we all got invited to the New Year's Eve opening of the tattoo place's new dungeon.

Of course the real confession is that my boyfriend was waiting for me at my house. I was only about 4 hours late. Everything happened so fast. And by the time that I got home I was so turned on by the tattooing that I jumped him as soon as I stepped through the door. So I guess that made up for it.
hehe kittenb! I had a day like that too yesterday! Well, minus the tattooing and the clit hood piercing...but I did show off one of my OTHER piercings.

Gah, i have a splitting headache!! wink.gif
Kitten, that totally fucking rocks and I'm all for showing off my piercings.

confession: my upset turned to rage when I found out the newbie is married. that is right. I fucked a married man and i didn't know until afterwards. he still hasn't told me and because i called him out on it, I doubt I will. I still feel like a crap head. He lied to me and i feel bad. Erg.

So I'm going abstinent again. and I have a bottle of wine. Tonight, I think I'm going to follow suit of Tree and Kitten! Less the ink though...shops here don't let you get ink when you are loaded.
I'm not buying any Christmas presents this year (or doing cards) and now I feel bad for feeling bad about it.
anna k
Me too. I have no idea what to get my parents (my dad is happy with his wine and his nightly Combat! viewings, my mom has her books and sometimes buys simple jewelry for herself), and I'm going to make mix CDs for my brother and sister, simple as that.
Yeah, Anna, I wasn't even going to do homemade gifts (mix CDs for siblings is always fun, you can play around with in-jokes amongst you, or at least that's what I do), but now I'm thinking I'll cave in and write poems or letters for the four people in my immediate family and THAT'S IT (but, see, by limiting it to my immediate family, I'll be leaving out a ton of other loved ones I don't want to leave out, and where do you draw the line, etc.... see what I mean? Easier to do n-o-t-h-i-n-g, but I feel like crap now because I feel like I want to show them my appreciation and love somehow. Ugh. I might as well send cards. I have very little money, though, and cards add up. Postcards, less so.)
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