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confession: I stopped by a jewlery counter today to look for a gold celtic cross for my b-day, and ended up trying on emerald-cut diamond rings instead. ironic that they were all too big for my kid-sized fingers, but ohhhhh....
Confession: I am pms'ing and going through a really horrible chocolate/sweets/junkfood withdrawal. And the hubby will not take me to the store! A**hole!!!!
confession: I let silent,stinky farts today at Target! rolleyes.gif
anna k
the first is en vogue. i was in 5th grade, and it was on a school night, and i was tired. no 10 year old should be that tired/nerdy.

In January 2007, Amy Winehouse was doing a show, and tickets were $10. I had just heard of her, but decided at the last minute not to go. I regretted that when she got huge.
I have decided not to stress myself out over the fact I am bad at accounts. My boss knew this when she hired me, I have been knocking myself out trying to balance out accounts (which I inherited with discrepancies). I'll do what I can but I cannot perform miracles, nor can I fix others' mistakes. This is not the primary thing I was hired to do.

I am never ever putting the fact I have any experience with accounts on my CV. I suck at them and I loathe this area of work. I can look after my own finances and that's about it.
(((syb))) I hate that kind of work too! Anything dealing with numbers causes part of my brain to shut down! My thoughts are with you hun.

Last night I saw my BFF for possibly the last time. (she moved across country last summer and was sent here coincidentally for a training). We went out to eat and for a few drinks. I drove her back to the hotel, and we sat in my car and hugged and said goodbye. Then we had this kind of overwhelming moment where I KNEW that if I had initiated it, she would've kissed me...and if she had initiated it, I for sure would have kissed her. A long, lingering one.

but we just hugged a second time.

I drove away with regrets.

((syb)) I hate numbers.

Confession: Still in lust with an old boyfriend. It's more of an intellectual thing.


Confession: Now I don't know what to think of him.

Last night I saw my BFF for possibly the last time. (she moved across country last summer and was sent here coincidentally for a training). We went out to eat and for a few drinks. I drove her back to the hotel, and we sat in my car and hugged and said goodbye. Then we had this kind of overwhelming moment where I KNEW that if I had initiated it, she would've kissed me...and if she had initiated it, I for sure would have kissed her. A long, lingering one.

but we just hugged a second time.

that reminds me of the tori amos quote re: her song raspberry swirl:

"The animus in me is Raspberry Swirl, I'm in love with my women friends, but I just don't eat pussy. But I'm in love with them. If I had a different sensibility, then you know I think I could, you know, really fulfill someone down there, where a lot of men in their lives don't. And eating pussy is a metaphor, too - it's about crawling in there, being with their juices, really being with them."

Confession: I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job.

I've had one of those days.
I am affraid of failure to the extent that I am even affraid to try in the first place. I also can't stop biting my fingernails. I'm pushing 30 and I still am not quite sure what I want to do. I'm about to go back to school (because I never finished) this spring and I'm kinda freaked about how I am going to do. ((thirties)) I hate my job also. I know how it is.
Confession: I'm upset that Mcgeek isn't romantic.
ihateoly: have you tried painting your nails w/ coats & coats of clear nail polish & then peeling it off?
that is the ONLY thing that has worked for me, and I've been a nail biter for my entire life.
I buy the cheap N.Y.C. /artmatic stuff that's less than a buck & buy 3 or so at a time & stash them various places in the house/car/purse.
<currently on coat # 3 as we speak>

sassy: the mr is like that too, and we've been together forever.
in our case, bc we're old farts, I've learned to see romance in the small things he does for me, like buying me warm snuggly clothes before he leaves in the winter bc he knows I get cold easily.
- is it the same as him wowing me w/ candles & flowers? uhh NO. but it is his way of showing me he cares, and that's pretty wonderful in itself.

confession: I'm craving mass doses of greesy cheese pizza & moon pies.
Addendum: truthfully, it's not really my job I hate, but so many of the people I work with. I've been working in education since 2000, but the current school where I work boasts the worst group of adults I've ever had to work with. Seriously. The worst. I'm trying to make this my last year at this school and I can't wait to move on. I've had one interview already, but am still waiting to hear back from the school. They're taking their damn sweet time. Grrr. I want out. NOW.
confession: we're throwing a big house party tomorrow night, and both of my former crushes are going to be there. i can't wait to play them off of each other.
Even though I've been hanging out for a couple months now with one of his best friends, my big crush (I can't even say former crush, because I still totally have a crush on him, even though his friend I'm hanging out with is a good one) - and I were totally doing that kind of girl/guy pal flirting last night when out with a group of friends, and I was totally getting off on it. God, I just want to grab him and make out with him, and do all manner of bad things to him.

Fortunately, I am old enough to know when I have a good thing going on and that it ain't worth it.
Confession: the cute nerdy guy is still emailing me about grad school. I'm sort of getting off on it, but have to remind myself that I have a great man. I'm just so wanting to ask old geeky college boy out for coffee. I know coffee can always lead to kissing and sex sometimes if I have my way.

Confession: Craving death by chocolate cheesecake and cuban food.

freckle, mcgeek is like that too I think. Today he bought me a few new bras(that actually fit me) and yoga pants. I think he thinks they're more useful gifts. I'm just a sucker for romance though. I'd love for him one day to write me a poem.
Confession: an extremely CUTE, good smelling T-mobile salesman was totally flirting with me; speaking low so I'd have to come closer to hear him. I still didn't switch to T-mobile, but dayum he was fine and even if he was just flirting to get a sale, I don't care. I so got hot flashes after that. LOL
confession: I do not feel gulity about not being with my family for thanksgiving. I need a break as I have been playing the role of dutiful daughter quite well recently. This means I can get shitfaced in peace with my crew.

confession: I only removed my lip hair because hubby asked me too. If I weren't married I would rock a mustache Frida Khalo style.
I pulled a sickie today. There's been some shit happening at work, and this morning I just felt way too miserable and angry to deal with it so I just called in sick. Now I feel guilty about lying and will probably spend all day cleaning the flat as atonement.

maybe I define "sick" differently than a lot of people, but I personally think "miserable and angry" qualifies. Especially if you are so miserable and angry that it would affect your job performance. I give you MY permission to call in sick. wink.gif
funnybird - I agree with Treehugger, I'm a firm believer in "mental health days." I think keeping yourself sane in moments where you need it - BAD, is just as important as staying home and getting yourself healthy from the flu or a cold. So don't feel guilty, you're just taking care of you! Now go lay around and watch movies and eat! smile.gif
I agree, in fact I took one last week so I could do stuff around the house, work out etc. all sorts of stuff. I do feel guilty, for a bit, then that's the end of that.
I need a mental health day so badly, but I have to wait until January. I don't think I'm going to make it.
I may end up homeless in a week. I don't know how to handle it.
if you are anywhere near Fayettenam- we have a spare single bed here in the office.

confession: I so resent all the requestite cleaning & shopping that preludes a visit from out of town family.. esp in laws. I really just want one of mom's pumpkin pies, a fork & solitude & in fact that's how I plan to spend my Thanksgiving/birthday after the mr, frecklette & Them depart for dinner at the dining facility.
there may not be enough meds to get me through this, which is why I am eyeballing my years old packets of smokes.
I derive a sick pleasure from pulling ingrown hairs out. Ooooh, I just love it.
QUOTE(funnybird @ Nov 25 2008, 01:52 AM) *
I pulled a sickie today. There's been some shit happening at work, and this morning I just felt way too miserable and angry to deal with it so I just called in sick. Now I feel guilty about lying and will probably spend all day cleaning the flat as atonement.

I so hear you, FB. I'm in the same headspace right now regarding my job and will probably take a personal day/sick day on Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. I'll second what the other ladies have said which is that taking some personal time away from work is very necessary. You're a better, more productive employee when you take some time for yourself.
art confessions:

#1: i don't like eames furniture. i know they're the gold standard for midcentury modern and i know they were revolutionary and i know everybody wets their pants whenever they find one at the flea market, but i'm sorry. i think that rocking chair looks fucking stupid.

#2: i also don't like my photographer friend's photography. i will of course never tell her and i will encourage her to follow her bliss, and i am glad she is doing what she wants to do's not good. i mean it's not GOOD good where i stop and go "oh" involuntarily when looking at it like i do with art and photography i love. and i feel terrible for not liking it.
I'm waiting for my father-in-law to die already. He has ten million things wrong with him, he's an asshole alcoholic, and complaining burden. What's worse is I don't hide my disdain for him.
Ooh, I'm right there with you culturehandy! I especially love it when I can just squeeze them right out.....

*hangs head in shame*
Persiflanger, they hurt when you get a really bad fucker, so I figure I'm doing myself a favour by pulling the little fucker out.
I confess, I don't know what the difference between the kvetch and okayer threads are.
confession: on my way home from my shrink's today, I stopped at a cvs & bought smokes.
as I do NOT smoke, this is the desperation to which I am driven to at my in-laws arrival.
please busties, vibe for me.
erinjane, there isn't any! they are both support networks/threads for venting but attract different groups of busties and have a secret passageway between.
Haha, thanks bunny.
I haven't talked to R in a few days and I miss him. I want to talk to him about things. I want to cook and eat together. I just want to see him and curl up with him.
confession: it took me 7 hours, but I ate an entire pumpkin pie on my own today.
I am not sorry.
sick yes, but not at all sorry.

confession: minus the pie, today was the shittiest birfday ever.
the mr didn't even get me a card and no- he didn't forget, he " just got too busy."
I am feeling super childish now & want him to fight the Black Friday crowds alone & get me the small gold/diamond peace pendant that is uber cheap at an early bird sale tomorrow.
if he doesn't? I may very well cry like a little girl.
{{{freckle}}} that sucks. I hope he gave you the pendant.

Confession - I don't like to wash my hair and will often put it off way too long. For my hair that can mean three or four days. It is more the after-wash care that annoys me. I don't like drying and styling my hair. If I had enough confidence in my face, I would just get a supershort haircut.
I got the pendant & a lovely gold chain (the one that came w/ it was too fine) to go w/ it.
each piece was $250 & $240 normally, but we got them both for $157** including tax.
it's just the right size (slightly smaller than a blue jean button) & I love it muchly ! smile.gif
we also went out to lunch & talked about the stress we've been under lately & laughed about it, driving home listening & singing & car dancing along to the Pogues at the top of our lungs, so all is well & happy in the House of Freckle once more. tongue.gif
thank you busties for lettin' me whine- again!

kittenb- me too! I even have short hair now & I Still feel that way- it's just too much damn work to bother to blowdry & style my hair fresh more often than every 2-3 days.

confession: I am 1/2 through the 2nd pumpkin pie already. rolleyes.gif
Confession: I got a blackberry. Eeeeeek. It's not the traditional blackberry, but a blackberry pearl.

Even bigger confession: I used to hate crackberry's. Now I love mine.

Right at this very moment, all I want to do is run away to Africa to be with a man who touches my heart deeply, but with whom, in reality, I can have no more than a long distance friendship.
I am so able to leave. I have done it so many times before: find a flat, pay deposit, bob's your uncle.

You look for top floor, power points, sources of noise, heating, gas vs electric, etc. I have moved at least 42 times in my life: I can do it tomorrow.
I am tempted to run away myself to somewhere, but I told myself I'd take care of a few things before I do any major traveling. I know I would end up a wreck before the first week was over if I did anything like that.

Confession: I went overboard and spent way too much today on records, CDs, books and a record player. I now have to transfer money from my savings to cover my bills.
confession: i am jeeeeealous of my friend in a variety of ways.

confession: after spending all day saturday detoxing (working out, spa-time with specifically designed detxoing massage), i promptly went out saturday night and drank and smoked and ate shitty food...

confession: ... a trend that has continued today, with polishing off a small loaf of banana bread single handedly...

confession: ... and has made me rethink my shitty, poorly designed vegetarian 15-year lifestyle, and how i've probably been screwing myself, and should eat it again...

confession: ...but meat is so. gross. to me. and i'd probably puke.

confession: i don't like looking at people around me because they look back. seriously. like, stop staring, people.

confession: the Youngin' and i failed at being platonic friends the last time i saw him.
Confession: I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about him.

Confession: I should have taken his damn invitation to hang out.

Confession: I keep checking my text messages, and messenger, and emails wondering if he's at least thinking of me too.

I'm a horrible, horrible person. did i mention HORRIBLE?!
I am procrastinating on finding someone to help with my anxiety.

I am procrastinating on finding people I know on facebook because I am that lazy.

I am content with having a few days where nothing gets done, but at the same time I feel guilty for having that luxury.
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