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Confession: Some music can make my heart (What little there is) break.
AP, I have a cold black grinch heart, but I'm in the same boat.
= coming clean here =

I confess that I only discovered overstock selling Cars, after I peeked into the sex threads here & saw that someone had posted that overstock also sold vibrators.
I *hate* asking people for help, especially monetary help, but relocating (not to mention without a job) is so bloody expensive and I had to ask my family to help me out. My boyfriend is trying to make everything so lovely for us, as it's our first place together, and I feel so guilty and terrible that I can't contribute as much and that it is stressing him out. He is supporting me in every way and I feel such a failure as a person and as a girlfriend.

I feel as if I am drowning under the pressure of it all. I need some air.
beautiful baby!!
yes, i think cats are cuter than trolls. wink.gif
confession: I'm a little slow and just realised the meaning of the cat pictures- doh!

confession: I so admire the depth and heart of the busties here - I'm crushin' on all of ya's! <3

Confession: George is the only boy I love.

/passes the oxygen mask to bunny.

QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Sep 22 2008, 09:08 PM) *
confession: I'm a little slow and just realised the meaning of the cat pictures- doh!

I must be slower than you because if it's beyond something cute to provide a distraction from the troll (or a pussy joke) I'm not getting it.

Either way, very cute *ahem* pussies, both of you.

Here's my current favorites at the shelter, Carmine and Sumiko (they're actually not related!):
I'm just attention-whoring now, but.... wink.gif

I forgot I had this one - George and Carmella on their first anniversary together, also New Year's Eve.

Aww, look at the happy couple!
I'm not entirely getting the joke either, but if's about pussies...

I don't have any cute cat pictures to contribute, all the ones around here are feral and they refuse to sit still long enough to be photograph, much less petted. sad.gif
Can't forget little Mojo!

Mandoo wants some feline friends!

Hmmm, why won't it let me add the photo image - what does You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is:, an invalid format is: mean? I only created an account so I could share him. Hmph.

Anyway, here he is.
no joke implied. i just thought a cute kitty is better than pictures of fetuses and religious speak. that's all.
so precious.
I so love me some kitties (as my Airy is nibbling at my toes tongue.gif ) !
Aww, I don't think I've ever seen Mandoo, bunny! I love that little schnozlette. biggrin.gif

And Mojo, Fearsome Jungle Cat!
Huh. Busties seem to have an abundance of sweet kitty faces. Oddly, lots of black short hairs.
bunny, I love your kitty's nose! smile.gif
my cat is purrfect laugh.gif.

ap, in kvetch there are several of us who all have tuxedo cats.
Oh, no joke.

Okay then....

Awwww, look at the cute kitties. You guys have some lovely cats.

I think there is a cat-person gene, especially since about three of my cousins and two grandparents are cat people.

I really seriously think I am going to let my yards (front,back, sides) go to pot & hire a yard service right before the mr returns.
I know it's the epitomy of lazy, but fuck! I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaate yard work and my back really is bad & it's hard to do it at all.
screw it, it'll be my rolling stones concert expense of this deployment and worth every penny.
I had two beers tonight and am definitely feeling them.
..I don't want a tuxedo cat, I want a hitler cat.

... I can't stop looking at the lines around my eyes, i feel like there are more there than there were just a few months ago - but when I look at pics, I guess I probably look about the same. I worry that I look old and that I'm totally kidding myself that a 25 year old could possibly be interested in me enough that he's asked me to do stuff and texts me, and all the normal guy stuff they do when they're interested. I worry that I'm just a joke with all my friends, who are at least 8-10 years (or more) younger than me. (even though we all do the same things, work in the same business, have similar interests & experience. - I just have a few more years of experience under my belt) I worry that I'm one of those people that THINK they look / are young, when in reality, no one thinks that. I just conduct my life like I always have, and I'm always just myself - but I worry sometimes that I'm fooling myself.
you need to believe in yourself the way we here in the lounge do.
we know you are worthy & wonderful!

and facebooking
and myspacing
at this rate I will need to join a 12 step program to detox from it all.
I spent over 2 hours watching a dreadful, vacuous 'reality' TV show called (laughably) 'Living on the Edge' about spoiled Brit teenagers. I even started liking one or two of them after a while.

Zoya, trust in yourself and your fabulousness, and go by people's actions. If people act interested it usually means they are! smile.gif
i'm about to go buy a new computer and not-pirated, realio trulio professional, if i make something rad and sell it i won't get sued, software package. this is going to eat away about half of what i've managed to sock away since i got a real job and it's scary. i know it's an investment and will eventually (hopefully) pay for itself but i have never bought anything so expensive and it's terrifying to see half your savings suddenly disappear. i allowed myself a pretty spendy lifestyle (ok, comparatively not at all, but for me, huge) and now i am going to have to cut down on that.

i don't know when i got so scared about money but now that i've been wholly supporting myself for about three years, i can't imagine having to ask for help from anyone again. plus, i have no debt and i'd like to keep it that way. aaaaghhhh.

thanks guys - I do believe in myself, and feel great about myself now, probably more than I ever have - I think it's just natural, you know.... I just have to deal - and remember what you said about if people are interested in me (and that means in ANY way - guy, girl, romantic, friends, etc) it probably means they are and I'm worth being interested in. Also, I do believe you are what you attract, and I have made some amazing friends, which makes me feel great.

other confession - I fantasize constantly about what it will be like to have sex with 25 year old mentioned below. I want to jump him so bad it's not even funny. I fear that the next time I see him, I'll just have to grab him and make out with him on the spot. (and considering I'm not quite certain where things are at, that might be a bit on the forward side... ) oh, but the things I could do to him... and with him....

edited to be a real confession: i should go out to this rollerskating party thing for a bff who just broke up with her longtime boy. but i just wanna stay home and make things on my new computer kinda.

i'm still gonna go though.
ok. time to shower and dress cute.
QUOTE(zoya @ Sep 27 2008, 07:09 PM) *
other confession - I fantasize constantly about what it will be like to have sex with 25 year old mentioned below. I want to jump him so bad it's not even funny. I fear that the next time I see him, I'll just have to grab him and make out with him on the spot. (and considering I'm not quite certain where things are at, that might be a bit on the forward side... ) oh, but the things I could do to him... and with him....

I am so glad you wrote that, bc it makes the quote I found today justifyably appropriate and when I saw it- I thought of you !

" Sex with a younger man can be fatal.
If he dies, he dies... " wink.gif
sometimes, i don't want to go out or see anyone or even talk to anyone. all i want to do is stay inside and cuddle with mimi the african attack cat and pretend nothing else exists except me and my book.

and worse? then i feel lonely.
tes, can i just steal your confession and use it as my own? that's exactly how i feel a lot of the time.
Add my name to that list.

'Cept substitute cat with the dog which is a black bandit.
*takes deep breath* This is a tough one:

sometimes in my darkest of moments I wish I was just some normal 25 year old female, perhaps in some monotonous office job, perhaps married or engaged, perhaps living in the suburbs, blissfully ignorant, just following convention. It sometimes seems so much easier and even happier. Then I come to my senses...

not to offend anyone who fits this description (hopefully not blissfully ignorant/following convention though)
I'm going to call the Humane Society tomorrow to see if anybody got my dog. If not, I'ma go get him.
Humanist, substitute "25 year old" with "31 year old" and that's how I feel at times too. I'm fine with people who are my age and happy with an office job, the suburbs and married with children, but I know I wouldn't be happy with that now.

Confession: It took all my patience to call my parents tonight to let them know I made it down here fine, and now I really don't want to call AZ Guy and tell him the same.

I sometimes think this friendship between us won't work out.

along the same lines, human and lilac, i often wish i wasn't so restless. i've always been way too aware of the options i could take, and lives i could be living. i wish i didn't care. i wish i could enjoy where i am and what i'm doing, instead of always feeling like i'm missing (out on) something.
confession: after 5 days on the new med & feeling terrific, I am now uber stressed bc I have to go to the mr's workplace & act normal for several hours and I am feeling progressively worse. sad.gif
Oh humanist, i have often thought of the sentiments you have expressed, especially during this past year. i wonder why i am so ambitious and if it is worth anything. i still think that.
confession: I survived tonight, but I really wanted to trip some of the snooty biatches that I encountered!
I was envisioning it so clearly in my head that I know I was actually chuckling outloud to myself ala ally mcbeal.
confession - I didn't give my seat up to an old woman on the bust this morning. I should have and I feel bad. I just hate standing on a lake shore express bus. I get really nervous.
I know I'll pay for this. I bet I wait 25 minutes for a bus tomorrow morning.
I always save her messages and listen to them a few times before they get deleted.
i'm terrified of breaking up with daddy, but i know i need to. i'm not sure that i'll be able to handle life on my own, she's taken over so much of my life. but i am really excited to figure out who i am without having to deal with anyone's ideas of who i am but me.

and i kinda want to move to a different city. i need to know i'm strong enough to find myself again. and my working theory has been that you never really know how strong you are until you move to a new city and build your life up from scratch. i want to find that strength. i hope i have it.

Sweetie, you know you have my heart. I know you need to be free of Daddy, even if she ain't havin' it. You gotta do what's best for you. You've got the strength in spades, love. Just knowing that you are around & that you care makes me hold my head a little higher.
Confession: I'm dying to be fucked the way my last two fuck buddies did. Now I'm seeing someone new who's only had sex 15-20 times and that was two years ago. I really like him and I'm cool with being patient, but last night I had some weird sexy dreams.
confession: I'm really wanting to be juvinile and post nasty terrible things at the mr's stalker's web pages.
the only thing that stops me- I do not know how w/out getting caught.
I'm confused because part of me feels like this guy I've been kinda seeing should be calling/texting me all the time, wanting me to do stuff more, etc etc. Yet, I've been saying for awhile to myself that I don't want to do things with a guy in the old ways: jumping into something full on way too quickly and then have it fall apart hard and in a shitty way, but instead get to know someone slowly. I can't tell if I'm getting what I wanted, or if I should be backing off, because he's just not interested enough. But he's clearly not NOT interested. I wonder if I'm being impatient or if it really isn't the right thing to follow. I mean, I'm not waiting for him or anything, and I have no problem moving on if I don't feel it's the right thing - it's just that I wonder if this is uncomfortable, merely because it's so different for me, not because there is anything inherently wrong with moving so slowly and cautiously at this stage.
confession: I feel a sin coming on and I'm not going to fight it today cool.gif .
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