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Ooooooooooooooo ! - squee!-
ap that is so very Un mrs roeper! the mr might be quite taken w/ me in it as well... wink.gif
mayhaps that may be what I meet him wearing approx 90 more days from now eh?

and I am a firm believer in using the caller id for all it is worth; not picking up when you are in the mood to do verbal destruction is absolutely the right thing to do and goes right in line w/ what our mothers always told us about if you can't say anything nice..

gt mi amiga amore, you always say the sweetest things; but it is precisely bc I Have seen "those people" before that I get anxious to start with! let's just say that a lot of them have asstributes that didn't come naturally and have the shallow egos to match.
me, meh, I'm just me and I'd rather look good old-school & be proud of that rather than buying it in surgery.
alas, I wore a short (knee) black tiered cotton skirt & brown v polo & tortis heeled flip flops (w/ my black cat eye & tiny pearl & rhinestone sunglases, w/ large straw tote) & know I probably looked as good mostly as them buttttt
still felt such a fake. damn the shallowness. the difference is however, I wore what was comfy for Me, bc I love being girly & makes me feel good. and I scooted in & out like a skittish cat, but I did talk to one of the mr's nco's, in fact, he talked to Me 1st (over the snots) & then I ran like hell.

= sorry to derail so badly! rolleyes.gif

I wanna see the hummingbird dress !!
My ex-boyfriend, SmokeBoy, owns a muu-muu. It is covered in tiny neon-colored flowers & splotches. Acid green & orange and pink and blue. Just imagine a guy, 6'4", 260 lbs, full beard, in a flowery muu-muu. It was his favorite thing to wear around the house on lazy weekend mornings.
haha! that's just amazing, RV! Thank you for that.

And I would def rock a muu-muu. Especially right now, out of sheer spite and apathy. And as a way to wrap my own arms around myself and give me a big hug for having decided to do so.

I confess again that the crap in my world is actually helping me to embrace myself even more so than I think I have ever done so before, or at least in the last couple of years.

And ya know what, I think I'm pretty fuckin cool. tee-hee! tongue.gif

And I think my busties are the bestest. but I didn't really need to confess that or anything. that's a known!
My ten year h.s. reunion is next year and I don't feel like I've gotten as far as my peers.
Deschat----mine is next week. I have to miss it cause I don't have the cash to get there. I feel entirely the same way you do. But, I did want to show off that I have a tan and a natural hair color. I was way goth in high school, complete with Christian Death and Cocteau Twins tees, long black hair and betty bangs... And explain that though I don't have my career together, nor really anything else in terms of marriage, babies, etc....
That I am in fact cultured and a great makeup artist. derr... I think everyone would expect me to be the jeanine garafolo of the bunch. Not so. I'm way to colorful and gregarious now.

But honestly, I just wanted to see a few old friends anyways.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 5 2008, 09:09 PM) *
Just imagine a guy, 6'4", 260 lbs, full beard, in a flowery muu-muu. It was his favorite thing to wear around the house on lazy weekend mornings.

inexplicably i find this mental image attractive.
yeah, mouse.. my sentiments exactly. that's why it tickled me so much. I would give belly pinches of love to that guy for kickin it so.
QUOTE(mouse @ Aug 6 2008, 01:00 AM) *
inexplicably i find this mental image attractive.

Reminds me of The Dude:

QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Aug 5 2008, 11:41 PM) *
My ten year h.s. reunion is next year and I don't feel like I've gotten as far as my peers.

Ditto. At least you have a year. Mine is in 6 weeks or so. Yeah, made a New Years resolution to lose weight, never happened.

I don't even know if I'll go. Anyone who I'm interested in being friends with, I still talk to. I'd just be going as a voyeur. We'll see how much they want to charge. I've heard from my older friends that it was like $75 to go....$75 to hang out with people I don't like that much and drink watered-down well drinks? Uh, no.
I'll be sure to tell SmokeBoy that the male muu-muu has gotten a positive response. He'll get a great kick out of that. By the by, he dressed up as The Dude for Halloween a couple years ago, so that image is extremely appropriate, Polly.

The year of my high school reunion, I had broken up with SmokeBoy, got fired from my job, and was suffering from suicidal depression amongst other things. That was when I ran away to England. I ended up missing the reunion because I was still across the pond, but at least if anyone asked one of my old friends where I was, they could say, "Oh Rose? She couldn't be here because she's living in England," instead of "Oh, Rose? Her entire life fell apart & she went crazy so she had to be locked up in an institution." I've seen some photos from the reunion & I'm surprised how few people showed up - maybe just 10% of our class.
I missed my ten year reunion because I didn't want to spend the money on a plane ticket back to Minnesota and I felt like I hadn't progressed on my career, AZ Guy and I were fighting, and was depressed over everything. I've run into a couple people I've graduated since then, and it turned out the people who planned the thing held it at the same time as a classmate's wedding, so a lot of people decided to go to that instead. Also, they didn't tell anyone who didn't live in the area that there was going to be one (the only reason I found out was because my parents read the local paper), so the turnout was really low.

I still feel a little behind my classmates, but at the same time, I know that I'm trying to do something I want to do and I don't really care about the whole family/spouse thing; I'd rather have a good group of friends and travel.
when I am feeling too lazy to get dressed I opt for nakedness every time. I did not wear one stitch of clothing yesterday
I confess to hating my stepdaughter's mother and wishing she had no impact on our lives whatsoever. She screws up things for her child and we take up the slack. Fucking cow.
i was talking to one of my exes, and she was telling me about how her boyfriend's exwife was gay bashing her all night at this party, (she's bi), and at one point this woman put a hand on her, and my ex, grabbed her, threw her on the ground, subdued her, one hand holding her hair, the other holding both hands behind her back and told her not to fuck with her. she's this petite little thing who, you'd never suspect has been thru hell and back.

my other ex is going on the amateur mui thai kickboxing circuit.

i confess:
i love that my exes are such bad ass chicas. i get crushes on them all over again. they are some of the funniest, coolest, smartest women anyone could ever meet, and tough as nails. i hope someday that i can grow into a woman even a 10th as cool as they are.
My ten year coincided with me being in my hometown & I still didn't go. I wish most of those people well, but I see no reason to get giddy over people I barely knew then.

Confession: I have this absurd desire to pack a small bag of clothes & Hotwire it to somewhere interesting for a few days. Someplace where it isn't a million degrees.

ETA, I'm thinking San Fran, it's under $200 to fly.
Confession: I'm fascinated and disgusted by all the horrible crap going on in this world, and I'm terrified (read scared shitless) of what will happen next. sad.gif Its depressing!
my 20th high school reunion is coming up next year and I do honestly want to go, mostly if he mr is able to go with me though; I dated (not slept with) quite a lot in my home state & think I'd need physical proof that he exsisted before most might believe me.
really though, I am not a success in a career as I do not have one, and so it's the opposite of what many of you have said here, and I feel like the loser for it.

confession: reading ex ex ex boyfriend say that he married a woman who reminds him of me made me feel pretty good; esp as this isn't the first time I've heard as much from an ex; what can I say.. I'm an Original !
I have the same desire as aural, I really want to pack a bag and fly somewhere. San Francisco would be nice, but I'll settle for Chicago or New York. Not looking to escape the heat, but just for a change of scenery.

Confession: I like to drive around my area, even though gas is expensive and I feel guilty for polluting. I ride my bike too, but I don't go to as many places on that as I do my car. Also, I like to listen to music while driving and I don't have an ipod, so I can't listen to music while riding.
yes, ap, somewhere cool would be a joy right now. I guess I could just go anywhere north of here...dang summer school...

My confession is that even though I have always hated reality television, I just realized that all of my current favorite shows fit in that category. :
What Not To Wear - How can I express the joy I take in this show? I want to spend a day with Stacey and Clinton, shopping in heels and drinking mojitos.
Jon & Kate Plus 8 - I come from a large family, and now I live alone in an apartment. I love to watch this show because all of the chaos sounds like home. Also, Jon & Kate's relationship is similar to mine and Crinoboy's, so they're fun to watch.
How To Look Good Naked - I love the concept, and Carson Kressley rocks my socks.

ok, here's the worst - *combination confession* Not only do I watch the show (when it happens to come on! I don't know the schedule!*grasps for dignity*) but it has led to a very guilty crush. *sigh*

Gene Simmon's Family Jewels - I know, I know! I feel terrible, but they are a sweet family and I'm totally in lust with Nick Simmons . He's four years younger than me, in addition to the obvious reasons for embarrassment. But he's just gorgeous, so tall and skinny and dirty looking.... plus he writes comic books!
...I'm so guilty....
Confession: I just sent my mil a gift out of guilt because she paid for all my medicine for my operation. The sad part is she didn't even guilt me, she doesn't expect anything in return. I'm just catholic.

Confession: I hate going to see my mil, it's sooooooo boring. But she loves it, to her it's a special occasion that warrants steaks the size of your head.

Confession: I associate my mil's house with boredom, steak and guilt.
Man, here in Yurrup it's pissing down rain. I would love to be somewhere hot.

I didn't go to my HS reunion because I live abroad, but I confess I sneakily organised some good PR in my absence: telling a few people who would be there I was writing my Ph.D and reviewing films. I left out my relative penury and the fact I still don't drive. wink.gif

I confess I feel guilty for minding about the chaos my mister's daughter brings into our lives. I feel like a monster. She's a good kid but all the adults on her mom's side of the family couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery, and I hate that they're even remotely involved in my life.

DesChats, I too am bored by my in-laws, and they are good people. I just way prefer my family to anyone else's and find seeing the inlaws a chore.

My confessions have revealed me for the intolerant anti-social hermit I so clearly am...

Confession: After 14 years, Bear is the most important person in my life. But he is boring me sexually. Even when he tries new stuff.
Confession: I have done barely a lick of work for three days. I can see and feel myself sabotaging myself, and can't/don't want to stop it. I feel so much better about myself when I'm productive. Why am I making myself feel bad on purpose?
it took me a while but here are pics of my hummingbird dress:

kinda caftanish
the zig zag pattern is the sleeves and the part that turns into the cape in the back. the hummingbird/flower is also repeated on the back/cape.
OH MY!!! I would love to wear that. Beautiful dress. It is truly gorge.

I confess that I'm actually getting excited about the changes albeit also depressing and disappointing occuring in my life.
I confess that I'm also scared that I will never really get myself together. I feel like such a vagabond.
I confess that I could give a poop about trimming my priscilla. I mean what's the point right now? Well, I do go to the beach... okay, I'll trim it.
Wow, that is a pretty dress.

Nick Simmons is hot, and thinking this makes me feel dirty because he has to be at least ten years younger than me.
gt that dress is pretty amazing! is it embriodery or print pattern? it looks like it would make a lovely swoozy swish as you moved and the air flowed through it, wonderful ~

confession: it took me a minute to realise what moonie meant by 'priscilla' rolleyes.gif
gt - wow that dress is like wearable art! I have something similar that my greatgrandmother wore in the 1960s. very cool!
Oh yeah, I totally put up with Gene Simmons' misogyny to watch Nick Simmons. He's 9 years younger than me.

That's a lovely dress, gt. BTW, the monkey's back in my profile!
yay for munky! i like the cut of his jib!

crino-- take pix i'd love to see pix of that dress....

freckle, it's print. i wish it was embroidery. but who am i to complain? it was the last thrift store clothes score i think i paid less than 10 for it.
of the three things I wanted to get done over my vacation, I managed to get only one done. And I don't care.

I am tempted to clean the fridge but would rather bust.

I think I am now addicted to crackbook. HOw very lame of me.
Confession: even though my baby brother is a grown a** man now, I still feel like he's my lil baby brother. I always turn into a blithering, over protective, emotional mother hen when I find out something has happened to him. He got hurt on his job today and I was in hen mode immediately and started to cry. I'm such a wuss LOL WTF is wrong with me? I act like I birthed the boy myself. LOL

My mom just laughs at us cuz we're all so protective of each other. Its sickeningly sweet!
confession - the only men I'm interested in these days are men between 25 - 29. that means they are minimum of 10 years younger than me. It's only ones who are well read, intelligent, gainfully employed, and have some direction. Is that such a problem? I swear, I just don't have any fun with guys in their mid-late 30's.

Sometimes I get really paranoid that it's just me - that I like them, but that they've got no interest whatsoever in me. However, my friends tell me I don't look my age, and I don't think I do either, so hopefully I'm just off base with those thoughts.

anyway, the random guy I hooked up with a couple months ago because I just HAD to break my damn 7 month dry spell, was 27. and he didn't seem to care one iota. Now I just need to find one that I like who wants to stick around. heh.
Confession: I'm never freaking satisfied with my place. Even though people ooh and ahh over it and use it for inspiration....I still covet other condos.

(mostly cause they're closer to downtown)

Why can't I just be happy with what I have instead of always trying to get it 'over the top'???
Someone parked in my spot this morning and I am getting their punk ass towed. and I kind of like it.
I used to completely get off on having people towed from my space. I paid a hundred bucks a month for it, I was gonna be goddamed if some asshole just parked there. I had people towed two-five times a week. I gave people a two hour window just like parking on the street sans permit. After that . . . pfffbt. Your problem not mine. All the tow guys knew me by name & even called to check on me when I was in hospital after I broke my ankle. That's love, Denver boot style.

I am a bizarre stickler about rules. I think it's the OCD in me.

I am strenuously avoiding my family. I ran into my aunt last night, it wasn't bad, but I wished I could just melt into the sidewalk anyway. I now understand why my father only hustled me over there once or twice a week. Them peoples is crazy.
AP... was it you who used to have me towed when I parked overnight once in awhile in the lot at 14th & Penn and didn't have my car moved by ONE MINUTE to 8:00 am? tongue.gif
Oh, no. You'd have been towed muuuuuuch sooner than that. If you parked at midnight & weren't gone by two . . . byebye ride. Two hour window, max.
Mofo has been given a ticket and a note from me. Now imagine their surprise when they are going to their car after work and it's not there. If it happens tomorrow, I'll just call myself and get it done. Motherfucker who can't read.

The thing is, the stall is labelled, clearly. Moron. So now they are going to be stuck with a 70 dollar ticket, the towing fee, which will be at least another 70 dollars and the impound fee. All for not reading a silly little sign.
oof.... well to my defense, I didn't park in someone else's space... the lot was only towable from 8 am to 8 pm.... but man, whoever watched it would have your ass towed if you were not moving off that thing at 8 am SHARP.

I'd tow someone's ass if they parked in my space I was paying for. I've only ever had one apartment where I had my own parking space and I was territorial as hell about it.
Yeah, it may have a label on it, but that person is too, too important to bother reading it & it doesn't apply to him/her anyway. Fuckstick.
Oh and if the person doesn't want to get their car today, there is a daily impound fee.

This is way too much of a panty puddle for me.
in germany when someone would park in our spot (primo- right in the front of the building door- sweet!) I'd be cool the first time, but after that- I'd park behind them & go door to door in my building banging on them till I found the culprit & yell & sceam like a deranged maniac and then go sit out in car- engine revving- inching ever closer to Their car like I was going to hit if if they didn't move it Right Then.
gdmf'ers that's MY Spot. nothing like having to carry bags & bags of groceries up 3 flights of stairs after walking a block & a half in the rain before even getting to park my damn car in whatever space I can find bc some dumbass is too f'in lazi do the right thing.
I also considered buying orange traffic cones.

good for you CH, more power to you.

=going to hug my driveway now=
I should say this is a work spot. Parking downtown is delux, it's much cheaper for us government employees to park than others. Woooooo.
confession: I pulled a Mrs Kravitz today on a neighbor and then was immediately embarrassed for saying anything bc he looked at me like I was crazi & I started stammering & saying " I know,, I need to get a hobby."
Um, my whole "avoiding people" thing bit me in the ass today. So I've been laying low since my grandma passed. Like, hair on a frog's balls low. Today I took a nap. I got up, peed, sorta dressed. Next thing I know, my kitchen is full of cops & strangers. My neighbors called the cops on me because they were worried about me! I guess while I was sleeping, they'd been here for almost two hours trying to break into my house to make sure I wasn't dead. Um, no, just sleepy & I have wicked nap breath.
Hahaha, that made me laugh pretty hard AP. At least you know you've got folks lookin out for you, which is kind of sweet.
confession: i may be reviving a crush from 1997 out of convenience and desperation. this guy who i was ass-over-teakettle about in ninth grade (he was a senior, and he obviously KNEW and would flirt with me mercilessly but of course nothing happened) is moving to my city. we've been corresponding a little over facebook and i swear to god he's flirting with me again--changing his status to reflect something mine said, bringing up his lack of a love life, etc--and i can just feel my 14-year-old self rearing its lovesick head. uh oh.
QUOTE(rudderlesschild @ Aug 13 2008, 01:20 AM) *
Bless me, Busties, for I have been led astray. A coworker - a grumpy alpha-male coworker, even - has gotten me hooked on..... Army Wives. It's silly and soapy and thoroughly fluffy... but so help me, it's addictive!

He was watching the DVD's (he owns the DVD's!!!) on his laptop at work. I walked past and kinda got sucked in. I asked him what he was watching, he shushed me. By the time the credits rolled and I realized what we were watching, it was too late.

Five Ave Marias... and three Pedro Almodovars.

rudderless, as the resident Army wife here, please tell crabby alpha male this for me as I feel compelled to say that little on that show remotely represents anything factual or real bc in the very very First Place: that particular group of women would never . ever. be close friends like that. General-Cols And Private's Wives?? uh, not in any universe or base I've ever lived in the past 16 years.
sinse that's the foundation of the show it particularly makes me really pissy and always reminds me that the "military advisor" for it is indeed, an Officer Wife (i-e : totally out of touch; I'm sure you can related from your time in the Navy?). the show is actually based on a book written about the murders of several wives here at Bragg about 5 yrs ago, and the Claudia Joy character (which in the book is so sachrinely sweet you want to throw up) is a real woman who I believe still lives in this area.
one of the character's recent story lines was particularly ridiculous & I yelled & talked back to the tv the whole episode bc it was so totally & completely OFF BASE, but I won't tell you which one as this is after all, the ~magic of television.~
that said, yes,I watch it too.
= end rant=
how many pedro almodovars was that again? dry.gif

rudder- I'm so sorry! go ahead and smack me if you want, for mixing the Coast Guard up w/ the Navy. (my dad & uncles were navy tho, so forgive me?) is there the same kind of rivalry between CG & Navy like the marines & Army? that is so cool that you were posted your old ship- WOW. I really respect and admire the job that you did.
- how are you findind the transition to civilian life now?

and yah, O's & E's together all super sunshiney & chummy? not quite!
when the mr was a Spec 4 in the 82nd we went to the All Ranks Ball & got chosen to sit w/ the BN CO to "represent every soldier" and while the rest of our friends were all crowded in like 16 to a table, we were there at a table of 8 at the front. the whole night not a One of the Sr Wives spoke to me besides very fake tight smiles aimed at me, tho all the men were decided sweeter, which might have also played a part perhaps?
anyway, all the years of volunteer work that I did, on some very crazi high levels working w/ nothing But O's, and still, just doesn't happen. in fact there are very specific Laws Phohibiting the fraternization of O's & E's- which if you really pay attention to, the show does follow bc the soldiers never interact socially as the wives do.

anyway, sorry for the derailing here;
confession : I find it hard to keep my big fat mouth shut sometimes.
freck, i love your big fat mouth, lol... that's a world i know nothing about so to hear you and rudder talk, well it's super interesting to me. plus i think the both of you are just spectacular anyways, so....

confession:i hate how messy mr. t's house is, but i love it too, because the garden, chickens and puppy monster remind me of living on the farm, and my childhood. i think i'm getting bored with city life, and part of me wants to run away with her to costa rica and run a small farm...
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