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i have recently discovered that i have a really severe shoe fetish. i am using the prospect of buying new shoes to help me feel better about going back to work and leaving my baby in daycare.

is that really so wrong??
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 19 2008, 11:14 AM) *
I HATE The Family Circus.

With that said, I do so enjoy Sherman's Lagoon.

laugh.gif I agree with this 100%

falljackets, that makes perfect sense to me! treat yourself, that sucks having to leave the baby. if I ever have a baby, i do not want to work for like the first five or six years of its life. *sigh* in a perfect world

confession: i just got two new pairs of shoes, *drool*. i really needed them!

confession: i stereotype construction/contractors, thinking that they are all male chav. pigs that only like big titty blondes, when that is clearly not true, especially when one is trying to flirt with me. also, i am mean to the one that i think is cute, because i don't want to talk to him to find out that he's either a.) a pig or b.) a really cool guy. i liked him better when he wore his thick black framed glasses. when he started to wear contacts, I lost interest, the glasses hid those hideous ears. but now, he has a baby mohawk, *drool*. of course i ignored the shit out of him today.

confession: i have a lil' crush on the korean guy, stock boy, at the corner store who doesn't speak english. *drool* he. is. so. adorable. and from our small flirt that happened two weeks ago, i gather, that he like girls with booty! oh yeah, he also wears big thick black framed glasses.
Nelly, the worst thing is that The Family Circus is right at the end of the comics and it's like the comics are incomplete if you don't read it. Wasn't there a movie that talked about this?

sorry for the OT.

confession also one that is shoe related, I bought a pair of shoes that I love so much that I went and ordered a second pair online. I have become a shoe whore, I don't know how it happened, but I am obsessed with shoes now.

I so totally hate Family Circus. It's fucking demented.

Confession: I actually don't trust the guy I am sleeping with enough to know that he wouldn't try to sabotage the condoms, to try to tie me to him through parenthood. He seems like a genuine (if naive) guy, and I don't want to believe that of him, but I saw a lot of men's shit during my 11 years working in a women's centre, and it's made me paranoid. I also know that this guy really wants a long term relationship with me (which I do not - and I've told him that), and I just don't know him well enough to know how far I could trust him.

Confession: My doctor says I can't go on the pill b/c of all the medical issues I've had over the last year, and now that I am being treated for PCOS, I've become more fertile than I've ever been in my life. I already have decided that if any "accidents" happen to me right now, I will get my mom to help me arrange a quiet trip to Vancouver so I can have an abortion, without ever telling him. I already know my mom will be 100% supportive, would be the one to accompany me to the clinic and hold my hand the whole way through, and would probably even pay for my trip.

Confession: I always wondered if I could go through with an abortion, if it came down to that, but for some reason - maybe it's the guy, maybe it's my age, maybe it's that I nearly died and I don't want to waste any more of my life on anxiety and doing things I don't want to do - I really know now that I could absolutely go through with it, without any hesitation.
a confession related to shoes: I just friended Rocket Dog shoes on myspace, I only wear Rocket Dogs.

I got really drunk at my brothers wedding and got Mrs Rouge really drunk at my brothers wedding, then fell asleep before we could have sex.
confession: i went into the "extra pantry" in the basement to see if there was any more salsa and i discovered that that's where the bottle of jack daniels was hiding. i stared at it... opened it.... smelled it.... then sighed and put it back. if i'd taken a slug, this would be in "sin bin", but i didn't so it's here. i swear, i'm not an alcoholic, though it may seem that way from my posts here!
I bought a pair of shoes today because work sucked, to add to the shoe-related confessions. They were on sale, if that helps.

However, when a coworker asked what I was going to do tonight, I made it sound like I was going to be out drinking, I'm not really sure why.
the mr & I just did a myspace page the other day, and have been having fun looking up & finding old friends;
well, now I've gone beyond that and have started looking up old bitches that I knew way way back when and treated me bad ( I was that kid that always got picked up from ele thru jr high) and am hopeful to not just find them, but see how shitty they are doing now and wishing them continued misery.
granted, I'm not posting anything to them, just mentally laughing my ass off at them.

my confession is that I apparently am sad & pathetic. blink.gif

I have a pair of summer sandals that I love sooooo much that instead of my ritualistic New Pair, am actually going to find a shoe repair shop & have restored. (unless I find another pair similar enough to replace them that is!)
confession: for seven years I was a lesbian. I suppose I should classify myself as bisexual, now.
*note* I am saying "lesbian" because it's how I honestly FELT at the time. Not necessarily how I feel now.

confession: I want to go back to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Not to pick up on women or to be picked up, myself, but just to feel that wonderful woman centered atmosphere. An atmosphere where I don't have to "measure up to" men's standards, but an atmosphere where I'm acceptable just as I am, just who I am, a woman, a tradeswoman with a disability who might or might not have a male related chip on her shoulder. I just want to feel strong. I want to feel "acceptable". In the real sense of the word. I work in a male dominated job and it would be very, very nice, to not have to try to measure up to a man's standards, for just a week.

confession: If I DID go back, I am sure it would end my relationship with Bear. He is quite insecure about my whole past.
A few weeks ago I became convinced I had a lethal illness and was going to die, and I contemplated asking my guy to marry me. Now I've found out I'm fine and I'm unsure about our whole relationship....
Lately, I've been wondering what it feels like to REALLY be in love. I've only been in love with one person but I knew it wasn't the be all end all love. I don't really feel 'longing' for it, but curiousity. I think I have too much time to think now that university is finished.
I've been deleting songs off the office playlist. I can't take any more Disney music, "I've Had the Time of My Life" or ABBA.

Family Circus is so far off my tolerablilty scale I had to really think about you guys were talking about what I thought you were talking about. Does that make sense? I like Get Fuzzy, The Boondocks (RIP) and For Better or For Worse, even though it can be totally smarmy.
I stayed out late on a work night, smoking pot and jamming with other musicians in a warehouse.

I slept in and woke up hungover.

I had to cab it to work, and made it at about half a minute late.

I am wearing my sunglasses at my desk.
In frustration over my 1.5-year boyfriend's myspace status STILL listed as "single" I changed mine to "swinger" and have since received three messages from ex-boyfriends and crushes to "hang out." And today, I'm going out to lunch with one of them. Though I know won't do anything other than be friends with him, I still feel trifling and passive-aggressive. But for some reason I'd rather be that than called "petty" by my boyfriend for bringing up the myspace thing. Oooh, relationships!
anna k
Nelly, the worst thing is that The Family Circus is right at the end of the comics and it's like the comics are incomplete if you don't read it. Wasn't there a movie that talked about this?

Go. Timothy Olyphant's character talks about how he reads it every day as a habit, yet despises it.

I was remembering a shirt that I wore when I was sixteen, and realizing that I looked like a 1950s Italian girl from Brooklyn, with a great little compact frame with a big bust and shapely butt in a pencil skirt. I didn't know how good I looked back then.
Family Circus is lame, but I really despise Zippy. It's ugly, annoying, and stupid.
damn, i just beat the shit out of two people in the virtual fight club thread and, my cod, i feel so much better. whew! i am going to have to use that one a lot more.

I thought I had to work early this morning so I rushed my sleepover out of bed right after sex....but when I grabbed the bus schedule, I saw my work schedule and realized I had an extra 2.5 hours - and I didn't tell him, because I still wanted him to go and let me have some quiet time.

I like fucking him a lot, but other than playtime, I really don't want the man in my space: filling up the floorspace with his crap, making his messes, and leaving the toilet seat up (not to mention his cracked up conspiracy theories and his obsession with getting rich). I can already see that if this thing went where he thinks it's going (it's sooooo not - I've told him), it would be a lifetime of me picking up after a little boy and resenting his constant presence.
QUOTE(likeanyother @ May 23 2008, 03:18 PM) *
In frustration over my 1.5-year boyfriend's myspace status STILL listed as "single" I changed mine to "swinger" and have since received three messages from ex-boyfriends and crushes to "hang out." And today, I'm going out to lunch with one of them. Though I know won't do anything other than be friends with him, I still feel trifling and passive-aggressive. But for some reason I'd rather be that than called "petty" by my boyfriend for bringing up the myspace thing. Oooh, relationships!

I'm "petty" like that, too.
It so peeves me, that I'm not amongst the myspace top-friends of the bar, where I work. I'm also not mentioned in their list of workers. Everyone else is, even the ones, who don't work there anymore.
People might consider it petty, but these things just show, how little respect someone has for you.
I wish I could get a little revenge like you, but I have no idea, what to do. sad.gif
QUOTE(likeanyother @ May 23 2008, 10:18 AM) *
In frustration over my 1.5-year boyfriend's myspace status STILL listed as "single" I changed mine to "swinger..."

I don't think you are being petty. I'd be pissed.
Word Kitten.

Confession: My friends are really starting to tire me. I just want to be alone right now, I'm in a fucking mood.
I'm realising more and more how (duh) completely important for me to present a =happy w/ my body as it is= body image to frecklette right now in her teen years, but it's soooo hard w/ finally having joined a gym & lost a bunch of weight ( good example of taking control of my weight to be healthier) but then re-gained so much back when I injured my back that when I look in the mirror or put on clothes that had been loose, all I feel again is bad which I know I externalize to my family/her.

I have been pretty content being virtually totally introverted irl as compared to emails sent in cyberspace lately.
I got drunk tonight and am still wondering why I didn't annoy everyone.
*doodlebug's sex posts are hotter than the one-handed reads in BUST tongue.gif
I'm lounging here, because I'm procrastrinating Dottie Parker style.
I'm sooo lazy, I can't even bother to check, if I spelt "procrastination" right.

Hope noone thinks, I suggested likeanyother is petty.
I meant this in a very ironic context, and I'd be very pissed off, too, if my boyfriend did that. wink.gif
Oh I totally didn’t think you were suggesting I was petty. Actually, the sympathetic responses gave me the confidence to finally just tell him that it bothered me. What ensued belongs in a different thread, but suffice to say he will now NEVER change it. Jackass.

And, to include the requisite confession: I changed mine back to “in a relationship” because I realized I can’t deal with the cognitive dissonance involved in cheating (physical or emotional). I don’t know if that’s good or bad, maybe both....
Confession: I am going in to work today. But in protest, I will not brush my skanky, furry teeth. Nor will I shower or put on deodorant. And I haven't washed my hair since Tuesday morning.

I am sticking it to the man.
or you could say, "I am stinking it to the man".

Sorry, i couldn't resist.... tongue.gif
I am well and truly self absorbed and selfish.

I am also a miserable cow sometimes.

when a situation comes up, I frequently wonder how I will benefit.

On more than one occassion I have fucked a former friends good friends. His friends hit on me and I'm a horny little devil. I have no doubt this is going to come around and bite me in the ass.
I think I am the girliest of my coworkers.

I'm also the most foul-mouthed and the one who always has a dirty joke to tell, which balances out everything.

When I'm feeling insecure, I shop, and that is why my bank account is running low. I know the books and CDs I buy won't make me happy, but at least they'll keep me entertained and occupied so I'm not stuck thinking about how everything is so uncertain in my life right now.
I just spent 12 excruciating hours and $120 getting these braids in my hair and I dont even know why it took so long. But they look great and I wont have to do my hair for the next 2 months WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

Secondary confession, I've had more hairstyles in my lifetime than should be allowed on one person. LMAO
the first several weeks in my new place, when i was on my own, i was coming home after work every day and fixing myself a big drink. like regular tall water glass big, sometimes two. now that my daughter's moved in and i'm finally out of jack and bacardi, i kind of miss it, and i try not to look at the three full bottles of tequila i've got left. i think that if my natural stinginess when it comes to spending my own money ever fails me, i could easily become an alcoholic.
After not Belly Dancing for five months I perform, without stretching first. Mrs. Rouge said I didn't look out of practice, and I didn't look like a fool. But damn! My muscles ache like a beeyatch. I have no one else but my self to blame.
The hotel put me in a smoking room and I don't smoke. I should ask to be moved, but I'm too lazy to move all my shit to a nonsmoking one.
i just got an email from an ex saying he's moving. we haven't been in any kind of contact for about three months, the last time i saw him in person was december, we stopped sleeping together a year ago and technically stopped being boyfriend & girlfriend *three* years ago. i'm over him and i know we aren't right for each other but i found myself crying.

i think it's because i feel bad for cutting him out of my life so sharply, but if i hadn't i'm pretty sure we'd be on year FOUR of not-dating-just-fucking and it would be wretched. i think it's also because i was waiting to find a new boy before i launched into friendship with him again (and we never were just friends, we started dating pretty much immediately after we met) and that hasn't happened and i feel sorry for myself and also regretful for missing the chance to be his friend. i know he didn't really make a lot of good friends out here and never liked it (we moved out here together), and i have done the total opposite--i have more friends here than i've ever had in one place, and i love it here.

it's astonishing how strong an attachment you can develop for someone who is not right for you, and how long it can stick around even when you think it's gone.

I made brownies and brought some to work to share. I had one myself, but didn't have any milk....there were some of those little cups of cream (like what they give you in restaurants) in the fridge though. I had two, just enough to wash down the brownie. They were from a big thing of coffee someone else brought in yesterday, so at least I knew they were fresh.
confession: I dusted off my flute this morning and gave my puppies an impromptu concert;
instead of them being scared & running away ( I haven't played in 3 or more years now) they sat raptly at attention and then licked my toes in approval. tongue.gif

I use fancier looking toliet paper in our downstairs 1/2 'guest' bath than I do the rest of the house.
(I have become the type of person who notices that.. time to kill myself!)
There is a manI work with who I'm now aching to fuck. The chances of me being back at this office are slim after I come back here for two weeks, so why the hell not have some fun.
I am utterly procrastinating when I have SOOOOO much work to do, and I know I'm going to feel shitty about procrastinating in about an hour and a half.

I am also in the process of building a harem of men for my sexual pleasure. tongue.gif

It gives me a smug sense of joy when I think about the fact that one of the reasons why my ex and I broke up was that he felt like he hadn't been with "enough" women, and used to talk about having a harem all the time. From anything I've heard, he's got back together with a girl he used to date. Yeah, buddy, way to jack up those numbers. Meanwhile, I have two local guys on speed dial, and think I may have found a third...... laugh.gif
I skipped out on my ten year highschool reunion dinner at the pub that is threee blocks from my house (we were too lazy to have anything big) to stay in listening to the breakup music I listened to when I was 16, do laundry, and read. But it's been a rough week and my first night alone in days.
I received a friend request on myspace from an old coworker who was having problems at home and I didn't respond right away because work has been brutal and I didn't want anything else to deal with right now. Today I noticed it's gone, and I feel guilty for not saying anything sooner. I hope she's okay.
after years of telling people that I was pretty ambivalent about having kids - if I do I do, if I don't I don't, and either is ok with me...I suddenly have a new view on where my life is at - and I'm no longer ambivalent about it. I want em, and it feels totally right. How the hell do I explain that to people? (well it's not like I ever said I DIDN'T want em, just that well.. I didn't care so much)
I have renewed a formerly old and close friendship from high school on myspace;
it's cool in some ways bc we've known each other more than 20 years and apparently, I am someone still fairly signifigant in her life as all her current friends already know about me.
the downside now is, she's making some hugely big mistakes right now.. dating a married man who has some obviously controlling/abusive tendencies, threatening to kill both his wife & then turning around and talking about killing Himself to her whenever they have a disagreement.
she only just started to see this guy & imo is not so far in that she can't 'get out' and save herself a LOT of heartache or worse but she doesn't want to.

I am so frustated that I am wanting to cut the ties already. - *I* am not so deeply invested back into the relationship w/ her that it would be so devastating to do so right now. frankly? I don't need or want the drama; there's enough on my plate already.
I hate to see her hurt and told her, in Plain English that I won't be a witness to her self-destruction bc I know she's worth more than that, even if She doesn't see it.

all her friends back home are encouraging this relationship & behavior;
am I total witch if I cut & run ?

zoya: screw what anyone else says or thinks. you are not acountable to anyone in this world beyond yourself or your (future) partner.
I was the most un-motherly (except for my cat) girl growing up.. never wanted kids.. always even pretended to be the 'neighbor lady visiting' when we kids would play house, but never-ever the mom.
I met the mr & decided that yah, down the road, a kid or 2 would be ok, and then Boom, frecklette was on the way after 1.5 years. she's 14 now & still the coolest kid I know.
live your life on Your terms and don't look back w/ apologies.

((zoya)) i agree with what freckle said. she just put it better.

((freckle)) that sounds like one complicated friend. i don't think you would be a witch if you cut and run. if anything, maybe put some distance there. unless you just feel better cutting things off completely. can i say that i've always appreciated your honesty in this thread? for whatever that's worth.

confession:being an only child, i've been too ok with being alone and avoiding my own loneliness. and i'm trying to say i'm ok with it but it is tough. and i'm not cool or tough enough to say it doesn't bother me anymore or that i'm really need this time for myself. it is a struggle. i am trying to shift my focus to the latter of focusing on getting myself settled, but damn, it was tough walking the trails on sunday and seeing alot of couples spending time together.
confession: I get slightly horny in the middle of the day, everyday. If I were able to, I'd go rub one out right now, and have a smoke. Ahhh, that'd be nice. But, I am at work, so I can't.

(((((stargazer)))) - i am an only child too. i can relate...
when I buy people presents, I cannot STAND waiting to give it to them, esp if it's something really super good. I do dumb things like drop ridiculous hints & then gets fits of hysterics & giggles and try to clumsily cover my tracks bc I know that on a mature level : waiting is better. blink.gif

example of this: for Father's Day I bought the mr ( & frecklette, bc they play together) the super ultra version xbox 360, bc they've been wanting it forever & we always wait & wait til the price comes down, but by then the newest Next Best Thing is also out and you know we're just kinda dorks when it comes to that stuff, so I bought it.
hugely pricey, but damnit. he's deploying again & they can bond over this all over again the last weeks he is home.
we're poor til payday again, but my family is happy.

I sat in pee (allll over the seat) on the toliet seat at the movies this afternoon, and saw the woman who came out of the stall before me as I was leaving and wanted to beat her ass. bad.
to say the least, that'll learn me to squat next time. dry.gif

thank you star, that was really sweet of you to say. hugs to you. and I am taking your advice & putting some emotional space between that friend & myself, which I am sure she has noticed as we were emailing every day, sometimes twice and have not written her back sinse I said my piece about her continuing on in a bad situation. however- does That not come across as controlling too?
it's not passive agressive on my part and do not want it to be mistaken as such.

and to both you & n.nelly: can you elaborate on your feelings of being an Only Child please?
I am curious, and did your feelings change as you grew up?
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Jun 11 2008, 10:25 PM) *
I sat in pee (allll over the seat) on the toliet seat at the movies this afternoon, and saw the woman who came out of the stall before me as I was leaving and wanted to beat her ass. bad.
to say the least, that'll learn me to squat next time. dry.gif

That happens to me so often!
It's my absolute No1 top pet peeve!
I work in bars and live venues, and sometimes I'm in such a rush, because it's busy, so no time to check the seat...

Why, oh why can't they put the seat up like guys, when they're squatting?
(I can't seem to squat- huh.gif it must be my back, or something...)
I'm taking a sleeping pill tonite because I just don't want to have these dreams any more.

I am lost.
(((stargazer and nelly))) I've been there, still am.

And I hate it when people hover over the toilet seat. Of course, this is coming from someone who is comfortable peeing in the woods, so what do I know? laugh.gif

Confession: I feel sick and I'm using that as an excuse to sleep and watch TV instead of sending out resumes. I wasn't sick enough to go shopping, though.
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