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Miss Deena
When I was younger one of my girl friends and I were messing around. When it came down to my turn I was to shy and made up an excuse so as not to. Sorry
...when another woman asked me how, as a woman, could I NOT back Hillary Clinton; I told her I found it offensive that she would assume that just because I was a woman, I WOULD be behind her.
Confession: I am hoping a male friend divorces his wife. However I've been trying hard not to influence him towards it.

Then we could hang out more!

Totally his fault for being awesome.
Good answer zoya! Essentialise much? (to her, not you)

I am looking forward to doing nothing this weekend except watching a hell of a lot of bad TV and drinking wine and sleeping and hanging with the mr sans resident teen.
I confess, I've been procrastinating cleaning this filthy apartment for 3 days now. The dishes are piling up and there's laundry (clean) everywhere. I guess in some ways i'm super resentful of my husband's ability to sit around unphased by the clutter and not even try to clean up behind himself. I am really sick of doing dishes and doing all the laundry and cleaning and not getting any kind of help. SO i say fugg it!! I am considering going on strike. This. Is. Bullshit.
Zoya, fabulist response.
Somebody needs to remind that woman that sexism of any sort is not a pillar of feminism. If she's voting for Clinton because she agrees with her political views, that's one thing. But if she's voting for Clinton just because she's a woman, then that's just as bad as a person who chooses not to vote forClinton just because she's a woman.

Grrrrrr. Sorry. I know I'm preaching to the choir here. This just pisses me off. so. much.
sometimes i wonder why i make an effort with someone who i cannot tell if he is invested in a relationship or not.

am i that cursed that it is impossible to meet a guy who wants to spend time with me, be supportive, and get laid on a daily basis?

meh. i'm trying not to settle for mediocrity but living in this town makes me feel that way.
Even though I am childfree by choice, I sob uncontrollably when watching Supernanny. Also, extreme home makeover...I just sit and weep through those two shows.
even though i know that my mom has stuff for me at her house, and she wants me to go over there tonight, i just don't want to go.
I confess that I feel guilty over not having cleaned our place for over a week and letting dishes pile up, despite working full time and doing finals and term papers all at once, and yet if my boyfriend were in this position I wouldn't expect it of him at all. Oh, and he's barely working right now and I still feel guilty!
i confess that i really like the scars i have, and don't understand when people are self-conscious of theirs. they all tell stories. i have a tiny pinpoint scar from grade school on my arm when my friend accidentally stabbed me with a knitting needle and i almost passed out in the gym bathroom from seeing my own blood while we were in the middle of rehearsing a play. i have a scar on my "tramp stamp" area from accidentally standing up too fast out of the bathtub after trying to wash soap out of my buttcrack (read the "stupid things" thread for the full explanation...). i have a scar on my elbow from when i worked in a bakery as a cake decorator and had to fry donuts one day a week (hot oil + 4am = lasting injury) and it's fading and i'm sad that i won't get to tell that story anymore. a couple weeks ago i tore up my ankle from running around on my friend's concrete roof, drunk, in heels, tossing an old tire around for her giant rottweiler. i destroyed the shoes and got the biggest scrape that i've had since i was like, 9 and climbing trees, and everyone says "don't pick at it! it'll scar!" but i'm looking forward to being able to say "oh, and THIS ONE is from running around trashed in heels on a roof with an awesome giant dog!"
Mouse, I totally understand. I used to have a bright pink scar on my leg from when I fell through the floor of my parents' attic on Christmas Eve. It's almost completely gone now. I miss it.

Tree, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition makes me cry, too.
i confess that it makes me feel slightly better that other people are having money issues right now. not that i'm relishing other people's unhappiness in the least, but it makes me feel less of a loser.

mouse, i understand completely. i used to be really self-conscious of my scars. i have a thirteen inch one down my spine and another foot-long one that cuts from my spine around the left side of my trunk. at first, they were like a testimonial of the pain and the loss i felt after being in an accident and being "victimized" by the drunks that hit me. they were like the tangible proof that yes, my life had been irrevocably changed in an instant. they represented the loss of my modeling career at the very least, the loss of a full range of motion at the most. but they've healed so well now and have become such a part of me that i don't even notice them anymore. and when i look at them now, i see them more as a badge of honor and survival. like you, i'm able to tell the story of how i got them. i wear my bikinis with pride and think nothing of them. and now, i have a c-section scar and it's still pink and noticeable. but of course, it reminds me of my boy and the work i went through to get him. i have other smaller scars here and there but those are the two that give me the greatest sense of well, accomplishment. they hold within them the story of two incredible life-changing experiences.

huh, who'd have thought a confession could be so cathartic...

oh, and extreme makeover makes me bawl too. you'd have to be heartless to not be moved by it. it actually makes me feel a little manipulated.
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Apr 29 2008, 01:32 PM) *
I wore goodwill pants today without washing them first tongue.gif


Also, my confession is that astrology turns me on.
I am still pissed off at the universe for pulling the rug out
last night, i bought some wine.

from a box.

(and it actually isn't that horrible) unsure.gif
fj, as long as the wine tastes good and there's lots of it I don't care where it comes from!

a tip I learned recently (the boy's mum always has a lovely box of rose in the fridge): when it feels as if the wine is coming to an end and is only dribbling from the tap then open the box and take the silver bag out and pour directly from that - you can manage to fill another glass that way!
HA! yet another reason to love the bunny!!
QUOTE(mouse @ May 1 2008, 03:44 AM) *
i have a scar on my "tramp stamp" area from accidentally standing up too fast out of the bathtub after trying to wash soap out of my buttcrack (read the "stupid things" thread for the full explanation...).

-me too! It's good to know that I'm not alone in my injurious stupidity!
QUOTE(rudderlesschild @ Apr 29 2008, 09:17 PM) *
sinking feeling that McCain will be the next president, simply because he is the only white man running.

and because the democrats are wasting so much time fighting over stupid shit, and now *everyone* is disillusioned, no one likes *either* of the dem candidates anymore and meanwhile mccain is free to work on his campaign.
Take heart - last night while Hillary and Barack were here, they said that they'd fully support eachother, no matter which one wins the nomination. So that's nice.

Today I have a friend-date with a woman I met a couple of months ago. This is our first time to hang out, just the two of us, and I'm so nervous! She's the coolest person I've met in years and I reallyreallyreally want us to be friends. I'm worried that I'll say something stupid and ruin it. I'm even worried about what I should wear. My tumy is flip flopping. I even considered mowing the lawn just so that it would look extra polished before she picks me up. Yes, I am crazy and obsessive and NERVOUS! EEP!
RV, I was nervous before meeting up with old friends last week. I've known them over a decade and know they love and respect me... but I still stewed, thinking they might judge me or be disappointed in me. I ended up having a great time. I have no idea why other women make me feel insecure.

On which note, have fun tonight! I'm sure she'll love you.
I just got back from my afternoon with my new friend. smile.gif She is so super cool and she and I have oodles in common. We read the same magazines, visit the same websites, watch the same TV shows, like the same music, and we're even voting for the same people. She isn't afraid to call herself a feminist, either. Hooray!!!!

I confess that I have a major girl-crush on this person. I think she's easily twice as cool as I am, but I think that maybe hopefully she likes me, too.
anna k
So cool, roseviolet. I am starting to have a girl-crush too on a girl I hung out with last week. We have a lot in common and I felt happy with her.
fuck. i think i transcended "chipper" and am now a full-on smoker.
I confess: When I'm on my temp assignments, I like it when men look at my cleavage while trying not to appear like they are looking at my cleavage. And on my current assignment, I especially like it when they "casually" lean against the counter above my desk, pretending to be doing something terribly busy and important. I actually find it kind of arousing, in a "nyah nyah, you know you want 'em" sort of way. I think I might even be guilty of showing too much cleavage on the job, because of my arousal factor.

I probably need to renovate or move to stay happy and sane. But I am exhausted at the thought of it.

I just got back to town and I don't want to see anyone but my boyfriend. I don't want to answer questions. I just want to hide out.

I am convinced I will get cancer someday.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ May 7 2008, 05:17 PM) *
I confess: When I'm on my temp assignments, I like it when men look at my cleavage while trying not to appear like they are looking at my cleavage. And on my current assignment, I especially like it when they "casually" lean against the counter above my desk, pretending to be doing something terribly busy and important. I actually find it kind of arousing, in a "nyah nyah, you know you want 'em" sort of way. I think I might even be guilty of showing too much cleavage on the job, because of my arousal factor.


Oh Doodle, me too! Occasioanally I wear low necklines to the grocery store because I like to feel like a dirty slut. I too enjoy being oggled sometimes.
Doodle, I constantly show my tits off when I'm not at work. Since I work for social assistance, not the best time to be showing off my boobies.
posted in the "i did it!" thread:
i had my one year review today, and not only was it glowing but apparently i was given "the highest raise we've given yet".

posting in the confessions thread:
i still want to leave the company.
confession: i'm secretly jealous of my friend. She's always posting pictures of her vacations and pics of things going on in her life... and it makes me sick t my stomach because right now, even though I have everything I need and probably more - I long to have that kind of fun and freedom. And it just isnt possible at this moment. BLAH! Kinda sucks. Im bored as shit with my life, and nothing is going right.
I'm leaving for Israel in 10 days, and I have a bad, bad habit of saying 'Israelian' instead of just 'Israeli'. I've gotten a lot better at it, but I'm really worried that I'll screw up when I'm there and talking to locals or other people on the trip unsure.gif
I confess: that I am so in love w/ the Garmin Nuvi the mr brought home from work today, that I want to marry it and have its little hand-held garmin babies. With it by my side I might litrally never- get- lost- again !

I also confess that I firmly belive that the 4 traditional points of navigation are completely subjective to where you happen to be standing in the moment you realise you are lost or are told to say ' go east.'

have a great and safe time humanist !
i have a longstanding hatred for american apparel but today two of my coworkers dragged me (kicking and screaming, really (NOT)) to their factory outlet store at lunch and i ended up buying three shirts and I LOVE THEM. i hate myself.
toxic kitty
confession: i just read thru the 1st 10 pages of these 'confessions' and would continue to do so if my boyfriend wasn't coming home soon and if I didn't have to get ready for work tomorrow.

confession: i really miss smoking cigarettes sometimes, even tho they made me feel like i couldn't breathe.

confession: i'm not sure if i'll ever make enough money to buy a house or have a family.

I confess, I'd like my top to accompany me to my friends wedding.
Confession: I've been sending dirty e-mails to my fuck buddy while on my current temp assignment. And reading his dirty replies, of course.

Confession: If I could walk out on this temp assignment without risking my rep with the temp agency, I would.

Confession: Even though I have been totally up front that I'm not into anything more than sex, my fuck buddy is really, really, really into me, and hopes for more....I really like the feeling of power and oozing sex appeal this gives me.

Confession: Even though my fuck buddy believes us to be exclusive, I am still communicating with other guys and planning to go on other dates, and I will throw him over in a minute if I meet somebody I really want to be with.
i smoked almost a half a pack while sitting outside with the mamas yesterday. every time somebody else would light up, i did, too. and then my chest hurt this morning. i never smoke that much at one time. ugh.
I complain about how dirty and disorganized my apartment is but I sure haven't done much about it.

i'm drunk

i'm worried that i'm starting to develop an attraction to someone who is SO WRONG for me i don't even know where to start...i confess that it seems to be vaguely mutual...

i've been watching "the hills" online. i hate it, the people in it are SO HORRIBLE, but i can't stop watching

i gave my mom the link to my flickr account and she saw the two pictures i have online from my birthday of me smoking a cigarette...she freaked out and i convinced her i only smoke every once in a while, while in actuality i am a mild but regular smoker (quarter of a pack a day unless i'm drunk, when it can go up to almost a full pack (!!!) )

i want to seduce a boy tonight but i know i won't

ETA: i forgot what i wanted to come in here to confess! stupid drunk. so there is this band that just put out a new album with a new female vocalist, and i've been really obsessed with it for like hte past month. i've been listening to it almost every day, it's so good. and it turns out that the girl is really good friends with one of my work friends, and i got to hang out with her tonight. it was totally chill and i wasn't an awkward asshole and she said she might be able to put me on the list for their (expensive & probably going to be sold out) show next week. my problem is i don't have anyone to brag about it to! nobody else i know is into this band, and i really want to find someone who is and be like "oh, her? oh, yeah, i had drinks with her the other night". stupid fame.
I confess the only reason I was "friends" with someone was to network and get VIP. as I became closer with him, I realised that I couldn't stand him. I think he's a big dumb loser fuck who needs to get a life and move out of his parents house. He is also morbidly obese and he needs to do something about it. Vodka doesn't help, it makes things worse.

I'm also fucking his best friend. Whenever the guy was in town, I'd get pissed because I knew I would get laid as often.

I'm a horrible person for this.

Looks like Karma came around on this one, too.
I confess that I am a lot less cynical than I let on. Secretly, I can be very optimistic, but to the world I come across as someone who thinks the worst will happen, no matter what. I think that if I was as cynical as my darkest thoughts, I would probably kill myself.

Right now I am in the town where I went to college for work. I feel a bit like a loser because I have no friends here, and that was partially due to being a recluse during college.

I really want to fuck one of my coworkers. No relationship, just throw him on the bed and have my way with him. I feel a little silly being so horny since it hasn't been that long since I got laid, and this isn't much of a dry spell, as far as I'm concerned.
I got an email from my first boyfriend , the one I lost it to, who I haven't seen or spoken to in 17yrs. I really loved him a long time ago. It ended badly. We were so young.

I am gonna meet up with him. I am wondering what to wear as I want to look smokin hot.

We are both happily married to other people. But I do want him to see me and eat his heart out.
Nothing to see here...
I am hurt by the actions of someone I used to be friends with. I want to let it go, but it's hard.
i am sitting here chowing down on an enormous bag of peanut m&m's. and i'm not sharing. it's all mine!
I finally got my bf to go to my favorite vietnamese restaurant last night! We feasted! It was so good! I don't know why he is so resistant to Asian cuisine. :/

I was depressed yesterday and I stood up three people, two friends and my mom, because I didn't feel like doing nada!

I'm supposed to go to a meet-up with a bunch of aquaintences today and a part of me reeeeeeeeally doesn't want to go. But I told T & S that I would be there so I feel obligated to go. But I reeeeeeeeally don't want to. I want to lay around on my butt and drink juice and stuff. Instead I need to take a shower and shave my legs and look presentable and blahblahblah.

I am secretly annoyed with my best friend because she always refers to herself as a "fat girl". She looks fab just the way she is. I just wish that when she looks in the mirror she would see the same person I see.
I HATE The Family Circus.

With that said, I do so enjoy Sherman's Lagoon.
Deleted- still on strike, just not as angry now!!
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