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I am slowing beginning to dislike just about everything.
at the civil war reenactment yesterday, I was the one jumping up & down clapping saying ' yah! my team won!' laugh.gif
( & yes, I probably do deserve to get my ass kicked.)
Freckle, I just made mental notes to use both of those should the occasion arise. biggrin.gif
um i guess this is the year when i start buying expensive lingerie. having subsisted on joe boxer and hanes (seriously) for the past quarter of a decade, i have now fully rebelled and have already spent over a day's worth of pay on bras and panties in the two and a half weeks i've been 25. i used to think that anything over $3 a pair was too much to spend on panties. i have succesfully launched myself WAYYYY past this.

i had better get a chance to show these off damn soon.

also, i hope 25 is also the year when i finally get the goddamn willpower to start exercising regularly, so that the area in between said bras and panties looks as good as the garments...
I confess: Tonite I realized the cleansing and liberating power of apologizing and giving closure to an old friend I'd hurt pretty badly many years ago. I'm surprised he even still wants to talk to me. Thank God for healing friendships and the reuniting wonder that is

additionally: there's lots more i wanted to say to him, years worth of guilt and self disappointment and other things I'd held on to in his absence. It took 8 yrs to realize the depth that I'd hurt my friend and how to be a real friend to someone. Part of maturity is being able to take responsibility for our actons and making things right.
Confession: I took the strong mystery painkiller from Thailand that my roommate gave me a while ago for back pains for my period cramps.

Confession: I wish I had more. For later. Because now I feel great.
I confess to watching lipstick jungle and actually enjoying it. I am sick, sick I tell you.

I will miss the season finale because I am going to a Bulls game. I am disturbed cuz now I won't know if Niko's husband lives or dies while she is with her hot young thang. Shit.
*i think i am addicted to the internet.
*i HATE little kids. i'm not a bad person for not wanting to touch your little jam-smeared offspring, nor am i a bad person for not wanting to pop one of my own parasites out.
*i'm kinda lonley today. i think i need a kitten.
CoC: I think we are paralell of mind sometimes, esp on your 2nd & 3rd confession (except I already have frecklette & am stopping at Content.) I heart you.

embarrassing confession:
at the 3 Doors Down concert tonight (w/ frecklette & her 2 bff's) when they flashed ' I <3 Hot Moms' on the stage screen I was the only one in my whole upper section that let out a loud 'WOOHOOOO !!!' complete w/ touchdown arms and all. rolleyes.gif
Confession: Yesterday I bought jeans 2 sizes smaller than the ones I bought in November/December....5 sizes smaller than the ones I finally turfed in the de-cluttering pile. And, as a feminist, body image crusader, and formerly eating-disordered woman who doesn't diet or weigh herself, I am trying SOOOOOO hard not to care about all the weight I've lost....but dammit, I can't help but feel pleased at how good I look in my new smaller size.

Confession: On my new temp assignment, there are 2 adorable twenty-something IT guys who keep bursting into my department to help me with my tech glitches, even though they normally do everything by phone and network, and nobody else in my department has ever seen them or can even put their names to their faces. And I have become evil enough to start wondering how I can charm them into fixing my personal laptop.
I get sad when he comes on IM and doesn't say hi.

I still cry over him.

I had sex with two men yesterday. And not at the same time.


I checked his flickr to see what his new gf looked like. And then got pissy because he'd stolen my photos.

I spend way too long on the internet.
I hate hate HATE figure skating. I think it's dumb.
I don't think I want to be in a relationship anymore.
I'm falling for him again.
I'd like AP as a facebook friend.

confession: i am a total dog in the manger. i have a crush on this lovely man i work with. we are friends. we do things together - eat out, listen to music at clubs, take day trips away from the city. we hold hands. we give each other culturally appropriate hugs and cheek kisses (albeit real kisses, not air kisses). i am happily married. i love my husband. he has a girlfriend he might marry. i get jealous when i hear about her.

it is totally ridiculous. nothing will happen between us. i will leave this country. he should have his own life.

repeat: i am a dog in the manger. i can't have him, but i don't want anyone else to, either.
tes, I totally understand. This is how I feel about one of my good friends.
I think I might be making a huge mistake.

I don't think I'm ready, and after arguing with AZ Guy last night about discipline and how he doesn't understand internalized sexism, I'm really beginning to regret this.
I don't understand this situation.

Every time K held my hand yesterday, I swear to God I felt like I was 14 again.
Like: trembling, heart beating like crazy, stars falling. I'm very thankful he
didn't kiss me, because I would surely have fainted. And when he texted me
at 6 am saying "goodnight sweetheart" I just SQUEALED and buried myself
under the duvet. Yes, squealed. A muffled EEEEE in my hands. I'm pathetic.

I think I'm going completely bonkers, haven't felt like this in years.

Listening to: Teenager - Camera Obscura

Coela, seeing you so excited gives me faith in relationships. I think it's really sweet that you are so excited.
i'm bored and lazy right now.

this town sucks.

i had three diet cokes and one coffee today and i'm probably not done yet.

i listen to the savage love podcast at work and giggle.
COCL, I'm also bored right now, I've been switching between bust and crackbook.
i took that stupid purity test online... and was rather pleased with myself for having a rather low score (the lower the score the less pure you are).

i too have spent way more time online today than i should have.
I love Camera Obscura! They are so sweet live!
double post
my car door lightly tapped the door of the car parked close to me- and it set off the car's alarm, but instead of going back to the store and owning up to it, I drove off. rolleyes.gif

I'm sick to death of oppression. It sucks being gay in a chrisitian fundamentalist town. I hate having to hide the fact I'm in a long term relationship with another woman from my landlady, because my state doesn't have any civil rights protections for gays. My landlady could kick us out and we would have no recourse.
i just read about AP's pumping episode in LTAS and got all hot and bothered, turned the cam on and did a one-woman naughty show for mrfj on yahoo.

*catches breath*

In the one month I have owned my cat, I have spent more money on her health care than I have spent on myself in the previous three years. This shows you how poorly I've been looking after myself.
Contrary to what I say in interviews, I actually don't like working with people. Not even a little bit. I'm faster on my own.
I confess that I wish I had not learned what I learned today b/c now I want to go & strangle a friend of mine.
I confess that I am really worried for the couple that I saw on Oprah today b/c I think someone is going to send them and their baby death threats.
I confess that I worry that this country will never live up to its actual potential, especially where the LGBTQi population fits in.
I confess that I am done, done I say! w/my coworkers.
I confess that I overuse italics and exclamation points and I like it!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Apr 3 2008, 10:30 PM) *
I confess that I am really worried for the couple that I saw on Oprah today b/c I think someone is going to send them and their baby death threats.

Was this the episode about the pregnant man? I read about it on the BBC news and share your concern.
Kitten, I worry for them, too. I watched the program because my heart went out to them - especially when I heard that the wife had a hysterectomy because she was diagnosed with endometriosis. I, also, have endometriosis, but luckily doctors don't perform hysterectomies on endo sufferers nearly as much as they used to. I wonder if she would still have her uterus if she had been diagnosed just a few years later. It's heartbreaking.

If my husband and I were in their position, I could easily imagine us coming to the same decision they have. However, I don't think we'd be brave enough to share it with the world. I respect them for taking control of the situation and talking about this before others did.
Yes, bunnyb, that is who I meant. I should add, though, that I am also really really happy for them and I hope their baby is everything that they want. smile.gif
I confess that when he said "I'm falling in love with you" the other night, I thought "fuck, this isn't working, I want to break up".
I confess that I absolutely hate needles. I'll be glad when all these immunizations are done with!!! YIKES.
I confess that if we don't talk for even a day I get mildly freaked out.

I confess that I ate way, way too much cheese today.
Ordinary Confessions:

My boyfriend talks a lot, and sometimes I just wish he'd be quiet, and let me be.

I am happy to have found another job that is so ultra laxed that I have been able to do all kinds of stuff today, like take walks, surf the net, work on my business plan, contact long lost friends, and go to the bank! Damn I love it! Yay for leaving jobs with bosses that suck right away.
I have intimacy issues. If someone shows what may be romantic feelings, I freak on the inside.
Okay, okay, I'll admit it. Sometimes I have to sneak off to the washroom at work, you know. Gain relief. Due to thinking about a certain brown-eyed boy who works in the building next door.
I wish there was someone to crush on at work.

Even though I can't afford it, I am eating out for lunch today because I'm really craving a burrito and am too lazy to drive home and make one myself. (Okay, I'm too lazy to unthaw one. That's even worse. sad.gif )

I'm dreading to go over to AZ Guy's parents' house because I really don't want to admit that their dog is dying.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to act over everything that's happened recently, and I really wish I could go back to being nine, when it seemed like my parents could fix everything. I believe that this is supposed to make me stronger, everything happens for a reason, etc., but I just want a break from being an adult.
Confession: As hugely blessed as I am, I'm feeling overwhelmed with disappointments, depression, and boredom at the moment. I too wish I could go back to childhood when things were simple, worries were few, and responsibility was just a big word that the adults threw around. I admit though, things could be alot worse for me, so I try not to complain too much. Its a thin line between venting and complaining, and right now I feel like I'm walking it- which I dont want to do, that's why I sit silent so much.
it's crossed my mind to just get with this guy friend of mine who likes me, just because he's got it all and I'd be really well taken care of, etc. And I do mean ALL. A million girls would kill for this guy. (devil wears prada reference, hah!) even though I'm not into him. (I've tried.)
I am absolutely miserable. I keep telling people that, but they think I'm being melodramatic. I'm NOT. I sleepwalk through my days. I feel numb. I'm not eating right, I'm drinking too much, & I can't seem to get anything done. It makes me wish for the comfort of the days when I was so pissed all the time. At least then I felt something. Now I just feel sort of cripplingly inert.

And I know the redneck means well. I know he knows I'm not at all okay, but he doesn't know what to do about it. So his giving me shit is just because that's what dad's do. It's been so long that I'd nearly forgotten. And a big part of me resents the fuck out of him for it. I even said something to him along the lines of, "You aren't my daddy or my boyfriend. You're the guy that was fucking my mom."
i always leave everything until the eleventh hour and sometimes it bites me in the fucking ass. i sat down to do my taxes this weekend (YES, I KNOW) and apparently i have mislaid one of my W-2s. FUCK ME. i turned my apt inside out and it has not been found. it was not in the folder with the rest of my tax stuff and it has not turned up in any piles. i hope to god i did not accidentally recycle it. if it is not in my desk at work i am FUCKED and i don't know what i'm going to do. file for an extension and confess to my HR lady? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME THAT I a: procrastinate like a motherfucker and b: am desperately disorganized and c: use the "if i don't think about it, it doesn't exist" excuse for things i find distasteful????? not only is this situation deeply embarrassing, it is also borderline dangerous. when am i going to LEARN??

everyone thinks i have my shit together so impressively. little do they know.

I am working on my taxes over my lunch break, so you aren't the only one who waited until the last minute. sad.gif
when people decide to frolic with their families in the clearly marked off leash park at the park near my house, I'll get the dog to play near them to irritate them. And usually they go away because they can't stand the sound of dogs parking and playing.
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