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sybarite: one of oldest friends just a baby about 3 weeks ago, and I feel similarly.
I'm "happy" for her yes; she's married to a great guy who is madly, crazily in love w/ her and they wanted a family very much, but I'm so far past the 'baby stage' in my own life.
my frecklette is almost 14 and I am hard-pressed to remember just what is so impossibly endearing about listening to stories of poop and feedings and insomnia.
in fact, w/ the recent adoption of our 2 puppies, it reminded me fresh of how Glad I am to only have one human child, so I find myself faking any excitment when I speak to her.
** note to self** call dr asap about tubal once & for all.

trust me, when her kid is a bit older and less dependant on her 24/7, she'll probly come back around again. if it's a brand new baby, she is totally emersed & won't even recognize what's happened for quite awhile yet, but in time will probably re surface.

confession: it's a mere 7 pm here & I am already totally buzzed! tongue.gif
QUOTE(neurotic.nelly @ Feb 15 2008, 03:39 AM) *
I cannot sleep b/c my stomach is acting real funny. I pay attention to what I eat, and sunday night I ate a weird thick frosted sugary, "corporate" chocolate cup cake. WTF was I thinking wacko.gif ?

ETA: corporate meaning food containing processed sugar, hydrogenated oil, cancer causing color additives, gelatins, and pesticides. you know what i'm saying!!! F*cked my stomach up for the whole week!!

re: babies confession

I feel like I should long for a baby more than I do, truth is I couldn't really be bothered.
I think I want a child before I'm 40, but biologically, I'm just not feeling it at all.
I'm secretly VERY happy that almost none of my friends are parents, and secretly annoyed
when the few who are bring their babies and they eat yucky food in a yucky way, but the
worst thing is the constant "oh look! look what he did now!" Doesn't even have to come from
the parents themselves, but rather their other friends. YES I HAVE SEEN A TODDLER, I KNOW THEY MOVE.
Toddlers are fine, but I would really like to talk to my adult friends about adult things and let the
kid mind his own business for five minutes. If he's happy sitting on the floor playing with his hands,
can we just let him?

I feel like the cold wench saying this, but other people's kids really aren't that interesting.
And not different theories about raising them, different daycare centers or feminist parenting either.
I'm sure I'll be incredibly interested when and if I get my own child, but until then, no, sorry.

I don't feel a great pull to have children right now either, even though I should start thinking about it. My life is too unsettled, I don't have a boyfriend or husband (I know myself and there is no way I could pull off being a single mom.), and I think if I were to die tomorrow, I'd regret not going to Europe rather than not having kids.

Also, the only kids I find interesting are ones whose parents are my friends or relatives. I feel kind of cold saying it too; I even feel awkward about admitting that travel is more important to me now than having kids.

Confessions: I smoke when I am completely and utterly shit-faced. When I'm sober (or even buzzed), I don't like tobacco products, don't like the smell of cigarettes, but apparently that all changes when I get drunk. In fact, it's a good indicator that I've had way too much to drink and I'll be waking up with a bad hangover the next day. Sunday was a good example of this sad.gif .
this may sound contraindictory, but I don't like kids. or, kids that aren't my own cool teen/extremly select friend's kids but even w/ that I hate the icky snotty sticky toddler years. it's why I refer to that age'd children as ' ankle biters'- as in ; keep your nasty ankle-biter away from me please.'
- bitch? I'm OK with that!
I had frecklette fairly young, at 24, but I also had time to Do Stuff before I had her.
I had several off the beaten path jobs, I moved to a different state, once I met/married the mr & we moved to central america & that's where frecklette was born, but even after that, I/we've continued to travel & Do Stuff with her, whereas a lot of friends who went to college/went corporate/whatever, are reversed of me & are just now starting to reproduce & the bottom line is: been there done that & truthfuly am just not so excited about it for them.
frecklette is a part of my life yes, the focal point in many ways, but she's not all that I am.
and when she was wee young, I was uber careful not to inflict her on likewise minded folks such as myself, with no offense taken whatsoever.
a lot about parenthood truthfully is booooooring!

confession: clearly I have issues w/ reproductivity.
and I think if I were to die tomorrow, I'd regret not going to Europe rather than not having kids.

Freckleface, the mister feels much the same, as his daughter is now a teenager. His friends as well as mine are all starting to have kids and he's like 'been there, done that.' One of his friends has a sweet but loud and hyperactive 5 year old who I, um, won't have in the house. I really appreciate your perspective: too often we only hear the rose-coloured version of parenting!

Lilacwine, I never smoke during the day but after dinner it all changes. I usually only have around 3 per night, unless I'm drinking wine in which case all bets are off... which of course leaves me feeling rotten the next day.

I smoke to get a moment alone, away from the teenager chatter and the TV, even if it's outside in the cold.
I feel like a failure.
QUOTE(rudderlesschild @ Feb 18 2008, 06:11 PM) *
Freckle, you and I must have the same issues with reproductivity...

I had my 3 kids while still active duty, and I was very young. My friends pitied me - they figured I'd miss out on adventure and autonomy. But as my life was already chaotic (moving across continents and oceans), the kids' arrivals just fit right in.

Now these friends are "settled", having done very little of the traveling and adventuring they supposed they'd do, and they are just starting to breed. The injection of chaos into their very settled worlds is upending them, psychologically.

And mine are already independent enough that I can begin traveling for pleasure, and not just at the government's whim.

The other thing is - while I was in the service, my ex did all of the "mom" stuff and handled all of the homefront issues. Therefore, when we divorced, it seemed only natural to all of us that he keep custody - I was still active duty till last year, and he very much sees the kids as part of his identity... whereas I, I confess, do not. I don't talk daycare and diapers, I am lost when other moms try to talk about kid issues.

I see them all the time, they just don't live with me and Two Beeps. We are all happy with this arrangement... but I do get a LOT of shocked looks when I try to explain it.

I like hearing stories like this. I think it's great when women can admit they don't necessarily want to be the primary caregivers. My brother is a single dad and he gets those shocked looks too.

I'm on vacation in Vancouver and cut off from my supply, and I'm DYING for a toke.

I like ice cream. A LOT.

I would rather eat ice cream that have a flat stomach any day of the week.
amen, kitten!
I gained ten lbs in 2006 from Haagen Daz.
On Sunday, when Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree came on the radio, it made me tear up. Its always has had that effect on me, I don't have to like it for it to make me cry. Then when I found out that someone I know died suddenly, I was dry eyed while women around me sobbed.
Confession: I so want some hot greasy chicken wings right now! Dammit!
I hate everything today.

I am territorial.
I waste so much money (On DUMB things no less)

I am an idiot.

I don't have the self control or discipline to stop.

Too impulsive. Never want to sacrifice.

I do invest in my 401k and stock options, does that make it ok?

I want to do and be better.
I found out one of my fuck friends is sleeping with more than one person, just as I am. I'm slightly offended, but it's dumb because I'm doing exactly the same thing to him.
I know that I'll be on my period when the boy and I go on vacation in May. But when it happens, I'm going to act surprised, and say that it came early. The week we've planned is the only week that works, period be damned.
Neo-Con Neo-Clinton
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Feb 20 2008, 01:07 PM) *

I hate everything today.

I am territorial.

I found out one of my fuck friends is sleeping with more than one person, just as I am. I'm slightly offended, but it's dumb because I'm doing exactly the same thing to him.

Culturehandy is going around defiling territory again. rolleyes.gif tongue.gif

I hope you're sterile today: Culturehandy. rolleyes.gif tongue.gif
Neo-con, you are just jealous that no one, including you brother and your plushie, is having sex with you. All you have is your hand to get yourself off.

Are you in love with your real doll?
Neo-Con Neo-Clinton
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Feb 20 2008, 07:21 PM) *
Neo-con, you are just jealous that no one, including you brother and your plushie, is having sex with you. All you have is your hand to get yourself off.

Are you in love with your real doll?

Please keep your sexual diseases to yourself. biggrin.gif

At least your not contagious. ph34r.gif

You may be territorial, but that doesn’t make you prime real-estate. tongue.gif
Neo-Con Neo-Clinton
You know I love you culturehandy. wub.gif
confession: I think the re-emerged donny osmond is CREEPY & needs to crawl back under whatever rock was holding him down sinse the 1970's.

confession: I lied to the mr the other day & told him I had "tripped" on and smashed the fugly seashell windchime his mother gave us.
tripped my American Irish White ASS!
he had laid it out next to the big trash in the drive way so he could replace some missing shells and as I was irritated w/ him right then I saw my opportunity & pounced on it mercilessly till there was little left but sand around the strings.
just bc I love the sea & windchimes both does Not mean I so then Love freakin' ugly seashell crap like that.
or if it appeals to me, it's bc it's kitschy & retro cool by my own definition.

confession: I am a major bitch to my m-i-l and she totally doesn't deserve it.
it's not her fault what taste she has is hideous and tacky.
I'm bored with things right now.
I hate capitalism/ads for making people feel inadequate and ashamed about their bodies in order to sell products.

I really think I am addicted to BUST!!!! Thats the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before bed - read and post on Bust. WTF??? LOL What have you women done to me? LOL But I love it! KEEP DOIN IT!
I've been on a facebook friend adding binge! It's soooooo horrible. I've been adding three and four people a day.
I am dating the most wonderful man in the world. Yet, I desperately want just a few days, nights to myself, without him. I want to wake up by myself and go back to sleep whenever I want. I want complete and utter silence for a weekend- nobody talking to me, nobody to feel like I have to talk to. I want time to think about what is best for me. I love this man. But I need to take a time out for selfishness. I feel bad about that.

yummymum - I think we have all been there. In fact, some of us may even be there right this moment. And this is when I turn to one of my favorite Pink songs, Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonley).
I think it's natural to want time alone, even if there's someone special in your life. For some of us, being alone is only way to recharge and get things sorted out.
confession: I believe I am a candle-aholic. as of yesterday I now have 3 different scents in my living room, and can't give up any of them to even move to another room. and they're not even soy or organic. sad.gif
(fyi: honeysuckle is the scent de jour, but lilac and lavender are tied for 2nd)

confession: knowing who I am probably most likely going to vote for finally has left me feeling kind of glum, bc I had really hoped for someone better.

i'm sorry that your wedding will not be what you wanted.
i'm happy for beeps that you are graceful and loving and are allowing him to have the wedding he says he wants.

i hope that it goes better than you think it will.


i always wanted a brother. i have two sisters whom i love, but i still wanted a brother.


the closest thing i had to a brother has gone through the veil suddenly, shocking us all. it makes me ANGRY.


i think that my sister is shallow. she cares too much about herself and the image she is projecting. it gets in the way of her true being, which is lovely. it makes me irritable and angy and unwilling to talk with her.

i don't see much chance of it changing. that makes me sad. i wish that i had the grace to accept who she is and be mindful and present when i am with her, and recognize that my feelings, ultimately, hurt my own being, because they are unkind and mean and i do not wish to be those things.


something huge is going down at work right now and i need to be on top of it yet i could not care less about it. i can't focus on it. all i can think of is the healer pennwe and the loss of her falcon. i speak with her, which helps, but what i really want is to hug her, and i can't.
It's taken me 27 years to figure out that February 29th only happens for one year, every four years. For some reason I always thought we'd have a February 29th for the next four years, then four years without it. huh.gif

((rudderless & tes))
I like being alone...

I get noticed a lot w/out trying...

I have a bad attitude...

Most people annoy me...
confession: I keep finishing my work too quickly (like it's my fault I'm smart), so my temp assignment supervisor keeps telling me to "slow down," "pace myself," and "make it last," so that her boss doesn't end my assignment early and I lose I am busting and surfing dating advice websites.

confession: my best friend is a better friend to me than I think I probably am to her.

confession: I really want to fall in love.
Confession: A lot of people are intimidated by me, I don't know why, but I do secretly enjoy it.

Confession: I know that if I didn't put up a wall I'd fall for one of my really good friends. He's ideal for me.
doodle, I do that too. I've had two jobs where I was kinda of subtly told to slow down because I wouldn't have worked enough hours. It's sort of a nice roundabout compliment I guess, because they appreciate that you're a good and speedy worker but they don't want you to get screwed by working to your full potential.
I think that veins gross me out because I cannot see my own.
i just ate all my roommate's cereal. i will now have to go out and buy more to replace it to make it look like i didn't eat it. also, i have a mad stomach ache now.
confession: i have a crush on COCL. she always says the BEST things!

confession: my director is an obsesso control freak. he makes me CRAZY.

confession: i miss mr hotbuns SO much that if i had a job back in the states i swear i would quit NOW.

confession: my sister the healer pennwe is REALLY cool. why has our relationship always been so difficult to navigate?

confession: i know the answer to that question; we are too damn competitive.

confession: sometimes i think i am a fraud.
I don't want to work. I hate working. I want to use my time to travel and volunteer and just spend it how I want to. I hate having to dress and act a certain way in order to be able to work.

I wish I had financial security. I would never work.
I confess i had a mini-meltdown tonite - all the pain, frustration, disappointment, anger, fear, rejection, resentment, hopelessness, worry, anxiety, irritation, and just yucky feelings i've developed over the last 4 months- finally reared its collective ugly head. Before i realized it, I exploded but I caught myself just prior to saying things I would have really regretted in the morning. DAMN this RUT in my life. I'm hoping that things will begin to smooth out now. I hate being a depressed bitch.
I got drunk last night and brought this cute guy back to my house and made out with him. Had I not been completely ungroomed in the nether regions, I would have had sex with him.

after he left, I had a total break down and sobbed uncontrollably for about 30 minutes because I realized I'm still in love with someone that things went tits up with quite awhile ago.
I was so horrified with myself when I didn't go home with a guy I knew, I went home instead.

((((((konphusion and zoya))))))
((((((konphusion and zoya))))))

I was doing that to myself about a year ago, zoya. It probably took me two years to get over that guy I was with.

confession: I'm trying to get off my anti-depressant and I'm terrified. I feel tired and cranky today but I'm not sure if its because I'm just tired or because I lowered the dose. I'm so scared I'll turn back into the basket case I was a year ago.
Confession: I really REALLY want a pair of the tabi boots, in purple, from cooleastmarket.

What have I become??
It's okay, culture. I keep thinking that maybe I should get a pair of tabi socks for camping (and knowing me, those will get worn a few times when I'm in town).

Confession: I want to make all sorts of snide, sarcastic, and rude comments to the people near me who are training, mostly about the task they're learning and the company in general. About half the stuff they are talking about won't get done because we don't have the time, and because the training here sucks, so nobody knows how to do them properly in the first place.

I think I've turned into an even bigger misanthrope over the past week or so.

And I'm baffled by people who bring their kids to concerts at clubs. Why would you want to keep your four-year old up past midnight to see some band play at a place with lots of drinking? I doubt the kid is going to remember anything from that, and they'll grow up fine without this experience.

we took frecklette to a pub in Ireland to see live music played, but it's different in europe than here in the states, and she was 8 and totally into it. (Whiskey In the Jaro ey? )
people are just stoopid lilac. makes me crazi to see kids strapped into car seats, but then w/ parents smoking or blasting the bass on their stero's so loud it rattles Our car.
stooopid I tell ya.

I confess that I do not know what tabi boots are?

I also confess that for the briefest of moments today, I flirted w/ a hot road surveryor guy.
small ego boost. cool.gif
I don't know if I've confessed this before but I really don't like the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I love all his other books, but that one just bothers me.
when I saw that there were 'church people' going door to door in my neighborhood this morning, I was planning on telling them ' oh, I thought you were the sex toys delivery I've been waiting for' but then they were actually cool and not pushy & gave me a pamplet & left so I didn't.

but I do plan on using that maybe next solicitation at home I get.
Haha at freckle!

I am the thread killah across the lounge sad.gif
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