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*giggling at mouse's post*

because i came in here to admit that i watched justin timberlake's HBO show at madison square garden on television and

i REALLY liked him!

I'm surrounded by friends I love, a condo I love, financial security.....

and I want to run away and become a hermit in a cabin in the woods.
Seeing people get stuck in traffic when they are rushing gives me a really sick pleasure. In fact it happened this morning, and I was way in front of the wanker because I was not in a rush.
Confession: I sometimes get jealous/angry after reading the “How you know your guy is a good one” thread. My guy is a good one, overall. He is my partner, my equal, my lover, and that should be enough for me… it is, I suppose, since I’m still with him. But still, there’s nothing extra, there’s no romance, no I Love You’s, no ‘extra mile.’ And as much as that’s not a reason to break up with the man who is my best friend and whom I love so much, it hurts a little… So, I yearn, I envy those whose boyfriends make it so obvious that they’re ‘good ones’, I post confessions, and I go on…
Confession: I feel the same way you do, likeanyother. People outside probably don't see it, just think I'm whiny when I do complain. After nearly 7 years, I feel lonely a lot of the time. But he's still my best friend.
Justin Timberlake is awesome, mouse!! No shame in likin' JT.

Confession: I get angry/jealous when people talk about their long-term romantic relationships, period. It seems so unattainable to me. Single here.
I too, love lolcats and am totally addicted to gofugyourself. I almost lost it over winter break and was anxious for them to start posting again.

I have no shame in making hubby take out the garbage ,take care of lawn, shovel all the snow and do most of the cooking. (I am absofuckinlutely spoiled)

I think that it is all about division of labor. Like I will do all the laundry but NOT iron. And the man has not scrubbed a toilet since we have been married. I take great pride in that fact.
I'm a shitty wife. I have commitment issues. I haven't been able to decide if I really want to be married, since, like, we got married. I always think I'm missing out.

I also suck at cleaning and cooking. Actually, I'm an alright cook when I make myself do it. I also have zero money management skills. My husband hadles all of that but I think it makes him feel better.

I also think my husband and I are too different and I may be wasting my time.

I'm probably a selfish bitch.
I farted during yoga today rolleyes.gif
I co-teach 9th grade English
My co-teacher uses a microphone...a la Janet Jackson or Brittney Spears.
It drives me insane, I hate it and I want to throw it on the floor and step on it.
The classroom is small and our largest class is 25 kids.... it's so dumb to me blink.gif
My friend of 17 years annoys the shit out of me. We can have some great laughs together and we really did go through so much together in the past but we didn't talk for 4 years and when we got back friends she hadn't grown up at all. She embarrasses the hell out of me when she's around my other friends by having the common sense of a goldfish and talking SO MUCH crap. I love her but I bitch about her all the time. I'm a bad person!
I secretly wanted to reach over and slap the shyt out of my husband tonight and pretend I was still sleeping - HIS SNORING once again woke me up, now I cant go back to sleep.
I want to sock in the jaw those who wear those lame "Life is Good" t-shirts with the little smiling stick figures lounging and sipping lemonade. Mostly because those who generally wear them are dumb wealthy yuppie scum whose worlds are great big oysters and prefer to ignore everything in this world that makes life not so good.

yeah I'm bitter.
I see a bunch of people I went to high school with on facebook, and so many of them hve children and are married, I think it's a waste to do that so young. Enjoy your 20's!!!

In 10 years, I imagine I'll see many of them divorced.
I have the exact same reaction to Life is Good gear too, humanist. Only I want to sock the jaw of the people who came up with that crap as well as the people who are willing to buy it.

Confession: Last night I skipped class so I could win a snowboard on Ebay. Yeah, my priorities are skewed.

I also spend quite a bit of time at work looking up train schedules and flights out of state because I want to travel, and am trying to figure out how to do it on a very limited budget without doing what I did in the past (take a seasonal job at a hotel or resort). These trips never happen (thanks to work and bills), but it's still fun planning.

I see a bunch of people I went to high school with on facebook, and so many of them hve children and are married, I think it's a waste to do that so young. Enjoy your 20's!!!

In 10 years, I imagine I'll see many of them divorced.

i'm in my mid/late 20's now and among my contemporaries the divorcing has already commenced blink.gif
I sorry to hear crazyoldcatlady. sad.gif
psshht. i don't care. it's their own damn fault for entering into marriage with one eye shut and barely legal. smile.gif
I'm pretty sure I have not confessed this yet, but as much as I hate big gas guzzling cars, there is a part of me that gets totally turned on (in all meanings of the phrase) when someone drives by in a muscle car with the loud exhaust. I think it's because they're so masculine...sort of like how some pre-teen girls are really into horses and there's an innocent, subconscious sexual aspect to that....I was never a horse girl, never wanted a pony for my birthday.

No, this is what I want for my birthday someday:

A 1971 Chevelle. Oooo, baby. With sparkly purple paint.

Of course, it wouldn't be my every day car (nope, save the fuel-efficient Toyota for that) and I'd never drive it on ozone days. With the Dazed and Confused soundtrack cranked! smile.gif
Polly-I too share a shameful love for those gas guzzling shiny monsters.

Confession: I keep my eyes closed while I have sex with my current fuck buddy. I like his penis, but he looks like he's 12. It makes me feel like a dirty soccer mom or something.

Confession: I miss my crazy colored hair, because it made me instantly cool without much prep work in the morning.
fuzzz, I miss my dreadlocks for the same reason )`:
I'm sick of trying to maintain some of my friendships. I just don't think some people are worth it, me or my time.

that sounds really horrible.


I do not get manicures or pedicures or my hair done or go shopping regularly.


I think that the world is under attack by a few invisible forces: 1.) The Bildaberg Group 2.) The Illuminati 3.) The secret government behind the public government 4.) Chemtrails 5.) The fact that, since the fucking inside job of 9-11, we have had a significant amount of our freedoms snatched right from under us and we (Americans) do nothing...the government is kinda like our enemy...


My white girlfriends are really annoying to me these days, their relationship problems are like, neurotic as hell. Their body image issues are simple to solve to me, just fucking love yourselves no matter how big your ass is. The difference between big white girls and big black girls or big latina girls is big black/latina girls still FEEL sexy and because of this THEY ARE! White girls are fucked in the head by the media!~
It has been one month since my last confession:

1- Sexiness is trite to me.

2- Most people annoy me to no end, especially self righteous folk, which seems to be everyone.

3- I'd rather converse with individuals who seek truth/wisdom/knowledge, than those who live in restrictive boxes of propriety.

4- I'm sometimes too preoccupied with my own ideals, which leads me to forget that no one is perfect.

5- I often times question and deconstruct my ideals in order to test their integrity.. and I approach people in this manner as well.

6- I have a love/hate relationship with the commonperson.

and the kicker:

7- I enjoy mind fucking a bit too much.
people who believe that the world, their parents, society, whomever, owe them something PISS ME OFF.

people who think that they are above others and can therefore cut in lines, park in other's parking spaces, zip past the huge line of people turning left and expect to be let in at the end and other annoying behaviors deserve to be chained to a rock in hades and have their genetalia eaten slowly and vomited upon their faces every 12 hours.

people who are famous for being famous are beyond comprehension.

ALMOST as much so as the people who MAKE them famous for being famous.
going to visit family (as we just returned from doing) makes me want to drink or sedate myself heavily.

I now recognize that my older sister is not just obnoxiously righteous, but a bully as well, which is a truly terrible trait to see so clearly as it makes me dislike her that much more bc obnoxious can be toned down, but bully is (imo) a deep personality scar for life.
sad to know that once and for all, for my own mental health, I will distance myself from her for good
(her loss.). that it's going to cause an even larger riff w/ my parents too, well, they make their own choices.

I/we are some of the people who wear the Life Is Good stuff.
this is not an apology though.
when the mr & I were up in the mountains last year, and the air was cleaner and we were so connected to each other and the world it seemed life was so much simpler than what we tend to make it and it made us realise that Life is good. we have so much to be thankful and appreciative for.

neurotic nelly: thank you for the last paragraph in yesterday's post here.
I am getting ready to return to the gym today after several days off from an injury & traveling and am super aware of the weight gain during the absense & how "bad" I was to eat so much.
you're so right, it's in our heads, not the mirrors, that matter most. ((((((n n)))))))
Confession (to Freckleface7):

I thought that last my last paragraph in yesterday's post was brutally honest, but I really did mean it the way that you took it and/or perceived it. So, yay! The media is the issue not our bodies. Ain't shit good coming out of the corporate media!
you are right, freckle; there is plenty to be thankful for. thanks for that perspective.
I guess the people I personally know who wear that stuff are particularly materialistic..."Life is great! Look at all the fancy stuff we have!"
And my bitterness really pertains more to goings on in the world than to my own life.
I appreciate that humanist, but never took offense.
the mr & I totally know the type of shallow land-yacht sized suv driving mass-consumeristic yet "outdoorsy" people that wear that brand as well, and they make us sick!
we're not them. we just like the simple message of positiviness (is that a word?) it reminds us of. smile.gif

sinse the mr's (safe- yah! all original parts intact!) return, my weight loss has turned into a Lost & Found situation but thanks to neurotic nelly, I am working on it and not beating myself up so much.
I spent $92.40 on a clarins night cream. It is the best face cream I've ever used in my life.

I feel like I'm turning into one of those people, who is stuck up and pretentious because of it.
I have so much to confess

1. I spent over a $100 at yesterday when I was supposed to be entering grades.
2. I spend way too much money at whole food markets.
3. I buy lancome and estee lauder cosmetics to get the free gifts and I never use any of the stuff that I get.
4. I have an obsession with Iced Cafe con leche.
5. I am usually on bust when I am supposed to be entering grades.
6. I am usually doing anything except entering grades.
7. I never stay after school for tutoring. I just cannot make myself do it.

I'll stop here and save some for later.... sad.gif
Freckle--There are about 15 photos in my cubicle to remind me that life can be pretty good, so I can see where you're coming from with the shirts.

Confession: Last night after class I ended up staying home, watching Project Runway and trying to find snowboard gear on Ebay instead of going to see some friend of a friend's band because I didn't want to spend $5 on the cover charge, then $12 on beer, etc. Yet I'll probably end up spending that money on something just as frivolous. Maybe next time they play I'll go and see them.

I also spend way too much money at Whole Foods too. sad.gif
I said I had an appointment today, but I really went and got fucked.
I like my new guy, but I miss getting fucked by my 20 year senior 'sweet something steady on the side'. (But I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of each other.)
I'm playing hooky on my birthday. Housecleaning, skiing, and hanging out in the used book store sounded so much better than sitting in the office. But maybe it isn't a sin; I explicitly said I was taking a "personal day" when I called in to work. I never said I was sick.

Now, the half of a box of mac-n-cheese that I doctored up with a huge fried onion and crammed into my belly at 8:30 this morning. That was a sin.
erinjane- I too miss my older fuck. He was just better. Hands down.

Confession-I acted like a crazy person and did some detective work on this guy I'm seeing's ex. Only to learn she was prettier and skinnier. Obviously I should just mind my own business.
I just ordered all this food from Gullah Gourmet because I saw it on some show on the food network...what is wrong with me; I don't even know if I like Gullah food... tongue.gif
Erin, there's a reason I love sleeping with older men. Which bring me to my confession;

The thought of fucking a man my age freaks me out, I prefer them older, and I find men in their 20's don't know what they hell they are doing. I also like the power I have over older men.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 25 2008, 11:48 AM) *
Erin, there's a reason I love sleeping with older men. Which bring me to my confession;

The thought of fucking a man my age freaks me out, I prefer them older, and I find men in their 20's don't know what they hell they are doing. I also like the power I have over older men.

How old because I have yet to find a guy in his 30's that knows what he's doing?
Then again, I am just basing that on my personal experience.
I did have great lovers that were in their 20's when I was in my 20's

Hmm, the last guy I slept with was 32.... he had no clue what he was doing. I don't know what girl would of enjoyed what he was doing? Maybe his lady before me was an odd one.

Colorado man is 34, I haven't actually had intercouse with him yet. He is a take it slow kind of guy. He wants to wait. He wants to make love and make babies.... another confession.... that freaks me out, but in a good way.
On average 35. One of my regulars is 32, and the cop is 37.

The guy I was sleeping with was 39. I'm pretty sure I'll never have sex like that with anyone else. I really felt like all his attention was on me and he was really in control. He also took effort to make me especially comfortable while I was tied up, always asking how I was doing and arranging pillows so I could totally relax. I felt like he was doing it all for me.

The current guy is the same age as me, and I don't think I've ever dated someone my age before. He's the complete opposite of my type but I'm pretty into him. He doesn't know anything really about feminism and politics, and yesterday I made him read "Oppression" by Marilyn Frye and he totally got it and agreed with it and I was really impressed. In terms of sex, so far it's pretty good but we both live at home and so we haven't been able to go all out and just fuck because my parents are always home and the bed is super noisy. Luckily they're going out of town in a week and we're already talking about getting me all tied up and being able to scream. biggrin.gif

after my first older male ( he was a 40y/o Italian and I was 23) I never looked back.

I met hubby when he was 38 and I was 24.

Older men have that MAN strength that the junior leaguers just don't have. i will never play in the minor leagues again.

I am all for the older male of the species.
anna k
I feel lazy and it's cold outside, so I'm staying in and watching the Godfather movies on A&E.
anna k
double post.
I used to like older men, too. But then I met my lover who is only two years older than me. What's the difference? Well, miracles do happen!, he gots skillz! Having sex with him as been more mind-blowin and heartical (this is a word I just made up) because we wanted the same things out of the experience. I think the proximity in age made all the difference ( in terms of meeting my needs ).
I am ready for summer. The Midwest in the winter is just too cold.

I purposely got in the way on stupid couple at the grocery who kept blocking up the aisles like they owned, just to show them how it feels. And was delighted that I annoyed them. When they tried to push thier cart around me, I stepped in front of them, then when they whispered "god, doesn't she us," I completely ignored them, till they said "excuse us." And used a clearly fake voice to say, "Oh and I in your way?"

Academic and sexual rejection are the two worst things for me and are the two things I fear the most.

Same with after the fact, I fear that after I write a paper, people are thinking, what the fuck was she thinking, and same with after fucking.
....I'm a magnet for the younger ones. And you know what, I actually find them more interesting than the older ones. Granted, for me, in my late 30's, guys who are much older than me generally don't posses qualities I want - a lot of them are bitter about relationships, have kids (don't get me wrong, I love kids - I just don't wanna be insta mom or have to deal with an ex that will always be in the picture cause of kids. Just my preference.) and are more interested in boning silly girls 10 years younger than them to feed their egos (not meaning girls here who are seeing older men, because I know the women on here are not silly in that way!)

anyway.. I'm not adverse to guys that are right around my age, but generally I seem to attract guys who are younger, and who aren't into the majority of girls their age that they meet - for one reason or another they like women who are older... and all the younger guys that have expressed interest in me have had a history of dating women older than themselves (anywhere from 5 - 10 years older) so I don't feel like I'm just meeting the random guy who wants to get with an older woman to see what it's like.

I've also been pretty damn lucky that all the guys I've been with have been total pros in the bedroom (must come from dating older women.. haha)

anyway, that's just me..
I find that I'm very confident sexually, it's just the first time, that i get nervous, once they come around again, then the fear of sexual rejection goes away.

I've slept with young ones, horrible. I'm 25, I do have to say that I'd like to fuck an 18 year old, just for the novelty. He'd rebound quickly.
I did a horrible thing today. I left a nasty note on someone's car because they parked so close to me that I couldn't get in my car. It was really nasty and now I feel really really bad. It was just so damn annoying to have to crawl into my car by the trunk (yay push down seat backs). But I still feel really bad. And I don't handle guilt well. Ah crap.
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